6 March, 2015

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Israel is indeed the biggest troublemaker in the Middle East. In fact, Israel has attacked all of its neighbors at least once and a few of them several times (Israel has attacked Lebanon 3 times and Egypt twice) [1].


[1] more about Israeli aggression in the Middle East: Here

5 March, 2015

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“Russia is the Jews’ hell, and they know it.” — VNN Forum poster “ohgolly.”

“There are many reasons for this, certainly including Russia’s alliance with Iran and Syria at a time when Israel and the Israel Lobby are doing all they can to promote war with both. Quite simply, Jewish hostility stems from the fact that Russia under Vladimir Putin has proved to be far more nationalistic than is good for the Jews or for Israel.”


5 March, 2015

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But don’t worry, your White tax dollars will pay for the defense against the lawsuit.


4 March, 2015

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“The loss of fitness has not been uniform. In some families tradition and strong leadership helped maintain good habits despite the wealth. More families, however, succumbed to the new fashion of permissive child-raising. Discipline became a bad word. Punishment was unheard of. The whole society became feminized, and the protection of children became a paramount concern; protection not only from physical dangers, but also from competition, from challenge, from disappointment, from need or even want, from the consequences of failure. Schools and other public institutions have collaborated with families in protecting and coddling children.”


2 March, 2015

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(The artist’s website is here)

2 March, 2015

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The photo shown in the March 1 post about victims of communism is apparently inaccurate and does not show NKVD victims. This photo below, of the 1940 Katyn Forest Massacre, is accurate and should have been posted instead, and will be.

2 March, 2015

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A brutal Jewish communist leader tells how to fight an ideology that was founded to oppose communism. What a kike Trotsky was. To be a communist is to play word games in order to confuse and alienate people. Confused and alienated people are easy to manipulate. Fascism was merely a reaction to communism [1]. Marxists are so full of shit that, in Spain during the Spanish Civil War (circa 1938), they murdered many fellow communists who weren’t ideologically “pure enough.” In fact, during that same time period, Joseph Stalin murdered the entire Polish communist party [2]. He killed his own people!


[1] Italian fascism – not the type found in the confused, semi-leftist Fascio di Combattimento of 1919, but the later, perfected version of it found in the Partito Nazionale Fascista (PNF) – was a logical reaction to leftist revolutionaries and to modernism in general. Yet today, sneaky Jews go around saying that fascism is “left-wing” in order to prevent conservatives from looking to Hitler’s Germany for solutions to the problems of the West. Make no mistake, newbies: fascism is right-wing, although it has a few features that are also found on the Left, e.g., “big government”

[2] source: the Black Book of Communism, page 198, internet edition

2 March, 2015

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The whistleblower, Edward Snowden, had previously said that the U.S., Britain and Israel created ISIS/ISIL. Now, here’s more confirmation of that. In fact, almost everything that happens in the Middle East is designed to benefit Israel in one way or another; it’s likely that every terrorist group in the Middle East was created by either Israel, America or Britain in order to justify endless Zionist policies and wars. If that sounds like a conspiracy theory, just recall that America’s reason for launching the 2003 Iraq War was completely fake: Saddam didn’t have any Weapons of Mass Destruction. The Iraq War was all about Zionism.

[Article] and [Video].

1 March, 2015

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This video is apparently slightly longer than the one posted here on January 27, 2015. [Video].

1 March, 2015

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(Above: victims of the Soviet Union’s secret police, called the NKVD, which was run by Genrikh Yagoda, a vicious Jew who was later purged by Stalin)

Do you think Nazism was a murderous ideology? Well, Nazism was child’s play compared to this ideology. This ideology has murdered and oppressed tens of millions of innocent people. Even worse, this ideology still exists today: it is the official government ideology in North Korea, Vietnam, China and Cuba. Even more disturbing, you never hear about the millions of victims of this murderous ideology. Furthermore, you never hear that this evil ideology was created and spread by Jews [1]. In fact, this ideology came close to enslaving the world. It was only dumb luck that this ideology didn’t take hold in the Western countries, even though that was the goal of this ideology’s founder.


[1] Karl Marx based communism on the kahal, a Jewish communal living system that existed for centuries. Henry Ford wrote of the kahal: “Under the Kahal or ancient Soviet, the Jews lived by themselves and governed themselves, doing business with the government solely through their representatives. It was communism in a more drastic form than has been seen anywhere in the world outside Russia. Education, health, taxes, domestic affairs, all were under the absolute control of a few men who constituted the ruling board.”