18 October, 2017

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Wifey: “You want me to…what? To cook you dinner?? You gotta be kidding me. I just got home! I’ve been gone all day – first work and then school! I’m exhausted, as usual!”

Frank: “Well, maybe you should stay at home and raise our kids instead.”

Wifey: “Ohhhhh, so you want me to give up my dream of being a corporate lawyer, do you?? Well, we’ll just see about that, buster!”

And that’s why Frank is no longer married. And why he no longer owns his house. Yep, he’s been divorce raped. (I knew a blue-collar guy who was “taken to the cleaners” by his wife in a divorce. She instigated the divorce, as usual. He didn’t earn much money, but nonetheless had to pay her both alimony and child-support. After the divorce, he had nothing left but the shirt on his back and a few dollars in his wallet. His life was ruined. American family courts are overwhelmingly anti-male; they favor women at every turn; also, false allegations by women against men in family courts are very common, e.g., sexual and physical abuse claims).

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[About the actor Foley].

17 October, 2017

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But that’s usually the case. Leftist policies always screw things up. Will the leftists be sued for causing many deaths and billions of dollars worth of wildfire damage? Nope, because California is the land of fruits and nuts. Nothing logical ever happens in CA.

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16 October, 2017

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“I should also make clear that if the Alt-Right continues to grow in size, it may represent a serious challenge for America’s liberal democracy, and for this reason it should be understood.”   

What is this, a conspiracy? When did America become a “liberal democracy”? Answer: it didn’t. It isn’t a liberal democracy. It’s a White republic founded by White men. Just because the F.D. Roosevelt administration of the 1930s (which was full of Jews) began calling America a “democracy” every week, that didn’t/doesn’t make it a liberal democracy [1]. Another example of liberals calling something “X” until it becomes “X” (at least in the collective mind of the Left; another example: liberals calling Donald Trump a “fascist” — many liberals now believe that he is a fascist, thanks to the daily use of that smear in the left-wing media).


[1] the famous Jewish judge, Felix Frankfurter, was responsible for inserting the term “arsenal of democracy” (the term refers to America) into president F.D. Roosevelt’s December 1940 speech “Arsenal of Democracy” (source: the 1978 book “Memoirs” by French diplomat Jean Monnet)

15 October, 2017

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“The Generation of ’68 destroyed but did not build. They created a vacuum now filled by social media, cheap tourism and pornography.” Saaaaay, are they cryptically talking about the Jew, Danny Cohn-Bendit, who led the 68ers? Or am I just “reading things into” the essay? I do that sometimes.


15 October, 2017

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Just follow the noses to the problem, each time: communism is a Jewish “seed.” Jews begat the Soviet Union (the “Mother Ship” of communism), which begat communism in China, which begat communism in North Korea [1]. Two “American” Jews (Solomon Adler and Harry Dexter White) played the key roles in bringing Chairman Mao to power in China.



[1] “Following the signing of the Korean War Armistice in 1953, China, along with members of the Eastern Bloc led by the Soviet Union, provided extensive economic assistance to Pyongyang to support the reconstruction and economic development of North Korea.” — Wikipedia

14 October, 2017

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Family Research Council member: “Hello. Would you like to join me in prayer?”

Jewish extremist: “Oh, such hate!! Oh, such racism and bigotry!! Oh!! Oh!!!”


13 October, 2017

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Here’s the nugget of this matter: you must declare yourself not only to be pro-White but also anti-Jew. Nothing else matters but those 2 closely-related things. That’s the whole kernel of the matter. Learn it and live it.

[Alex and Jan Audio].

13 October, 2017

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The West is a White region (e.g., the USA, Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, etc.). White people, and by default White nationalism, created the Western world. Okay? Okay. But now, we are being told that White nationalism is instead a threat to the West. Huh??? What??? (According to internet searches, the author of this article is Jewish).


13 October, 2017

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“Congress could then decide to restore sanctions, do nothing or make changes to the (deal).”

Since the U.S. Congress is more-or-less owned by Israel, and since Israel hates Iran, you can guess what will happen. This reversal of sorts is all about Israel. This has nothing to do with America per se. What if White people controlled America’s foreign policy instead of the Jews controlling it? What if America did what was good for America for a change?


12 October, 2017

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(This week’s William Pierce Wednesday item is being posted today instead)

by Dr. William Pierce.


“I am not much of a democrat. I believe that the doctrine that every featherless biped who has reached the age of 18, regardless of race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, intelligence, personal achievement, moral character, sense of responsibility, or sanity should have an equal voice in determining our destiny is a perverse and destructive doctrine. I believe that mass democracy, democracy without qualifications, is responsible for much of the decline in our fortunes as a race during this century.”