23 October, 2016

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(Above: F.D. Roosevelt)

America had quite a two-fer in the 1930s/1940s: we had a crippled commie and a lesbo in the White House! [1]. And to think, the Roosevelt’s are now considered to be political royalty – FDR is even on America’s money (the dime). You drag America into a world war and you get your image on a coin in return: how sick is that [2].


[1] paralyzed from the waist down, FDR “was careful never to be seen using his wheelchair in public.” Hiding the extent of his disability from the public – what a phony, just like his “wife”

[2] Roosevelt deliberately picked a fight with Japan, which resulted in Japan bombing Hawaii in December 1941

22 October, 2016

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White man: “If life in America is so bad, why don’t you move back to Africa?”

Black man: “Because here, I get six different kinds of welfare payments, and government-subsidized housing, and food stamps, and best of all, free speech to bitch about how tough my life is.”


21 October, 2016

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“…in violation of the Fair Housing Act.” Oh, yes, suuurrreee, the Black Housing Act. That’s another unconstitutional law that came from Jewish congressman Emanuel Celler [1].  

The 10th Amendment overrules the Black Justice Department’s demand that landlords be forced to rent houses/apartments to Black or Brown ex-criminals [2]. “Former criminals” and “tenant’s/renter’s rights” aren’t mentioned in the Constitution, making that a 10th Amendment issue; furthermore, the 3rd Amendment suggests that the Founding Fathers would reject that BJD demand [3].


[1] the Civil Rights Act of 1968, aka the Fair Housing Act, came from House bill HR2516 and was introduced into Congress by Representative Celler in mid-January 1966. Celler also chaired House subcommittee #5, which considered HR2516 (that subcommittee had jurisdiction over civil-rights bills, giving Celler much leverage in the creation of civil-rights legislation during the 1960s)

[2] 10th Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

[3] 3rd Amendment: “No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner…”

20 October, 2016

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How did Trump scare the Jews? He said that he would contest the election result if he lost the election[1]. This, according to the Jews, proves that he’s a “loose cannon” who won’t follow basic political rules. This scared God’s Pets: if Trump won’t follow basic rules, how can he be trusted regarding Israel and other important Jewish issues? Trump is now seen as a volatile renegade who might or might not follow the “official, decades-old Zionist playbook.” Oy veh!

[1] during the debate he implied he would contest it, and the next day he confirmed that

20 October, 2016

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For some reason, women elected Bill Clinton twice and Barack Obama twice. Ladies, vote properly this election [1].

[1] women are the largest voting bloc in America, making up about 55% of the vote. One report showed that, if only men had voted in 1996, Bob Dole, not Bill Clinton, would have won the presidential election. Given what the Clinton administration did to Serbia in 1999, for example, this is a serious issue

19 October, 2016

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“The third reason India’s nuclear tests are good news is that all of the hullabaloo about countries developing nuclear weapons without permission from the United Nations should remind everyone that the most egregious example of such outlaw nuclear development is that of Israel. The controlled media, of course, have been covering for Israel, but the more fuss they make about India, the more questions thoughtful people will have about Israel. The hypocrisy of the treatment by the Washington government and the media of the whole topic of controlling weapons of mass destruction should become more apparent.”


18 October, 2016

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Only the Jew won World War II. The self-chosen gained enormous political and financial power as a result of WWII. They also got their own country: Israel.
Anyway, the Jews — like Harry Dexter White and Bernard Baruch — got America into WWII, but you never hear that, you only hear about how those brave American soldiers kicked evil Nazi and less-evil Jap ass. Granted, this movie (directed by Mel Gibson) seems a little different than most WWII movies – one webpage said it has anti-war themes. If so, good.


17 October, 2016

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One day, I had to test-fire a 12-gauge shotgun to make sure it was functioning properly. So, I picked up some shotgun shells at the store and went to a local shooting range. I took my position at the range and loaded the shotgun. I fired it. WHAM!! It felt like a horse kicked me in the shoulder! I was literally knocked senseless: I was like, “Elvis, is that you??” But I guessed it was just an over-loaded round. So I tried it again. WHAM!! Same thing: an enormous kick. This time, I nearly fell down – what the hell is this?? I walked over to another fellow who was shooting nearby, and I asked him, “why are these shotgun shells so damn powerful??” He looked at the box of shells and said, “well, it’s no wonder! These are the most powerful shotgun loads I’ve ever seen. They’re for hunting geese and things like that! Maximum power, high-brass shells!”

Here’s a lesson: know your shotgun shells before you fire them.

17 October, 2016

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(Above: Karl Marx)

Those sinister White men! Never mind the fact that Western culture was built by…anyone? White men. Never mind the fact that White men basically invented the world. (According to the feminists, women are now equal to men. But if they’re equal to men, why is this ridiculous school program needed? It’s not, of course. It’s all Marxist baloney).


16 October, 2016

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Hey, they forgot the Yid code words “cosmopolitan,” “New Yorker” and “neocon”! Anyway, how long will it be before White countries like England and France ban words like “globalist” and “Zionist” for being “anti-Semitic”?