20 April, 2019

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1970s: “Global cooling/an ice age will doom us all in 12 years!”

1995: “Global warming (new phrase) will doom us all in 12 years!”

2018: “Climate change (new phrase) will doom us all in 12 years!”

Why does the “climate hysteria” language keep changing? Isn’t scaring children with apocalyptic “global warming” language also known as “child abuse”? (yes, it is. Deliberately causing mental/emotional distress in children is illegal in Texas and no doubt in other states, too).


20 April, 2019

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The War On White People has been going on for some time (it picked up serious speed after 1945), but it really began in earnest in Summer 2014 with the bold, fake, media-driven Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, Missouri. Today, White people (who gave the world to mankind) are treated like 2nd-class and 3rd-class citizens in their own countries!

Readers, post your own examples of the endless War On White People here, in the comments section below. Here’s one example:

Canada: Black man runs down and kills White man with a vehicle, and then flees, yet, citing “White racism,” the female judge gives him no jail time: [Here]. (His victim: [Here]).

20 April, 2019

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Romanian official #1: “We must ruin our country by flooding it with dim-witted Brown immigrants!”

Romanian official #2: “Why??”

Romanian official #1: “We need cheap labor! Profits must come before our culture and our heritage!”

Romanian official #2: “What do we do with the millions of Brown immigrants after they multiply like rabbits?”

Romanian official #1: “Hmmmm. I don’t know. Wait…let’s send them to Israel!”


19 April, 2019

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(Above: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard)

Out of all the Democrat presidential candidates (there must be at least 15 of them), Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) seems to be the most sane and normal. Unlike most liberals, Gabbard doesn’t sound like a complete nut. In fact, Gabbard is the perfect “diverse” liberal candidate: she’s young, she’s a woman, she’s a minority (half-Samoan and a Hindu, too) and she’s smart and well-spoken. She was in the U.S. National Guard, she served in Iraq, she knows karate, and she even surfs. As a candidate, she would bring in the female votes, the liberal votes and the minority votes — a perfect prospective candidate for the Dems! Right? Why, then, is the Democrat party “machine” not vigorously pushing Gabbard’s candidacy for president in 2020? Heck, she’s not even on a short list of “likely” presidential hopefuls. That’s very odd for the liberals — you’d think Gabbard would be their “it girl.” Their main candidate. There must be a reason why she isn’t, huh? Well, that question is quickly answered via reading or watching various interviews of Gabbard: she’s strongly against the idea of America fighting endless “regime change” wars, and even more specifically, Gabbard supported (and visited in person) Syrian president Assad, and she condemned “the illegal (U.S.) war to overthrow the Syrian government of Assad.” [1]. Israel and the Zionists, of course, hate Assad and want to overthrow him. There’s the answer. It seems that the powerful “regime change” Zionists and Israel-firsters don’t like Gabbard. So she’s not the Democrat machine’s “it girl” (last time I checked, Gabbard didn’t even rank in a list of 15 top Democrat presidential candidates — she wasn’t even on the list).

[1] see the article “Tea With Assad, Hugs With Adelson: Tulsi Gabbard’s Unique Views on Israel and the Middle East” by Amir Tibon, Haaretz.com., Jan. 13, 2019

19 April, 2019

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Former vice-president and all-around weird guy Joe Biden is going to announce next week that he will run for president in 2020. He will be the official Democrat presidential candidate, due to his political leadership experience and his name recognition (two important things in any political race).

(Bernie Sanders as president? Forget that idea. Nobody wants socialism except college kids).

But Biden, who has nearly zero charisma, couldn’t beat Donald Trump in a local election, much less in a presidential election. Biden’s previous, dumb “give the other guy funny looks” debate strategy won’t work at all in debates with Trump, especially after the Mueller Report fiasco, which is making every Democrat look even more ridiculous.

Barring some really freak event, Trump will be re-elected.

19 April, 2019

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Jew #1: “I thought we banned militias back in 1992. Where did these evil Nazis come from??”

Liberal #1: “Oh, my God! Evil Nazis held innocent, future citizens at gunpoint! Somebody call the UN!”

Liberal #2: “Civil-rights violations! Human-rights violations! No humans are illegal, except White males!”

Liberal #3: “I’m going to cry!” (*sob*) (*sniff*)

Jew #2: “See what happens when you elect racist, White populists like Trump??”

Jew #3: “This could lead to another Holocaust!”

Jew #4: “This is why Congress needs to ban assault rifles!”


18 April, 2019

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Well, it’s so sad. Another “Jewish liberator” has died: Dr. Richard Green.

Abortion, feminism, left-wing radicalism, homosexual rights, “easy divorce” laws — you name the “liberating” movement and Jewish “liberators” like Green led it. Heck, give the Jews enough time and midgets will be serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, leading the charge into battle on tiny little legs! It’ll happen, they’ll be “liberated” too! In this case, the Jew, Green, was a key figure in the movement to re-label homosexuality as “normal” (three “important experts” who argued to the American Psychiatric Association in 1973 in favor of homosexuality being re-classified as “normal” were Jews: Dr. Green, Dr. Judd (a.k.a. Judah) Marmor and Ron Gold; a fourth apparent Jew, Dr. Irving Bieber, argued against re-classifying homosexuality as normal; there’s always one contrary Jew).

17 April, 2019

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In this interesting video, rock singer Ozzy Osbourne says he wanted to be a lawyer when he was young, but his “nose is too small.” Well! Hmmmm! Wonder what he meant by that! (By the way, I’m a fan of Ozzy and the original Black Sabbath rock band).

[Video]. [you can close-caption the dialogue; location of comment is at 5:20 in the video]

17 April, 2019

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(I’ve noticed something very curious about Jews over the years. They love to mention to gentiles that they’re Jewish. Some how, some way, a Jew will tell you that he’s Jewish. Sooner or later. But, here’s the nugget of the matter: if you mention his Jewishness to another gentile, you’re an anti-Semite! Only he is allowed to mention his Jewishness).


“This brings me to the right-wing philosopher Sir Roger Scruton. In “The Value of Victimhood,” I described how he had been condemned as an anti-Semite in November 2018. After he was appointed as an advisor on architecture to the Conservative government, his leftist enemies went digging for dirt to use against him and uncovered a speech he had made in Hungary some years before. He had criticized George Soros and said that “Many of the Budapest intelligentsia are Jewish, and form part of the extensive networks around the Soros empire.” Labour MPs like Luciana Berger, a heroine of the Jewish community, declared that Scruton was obviously an anti-Semite. George Soros is Jewish and Scruton had criticized Soros for being powerful and influential. Such criticism is a classic “anti-Semitic trope,” therefore Scruton is an anti-Semite and the truth of Soros’s power and influence is irrelevant.”


16 April, 2019

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(Above: Roddy McDowall circa 1966)

When I was a kid, I liked the late actor Roddy McDowall (1928-1998). He was talented and versatile, and he was a household name in the 1970s. But I didn’t know that he was homosexual until rather recently.

McDowell had a long acting career, spanning 60 years. He was featured in such popular movies as Cleopatra, The Planet of the Apes and The Poseidon Adventure.

How is it that McDowall spent his whole life in Hollywood and yet never talked about his homosexuality? He kept his sexual preference in the closet where it belonged. Imagine that! Do you think such keeping quiet about homosexuality would happen today? Nope! Today, if you’re a celebrity who is queer, you must mention your queerness to the entire world! Over and over again!

How could McDowall keep his mouth shut about his homosexuality all of his life, but today, other celebrities cannot do so? The answer is simple. Queer stars today are instructed by the powerful, heavily-Jewish queer lobby to push their homosexuality onto the public.