18 April, 2021

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Unlike “White privilege,” Black privilege really exists. The Blacks get everything for free (i.e., the White taxpayers pay for it all: food, rent, medical care, even college). “White privilege” is a phony, Judeo-Marxist term coined circa 1967 by the Jewish communist Noel Ignatiev and the White communist Ted Allen. It was originally called “White skin privilege”; but anybody who has been to the Appalachia region can testify that there are many Whites in Appalachia who are poor and do not have “White privilege”; also, my father worked his butt off to get into college — which required working endless crappy jobs but also required a lot of luck since that was the era of Affirmative Action and Blacks got into college then merely because they were Black (i.e., more Black privilege) which displaced a lot of smart White people. How many smart Whites didn’t get into college because of Affirmative Action negroes? Probably several million since A.A. first began in 1964. And most Blacks who go to college never complete it, so, all those Blacks going to college via A.A. was largely a waste of time and White tax money. That stinks.

17 April, 2021

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“The immediate and inevitable fact which forces us to come to grips with Christianity is that the mainstream Christian churches are all, without exception, preaching a doctrine of White racial extinction. They preach racial egalitarianism and racial mixing. They preach non-resistance to the takeover of our society by non-Whites. It was the Christian churches, more than any other institution, which paralyzed the will of White South Africans to survive. It is the Christian establishment in the United States which is preeminent in sapping the will of White Americans to resist being submerged in the non-White tide sweeping across the land. Most Christian authorities collaborate openly with the Jews, despite the contempt and abuse they receive in return, and the rest at least follow Jewish policies on the all-important matter of race. The occasional anomaly — a Catholic bishop in Poland speaking out angrily against Jewish arrogance, a few Protestant groups in the United States expressing sympathy for oppressed Palestinians — does not invalidate the rule.”

“Beyond the immediate conflict between us and the Christian churches on racial matters there is a long-standing and quite fundamental ideological problem with Christianity. It is not an Aryan religion; like Judaism and Islam it is Semitic in origin, and all its centuries of partial adaptation to Aryan ways have not changed its basic flavor. It was carried by a Jew, Saul of Tarsus (later known as Paul), from the Levant to the Greco-Roman world.”

“(Christianity’s) otherworldliness is fundamentally out of tune with the Aryan quest for knowledge and for progress; its universalism conflicts directly with Aryan striving for beauty and strength; its delineation of the roles of man and god offends the Aryan sense of honor and self-sufficiency.”

“The fact is that, completely aside from the racial question, no person who wholeheartedly believes Christian doctrine can share our values and goals, because Christian doctrine holds that this world is of little importance, being only a proving ground for the spiritual world which one enters after death. Christian doctrine also holds that the condition of this world is not man’s responsibility, because an omnipotent and omniscient deity alone has that responsibility.”

“Finally Christianity, like the other Semitic religions, is irredeemably primitive. Its deity is thoroughly anthropomorphic, and its “miracles” — raising the dead, walking on water, curing the lame and the blind with a word and a touch — are the crassest superstition.”

Source: the original edition of the National Alliance Membership Handbook circa 1992

16 April, 2021

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“Christianity has a number of elements that are harmful to our (White) people. One of them is its egalitarianism. You know: ‘the meek shall inherit the earth,’ ‘the last shall be first, and the first shall be last.’ It’s the whole Sermon-on-the-Mount idea of putting people down and pulling down those on the top of the heap regardless of how they got there. It is a fundamental part of Christian doctrine, and I think it is detrimental to an ordered society.” [1].

“There is the universalistic message in Christianity, that we are all alike, that fundamentally there is no difference among people, that the only thing that counts is whether you are in or out of Jesus’ flock. The ‘we are all one in Christ Jesus’ idea—man and woman, white and black, Greek and Jew. We are all equal in the eyes of the Lord. The truth of the matter is that we aren’t all one, and we are different from one another, and some individuals and cultures are better than others. Anything that obscures that reality and its implications holds things back.”

“When they had their chance, Christians burned free thinkers, stifled intellectual development for centuries, and led people off to those suicidal Crusades. I see Christianity as more than a basically harmless aberration; it’s a really dangerous one. At the same time I say that, I acknowledge that most Christians are reasonable and decent people. It’s just that they haven’t thought things all the way through. They aren’t the problem—it’s the doctrine.”

“There are a lot of people who say, ‘Where would we be without Christianity. We’d be raping and killing each other.’ Well, we are raping and killing each other as it is. The fact of the matter is that before the dominance of Christianity, Europeans kept that sort of thing pretty much under control through the ways communities were set up. They had rules that made sense in terms of their survival and way of life, and the rules were enforced, and more or less people respected the rules. There doesn’t have to be some kind of supernatural sanction to keep people in line.”

— from the 2001 book “The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds” by Robert S. Griffin, Ph.D.


[1] “The meek shall inherit nothing” — Frank Zappa

16 April, 2021

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It’s possible that crypto-currency will kill off a good portion of Jewish financial power (mainly the control of the money supply of the Western world, such as America’s “Federal” Reserve bank, which is actually a private entity with stockholders. Strangely, it has a “.gov” URL! Sneaky!).

But what if Western governments ban crypto-currency by law? They could, but that would only be partly effective.

This matter seems to depend entirely on how many people in the West embrace crypto-currency. If enough people embrace it, then yes, it could deal a powerful blow to the Jewish fiat-money cartels of the West (i.e., the central banks).


15 April, 2021

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“The Ordeal of Civility: Freud, Marx, Lévi-Strauss and the Jewish Struggle with Modernity” (1974) by John Murray Cuddihy. [a .PDF file].
(rotate text if needed; in Firefox, click on double arrow at top right). The basic premise of this book is that, when the Jews and the Whites came into close daily contact with each other circa 1807 (after Napoleon “freed” the Jews), the Whites were repulsed and disgusted by the Jews and said so. The Jews, being arrogant and “chosen,” could not admit that they were very flawed people (when compared to Whites) and so the Jews embarked on a long campaign to convince the world that the Whites, and not the Jews, were the flawed people. The Jews couldn’t admit that they were ugly, rude, pushy, greedy, loud creeps (and those are their good features!).

15 April, 2021

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When will America follow suit? Never. America is committed to destroying the West as fast as possible. [Article].

13 April, 2021

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The racial floodgates were opened at Ellis Island, New York circa 1892, when immigrants came pouring into America. But before that, America wasn’t very diverse. Derbyshire does us a disservice when he says “These United States were diverse from the start. We’ve always had to deal with racial diversity as best we can.” For the record, America was founded by 118 White men [1]. Indians? Numerically speaking, there weren’t very many of them. Ditto negro slaves, and they weren’t free until 1863 and even then they were not considered to be equal to Whites.



[1] 118 White men created the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the U.S. Constitution.

13 April, 2021

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And many of those “Covid” deaths weren’t Covid deaths. Recall that in many states/countries, if you had Covid in your body when you died from a heart attack or stroke, you “died from Covid.”

Speaking of Covid hysteria: the Jewish CDC director says that Michigan needs to lock down again! Strangely, states that didn’t severely lock down suffered less from Covid than the states that did severely lock down. Nonetheless, in 2024, they’ll still be having Covid lockdowns!


12 April, 2021

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To be a human, one must behave like a human.

“Today it is questionable what Blacks could achieve on their own, without the intervention of others giving to them all the things they could never produce or maintain themselves. Though we see Blacks walking around in business suits, speaking English, shooting guns, and making use of all sorts of non-Black generated goods and services and inventions and ideas and discoveries — none of them originate from the Black man. Without the continuous intervention of charity into Black Africa, it’s unknown whether they could even maintain what they have, or if they would simply regress back to mud huts the moment we left. All current Black civilization is in fact transplanted non-Black civilization. There is not as yet a single Black civilization on Earth that has independently developed and maintained its own technological and philosophical way of life. No Blacks have won any Nobel prizes in the hard sciences, Fields medals, or gotten any spot on a list of human accomplishment that would represent some major scientific or technological advancement for the world.”


11 April, 2021

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Blacks: children in adult bodies. Just like liberals.

And to think, before WWII, the key tenets of journalism were objectivity, truth and fairness [1]. They taught those things in journalism school. But after WWII the media lies came fast and thick, especially lies about race and IQ.

“Thus, Blacks’ personalities, as well as their lower intelligence, would imply that (they) are less likely to value “fairness.” They are more focused on what they perceive as good for them. This is the child’s understanding of “fairness.” If I don’t get what I want then it’s “unfair,” because I deserve everything I want.”



[1] Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi related a funny but sad story about journalism: one day, circa 1970, a review of a Black Sabbath concert appeared in a newspaper. But there was one big problem: Sabbath never played that concert! They had to cancel the show at the last minute. Didn’t play a note! The “journalist” obviously wrote the review in advance and never knew that the concert was canceled. Sad. Truth in journalism today!