20 January, 2022

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Like World War II, World War I was all about Jews and other freaks attacking/punishing Germany.

WWI led directly to WWII. No WWI equals no WWII. Period.

The, ahem, “Brits” who caused WWI were either Jews (e.g., Reginald Baliol Brett [aka Lord Esher; he had a Jewish mother), Alfred Beit and Nathaniel Rothschild [of the Jewish banking family]) or homosexuals in the service of Jews (e.g., Alfred Milner and Cecil Rhodes, a closeted queer and a Freemason). Another architect of WWI, Archibald Primrose (aka Lord Rosebery) was also a closeted queer who was married to a Rothschild (of the Jewish banking family) [1]. Yes, oy vehs and queers, all around.

Later, Adolf Hitler had the misfortune of greatly underestimating how “Jewed” Britain had become. Many powerful Brits were either Jews, half-Jews, were married to Jews, or were in the service of Jews. Sad. And scary, too.

“Docherty and Macgregor point the finger at what they argue is the real source of the conflict: a more or less secret cabal of British imperialists whose entire political existence for a decade and a half was dedicated to the fashioning of a European war in aid of destroying the British Empire’s newly emerging commercial, industrial and military competitor, Germany.”



[1] Brett had a French, Jewish mother named Eugenie (her British stepfather was named Gurwood), whose natural/birth father, Lazare, is confirmed as having been Jewish due to his tombstone inscription, “Eliezer bar Me’ir”

20 January, 2022

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A little White girl, praying at bedtime:

“…and thank you, God, for watching over Mommy and Daddy and my dog, Fluffy. Also, thank you, God, for Covid-19. It’s showing the entire world how unstable, unhinged and cruel the leftists really are. We always knew leftists were a little screwy, sure, but until now, we had no idea just how bat-shit crazy they are. They are all insane. Please prevent them from having kids and living near me!”

“Two years ago, how many people would have predicted that tennis’s number one ranked player would be banned from competing in Australia and France for refusing to allow their governments to decide what is injected into his body? How many people would have predicted the construction of internment camps to house citizens who similarly refuse to comply? How many would have predicted that national leaders of “democratic” countries would demand censorship of dissenting points of view? How many would have predicted that tech and media companies would eagerly jump at those calls for censorship by actively deleting from the public square any voices contrary to the official narratives sanctioned by those in power?” (There’s a new meme in the article: “Covid-1984”).


19 January, 2022

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Reading Marius’ obituary called to mind the very special status Jews
have in our society. We may criticize anyone — except Jews. Of course,
a liberal isn’t likely under any circumstances to be critical of a
homosexual or a feminist or a non-White or a member of any other group
currently patronized by liberals. But as long as he assures everyone
that many of his best friends are perverts or Blacks or what have you
and that his criticism is intended to be constructive, he will be
forgiven for an occasional sharp remark aimed toward them. But if he
ever makes the mistake of referring to Jews in anything but the most
flattering terms, his name goes on a hate list and is never removed.”


19 January, 2022

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Like it or not, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 exists.

If the November 2020 election was stolen (and it was: Dementia Joe didn’t get anywhere near 80 million votes — more like 80,000 votes), then our White voting rights were violated. The various state Attorney Generals who are supposed to address the 2020 election fraud have not done so. They have done nothing. They are aiding and abetting voting rights violations and election fraud.


19 January, 2022

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Nazis! Nazis! More Nazis! America is “Nazi this” and “Nazi that” endlessly, nearly 24/7. What else is there on the TV: Nazis from outer space? Nazi teenagers from Hell? Midget Nazi teenagers from Hell?? A TV-movie called “I Was a Nazi Proctologist at Auschwitz”?? A documentary about “Gay Nazis Who Have Eating Disorders”?? Nazi dogs?? Nazi cats??

Fausta, the (blonde) Nazi Wonder Woman! (from the Wonder Woman TV series, Season 1, Episode 2, 1976).

[Video, 4 minutes].

19 January, 2022

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After all, what is liberal democracy but communism in slow motion? America became a liberal democracy beginning in 1964 with the ushering-in of the illegal “civil rights” laws (America was formerly a White republic). The “civil rights” laws took away our property rights, our financial rights, our employment rights, and many of our speech and assembly rights. As if the federal government has a right to tell you who you will hire, or rent a house to. As if!

After throwing off the yoke of communism, the last thing the Russians want is negroes and trannies in the Russian government. I’d be worried about America if I were a Russian. Yikes! Negro Army generals for Russia: double-yikes! Jews controlling everything the Russians see and hear: triple-yikes! (Of course, the Russians remember the Bolshevik era, when that actually happened).

This sick ideology (liberal egalitarian democracy, aka, Cultural Marxism, but not economic Marxism…yet) is the new threat to the world. (Those who doubt that the West is now under Cultural Marxist occupation need only turn on the TV or read a newspaper or magazine) [1]. Rainbow flags will soon hang from every flagpole, at every school, at every workplace, in every country, or else! Parliaments will contain at least 20 trannies each, or else! And, everyone will be hired, or fired, or serviced or not, according to their Social Credit score. Did you engage in bad-think online? So sorry! No health insurance for you, and no auto repairs, and no grocery deliveries, either.



[1] Cultural Marxism can be defined as: Society being re-engineered from the top down (and not the bottom up) based upon one thing: “equality” (or, these days, “equity”). The fact that human equality is impossible to achieve makes no difference to the Cultural Marxists; their hatred of White Western culture is so great that they’re willing to destroy entire countries in order to take revenge on the people who built Western culture: “evil White males”

19 January, 2022

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An outstanding letter. Indeed, America has had the Covid-19 “vaccine” for over a year, but things aren’t better: we’re still wearing face masks one year later! And, people who don’t need to be vaccinated (children, who are nearly immune to Covid) are nonetheless being vaxxed! It’s clown-world.

“Among all the vaccines I have known in my life (diphtheria, tetanus, measles, rubella, chickenpox, hepatitis, meningitis, flu, and pneumonia, and tuberculosis) I have never seen a vaccine that forced me to wear a mask and maintain my social distance, even when you are fully vaccinated.

I had never heard of a vaccine that spreads the virus even after vaccination.

I had never heard of rewards, discounts, incentives to get vaccinated.”


18 January, 2022

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“Antonio Gramsci, the Italian Communist leader and theoretician who is considered the forefather of Critical Race Theory…”

The “forefather” of Critical Race Theory? Nope. Gramsci (1891-1937) spent much of his time in an Italian prison (good!), writing about silly political theories that he never got to practice, unlike Georg Lukacs, for example. Gramsci’s “cultural hegemony” theory was actually early “social constructionism” before the latter became popular circa 1960 [1]. There’s nothing new under the Marxist sun; it’s all ridiculous “theory” that is tweaked and re-tweaked endlessly. For a theory to be valid, it has to work in practice. But Marxism doesn’t work. In fact, it’s not even supposed to work. It’s supposed to destroy. Marxism equals “political time bombs” which keep exploding around the world: Cuba, Vietnam, etc.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) was originally called Critical Legal Studies (CLS, circa 1977), which was “critical theory applied to American law.” It sprang from both Frankfurt School “Critical Theory” (1937; which was Jewish) and from Postmodernist “Social Constructionism” (which was also Jewish) [2]. You can’t “Italian” your way out of that fact. More than that, CRT came largely from the Jewish law professor, Alan David Freeman, i.e., he was the “point man” for CRT after the initial birth of it as CLS [3].



[1] According to Gramsci, “hegemonic culture propagates its own values and norms so that they become the “common sense” values of all (of the people)” — Wikipedia, Jan. 2022 (i.e., society’s values and norms are unnatural, forced, bourgeoisie “social constructs”; “rich White men created all the norms and values in society — i.e., race, gender — in an effort to enslave Blacks, women and midgets!” says the crazy theory).

[2] the “Social Constructionism” facet of Postmodernist philosophy was Jewish, and was perfected by Jews such as Karl Mannheim, Edmund Husserl, Alfred Schutz, Peter L. Berger (who was a convert from Judaism to Christianity), and Max Scheler (from his “sociology of knowledge” theory).

[3] Freeman admitted his Jewishness in print in 1989:

“Alan Freeman represents the writer that virtually all persons identify as the leading spokesman for the CLS (i.e., Critical Legal Studies, which was an earlier form of CRT; the CRT movement began where CLS left off; it might be called “Phase II” of CLS. It began circa 1989) response to racism. In fact, his article Legitimizing Racial Discrimination Through Antidiscrimination Law: A Critical Review of Supreme Court Doctrine, stands out as one of the finest examples of the CLS scholarship, and probably has had the greatest influence in winning what attention the CLSM has gained from persons of color.”

-— from the law review article “The Critical Legal Studies Movement and Racism: Useful Analytics and Guides for Social Action or an Irrelevant Modern Legal Scepticism (Brit. spelling) and Solipsism?” at Mitchell Hamline School of Law, Vol. 13, Iss. 4, Article 3, 1987. Freeman acknowledged his Jewish roots in an article in 1989: “Jews can celebrate their diversity and their tradition without being hysterical apologists for the existing order. We need not all follow the lead of those like Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, the paradigm of assimilationist success…” — Alan Freeman and Betty Mensch, “Current Debate: Affirmative Action: The Misplaced Self-Delusion of Some Jewish Males”; Tikkun, Jan. 1989. First published in Tikkun, but also in Digital Commons @ University at Buffalo School of Law, 1-1-1989;

CLS began as a series of conversations between Morton Horwitz, a Jewish law professor at Harvard University, and Duncan Kennedy, a non-Jewish law professor, also at Harvard. As their new ideology took shape, more academics became involved with it. Soon, a CLS conference was planned. Roughly 25 academics were invited to the conference, which was held at the University of Wisconsin at Madison in March 1977. Of the academics who were invited to the conference, some were Marxists and some were not, some were law professors, some were sociologists and political scientists, and roughly 80% of those academics were Jews.

18 January, 2022

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Newbies, here are three key take-aways from this 1969 speech by Dr. Oliver: in order to survive, White activists must consider these facts:

— Defensive tactics won’t work for us anymore; we must play offense, because our enemies play offense.
— Christianity won’t help us; indeed, Christianity is a Jewish, egalitarian, Levantine religion.
— the U.S. Constitution won’t help us, because it isn’t followed by anyone anymore.

But what will help us survive? These things:

— White people banding together tightly and shunning all non-Whites.
— Whites creating their own media, and their own social/political/educational networks.
— Whites creating their own currency/banks.
— Whites “thinking/acting entirely apart from the rest of mankind” (this must be a strict policy).

Also, understand that Israel-loving “conservatives” won’t save the White race. Just the opposite: they’ll sell out to Jesus, Israel and the Jewish neocons just as soon as they can. They’ll pull the old “we humans are all the same in the eyes of Jesus/God” crap as soon as they can.

Furthermore on the political front, only right-wing populists can be trusted now (not traditional conservatives), and sadly, it’s doubtful that Donald Trump can be trusted; I like Trump, but he is all talk, no action (and what was that recent pro-vaccine stuff of his??). That won’t help White people. We need good, decisive action, not cheap slogans. We need a secure southern border, real money (not inflationary fiat money), and an end to all immigration, for starters. (Granted, Trump is extremely popular, so the idea of running a presidential candidate to compete against Trump for the White House in 2024 is likely doomed from the start).

[Video, 36 minutes].

17 January, 2022

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