6 October, 2015

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Jewish media boss #1: “As much as I hate to mention it, we have to face the possibility of…well…Europe remaining White.

Jewish media boss #2: “Oh, my God! Don’t even think it! We’ve worked so hard since 1945. Whiteness is on the way out. Every White country is turning Brown with immigrants and refugees! White women are bedding Brown men two-at-a-time! White people are against the ropes and the referee is about to start the 10-second count! If Europe remains White, then all of our efforts have been wasted!”

Jewish media boss #3: “Maybe I’ll buy another condo in Tel Aviv, just in case…”


5 October, 2015

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After many years, an agreement has finally been reached between the 12 countries involved with the TPP (which includes the U.S.). Vietnam and Mexico are two of the creepy countries that will be part of the TPP. Why partner up with those idiots? Mexico gives us major trouble via illegal immigration, and Vietnam is still a communist country [1]. Anyway, bringing the world’s countries closer together is a bad idea; it’s good for Big Business, but it wipes out sovereignty and freedom and increases globalism and therefore hastens the arrival of the NWO, which is basically communism-with-a-briefcase.


[1] the Communist Party of Vietnam controls everything in Vietnam

4 October, 2015

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Ask yourself: “why are my tax dollars being used to promote the fag agenda in Honduras?” Anyway, just as the old Soviet Union was a “mothership” to communism (it spread it all over the world via the “Comintern”), so is modern America the mothership to human equality/egalitarianism (which is a form of communism, i.e., it’s Cultural Marxism). Strangely, America doesn’t seem interested in pushing human equality onto Israel.


3 October, 2015

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“Imperium” by Francis Parker Yockey, with a forward by Revilo P. Oliver. [a .PDF file].

2 October, 2015

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Young gentile: “I want a severe disability! It seems so hip, so fashionable to be disabled!”

Jewish media boss: “Ahh, I see you’ve been watching my movies and my TV shows that promote syndromes, disorders and complexes! Well, good for you!”


1 October, 2015

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Ann Coulter:“So in 1965—50 years ago this week—Sen. Ted Kennedy passed an immigration law that has brought 59 million foreigners…”

Come on, Coulter. I guess the Jew, congressman Emanuel Celler, who co-wrote and introduced the law (the bill) into Congress in January 1965 (House bill H.R.2580), really just sat on the sidelines and watched Kennedy pass the bill? Hmmm? Why is it called the “Hart-Celler Act”? (By the way, Hart’s role in the Hart-Celler Act was minor compared to Celler’s).


30 September, 2015

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“We do have a ruling class of sorts, of course; there is always a ruling class of some type. But the men who rule America today are certainly not men of valor. They are lawyers, bureaucrats, rich merchants, scribes and Pharisees. They are men without ideology, men whose only fixed principle is “always do what is advantageous.” And, in a sense, they are the “best” of their type; that is, they have worked harder, been smarter and meaner, and hewed more closely to the party line — the established body of cant — than those who didn’t make it to the top. The “fittest” in any society survive and prosper.”


29 September, 2015

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The cuckservatives carry water for the Jews and most of them are actually employed by the Jews, so of course they’re going to try to ruin Coulter’s career or at least her credibility (almost the same thing). Notice this quote from the article: “Not odd, you sod. The Jews chose God.” That’s not accurate. The Jews are history’s self-chosen. They decided long ago that “we are going to be the most important people on Earth because God said so.” In other words, the Jews were the world’s first bigots, the first people to claim, in their official doctrines, that they are “God’s chosen people,” the very best of humans. (Do you really think that God would “choose” people who are physically ugly, morally bankrupt and obsessed with poop?).


27 September, 2015

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A Bolshevik commissar, 1919: “You’re being evicted from your home, you bourgeoisie cockroach, to make way for the less-fortunate. Pack your bags, counter-revolutionary scum!”

A German government official, 2015: “You’re being evicted from your home, you bourgeoisie cockroach, to make way for the less-fortunate. Pack your bags, counter-revolutionary scum!” [1].


[1] forcible evictions were common in the Soviet Union, with the “haves” moving out and the “have-nots” moving in

26 September, 2015

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How many times have you heard the false claim that Israel is “the only democracy in the Middle East”? [1]. The Jews have an odd definition of “democracy,” which, judging by the graphic below, means massive land confiscation and genocide.


[1] Tunisia and Lebanon are democracies