26 August, 2014

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Father Charles Coughlin advocated abolishing the privately-owned Federal Reserve system and creating a federal-government-owned-and-run central bank [1]. A great idea (and slightly different from what I attributed to Coughlin previously)[2]. Government-owned-and-run banking could, in theory, be free, except for small fees for paperwork – not-for-profit, in other words. Anyway, the West’s central bankers (who are usually Jews, but are sometimes just Jew-tools) play fast and loose with other people’s money. Who’s going to stop them? No one, except maybe another Hitler, and where is he?


[1] the Federal Reserve has a “.gov” internet URL. Very sneaky. The Federal Reserve has shareholders. The European Central Bank also has shareholders. But even if central banks are government-owned, they can enjoy a great deal of independence, e.g., in Europe, the people who manage government-owned banks make their own decisions largely without consulting government officials – you have to watch out for that.

[2] previously, I had said that Father Coughlin advocated state-government-run banks. I was wrong. He actually advocated a federal-government-run central bank. By the way, North Dakota has America’s only state-run bank

25 August, 2014

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Imagine that: even Blacks don’t like Black rule! Furthermore, re: Orania, if there can be all-Black communities (and there are many of them all over the world), then there can be all-White communities, too. Why is there a double standard? Newbies, it was Jews who wrecked South Africa by giving Blacks political power. Almost every anti-apartheid activist was a Jew, e.g., Joe Slovo, Ruth First, Arthur Goldreich, Ronnie Kasrils, Norma and David Kitson, Helen Suzman, Bernard Friedman, Lionel and Hilda Bernstein, Jules and Selma Browde, Albie Sachs, Harry Bloom.


24 August, 2014

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“Not our powers of persuasion but the inevitability of the truth will convert men’s minds and enlist their support. We need not suppose that all the nations and all the peoples in them will become suddenly unanimous and incandescent with enthusiasm to found the world state. Some must be convinced before many can be convinced, and under any predictable conditions the affairs of the world will long be determined by the rivalries, the combinations, and an uneasy equilibrium among the sovereign and powerful states. But in this condition of the world, a new event may and can, and could be made to intervene. That event would be the decision of the American people to make the formation of the world state the principal objective of their own foreign policy.”

— Jewish journalist Walter Lippmann (1889-1974), in “International Control of Atomic Energy,” an essay within a 1946 Federation of American Scientists book called “One World or None.” (Another famous Jew, Albert Einstein, agreed with Lippmann in the same book, saying that mankind can’t survive without a global government).

24 August, 2014

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24 August, 2014

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Jewish homosexual activist: “Hey! He can’t say that! We’ve already declared that transsexuals are completely normal!”

Jewish media boss #1: “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure that my magazines and newspapers portray him as a lone wacko with nutty ideas.”

Jewish media boss #2: “And I’ll make sure that my TV shows smear him as a right-wing homophobe.”


23 August, 2014

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“The Eurocrats are very fond of the word ‘democracy,’ but they consistently oppose democratic procedures when these would present an obstacle to their plans: ‘With the Lisbon Treaty, you didn’t let a single nation other than the Irish vote, and when the Irish said no, you bribed them into compliance.’ If Willinger were a little older, he would remember a similar technique applied to Denmark in 1992 when it failed to ratify the Maastricht treaty. Where possible, the EU leadership prefers to avoid referenda altogether…”

[Book Review].

23 August, 2014

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Nope. The actual cost of Israel to the American taxpayers is far, far higher than “$100 billion since 1962.” That’s mere nickels and dimes. What about the Gulf War and the Iraq War, both of which were carried out by America for Israel’s benefit? [1]. What about debts cancelled? Loans forgiven? Unreported “gifts”? Further concerning our tax dollars, what about America’s endless, world-wide “war on terror,” which is all about Zionism and Israel? That’s not billions of dollars, that’s trillions of dollars that Israel has already cost American taxpayers.


[1] re: the reason for the 1991 Gulf War: not only did Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait scare Israel, but Israel feared an Iraq newly enriched with money, gold (1.3 billion ounces!) and other valuables taken during the invasion of Kuwait. Iraq had previously been bankrupted by a long war with Iran

22 August, 2014

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It’s interesting, but not surprising, that Bouguereau is listed as most-popular. (One art critic said that Bouguereau’s art fell out of favor with the Western public because the public’s taste “had changed.” That’s not accurate. What happened was: the people who controlled Western popular culture – i.e., Jews and leftists – changed the public’s attitude about art, leading to a decline in Bouguereau’s popularity and an increase in the popularity of idiots like Picasso. In other words, the public’s taste didn’t naturally evolve. Instead, it was deliberately changed within a few decades by people who hated Western culture. Note also the two or three Asian painters listed, who paint in the Western style).


21 August, 2014

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Then: Nicolas Poussin:

Now: Cy Twombly:

21 August, 2014

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(Above: This man lives in North Yorkshire, England, but he is not English. He is a negro. Not the same thing)

Seen on the TV: a Black man with a British accent. This is totally creepy and just plain wrong. Negroes should not have British accents. Only British people should have British accents.

21 August, 2014

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If a man commits a crime, should you punish his whole family, including his wife and kids, by destroying his house? Normal people would say “no.” But Jews aren’t normal people. They’re cruel. They’ve been practicing collective punishment by destroying Palestinian houses for decades, leaving women and children homeless. Also, note that these Palestinian men are only suspects. They have not been tried in a court of law [1].


[1] the Geneva Conventions – which Israel ratified in 1951 – prohibit collective punishment, and also prohibit using military force against civilians. Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention reads: “No persons may be punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited”

20 August, 2014

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“I’ll say it again: when I see a lot of otherwise intelligent people saying the same stupid things as if they were reciting scripture or reading from a catechism, and when they respond with angst and hatred when contradicted, then I suspect that I am dealing with the members of a religious cult — and in this case it’s the cult of egalitarianism. These are people for whom the statement that there is no difference between Whites and Blacks except skin color is not a scientific statement: it’s a religious statement. They’re horrified when I advise White women that sexual contact with a Black male is about 20 times as likely to give them AIDS as is sex with a White male, not because they believe that I’m saying something which is scientifically incorrect, but because I’m saying something Religiously Incorrect; I am saying something heretical, which threatens their whole belief structure.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to “AIDS and the Cult of Equality.”

19 August, 2014

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(Above: NAACP leader Joel Spingarn)

That arrest isn’t surprising. The Jews have a long history of supporting Blacks. For example, the NAACP has deep Jewish roots. A wealthy Jew, Joel Spingarn, almost single-handedly built the NAACP, and Jewish banker Jacob Schiff funded it [1]. Also, do you remember those three “civil-rights” activists who were killed by Klansmen in Mississippi in 1964? Of the three troublemakers, two were Jews (named Goodman and Schwerner) [2]. (Note: the definition of “Holocaust survivor” is incredibly broad. It can mean people who never lived under Nazi occupation but only lived in countries that were friendly to Nazi Germany, e.g., Spain. By the way, Spain did not mistreat Jews during the Hitler era).


[1] Schiff also funded the Russian Revolution in 1917, which of course wasn’t Russian but Jewish

[2] The goal of the 1960s civil-rights workers in the South was not to help Blacks per se. The goal was to remake the South for the benefit of the Jews, since the South was the last remaining place in America where “White racism” still thrived

18 August, 2014

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A grand jury will hear the evidence surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown to determine if the White cop who shot Brown should face criminal charges. But what if the grand jury is full of Blacks? Or cop-hating leftists? The cop could indeed face criminal charges.

Also, the U.S. Justice Department is going to decide whether Brown’s “civil rights” were violated. (Civil rights, a.k.a., Celler rights, are fake rights that the Jews gave Blacks in the 1960s. Civil rights laws are, by default, anti-American and anti-Western. Western culture and civil rights laws don’t mix. You can’t have both [1]).

[1] civil-rights laws are Marxist “equality laws” designed to make all humans in America equal. Here’s the problem: if America is a Western (i.e., White) country, then it is Eurocentric by default. If it is Eurocentric by default, then Whites should enjoy a higher status in society than Blacks and Browns do. Therefore, civil-rights laws are anti-American and go against our Western culture and heritage, and should be repealed by Congress. “Civil rights” is Jewish tyranny in blackface

18 August, 2014

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The people of porno, poop and genocide are actually the most moral people on Earth. Really! In fact, when God needs moral guidance, He asks a rabbi for help.