8 April, 2020

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“Jewish Democracy” [Audio; duration is 24 minutes; click on the arrowhead at top left].

“Shakespeare And Democracy” [Audio; duration is 23 minutes; click on the arrowhead at top left].

8 April, 2020

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Remember the “AIDS crisis” of the early 1980s? Remember how the American media covered it? “We’ll all be dead soon!” the media shouted. Obviously, that wasn’t true. Not even close! In fact, only a tiny percentage of the U.S. population got AIDS, and most of those people were male homosexuals who got it because they couldn’t keep their zippers up.

Who, in the press, covered the “AIDS crisis”? Liberals who hated president Ronald Reagan. Those liberal press reporters knew that the worse the AIDS crisis was portrayed in the media, the more it would hurt Reagan politically, since he would, by default, catch some of the blame for the spread of the disease. AIDS was the first political disease.

In the early days of the coronavirus/Covid-19 crisis in America (early February 2020), testing was spotty at best. America was “late to the Covid-19 party” and didn’t have significant Covid testing until February 5, and even so, testing took awhile, and after that, it was still spotty at best: in a country of 327 million people, only 100 laboratories nationwide had Covid testing kits. Each reagent testing kit, sent out to the labs by the Centers for Disease Control, could only test 300 people for Covid. Many of those testing kits were faulty and didn’t work properly [1]. There has also been a shortage of the reagent chemicals used in the Covid testing kits [2]. President Trump only later announced the widespread availability of fast and accurate Covid testing kits, on March 30 — very late in the game, so to speak. (But, I’m told that only the bigger cities have the new, post-March 30 testing kits).

If America had late, spotty and faulty Covid testing, then how did the government and the press know that all those earlier “coronavirus deaths” were actually due to Covid, instead of due to the flu, or another virus, etc.? Answer: they didn’t know and indeed couldn’t know. They merely guessed. If Person X had “coronavirus symptoms” before he died, then he “died of coronavirus.” Who knows what the real Covid death number is? We’ll never know (but it is currently said to be nearly 13,000).

Who has been covering the Covid-19 crisis in the press? Liberals who pathologically hate president Donald Trump and who know that Covid hysteria can hurt him politically, just like Reagan! By the way, they also hate prime minister Boris “Brexit” Johnson of the UK. Covid-19 is the second political disease. (Currently, the Western media is breathlessly reporting that Johnson is almost at death’s door from Covid-19, when in reality he had mild Covid symptoms and was therefore placed in an intensive-care-unit as a precaution since he’s a head-of-state).


[1] re: faulty test kits: “What Went Wrong with Coronavirus Testing in the U.S.” in The New Yorker, March 16, 2020.

[2] a reagent is a chemical used to detect other chemicals

7 April, 2020

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Regarding the media-caused “Great Coronavirus Scare of 2020” (which has been full of lies, or half-truths, so far), when will the big media company owners/managers be arrested? For what, you ask? How about:

— Here’s a real crime: knowingly interfering with commerce via deception (a violation of the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914: “deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce”; 15 U.S.C. Section 45) [1].

— Endangering the public by knowingly causing widespread and sustained panic (how many heart attacks, strokes and suicides were caused by the Scare? Thousands, probably).

— Endangering the public by knowingly causing hoarding conditions (e.g., the hoarding of N95 medical masks, medicines, milk [for babies], etc. There are several federal laws against hoarding. Donald Trump just signed one in March).

— Endangering the public by knowingly disrupting the food-supply and material-supply chains (related to above paragraph).

— Disturbing the peace (a common, everyday crime).

— Last, but not least: with the Scare, the media committed an economic tort (a civil, not a criminal, wrong; in this case “negligent misrepresentation”); the media caused widespread and sustained economic damage; under the “foreseeability” legal doctrine, the media should have foreseen that the “Great Coronavirus Scare of 2020” would cause massive economic damage. Let the lawsuits begin! How about some nice class-action lawsuits? One in each state? Each county? Each city? Oy vehhhh.


[1] Section 45 reads: “Whenever the Commission shall have reason to believe that any such person, partnership, or corporation has been or is using any unfair method of competition or unfair or deceptive act or practice in or affecting commerce, and if it shall appear to the Commission that a proceeding by it in respect thereof would be to the interest of the public, it shall issue and serve upon such person, partnership, or corporation a complaint stating its charges in that respect and containing a notice of a hearing upon a day and at a place therein fixed at least thirty days after the service of said complaint.”

6 April, 2020

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(Above: bodies of victims of drug cartel violence in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico — right across the border from El Paso, Texas. The violence won’t end until the corruption ends, and that won’t end as long as Mexico is run by Mexicans).

Mexico is a country run by criminals of two types: drug traffickers, and officials who routinely take bribes from drug traffickers. That’s not a stable country. That’s a recipe for an eventual disaster — an even bigger one, I mean. Mexico has 31 individual states (e.g., Sonora, Sinaloa, Guerrero). Most of those states are controlled by drug gangs. It’s not safe for America to have such a situation next door. It’s inviting all sorts of trouble: political, economic, medical.

News quote, two days ago: CIUDAD JUAREZ (Reuters) – “At least 19 people have died in a shootout between suspected gangsters in the northern Mexico state of Chihuahua, local authorities said on Saturday, in one of the country’s worst outbreaks of gang violence this year. Security forces found 18 bodies on Friday evening at the site of the gunfight in the municipality of Madera…”

6 April, 2020

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Seen on the TV: tons of new pizza-delivery ads. All of them shouting new offers: “free delivery!” or “buy 1 pizza, get 3 free!” or similar.

Would these pizza people also stand in front of a burning apartment building, selling burn ointment? “Step right up, folks! We’re having a special today: one large tube of burn ointment for $100.00! That’s a bargain! They won’t last long! Hurry, hurry! Get your ointment, folks! Best price anywhere! We take all major credit cards! Hurry, hurry!”

5 April, 2020

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A famous Jewess, the “philosopher” Hannah Arendt, said that a feature of Adolf Hitler’s Germany was “the banality of evil,” meaning mass murder was committed by average, mundane people like the Nazi official Adolf Eichmann [1]. But she pointed her finger in the wrong direction. Eichmann was a choirboy compared to Soviet mass killer Genrikh Yagoda. The Jewish Bolsheviks perfected evil 15 years before Hitler even took office. (Like many Jewish extremists, Arendt fled Nazi Germany and came to America. Lucky us!). This movie is about the early Soviet Union and Bolshevik-committed mass murder as an industry (they killed 40 million innocents; contrast that to Hitler’s mild response to Bolshevism: the 300,000 or so non-innocents that Hitler killed, e.g., communists, leftist and Jewish radicals, homosexuals, etc.). Most movies about the “Russian Revolution” severely downplay the years of mass murder that occurred in the Soviet Union, e.g., Doctor Zhivago.

Newbies, here are some important things to know about the Soviet Union: 1) it was built by Jews; 2) it was the world’s first criminal state (Lenin and Stalin were both criminals before they became dictators); 3) it was the first communist state and was the “mother ship” of global Marxism; 4) it was the longest-existing communist state (74 years); 5) Hitler was merely responding to Soviet mass murder, and Jewish Bolshevism in Germany, when he began his anti-Jewish activities, which were mild in comparison to the Jewish terror. 6) the Soviet Union was an illegal state. Lenin and Stalin were not legally elected or legally appointed (unlike Hitler, who was legally appointed by Paul von Hindenburg in 1933). Since it was an illegal state, the American president F.D. Roosevelt should not have recognized it or given it aid [2].

[Movie; 1992; in Russian with English subtitles; duration is 1 hour, 24 minutes].


[1] “(Arendt’s) thesis is that Eichmann was actually not a fanatic or a sociopath, but instead an extremely average and mundane person who relied on cliché defenses rather than thinking for himself, and was motivated by professional promotion rather than ideology.” — Wikipedia

[2] Some people say things like “but, only 47% of the Bolsheviks were Jews!” Yeah, the top 47%!

[3] a list of Bolsheviks:

The few non-Jewish officials in the list below are specifically noted as being not Jewish. (Note on name spellings: Russian names are spelled differently depending upon the source, e.g., Yoffe is also spelled Ioffe and sometimes Joffe; Grigory is sometimes Grigori or even Grigorii).

1. Vladimir I. Lenin (1870-1924): first Premier of the USSR; Marxist theoretician; a lawyer; founder of the Bolsheviks (1903); dictator of early Bolshevik regime; founder of the Comintern; author of the Marxist handbook “State and Revolution”; Lenin was one-quarter Jewish, and was married to a Jewess.

2. Joseph Stalin (1879-1953): an early Bolshevik; supreme dictator of Soviet Union from 1927-1953. After V. Lenin’s death, and prior to 1927, the Bolshevik regime was run by a triumvirate composed of Zinoviev, Kamenev, and Stalin. Stalin was the editor of the Bolshevik newspaper, Pravda (“Truth”). Stalin, like Lenin, was married to a Jewess. Stalin was not a vigorous supporter of forcing Communism upon other countries — unlike Trotsky — a feature which likely prevented a Soviet assault upon various Western countries. [Not Jewish].

3. Yakov Mikhalovich Sverdlov (1885-1919): member, “Revolutionary Military Center”; member, Central Committee; close buddy of Lenin; aided Lenin with Lenin’s political theories; Sverdlov ordered the massacre of the Czar’s family in 1918. Sverdlov succeeded Kamenev and became the second Jewish president of the so-called “Soviet Republic.” He was involved in the 1905 Russian revolution, which, like the 1917 revolution, was Jewish-led. Sverdlov was the first, de facto leader of the Soviet Union and he was politically so important that the Soviet Union likely would not have existed without him, even though he died very early, before the Soviet Union actually came into existence in 1922; prior to that it was known as the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic [RSFSR]).

4. Leon Trotsky (aka Bronstein) (1879-1940): Trotsky was a Menshevik; was Commissar of Foreign Affairs; supreme commander of the Soviet Red Army; member of Politburo; he rebelled against Stalin and his supporters and was murdered by Stalin for that reason. Trotsky strongly advocated the idea of global — not local — Marxist revolution.

5. Lazar M. Kaganovich (1893-1991): a prime director of mass-murder for Stalin; held a series of vocations, including commissar of transport, heavy industry and the fuel industry; a Politburo member; he was Stalin’s brother-in-law and also his chief advisor; many execution orders bore Kaganovich’s signature, evidence that he had the power to order the deaths of civilians. During the 1930s, he was in charge of the deportations of “enemies of the state” to Siberia; was nicknamed the “Wolf of the Kremlin” because of his penchant for violence. He was considered by many to be the most powerful and important man under Stalin. Died of old age in Moscow.

6. Grigory Zinoviev (aka Apfelbaum; aka Radomyslsky) (1883-1936): great pal of Lenin; member of the Central Committee; chairman of the Comintern; member of Politburo; executive of secret police; first president of the Third International; A. Lunacharsky called him “one of the principal counsellors of our Central Committee and (he) belongs unquestionably to the four or five men who constitute the political brain of the Party.”

7. Grigori Y. Sokolnikov (real name Hirsch Brilliant; 1888-1939): a Bolshevik; friend of Trotsky; Commissar of Finance; a diplomat; member of the “Left Opposition”; Soviet ambassador to England; creator of the “chervonetz,” the first stable Soviet currency; was part of “Russian” delegation that signed the Brest-Litovsk treaty in 1918; member of the Central Committee and Politburo.

8. Moisei Uritsky (1873-1918): Uritsky was a Menshevik; chief of the Petrograd Cheka, in which capacity he ordered many people who opposed Communism to be executed as “counter-revolutionaries”; Commissar for Internal Affairs in the Northern Region; the commissar of the Constituent Assembly; member of the Central Committee; a member of the “Revolutionary Military Center.”

9. Felix Dzherzhinsky (1877-1926): a Pole; a high-strung fanatic; founder/director of the Cheka (All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage), which was later renamed the State Political Directorate (GPU), which later became the OGPU and then the NKVD (Peoples Commissariat for Internal Affairs); member, Central Committee; Commissar of Transport. [Not Jewish, but philosemitic].

10. Maxim Litvinov (aka Wallakh) (1876-1951): Soviet foreign minister/diplomat/ambassador; in 1933, he persuaded the United States to recognize the Communist Soviet government as “legit” — thanks, in part, to America’s president F. D. Roosevelt being part-Jewish; first chairman, State Committee on the Anthem (official musical anthems).

11. Lavrenti Beria (1899-1953): member of the Cheka; later became head of the Peoples Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD) in Georgia, then later the NKVD proper. Beria had large numbers of prisoners executed; was involved in the Atomic Bomb project in the USSR; [Not Jewish, but philosemitic].

12. Sergei M. Kirov (1886-1934); early Bolshevik; member of the Politburo; Secretary of the Central Committee; Communist Party boss in Leningrad. Stalin used Kirov’s murder in 1934 to justify the party purges and treason trials of the late 1930s. [Not Jewish].

13. Nikolai V. Krylenko (1885-1938): an early Bolshevik; member of editorial board of Pravda; member of the executive committee of the Petrograd Soviet; famous chess player; member of the Communist Party Central Committee; a military commissar; as President of the Supreme Tribunal he prosecuted most political trials in the 1920s; in 1931, Stalin appointed Krylenko Commissar of Justice; he was involved in the convictions of many Communist Party members during the Great Purges. [Not Jewish].

14. Karl Radek (aka Sobelsohn) (1885-1939); early revolutionary; old confidante of Lenin; member of the Central Committee; an “international” Communist activist; a key player in the creation of the Comintern; a writer for the Soviet government newspaper Izvestia; participated in the Brest-Litovsk peace negotiations with Germany; he also was active in Germany, working with Jewish-German Communist Rosa Luxemburg.

15. Viacheslav I. Molotov (1890-1986): early Bolshevik; helped found Pravda newspaper; head of the Ukrainian Communist Party; member of the Politburo; Commissar for Foreign Affairs; headed a Politburo commission to “eliminate the kulaks as a class.” [Apparently not Jewish but philosemitic; his wife was Jewish, named Zhemchuzina].

16. Vladimir Antonov-Ovseenko (1884-1939): a former Menshevik; Chief of Political Administration of the Red Army; an unofficial ambassador to Czechoslovakia and Poland; Commissar for Military Affairs in Petrograd; Commissar of War; led the Red Army invasion of the Ukraine; led the attack on the Winter Palace; editor of the Menshevik “Nashe Slovo” newspaper.

17. Yakov (Jacob) Yurovsky (1878-1938): a watchmaker by trade; head of Ekaterinburg Cheka; “Commissar of Justice” for Ural Regional Soviet; the leader of the Bolshevik squad that carried out the murders of Czar Nicholas II and his family in 1918. The murder of mild-mannered Nicholas was carried out almost completely by Jews, including Goloshchekin, Syromolotov, Safarov, Voikov, in addition to Yurovsky.

18. Grigory Sergo Ordzhonikidze (1886-1937); member of the Politburo; Commissar for Heavy Industry; helped solidify Bolshevik power in Armenia and Georgia; Chairman of the Caucasus Central Committee of the Communist Party; First Secretary of the Transcaucasian Communist Party Committee; Chairman of the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party; became Stalin’s top economic official. [Not Jewish].

19. Genrikh (Henry) Yagoda (1891-1938); a Polish Jew; former Cheka member; an officer in SMERSH, the Ninth Division of the OGPU, its liquidation arm; People’s Commissar of Internal Affairs; chief of the NKVD; also in charge of gulag forced-labor camps. Developing fast-acting poisons was a Yagoda hobby; he created a laboratory for that purpose.

20. Lev Kamenev (aka Rosenfeld; (1883-1936); member of the Central Committee; Chairman of the Moscow Soviet; member of Politburo; author of Marxist handbook “The Dictatorship of the Proletariat,” 1920; was elected first President of new Bolshevik government, aka “Soviet Republic” (Lenin was Premier); was married to Trotsky’s sister.

21. Anatoly V. Lunacharsky (1875-1933); an early Marxist; Commissar for Education and Enlightenment; League of Nations ambassador; key player in persuading Russian workers to support the Bolshevik Revolution; was an author – wrote the “Revolutionary Silhouettes” of top Bolshevik pals; [an illegitimate child but apparently not Jewish].

22. Fedor (Theodore) Dan (1871-1947): was a Menshevik; was a member of the editorial board of the Menshevik journal “Iskra”; was author of the book “The Origins of Bolshevism” (1943), where he claimed that Bolshevism had been chosen by history to be “the carrier of socialism”; but he was actually an opponent of most Bolshevik ideas; he was sent into exile in 1921 after being arrested; he was married to Menshevik leader Julius Martov’s sister.

23. Nikolai Bukharin (1888-1938): Lenin’s chief Marxist theorist; general secretary/chairman of the Comintern; member of the Politburo; member, Central Committee; he was editor of Pravda and also Izvestia, a political newspaper; led, with Rykov, the “Right Opposition” to defend the NEP [New Economic Policy]; [Not Jewish].

24. Nikolai Yezhov (1895-1939): early Bolshevik; served in various capacities in the Cheka, GPU, and OGPU; was military commissar in various Red Army units; was G. Yagoda’s deputy; People’s Commissar of Internal Affairs; head of NKVD; was deputy People’s Commissar of Agriculture for the USSR.

25. Mikhail I. Kalinin (1875-1946); early Bolshevik; cofounder of the newspaper Pravda; nominal, “puppet” president of Soviet Union until 1946; replaced Sverdlov as Chairman of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee of the Communist Party; Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR. [Not Jewish].

26. Isaac Steinberg (1888-1957); a lawyer; Commissar of Justice. Later brought Jewish-flavored radicalism to Australia. Technically not a Bolshevik, but a Socialist Revolutionary Party member. (Why was he allowed into Australia?).

27. Alexei Rykov (1881-1938); Premier of Soviet Union until 1930; member of Lenin’s Politburo; Commissar of the Interior; Chairman of the Supreme Council of National Economy; Chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars; led the “Right Opposition” with Bukharin to defend the NEP [New Economic Policy]. [Not Jewish].

28. Matvei D. Berman (1898-1939): chief of the gulag prison system and Deputy Commissar of the NKVD; brother of Boris.

29. Naftaly Frenkel (1883-1960): a director of the gulag prison camp system; was works chief/head overseer of the one-hundred-and-forty-mile-long Belomor (Baltic-White Sea) canal project in Russia, a canal linking the White Sea and the Baltic, built from 1931–34; it was created entirely with slave labor; 60,000 workers died building the canal; Frenkel was also head of the Chief Directorate of Railroad Construction.

30. Adolph Yoffe (aka Ioffe) (1883-1927): Commissar of Foreign Affairs;
ex-Menshevik; close friend of Trotsky’s; helped publish the Pravda newspaper; delegate at the Brest-Litovsk peace negotiations; member of the State General Planning Commission; was later Soviet ambassador to China, Japan and Austria.

31. Lev Inzhir (y/b/d/ unknown): chief accountant for the gulag prison system.

32. Boris Berman (1901-1939): served as the Byelorussian NKVD’s Commissar until 1938; brother of Matvei.

33. K. V. (Karl) Pauker (1893-1937): head of the Operations Department of the NKVD; head of Joseph Stalin’s personal security detail.

34. Aleksandr Orlov (real name Lev Lazarevich Feldbin; (1898-1970): member of the Cheka; advisor to Spanish Communists in Spain; commander, Soviet Red Army; later worked at the Law School of the University of Michigan in America (!).

35. Ilya Ehrenburg (1891-1967): Soviet propaganda minister during WWII; delegate for Moscow in the Supreme Soviet; Communist writer; organizing member of JAC (Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee); worked for Izvestia newspaper; performed research regarding Spain/Spanish Civil War for the NKVD; author of book “The Ninth Wave,” and winner of two Stalin Prizes.


4 April, 2020

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What? You don’t trust government officials to tell you the truth about Coronavirus? Why not? Okay, yeah, these are the same people who told you that America had to invade Iraq in 2003 because Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction” when he really didn’t and America knew he didn’t. And they also told you that allowing Black people to vote, and hold public office, would make America “better.” But you’re not gonna hold a few little white lies against our government, are you? You are?? Oh. Gee, that doesn’t sound very tolerant.

Anyway, I find it very interesting that different countries report Coronavirus deaths differently. Many countries report such deaths as follows: if a person died of ailment X (e.g., a heart attack), and he had Coronavirus in his body, then he died of Coronavirus! Period. That’s ridiculous, and suspicious.

Also, it sounds like, if you want to avoid dying, don’t go to a hospital — an infection from that is likely:


“It is possible that in the summer the virus presence drops. Even so, the matter is not that relevant. Every year we have 20,000 deaths from influenza but no one talks about it. Furthermore, we have 49,000 deaths per year due to infections contracted in the hospital. The data are official. 49,000 people (130–140 people per day) die because they are admitted into a hospital, say, for an appendicitis and then they die of pneumonia. No one is talking about it, but we have many more deaths from these infections than we have had from a coronavirus, even since the beginning of this farce. We are facing something beyond absurd, which at least invites suspicion.”

Furthermore on Coronavirus:

“When eventually it will be decided that the (coronavirus) farce is ended — and nothing will end because this virus will continue undaunted to do what it’s doing now (or its evolving strains will do), the ultra-billionaires will own everything. The rich (a degree below the billionaires) will have bought, say, 3–4 restaurants and/or 10 stores that had to close.”

In other words, he’s talking about a now-infamous “bust cycle” in a “boom-and-bust” economic cycle, like the circa 2009 “subprime mortgage crisis” in America (a crisis which was manufactured by Jewish tycoons such as Roland Arnall; strangely, or not, the federal government aided the subprime mortgage crisis by “pushing” minorities to buy homes that they couldn’t afford, in the name of equality, diversity and so forth; most boom-and-bust cycles are created and are not “naturally occurring”).


3 April, 2020

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Here’s an essay written by a White man who “left” the WN “movement.”

First of all, not every White person is born to be a White Nationalist. Sad, but true. Some Whites just don’t grasp the WN ideology, which is basically about saving White Western culture from a collapse that is surely coming (thanks to immigration, multiculturalism, globalism, etc.) [1].

Now, about that word “movement.” It implies that WN is merely a trivial thing, sort of political, like the Republican party. But WN is no mere “movement”: it is life or death for White people! It is “will America, and the rest of the West, survive or not?” In my opinion, you can’t any more leave White Nationalism than a fish can leave the sea. Either 1) you embrace and fight for your own people, or 2) you embrace the ongoing, deliberate genocide of White Western culture. There’s no actual choice there. Obviously you’ll choose option 1 over option 2.

Let’s consider a few of the statements he made in his essay:

“But the true realization must come that it isn’t just White working class people who are suffering, but all working class people. It is not about race, but class.”

No. That’s “Old Left” thinking. Class didn’t build the Western world. Race built it. White men built it.

“But the true scope of the problem is not just facing the White working class in America, but all working people around the world.”

This is “one world/one people” ideology. This is egalitarian and globalist. Western culture is White.

“Climate extinction…”

That’s also called “green Marxism.” I’m not seeing the connection between that and leaving WN, or WN in general.

“bourgeois society…”

Huh. Didn’t Karl Marx popularize that?

If you became a WN and then “left the movement,” then in my opinion you never really understood WN anyway. You never “got it.” It’s actually good that you “left” WN since it reduces the number of uncommitted Whites in WN and it therefore solidifies the rest of us.



[1] “White Nationalism” is defined as “White people thinking and acting racially”

2 April, 2020

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The UN (founded by Jews in 1945) exists to give the Third World (i.e., all the Brown riffraff on earth) a “leg up.” The UN is more-or-less a Marxist organization. Apparently, nobody is alarmed that Jewish communists such as Victor Perlo and Solomon Adler founded the UN. Imagine the outcry if actual Nazis (like Heinrich Himmler) had founded it! Oh, boy!

A news quote, sent by somebody:

“The United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, has announced the creation of a fund for addressing the global coronavirus pandemic – and he is simultaneously asking nations to contribute the equivalent of at least 10 percent of the annual income of the entire planet to a massive “human-centered, innovative and coordinated stimulus package” that would be administered at the international level.”


“The report calls for a large-scale, coordinated, comprehensive multilateral response that amounts to at least 10 per cent of global gross domestic product (GDP) and warns that there is no time to lose in mounting the most robust, cooperative health response the world has ever seen.”

2 April, 2020

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Carriers (2009); starring Chris Pine and Piper Perabo.

An apocalyptic pandemic movie, and just in time! A pretty good movie, actually, filmed in New Mexico with a good cast. The infighting in the movie is a realistic depiction of an actual pandemic. (Notice the sign around the murdered guy’s neck at the 18:30 mark and understand that this movie was made 11 years ago! Actually, earlier than that since it was apparently filmed in 2006. The sign reads: “Chinks Brought It”; how ironic, since they also brought coronavirus).

[Movie; duration is 1 hour, 24 minutes].