1 July, 2020

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Just in time for Insurrection 2020!

Planet Of The Apes (1968); starring Charleton Heston.

[Video; duration is 1 hour, 52 minutes].

1 July, 2020

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If Blacks and leftists are really concerned about slavery, why is there zero concern shown by them about modern slavery in Africa? Slavery has never been outlawed in Africa. It still exists there today! [1]. Yet, there is no outcry from anybody about that. Why not? I thought “Black Lives Matter.” Guess not.



[1] “Slavery has never been eradicated in Africa, and it commonly appears in African states, such as Chad, Ethiopia, Mali, Niger, and Sudan…” — Wikipedia.

1 July, 2020

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The citizen drivers of these cars that are blocked/stopped by mobs of leftists can’t get out of their cars, because then they’ll be assaulted by the leftist mobs. So they’re being held captive in the cars by the mobs. The act of physically blocking/holding someone’s car and preventing it from moving is, in this type of case, kidnapping. Here’s the Utah kidnapping law (the key passage is in bold text): “According to Utah Code Ann. § 76-5-301, a person commits kidnapping in the second degree if s/he intentionally or knowingly, without authority of law, and against the will of the victim:

— detains or restrains the victim for any substantial period of time; or

— detains or restrains the victim in circumstances exposing the victim to risk of bodily injury;”

This guy is lucky to be alive after his encounter with “peaceful” leftists:


30 June, 2020

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(Above: the Mississippi state flag. How about a nice hammer-and-sickle flag to replace it? Yeah! That seems…appropriate somehow).

News quote: “The Mississippi flag is fading from public display in many places, even before the governor signs a bill that will retire the last state banner in the U.S. that includes the Confederate battle emblem.”

The last remaining flag with the “Johnny Reb” on it, huh? That figures.

Guess what happens to people who always “give in” to the enemy? They always lose. You’ll never win a fight if you always give up ground to the enemy. Never. Mainstream conservatives always give up ground. That’s why they’re losers. Why do they call themselves “conservatives”? They never conserve anything! Name one thing that conservatives have conserved. Just one thing! You can’t.

(Why would White people care about what Black people think about the Mississippi flag? It’s our flag, not theirs: we Whites created the states and the state flags).


29 June, 2020

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This current Court is conservative? Really?? If that’s “conservative,” I’d hate to see “liberal.”


Re: abortion and human-life value in America:

If a man shoots a pregnant woman and kills her, and he is charged federally, he will be charged with two murders: of the woman and of the baby [1]. But, if an abortionist kills a baby, he isn’t charged with any crime. He’s a “hero” who “saved the poor young woman from a life of unhappiness and misery, and now, burden-free, the woman can go out and have a fancy career in some shiny office building in New York City! She’s free! Hooray for abortion rights! Yay!” In fact, let’s sing the feminist theme song from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show!” (1970-1977) [2].

Isn’t it nice to know that America values human life? Yeah.


[1] “The Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 (Public Law 108-212) is a United States law which recognizes an embryo or fetus in utero as a legal victim, if they are injured or killed during the commission of any of over 60 listed federal crimes of violence.” — Wikipedia.

[2] Sing it loud!:

“You can have the town, why don’t you take it?
You’re gonna make it after all
How will you make it on your own?
This world is awfully big
And girl this time your all alone
But it’s time you started living
It’s time you let someone else do some giving”

29 June, 2020

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Seen at the Washington Post website (no humor intended):

“George and Martha Washington enslaved 300 people. Let’s start with their names.” [Here].

Why on earth would I want to know their names? This was apparently not a pressing matter in 1965. Or 1975. Or 1985. Or 1995. But now, in 2020, with Orange Man Bad in the White House, 155 years after slavery ended, suddenly the names of long-dead slaves are a pressing matter! Why now? The answer is, of course, that there is currently a worldwide anti-White movement afoot, and half of the world wants to get in on the movement. And make no mistake: unlike other, smaller anti-White movements, this one will not end soon. It’s got big momentum. Even the Fortune 500 companies are aiding and abetting the movement. It’s a global dogpile on Whitey! They’re even re-naming food in Europe and America so as not to offend the Blacks! Who knew that negroes were so darn important?? (As for George Washington’s false teeth: they were made from real human teeth, and he bought the teeth for 122 shillings).

28 June, 2020

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A Black, uhhhh, expert, who attended the University of California, Berkeley (!), writes: “Americans still struggle to understand that race is an ideology, not a biological fact, more like witchcraft than empirical science.” [Here].

Ohhh, witchcraft, you say! For the record, newbies, you can test human DNA for its racial make-up by performing a test called “autosomal DNA analysis.” But of course, the leftists and the Jews deny that. Of course! Also, newbies, take note: during the past 20 years, there has been a huge, intense push in the universities and in the media to label race as “non-existent.” As a “social construct.” As a fantasy. It’s all bullshit. Be very aware of that!

27 June, 2020

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News quote: “Meanwhile on Friday evening, Attorney General Bill Barr directed the creation of a task force to counter anti-government extremists, specifically naming those who support the far-right “boogaloo” movement and those who identify as Antifa.”

That’s very confusing, because the far-Right has not been causing problems during the Insurrection of 2020. It’s the far-Left antifa movement that has been causing the problems! Also, why, in the news article, is the far-Right listed first, before the far-Left?

27 June, 2020

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Did White people commit racism in their behavior towards the American Indians? To some degree at least.

Did White people commit racism in their behavior towards Black people? To some degree at least.

But, then again, here’s the rub:

Not only was The United States of America founded as a White republic, but, more importantly, White people almost single-handedly invented the world (e.g., electricity, the light bulb, concrete, the novel, the radio, the clock, the automobile, the airplane, the computer, comedy [1], the printing press, the telescope, space travel; Whites even invented democracy and freedom of speech!). So, White people must be allowed some degree of leeway, some degree of slack, in their behavior towards non-White people. Whites gave the world far more than they took away (but you could argue that White racism against Browns and Blacks isn’t “taking away” very much from the world in the big scheme of things).

Another point: great men (i.e., White men such as America’s founders) are often self-centered — it’s a common character trait. In fact, great men become successful because they are self-centered. If they weren’t self-centered, they couldn’t become successful because they would be focusing their attention and energy on other people instead of on themselves. Nonetheless, self-centered people begin to see the world as revolving around them. That doesn’t make them evil. It just makes them self-centered. (But how ironic that the Jews are very self-centered and very arrogant yet they never have to apologize for their behavior, so why must White people apologize for theirs?).

Lastly, regarding slavery: who taught the Black slaves to read and write? The White slave owners. If we Whites wanted to “keep the Black man down,” why did we do that? Thanks to Whites, there are Blacks in Congress and on the U.S. Supreme Court today. (Are you beginning to think that we were too nice to the Blacks? I am).


[1] the Greek philosopher Democritus and the playwright Aristophanes invented comedy as we know it today

26 June, 2020

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Tyronicus Jones, of New York City, is a young negro, and he is also the leader of an organization called Black Felons Matter. Tyronicus is standing in his bedroom, talking to God:

Tyronicus: “I hate White people, God! In fact, I wish that White people had never existed!”

God: “Really?”

Tyronicus: “Damn straight!”

God: “Well…okay.”


(Tyronicus suddenly finds himself in the middle of Africa, naked)

Tyronicus: “What the fuck??? Where am I???”

God: “You’re in Africa, of course! I granted you your wish! Your ancestors were never brought to America as slaves, since White people have never existed. You see? You’re back in your homeland! Permanently!”

Tyronicus: “Where are my clothes?? Where’s my watch??”

God: “Those were White-invented things. They no longer exist.”

Tyronicus: “Where’s my house? My car? My computer? My cell phone? My TV set? My rap CDs?”

God: “Those were White-invented things. They no longer exist.”

Tyronicus: “You gotta be kidding me!”

God: “I never kid.”

Tyronicus: “I don’t think I like this.”

God: “It’s a sudden change, to be sure.”

Tyronicus: (he looks around the area) “Where am I gonna live out here?”

God: “You’ll need to build a grass hut of some sort. Also, you’ll have to learn how to hunt wild game.”

Tyronicus: “I see where this is goin’. I don’t like it! I want to go back to where I was! I want to go back to America! Right now!!”

God: “But, I thought you’d like it in Africa! After all, there’s no White racism here!”

Tyronicus: “Well, I don’t like it here! It sucks! It’s blazing hot, and there’s nothing here but lions and snakes! Why would anybody want to live here??”

God: “Well, I can undo your wish and send you back to New York City. But the move will be final. No do-overs.”

Tyronicus: “Really??? Great!! Thanks, God!! I’m ready to leave right now!!”


(Tyronicus suddenly finds himself back in his bedroom in New York City)

(*ring* *ring*)(Tyronicus’ telephone rings)

Tyronicus: “Hello? What?? No, I’m not going to the stupid Black Felons Matter rally. In fact, I quit. I don’t care about Black Felons Matter anymore. And here’s some advice: be glad that you live in America, nigga, and stop bitching about racism and White privilege!”