4 March, 2021

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How did such a violent, alien ideology become “respectable” in the West? In Canada, for example, some universities require the reading of Marxism in order to graduate! Huh??

People fail to understand that Marxism is not an ideology. Nope. What is it, then? It’s a weapon against the existing order! Just like a machine gun is a weapon [1]. That’s why Marxism must be banned by federal law in all of the Western world. If it isn’t, then sooner or later Marxism will rise up. We are seeing the rise of Marxism right now in America (i.e., Cultural Marxism). Is someone advocating Marxism (such as a schoolteacher)? Then he should be arrested. Then, he should be exiled to Cuba, where he can enjoy communism first-hand! Yeah! (*closed-fist commie salute*). Marxism must always be stopped in the cradle, while it is young, while there is still time to stop it. That means adopting a zero-tolerance policy regarding Marxism, be it regular Marxism, or Cultural Marxism.



[1] Marxism was originally designed as a weapon against England, which was the most powerful White country on earth at that time (circa 1850). Marxism was a “time-bomb” against White society.

4 March, 2021

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This is incredible. I’ve heard stories about the horrible smell that comes from “transgender” surgery to “transform a man into a woman” (in this case, to create a “vagina” where his penis was). Of course, that doesn’t happen. Making a pocket of skin/tissue into a “vagina” for a man doesn’t work because it’s not a real vagina and bacteria grows inside that pocket, making it smell to high heaven. A man believing that he is a woman used to be called “gender dysphoria” and it was considered a mental illness. But not anymore! Big Fag complained loudly for years about that term and now “gender dysphoria” is never mentioned regarding trannies. It’s been memory-holed and no one can say it in public.


4 March, 2021

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The essay, written by a Black woman, is called “The Dolly Moment: Why We Stan A Post-Racism Queen.”

(My comments are in bold text).

There are a lot of empty words here, in my opinion. What is the author trying to say? That Dolly isn’t a “racist”? We knew that already. She has never given any indication that she is a racist. Her pal Linda Ronstadt would not be her pal if she were a “racist” given Ronstadt’s disdain for anything “racist” (such as a border fence).

“Stan”? That’s not a word. It’s a name, short for “Stanley” e.g. Stanley Kubrick. Just because high-school cheerleaders in California use “stan” as a word for “adore” doesn’t mean it’s a word. Yeah, I know it came from Eminem — all the more reason to reject it.

“When this nation is feeling its most troubled, it is always about race and always because it is being racist.”

America has not been a nation since the unconstitutional Civil Rights Act of 1964. Most of White America is not racist and that’s the whole problem. We should be racist. Racism keeps us safe from outsiders.

Also, “race doesn’t exist,” remember? It’s a “social construct,” according to every university professor, every Tuesday and Thursday (but on Monday and Wednesday, race does exist in order for them to demonize White people as being “racists”; liberalism is never consistent and this issue is no different).

“She turned herself into a feminine ideal that trades in the most grotesque ideas of eugenic whiteness — pale skin, blonde hair, thin body, big breasts.”

So, being a slender, well-built, blonde White woman is “grotesque??” Ahhh. Some people would call that “racism.”

“Blonde is code for white. That code channels oppression and desire, beckoning us only to exclude most of us.”

Of course blonde is “code” for White. Did you think it was code for Japanese?

“Dolly’s whiteness, the whiteness of country music, and the voids evident in it is as much a part of Dolly’s legacy as her prodigious songwriting and subversive drag.”

So, had Dolly been Mexican or Black, she would not have succeeded in the music business, despite her talent? Her Whiteness “bought her” a place in the music business? Is that the message? And, of course the country music business is White. Who expected it to be Chinese? (Although in 2021 it probably is Chinese-owned). What’s the bottom line here? Dolly is a great heroine, a great female artist, but her success is nonetheless due to her “White privilege”?? Is that the message here? (Note for the record that Dolly has written about 1,000 songs, half of which have been recorded by various musical artists including Whitney Houston).


4 March, 2021

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“Fractional reserve banking”: what a farce! It should be illegal in the West. If you tried “fractional reserve buying” you’d be arrested. If you paid $100 for a $1,000 item, and then tried to walk out of the store with the item, you’d be jailed! Try paying only 10% of your electric bill and see how that works out for you! You’d have to jerk off to porn in the dark — how?

“Fractional reserve banking” causes inflation by making more money available throughout society than actually exists. More of “X” being available (anything, whether dollars or pencils or beans) means it’s worth less by default. The scarcer something is, the more it’s worth. The commoner something is, the less it’s worth. But since all of the central banks in the West are either Jewish controlled or were founded by Jews (who wrote the banking policies), “fractional reserve banking” is the law of the land. Imagine: Joe Smith deposits 100 dollars into his bank account, and then the bank turns around and loans out 1,000 dollars from Joe’s deposit! So, in other words, 900 dollars of that money was created out of thin air by the bank, based on nothing! You see, under Federal Reserve banking rules, the bank only has to keep 10% of the actual, real money in the bank’s vault [1]. The rest can be loaned out. It’s a type of gambling. That’s “Jewish banking”: 100 dollars real money turns into 1,000 dollars in loans to bank customers immediately. It’s similar to “Jewish morality” and “Jewish ethics.” Do the Jews ever do anything in an honest way? Nope. Must they always play fast-and-loose? Yep.



[1] Trivia: the Federal Reserve is a private bank. The Jewish banker Paul M. Warburg invented and created the Federal Reserve system in 1913, and it has stockholders, who are mandated to never sell their stock. It is not a part of the U.S. government. The only connection it has to the U.S. government is that its chairman is appointed by the president (from a list of names that the Board gives him!). Then why does the Federal Reserve have a “.gov” URL, you ask? Probably to fool the public. Why don’t you ask the Fed why? No doubt the Fed would say, “we have many connections to the government” when in fact they don’t; they don’t even print our money, the Treasury prints it and gives it to the Fed to distribute — which raises a question: why is our money being handled twice? Why doesn’t the Treasury do everything: printing, distributing, etc.? In real life, a treasurer is in charge of money for an entity, group, etc. When is America going to return to an honest money system run by honest gentiles?

3 March, 2021

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Of course liberals and Jews are pushing for more gun-control laws. They’re worried that freedom could break out. Then where would America be?? That could lead to White people defending themselves against attacks by negroes. Heavens! How horrible! Those innocent thugs!

In order to take your guns away, (((they))) must first know who has the guns (names, addresses, types of guns, serial numbers, etc.). They soon will know all of that, thanks to this type of legislation. Furthermore, background checks for gun purchases are nearly universal already: only a few states allow private-party gun sales. Most crime in America is committed by repeat offenders: negroes with long criminal records. Why doesn’t Congress deal with that matter, instead of penalizing law-abiding White people with ridiculous laws that don’t work? [Article]. Quick: name a liberal law that has worked. You can’t, so don’t try. Every liberal law is a sham, a fake, window dressing.

3 March, 2021

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Lemme get this straight (no pun intended): only about 3% of Americans pack fudge. Ram rump. Burgle butts. Corn-hole. Bite the pillow. Swish when they walk. Prance around in pink. But now, 30% of young idiots identify as ass-pirates??? Uh-huh. Riiiggghhhtt. Okaaaaaay. Something’s wrong with this picture, Nathan…really, really, wrong…hold on, wait a second:

“When one examines both age and political identification, a startling trend emerges: young people who are politically liberal identify as LGBT at astronomic rates.” Ohhh! There it is! Young idiots are “padding the numbers” in order to help Big Fag gain power! Queers will be “normalized” in the minds of Americans. They will finally be “accepted” by Joe Citizen! That’s the plan.


3 March, 2021

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Jews “monitor racism” in Britain, France, America, Canada — all over the West. They work closely with law enforcement officers to “fight hate and bigotry.” Yet, it was the Jews themselves who invented racism back around 500 BC! Jews were the first people to make racism part of their everyday lives, as their official doctrine! As Tommy Lee Jones said in the movie “No Country for Old Men”: “You can’t make this stuff up, I dare you to even try!” Living in the West is like living in the Twilight Zone (which, by the way, was created by a Jew, Rod Serling).

Here’s a Jewish professor on Jewish racism:

“Racism is itself a central doctrine in traditional Judaism and Jewish cultural history. The Hebrew Bible is blatantly racist, with all the talk about the seed of Abraham, the chosen people, and Israel as a light to the other nations. Orthodox Jews in their morning prayers still thank God daily that he did not make Jews ‘like the other peoples of the earth.’ If this isn’t racism, what is?” — Norman F. Cantor, in his book “The Sacred Chain: The History of the Jews” (New York, HarperCollins, 1994), page 336. This is a good book. Dr. Pierce recommended it.

2 March, 2021

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All books have pluses and minuses. This book does, too. On the minus side, there are a few factual mistakes in the book. For example, the author calls the spy Alger Hiss a Jew. As far as I know, he wasn’t a Jew. Granted, maybe the author knows something that I don’t and Hiss was a crypto-Jew? There are some name misspellings, too, e.g., Perle instead of Perlo. Another thing: the author mentions “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” Are they real? Probably not. But they’re accurate, nonetheless. In other words, whoever wrote the Protocols knew the Jews very well.

Now, on the plus side, the author tries to show that world Jewry engineered WWII, and he’s right, world Jewry did. Without various powerful Jews, especially Bernard Baruch, Samuel Untermyer, Henry Morgenthau Jr., Harry Dexter White, and Benjamin V. Cohen, WWII would have never happened. Jews most definitely created WWII, which doomed the White race in several different ways. For one thing, 50 million White civilians died either directly or indirectly as a result of that war. Those people would have birthed children, and their children would have also birthed children. So the White race “lost” at least 130 million people. That’s a lot of White people. Also, WWII (the political after-effects of it) killed off White racial pride, and it increased Jewish power in the world by 500%. And, it led to the creation of Israel and to out-of-control Zionism in the Middle East. Only The Jew Won WWII.

“The World Conquerors” (1958) by Louis Marschalko, a right-wing Hungarian writer who was “mysteriously” banned from entering America in 1945. Yeah, big mystery. A Democrat was in the White House then. Figure it out.

[a .PDF file].

2 March, 2021

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(Wasn’t president George Washington [then General Washington] responsible for fighting/winning the Revolutionary War, which created the U.S.A.? And didn’t president Abe Lincoln fight the “evil” South and free the Black slaves? Wasn’t he a “good” White man, too? Apparently, there are no “good” White men today).

If you tried waging war on Black or Brown culture, the media would scream bloody murder and the government would arrest you for “civil rights violations.” But it’s perfectly fine to wage war on White culture (i.e., the culture of the people who created America). Why is that? I’ll tell you why. It’s all part of the plan. What plan? The plan to de-Whiten America and the Western world.

How ironic: White Americans gave the Brown and Black people a country where “if you can’t succeed here, you can’t succeed anywhere.” America was the land of democracy, of endless opportunity, of freedom. Indeed, millions of Blacks and Browns have succeeded in America (look at Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan. I once knew a Hispanic/Mexican college teacher who owned a large house and 2 Cessna-type airplanes. This was in a largely-White city. Why didn’t “racism” hold him back? Because racism is mostly a myth; did you know that a White man signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 into law? Yes. President Lyndon B. Johnson). But America changed drastically in about 1986, when Political Correctness (PC) emerged from the universities (of course it came from the universities. Where else would it come from??). PC was an ideology of hate and of tear-it-down, created by angry Marxists with too much time on their hands. After PC arrived, America was a place where White people were, for some reason, hated. At least we gave the Blacks and Marxists the freedom to hate us! (i.e., the First Amendment). We gave them a golden key to prosperity, but they said “yuck” and threw the key away (not really) because White people gave it to them! To quote Jeff Cooper, “there’s nothing harder to forgive than a favor.”

PC is part of Cultural Marxism, which originally came from Jews at the Frankfurt School at Columbia University in New York City [1][2]. You’re surprised, aren’t you? What?? You’re not surprised?? Oh. Okay, then.

[Article] and [Article].


[1] “Politically correct” was a Soviet term. It referred to “something that is not factually correct, but is nonetheless politically correct” — in other words, it’s a lie. Political Correctness is a sub-ideology of Cultural Marxism (it’s the “language part” of CM, i.e., talking/writing) and Cultural Marxism is a sub-ideology of Critical Theory; they are all Jewish-founded ideologies; basically, the ideological flow chart reads like this: Critical Theory>Cultural Marxism>Political Correctness

[2] A central belief of Cultural Marxism is: “White, Western culture is evil and oppressive and racist and fascist, and it should be destroyed for the sake of all humankind.”

1 March, 2021

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Free money coming! Just pose as a victim and presto! Cash-o-rama! Line forms right here! First Blacks, then women, then Indians, then Mexicans, then queers, then gingers (pale red-heads), then Catholics, then…oh, you poor souls!…come on, step right up!

The problem: not all Blacks were slaves. If Blacks came to America in circa 1900 (and many did), then they weren’t slaves. So which Blacks are going to get Whitey’s money and which aren’t? Never mind that slavery was the best thing to ever happen to Blacks: now there are Black judges, Black mayors and Black congressmen in America. Blacks really came up in the world via slavery, even if that was unintentional on the part of Whites (the diddling of the Black slaves by Whites helped them, too: it gave the Blacks some White genes, which boosted their IQs by 10% or more).