25 January, 2020

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White American man, 1960: “The people who have influenced me the most are: Plato, Immanuel Kant, Thomas Hobbes and H. L. Mencken.”

White American man, 2020: “The people who have influenced me the most are: Ayn Rand, Sigmund Freud, Karl Popper, Noam Chomsky, Charles Krauthammer and Carl Sagan” (all are Jews).


25 January, 2020

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The late American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell (above) has been accused by some people of being a caricature, a “dress-up Nazi” with a Hitler fetish. Point taken. However, there’s another side to Rockwell. I recall that Alex said that only successful models of racial and political activism should be copied, and Nazism was a great success: under Hitler’s leadership, Germany went from being “in the toilet” in 1933 to being “very successful and robust” just 4 years later. So Rockwell was following a successful model at least. (One of the important things that Rockwell said was this [paraphrasing]: “why did America send U.S. Marines half-way around the world to fight communism in Vietnam, but then not send Marines to fight communism in Cuba, just 90 miles away from America?” Excellent point. America was never serious about fighting communism — it was all posturing).

[Rockwell’s 1967 book “White Power”].

24 January, 2020

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Normal White citizen: “Don’t they have universities in China? Why are Chinese people coming to America to learn?”

Liberal: “You’re an evil Nazi racist!”

News quote: “Health authorities in Texas are investigating a suspected coronavirus case in a Texas A&M student, according to the local health department.” [Article].

23 January, 2020

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White people used to control most of Africa. This was known as “colonialism” [1]. But, circa 1960, it began to be said that Whites “must” leave Africa and let the negroes control their own countries. So, under “international” (read: mostly-Jewish) pressure, the Whites eventually left Africa. The result? Africa collapsed into disrepair and chaos. Even the Black writer Walter Williams admitted that African Blacks were better off under White rule [2]. But strangely, this important fact about White rule/Africa is never mentioned: not in the schools, not in the media, not in the history books, nowhere. Why not? Guess! That fact doesn’t fit into the Judeo-Left’s “human equality” narrative. The truth is: the average Black in Africa has an IQ at least one standard deviation (i.e., 15 IQ points) below the average White person’s, and often it’s lower than that. Blacks simply cannot manage the African countries properly.



[1] South Africa was built by the British and the Dutch. Britain controlled Zambia, Uganda, Sudan, Botswana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Kenya. France controlled Chad, Cameroon, Mozambique, Mauritania, Niger and Senegal. Belgium controlled the Congo and Ruanda-Urundi.

[2] see the January 2002 article “South Africa After Apartheid” by Walter E. Williams. The key quote from the article: “The tragic fact of business is that ordinary Africans were better off under colonialism.”

22 January, 2020

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(Somewhere in America, 1960):

Powerful Jew #1: “Things are too peaceful and stable in America. That’s not good for us. We work best under the cover of turmoil and unrest, when nobody will notice our movements. We better start another war; call Walt Rostow, he’ll run it.”

Powerful Jew #2: “Good idea. There are too any White men walking around, breathing air.”

Like the 2003 Iraq War, the failed Vietnam War (1965-1975) was an illegal war because it was not in America’s interests and Congress didn’t declare war on North Vietnam.

Opposition to the Vietnam War was rather interesting: leftists were protesting a leftist-caused war. How funny is that? Leftists (almost always Jews and college students back then) protested the war for several reasons: 1) because they didn’t want America to win a war against Asian communism; 2) they were perpetually angry and needed something (anything) to yell about; 3) the leftists saw the war as more “American imperialism” (i.e., American foreign influence/control), although that’s a weak argument, since a) Western imperialism is, historically speaking, very common and it usually benefits non-White countries; b) much more importantly, international socialism and communism (long embraced by the Left of course) are types of imperialism, e.g., the European Union, which pushes “foreign influence/control” onto various sovereign countries. Other examples: Katanga, Africa in 1960/1962, when UN “peacekeeping” troops attacked the anti-communist government of Black, Christian leader Moïse Tshombe. Katanga was filled with anti-communist Whites (i.e., Belgians) and it was supported by Rhodesia and South Africa. Also, the UN and NATO vs. Serbia in the late 1990s; NATO (i.e., mostly U.S. warplanes) attacked Serbia in 1999; the UN Security Council usually okays such military hits for NATO, but this time it didn’t, since members Russia and China complained loudly and threatened trouble. But that’s “foreign influence/power” being forced onto Serbia. That’s a type of imperialism. So, in conclusion, leftists and Jews yell about imperialism while their own ideology (international socialism and its variations) is just another form of imperialism.

21 January, 2020

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(Above: The UN building in New York City. Why does America belong to, and fund, a Marxist organization?).

This case is a two-sided coin. While the UN sided with the state of New Zealand in this case, it also ruled that, in the future, states will likely be obligated to keep Brown “climate-change refugees.” And while UN rulings are not binding (yet), the Left often treats them as if they are binding. Leftists are firm believers in ridiculous global mandates, legal or not (e.g., the the UN’s 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change, which dozens of countries have already been roped into. “Climate change action” is a long-term commitment for the UN, national sovereignty be hanged).

So that’s why they invented global warming/climax change! The end goal is to use it to alter the racial makeup of the world. Clever. It’s too bad for the UN that, legally speaking, global government is illegal, since it violates the natural sovereignty of nations [1]. Also, there’s no such thing as “human rights” (aka Jewman rights). It’s a made-up term that means nothing. You automatically have rights because you’re human?? Nope. Walking on two legs doesn’t give you “rights.” Human equality is Marxism.



[1] The UN was founded by Jews and communists in 1945. The Marxist Jews who founded the UN included Leo Pasvolsky, Harry Dexter White, Harold Glasser, Irving Kaplan, Nathan Gregory Silvermaster, Victor Perlo, Solomon Adler, David Weintraub and Abraham G. Silverman. The UN is a farce, and the American government should leave the UN and also expel it from NYC, “international land” be damned

21 January, 2020

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Normal man: “Who do you want to win Super Bowl LIV? The Chiefs or the 49ers?”

Leftist: “Both!”

Normal man: “But, only one team can win!”

Leftist: “Right. That’s why I want both of them to win!”


20 January, 2020

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(Above: Stanley Levison, wearing glasses).

Before the civil-rights movement, Blacks were submissive. They were respectful, even afraid, of Whitey. But after the civil-rights movement, Blacks were contemptuous and snotty towards Whitey, because they had lost all fear of Whites. Indeed, rapes of White women by Blacks quadrupled circa 1970.

Who built the civil-rights movement? Not Blacks, but Jews. In fact, it was a Jew who managed Martin Luther King Jr. His name was Stanley Levison. He was a communist and a Soviet agent. Not only was the civil-rights movement staffed by Jews, it was also funded by Jews. And, Jews such as Arnold Aronson and Emanuel Celler virtually created the Civil Rights Act of 1964 via their political activism and their behind-the-scenes networking [1].

As Alex said, “civil rights is Jewish tyranny in blackface.”


[1] Aronson was executive secretary of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights from 1950 to 1980

19 January, 2020

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From 1917 to 1953, around 30 million innocent White people were murdered during the Soviet holocaust, and the later Holodomor (aka Terror-Famine), in Russia, a holocaust created and carried out by Jews under Lenin and Stalin (e.g., Lazar Kaganovich, Genrikh Yagoda).

[video; in French w/ English subtitles; duration is 1 hour, 20 minutes].

18 January, 2020

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Black Sabbath, Into the Void (1971). I always found it interesting that the rock critics really hated Sabbath. Too European??