30 November, 2015

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A Jew’s best friend is a liberal. He does the Jew’s dirty work for him. (Of course, the same is usually true of a conservative, re: Israel and Zionism).


30 November, 2015

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When a “democratic” ruler no longer obeys the laws, and just does whatever he/she pleases, you have a dictatorship; granted, this judge didn’t actually use the word “dictatorship.” But he didn’t have to. (Related: recall Chile under the “democratically elected” Allende circa 1973, when he was ignoring the laws and seizing private property).


29 November, 2015

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Slowly, homosexuality is being normalized in every country on earth. Soon, there will be no distinction between queers and normal people.


29 November, 2015

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Listening to the global warming/climate change propaganda, you’d think that “everyone” is “on board” the Green Marxism gravy train [1]. But actually, the entire global warming/climate change movement is run by a few hundred leftists in the media, in foundations and in universities. They’re a small force, but very effective nonetheless. Never mind that there is no scientific proof that the earth is warming. In fact, the winter of 2009–2010 in Europe was unusually cold, with record-low temperatures. But that’s leftism: “make a claim, over and over again, and it shall become fact.”


[1] there is big money in the global warming/climate change movement, with million-dollar grants being awarded to “experts” in the movement, and billions of dollars made on the sale of “green” products

28 November, 2015

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Does anybody in the American educational field know what “Western culture” is, or, why it’s important in America? To paraphrase judge Robert Bork, America is a Eurocentric country and must remain so in order to survive and prosper long-term. Negroes and Mexicans aren’t Western. A really difficult concept, that. (Note the mention of the queer, negro communist Langston Hughes).


28 November, 2015

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“There’s no choice but to import millions of refujihadists,” say Europe’s corrupt, anti-White leaders. Of course, that’s a complete lie, but millions of stupid Whites will actually buy it. (Non-Whites always outbreed Whites, so this invasion of refujihadists will severely harm European culture).


27 November, 2015

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Canadian immigration official: “Ok, how many of you men are queer?”

Refugee #1: “I am!”

Refugee #2: “So am I!”

Refugee #3: “I love giving BJs!”

Refugee #4: “I’m wearing pink panties underneath these jeans!”

Refugee #5: “I dream about Tom Cruise every night!”


26 November, 2015

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The other day, the telephone rang. It was a well-known credit card company calling. The guy on the other end of the line was trying to tell me something, but he had such a heavy, foreign accent (Indian? Pakistani?) that I couldn’t understand what he was saying. Every third word was unintelligible. I had to hang up the phone. The Jews say that diversity makes America stronger. Do you believe that? (If diversity makes America stronger, then we must have been a weak country in 1955).

25 November, 2015

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“And I guess I’ll agree with that — but there’s more to it. It’s certainly true that as a nation, or as a race, we’ve lost our values. Or, more accurately, we had them stolen from us. And now, unfortunately, the values we used to have are being replaced by new values which are worse than no values at all.

America hasn’t so much lost its sense of direction as it’s had all the road signs changed while it wasn’t looking. Values are our problem today — but even more, our problem is the people who have deliberately changed our values, deliberately perverted them.

I don’t want to beat around the bush or keep you guessing what I’m getting at, so I’ll come right out with it: the people who control the mass media in America have deliberately and consciously, with malice aforethought, used their influence over the thinking of the people who see their films, who watch their television programs, who read their newspapers and comic strips and popular magazines — they’ve used their influence to twist our values, to reorient our whole way of looking at the world.”


24 November, 2015

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Seen on the TV: several commercials featuring Black males and White females as romantic couples. I found these commercials to be not only repulsive, but curious, too, since they reflect real life: Every time I see a Black/White couple at a supermarket, the Black half of the couple is male and the White half is female. In other words, it’s never Black female/White male. It’s always Black male/White female. Wonder why? I think it’s because White males find Black females to be unattractive losers, whereas Black males find White females to be not only attractive, but cultural “prizes” to be won and flaunted in public; and some White females actually like the crude masculinity of Black males.