24 March, 2017

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Newbies, these are great examples of why Western (White) countries must be treated as Western countries and not as “racial melting pots” [1]. This means doing two things: 1) preventing Blacks and Browns from entering the White countries, and 2) expelling the Blacks and Browns who are already in the White countries. If that seems “unfair,” consider the fact that Blacks and Browns commit the majority of violent crimes in the White countries. Also, Western culture is White culture only. It’s not Black, Brown or Asian culture. It’s the culture of one people.

[Article] and [Article].

[1] Why are only the White countries considered for “melting pot” status? Why are China, Korea and Mexico not considered as candidates for “melting pot” policies and practices? The melting pot idea is nothing but a scam designed to wreck the Western countries

24 March, 2017

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(This article makes some good points about globalism, Putin and America).


“Yet if we were to use traditional measures for understanding leaders, which involve the defense of borders and national flourishing, Putin would count as the pre-eminent statesman of our time.”


23 March, 2017

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Heard on the TV: the actor Matt Damon using the term “the developing world” in a commercial. “The developing world” used to be called “the third world” (i.e., the poorest countries) but that wasn’t PC enough because it made brown people seem like third-class citizens (which they are). The culture-shapers know that if you want to change the people, you have to change the language first. Once you do that, things will naturally fall into place. For example, the word “homosexual” was changed to the happy-sounding “gay” and now most of the Western world thinks faggotry is acceptable. “Illegal aliens” was changed to “undocumented immigrants.” “Blacks” was changed to “African-Americans,” which makes them seem “American” when they really aren’t [1][2].

[1] the word “gay” was coined by the Jew, Gertrude Stein

[2] America is a White republic founded by 118 White men who created the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the U.S. Constitution

22 March, 2017

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“As a matter of fact Jews in the Soviet Union, far from being persecuted, have been a favored race ever since the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 — a revolution which they in large part engineered. While communism ruled in Russia, Jews were far more often persecutors of Russians than the other way around. But in 1989, with Russia bled dry and communism on the brink of collapse, Soviet Jews decided to find a new host. And so for the past nine years, whereas it has been nearly impossible for a real Russian or Ukrainian to become a U.S. immigrant, Jews from the former Soviet Union have been pouring into the United States at a rate of about 50,000 a year. Furthermore, as “refugees from persecution,” Soviet Jews are given a cash handout from the U.S. Treasury and various other Federal subsidies as soon as they arrive.

Whenever anyone has dared to question why Soviet Jews continue to be exempt from the immigration laws which apply to everyone else, he is likely to be charged with “anti-Semitism.” And the claim will be made that these Soviet Jews are a very clever and skillful bunch of people who contribute greatly to America’s economy, and we’re fortunate to have them in the country.”


22 March, 2017

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People from wealthy families have one thing in common besides money: they weren’t disciplined as children. Hence, they grew up to be rotten adults who lie, cheat, steal and assault people. (Trivia: many, if not most, of the people in Congress come from rich families).

[Article] and [Article].

21 March, 2017

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(Above: C. [Cyril] Northcote Parkinson, 1909-1993)

“To the first group must now be added Marxism – a creed, like the others, of violence, a religion derived ultimately from Judaism.”

-— from the book “East and West” (New York; Mentor Books, 1965) by British historian C. Northcote Parkinson, p. 241.

20 March, 2017

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Seen on the TV (quite by accident): a few minutes of the cable TV series “Into the Badlands.” During the few minutes that I watched the show, a woman effortlessly battled 12 to 15 men at once. She used a sword to quickly slice and dice all the men while she performed backflips and somersaults like a circus performer. A total feminist fantasy: chopping “evil men” down to size with physically impossible ease.

19 March, 2017

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Thanks to high divorce rates fueled by feminism (“career women”) and the broken homes that follow [1][2], job outsourcing, and the over-regulation of small businesses, which often causes them to fail, the White middle class is vanishing; the federal government played key roles in those things listed.


[1] the divorce rate in the U.S. was low circa 1960, but it almost tripled circa 1980, which coincides very closely with the Jewish-led feminist movement/sexual liberation movement. Source: the CDC

[2] broken homes lead to “broken” kids, who become “broken,” dysfunctional adults

17 March, 2017

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Seen: an advertisement for a TV show about slavery in America.

Granted, it wasn’t intentional, but slavery was actually good for Blacks. Because of slavery, Blacks are now “modern,” “educated” and “Western”[1]. They no longer live in grass huts in the jungles of Africa. They live in White countries. They have indoor plumbing, refrigeration and cell phones. They are now cops, firemen, teachers, mayors, judges, even Supreme Court justices. Furthermore on the subject, most White slave owners treated their slaves pretty well (slaves were very expensive, and sick, injured or malnourished slaves couldn’t work) [2]. Yet, the Blacks and the liberals regularly moan about the horrors of slavery. (Think about what would happen if you asked a modern negro if he would be willing to travel back in time to live in the jungle in Africa, just like his ancestors did. You can guess his answer!).


[1] actually, Blacks are not really Western, they are only superficially Western (wearing tennis shoes and t-shirts doesn’t make you a Westerner)

[2] male negro slaves sold for 260 pounds in South Carolina in 1758 (that was a lot of money then)

16 March, 2017

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Big Jew owns the most powerful weapon in the whole world. Nukes? No, this weapon is even more powerful than nukes: it’s America. Any time the oily people get into “trouble” they just sic America onto the problem, like an attack dog, and the problem is solved (sometimes). As one example, consider Iraq. The Jews cooked up the 2003 Iraq War because Israel was afraid of Saddam Hussein (especially after he launched dozens of Scud missiles at Israel in January 1991); the Jews also wanted revenge against Saddam for daring to bomb “God’s Chosen People.” By the way, newbies, Israel is indeed an “apartheid” state.