15 June, 2019

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1. Most White people in America did not own negro slaves. Only a small percentage of Whites owned them. Slaves were very expensive. So, with slavery reparations (cash payouts will happen at some point in time), most White taxpayers will be punished for something that they, and their ancestors, didn’t even do.

2. Contrary to popular belief, American slave-traders didn’t capture their negro slaves by chasing them through the African jungles. Instead, negro tribal chiefs in Africa sold negroes into slavery to the White slave-traders — often very cheaply, e.g., trading two chickens for one negro. (Then, as now, negroes cared little about other negroes).

3. If Blacks are given reparations, will they stop murdering, robbing, raping, assaulting, stealing and drug-dealing? (Betcha not).

4. Who will decide who gets reparations and who doesn’t? If you’re half-Black, will you get reparations? What about if you’re 1/4 Black? And, who will get reparations next? “Native Americans”? Homosexuals? Mexicans? Women? (I’m guessing all of them).

5. Blacks have already gotten lots of reparations from Whites. For example: food stamps, six different kinds of federal and state welfare payments, rent-subsidized housing, Affirmative Action, free Obamacare health care, free (pro bono) legal aid from liberal and “civil rights” groups, etc. Whitey has bent over backwards to help Blacks — you’d think that Blacks were really, really important people!

6. Slavery in America ended 154 years ago. Let’s move on, okay? (But yet, slavery is still practiced in Africa today! There’s some serious irony there! [1]).


[1] “Slavery has never been eradicated in Africa, and it commonly appears in African states, such as Chad, Ethiopia, Mali, Niger, and Sudan…” — Wikipedia.

14 June, 2019

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(Above: I moved to Britain and all the government gave me was a loaf of stale bread and this lousy t-shirt!).

The “new Marxism” isn’t called Marxism, but nonetheless that’s what it is (i.e., it’s Cultural Marxism, which was created by the Jewish-staffed Frankfurt School because regular [i.e., economic] Marxism wasn’t taking root in the West; you see, the Jews needed a “better, improved version” of Marxism. Cultural Marxism — which is sometimes called Political Correctness — is basically a mixture of Marxism and Freudianism [1]. It has the same Jewy goodness as regular Marxism but with more flavor to attract more rubes. By the way, Wikipedia calls Cultural Marxism a “right-wing, anti-Semitic conspiracy theory” — as if the Frankfurt School was not Jewish and as if it didn’t apply its ideas to culture! As if. Yeah, as if!) [2].


[1] “Two of the most influential members of the Frankfurt School who applied Marxism to culture (and to other areas) were Herbert Marcuse and Erich Fromm. They were not only cultural Marxists but Freudian Marxists. One might also call Marcuse a sexual Marxist. He was the guru to the 1960s New Left on American college campuses.”
— from the article “Cultural Marxism and Its Conspirators” by Paul Kengor, in The American Spectator, April 2019. Marcuse and Fromm were both Jews.

[2] “In contemporary usage, the term Cultural Marxism is viewed as a right-wing, antisemitic conspiracy theory which claims that the Frankfurt School is part of a continual academic and intellectual culture war to systematically undermine and destroy Western culture and social traditions.” — Wikipedia, [Here]

13 June, 2019

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Life is full of concepts that are so simple that even a half-wit can understand them. Let’s take a look at three of them:

1. Eating too much food can make you fat.

2. Smoking cigarettes can give you lung cancer.

3. Liberal (i.e., leftist) political ideas are very dangerous to White Western culture, so liberals should be banned by law from holding political office in all of the White Western countries.

13 June, 2019

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The phrase “Love Your Race” is “White supremacy”? Really? How? Since when?

But regardless of the flyers, White people should love their race — after all, Whites gave the world to mankind [1]. We even gave Brown people “democracy” and cell phones and look what they did with them! Selling drugs and voting for assholes: nice going, losers.


[1] Whites gave the world almost everything it has: the telephone, the automobile, the bicycle, electricity, the computer, the airplane, the TV set, the air conditioner, the furnace, the radio/stereo, the lightbulb, the camera, the telescope, the clock, the wristwatch, the refrigerator, concrete, democracy, space travel — mankind would still be living in the Stone Age without White people. And do the Brown people ever thank us for all of those things? Nope

13 June, 2019

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“U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has blamed Iran for the ‘blatant assault’ on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman earlier Thursday.”

Oh, yeah, sure, right. Iran did that, just when tensions are really high between Iran and the U.S. As if Iran would be that stupid. If you buy that story, White man, I’ve got some nice swamp land in Florida to sell you.


13 June, 2019

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All humans will eventually be equal in Commiefornia, no matter how ridiculous the attempts to make them so might get. This stupid plan won’t work. Despite fancy computer programs, people will soon learn, via word-of-mouth, phone calls, or social media that the criminals are Black or Brown.


13 June, 2019

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Politics in Mexico always has been completely corrupt at every level. With enough money anything can be done, and one can easily buy exemption from punishment for any crime. Judges, politicians, and police officials are all for sale — or at least, for rent. Without money, however, one can expect no mercy and no justice in Mexico — especially if one is a gringo.

Racial hatred has become an increasingly important motivation in Mexican and other Central American attacks against Whites. The population of Mexico today is about 30 per cent more or less pure-blooded Indians; about 60 per cent mestizos, or European-Indian mongrels; and less than 10 per cent Whites, most of Spanish origin. Social caste in Mexico is based largely on the percentage of White — that is, Spanish — blood a person has, with Indians at the bottom of the social hierarchy, Whites at the top, and mestizos distributed in between roughly on the basis of their degree of Whiteness.”


12 June, 2019

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“The goal of Socialism is Communism.” — V. I. Lenin.

Governmental power expands quickly. It might be “democratic” socialism for the first 10 years, but then it would morph into “regular” socialism and then you’d be living in Venezuela II. Fact: leftist socialism cannot be installed in America without some type of governmental force. Are you a fan of governmental force? Betcha not. [Article].

12 June, 2019

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…he deserves major credit for one thing: he almost single-handedly destroyed the mainstream media with his weekly “fake news” meme. I foresee big media companies going bankrupt soon.

“A lot of the public is really alienated from a lot of the journalism that they see – they don’t find it particularly trustworthy, they don’t find it particularly relevant and they don’t find it leaves them in a better place.”


12 June, 2019

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Speaking of my previous post about Brown immigration into the West:

“It is no coincidence that this rise has come as anti-migrant populists seek to divide the country using the playbook of Donald Trump.” You just knew that orange-haired fascist, Donald Trump, was behind all the racism and anti-immigrant sentiment in the UK, didn’t you? Of course you did!

(By the way, the Runnydick, er, Runnymede Trust, a “race equality think tank,” was founded in 1968 by two Jews, “Sir” Anthony Lester and Eliot “Jim” Rose. But then, who else would found it? It’s always a Jew…or two).