22 July, 2017

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Feminism is a type of Cultural Marxism [1]. It’s egalitarianism. Its stated goal is to make women “equal” to men in all areas of life [2]. The scary part is: even though feminism is not legitimate and is based upon lies and deceptions, it is found nearly everywhere today. Yes, nearly everywhere. Women in the workplace? That’s feminism. Women voting and holding public office? That’s also feminism. In fact, most women today are feminists, even if they don’t realize it; their views usually contain large amounts of feminist doctrine. (Sadly, feminism is good for the federal government: it produces a larger military, a much larger federal workforce and twice the income tax revenues).

Women can never be “equal” to men, just like an apple and a banana can never be equal; neither can a bicycle and an automobile be equal. They are all different. Women have wombs and breasts for a reason; women have wider hips, and a lower center of gravity, for a reason. Women raised children for a million years until, suddenly, circa 1965 AD, feminists began saying that child-birthing/rearing was abnormal! The feminists tell amazing lies about women and men and marriage (e.g., “marriage is slavery” and “all men are rapists”). Of course, that’s what leftism is all about: lying.


[1] Feminism was forced upon the American public. It wasn’t voluntarily adopted or accepted. For example, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 forced private companies to hire women whether they were qualified for certain jobs or not

[2] I say “stated goal” because the real goal of feminism (which is largely a Jewish movement) is to drive a wedge between men and women, thereby destabilizing the Western countries. Feminism mentally ruins women, and it castrates (emasculates) men, so feminism “kills two birds with one stone,” making it a great nation-wrecker. All of the Jewish “-isms” (communism, socialism, feminism) were designed to wreck the White countries, ditto libertarianism (by replacing nationalism with selfish individualism, so that while the Jews are thinking/acting as a group, White people aren’t doing so; libertarianism is a Jewish movement posing as a freedom movement, i.e., the libertarian movement leadership is almost entirely Jewish, e.g., Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, Ludwig Von Mises, Milton Friedman, Robert Nozick, Aaron Russo, Frank Chodorov, Aaron Director, Julian Simon)

21 July, 2017

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Think the Soviet Union disappeared in 1991? Think again. It’s alive and well, right here in America:

“Michigan requires that anyone who wants to be a foster parent must register his handguns with the state as well as keep the guns unloaded and locked in a safe separate from the ammunition.” How can you defend your home under such crazy circumstances?


20 July, 2017

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The Jews, as a people, are notoriously ethnocentric (i.e., racist); indeed, the Jews were the first people to state, as their official doctrine, that they are superior to all other humans (because, they claim, they have a special contract/agreement with God himself) [1]. So, it’s quite funny that this Jewish “racism expert” would lecture children on the evils of racism.

[Part 1] and [Part 2]

[1] see Deuteronomy 14:2 and Exodus 19:6 in the Jewish-written Old Testament

19 July, 2017

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Some people believe that morality is only for suckers, for losers — that the amoral people are the smart guys, who are more likely to get what they want, because they impose no restrictions on themselves. Some people even make a religion of selfishness, of amorality: the Libertarians, for example, and the followers of the Soviet Jewess Ayn Rand.

Actually, however, most of us are moral because morality has had survival value for us for a very long time. It evolved with us. We developed the tendency to be moral over the course of many thousands of generations, because those groups of people, those communities, with a high percentage of moral people in them were more likely to survive and prosper than those groups consisting primarily of amoral people.”


19 July, 2017

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“The Fed” (as it’s called) isn’t “federal,” i.e., it’s not part of the federal government, even though, for some strange reason, its website has a “.gov” URL [1]. Despite its odd claim to the contrary [2], the Federal Reserve is owned by member banks (i.e., members of the Federal Reserve system) and it has stockholders. Also strangely, the stockholders are not allowed to sell, trade or give away their stock in the Federal Reserve – apparently, the ownership of “The Fed” is designed to never change.


[1] www.federalreserve.gov/

[2] “The Federal Reserve System is not ‘owned’ by anyone” — claims the Fed

17 July, 2017

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“What makes democracy all the more dangerous, however, is that there is no meritocracy to it. People have decision-making power by virtue of falling out of their mothers and not dying for 18 years.”


17 July, 2017

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(Yesterday’s post inspired this re-post)

Seen on the TV: several documentaries about Hitler that, of course, told the P.C., “court historian” version of WWII.

Newbies, the August 1941 Atlantic Charter pledged to spread and support democratic values. That must be why the “allies” gave communist thug Joe Stalin half of Europe to rape and murder! How’s that for democracy? Here’s the key text of the Charter: “Sixth, after the final destruction of the Nazi tyranny…” This is America and Britain basically saying “after we destroy Germany,” and it was written 4 months before Hitler declared war on America in December 1941; consider also the American attack on a German radio station in Greenland in Sept. 1941 [1], and a few other hostile American actions. Most normal people would conclude that threatening to “destroy” Germany was a de facto declaration of war, and Hitler certainly concluded that.

[The Atlantic Charter].

[1] the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Northland attacked the radio station on Sept. 14, 1941, burned it, and arrested the crew (as if we had the legal authority in Greenland to arrest German soldiers and burn German equipment)

16 July, 2017

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Some interesting stuff here about World War II, the New (Jew) Deal, taxation, etc. (If it wasn’t for the Lend-Lease program, Hitler would have won the war. American aid to the Soviet Union and Britain was critical to the outcome of the war).

[Part 1] and [Part 2]

14 July, 2017

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Big Bank Jew #1: “I got rich by ‘Quantitatively Easing it’ into goy rear ends. They borrow more money with QE. Who would have thought that you could get filthy rich by creating and moving electronic money from one computer to another computer? Heh, heh. It isn’t even real money. It’s air money that we created with a couple of keystrokes! Stupid goyim.”

Big Bank Jew #2: “I got rich, too. The goyim just obediently bent over and grabbed their ankles, and wow, QE was so ‘easy’, heh, heh.”

Big Bank Jew #3: “Me, too. I raked in millions. The old shell game still works!”

Little goy man: “My money is worth less thanks to Quantitative Easing because it artificially increases the money supply [1]. What if White people controlled America’s money instead of Jews?”


[1] more of “X” (“X” can be anything, e.g., pencils, wrenches or money) makes “X” automatically worth less

13 July, 2017

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Note that Canada, like the USA, was created by White people. Anyway, government “anti-racism” programs are only aimed at Whites, as if only Whites can be “racists.” As if only Whites must “embrace diversity.” Why don’t Blacks and Browns have to “embrace diversity”?

“Diversity” is really DIEversity because it will cause White culture to die off. That’s the whole idea: the ending of White culture in the Western countries. In other words: the planned genocide of all White people in the West. By the way, genocide is outlawed by the Geneva Conventions, which Canada signed in 1949 [1]. What kind of country genocides the people who built it? An insane country, that’s what kind. Canada, your genocidal “anti-racism” campaigns violate the Geneva Conventions by default. Therefore, they must be stopped at once. Cease and desist.


[1] i.e., the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (1948). Signed: November 28, 1949. Ratification: September 3, 1952