19 January, 2021

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Man, are they terrified of Donald Trump! Wow. Think Trump Derangement Syndrome will end? It won’t. It’s only just beginning! Now they want to hunt down Trump supporters for committing bad-think. A new video urges leftists to form “private armies” to root out “evil Trumpsters” and report them to the government, as if they’ve done something illegal simply by supporting Trump. Liberals are scary people and they should be banned by law throughout the West. [Web Page].

19 January, 2021

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The West is, of course, a White region: England, Canada, France, Germany, the USA, etc.

But all we hear about in the West is how awful the Blacks and the Browns have it here. “Oh, it’s such an evil, racist place!” they say.

If the West is so darn racist, then why does every “Black, Asian and minority ethnic student” want to come here? Hmmmm? I’ll tell you why: because the West is a paradise for them, that’s why! There’s very little racism in the West today.

Whites gave the world to Blacks and Browns: we gave them democracy, electricity, the light bulb, the automobile, the airplane, the printing press, air conditioning, indoor plumbing, the clock, refrigeration, the computer, the radio, the TV, movies, etc., etc., etc. Have they ever once thanked us for all of that? Nope. All they do is yell about “racism” and demand more free stuff: more welfare, more this, more that.


18 January, 2021

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Lend-Lease got America into WWII. That was the plan all along. It also helped the Soviet Union destroy Germany.

The Lend-Lease Act was written by FDR’s Jewish lawyer, Oscar Sydney Cox [1].

“Soon the Senate will make a declaration of war. It will not be called that. We call it the ‘Lend-Lease’ Bill 1776.” — Sen. D. Worth Clark of Idaho, February 1941. (That was the bill’s actual number).

“He (Soviet leader Joe Stalin) stated bluntly that if the United States had not helped us, we would not have won the war. If we had had to fight Nazi Germany one on one, we could not have stood up against Germany’s pressure, and we would have lost the war.” — Nikita Khrushchev, in “Memoirs of Nikita Khrushchev: Commissar, 1918–1945”; from Penn State Press.

Imagine: a democracy (America) helping a murderous, brutal, communist country run by common criminals (the Soviet Union) defeat a non-communist/anti-communist country (Germany). Why? Good question! Why indeed? Why was a communist and Stalin-pal (Harry Hopkins) allowed to run the Lend-Lease program? Why would a democratic country help communism win a world war? Treason is nothing new, apparently. Hopkins was also a Soviet spy against America, and he was the de facto “deputy President of the USA” due to his power inside the White House.

The Lend-Lease plan had Jewish fingerprints all over it. It was “prototyped” in 1940 by two of FDR’s Jews (Benjamin V. Cohen and Felix Frankfurter) as the (illegal) “bases-for-destroyers” deal, and then it morphed into the 1941 “Lend-Lease Act.”


[1] “Oscar S. Cox, Lend-Lease Act Author, Dies; WASHINGTON – Portland, Maine-born attorney Oscar S. Cox, 60, a key figure in Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration and author of the important structure of the Lend-Lease Act of World War II, died Tuesday night in a hospital here…” — Newspaper obituary for Cox, October 6, 1966, Biddeford Journal, Biddeford, Maine

18 January, 2021

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It’s hard to find a political movement that wasn’t founded, or at least steered, by Jews. Even today’s “conservatism” is really neoconservatism, a movement which flowered circa 1980 when former Jewish leftists decided that Israel needed way more support and that the American military was the perfect tool for the job; “remaking the Middle East” soon followed; see also The Pentagon’s “Office of Special Plans.”


18 January, 2021

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(Above: MLK, Jr. and Bayard Rustin circa 1963)

What? Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Black Marxist who slept with White prostitutes? And his “manager” (Stanley Levison) was a Jewish communist? And King was a close buddy of Black, homosexual communist Bayard Rustin? Well, uhh, doesn’t everybody pal around with Jewish and Black homosexual communists? They don’t? Oh. Okay, then.

18 January, 2021

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“The West will stand or fall on the fate of America.” — Tom Metzger.

America is the last, “free” White Western country. All of the other White countries have been more or less wrecked by heavy-handed laws, Cultural Marxism, censorship, etc.

17 January, 2021

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(Late edit: this video may be a hoax, and that man may not be Bill Gates)

“Turn a fanatic into a normal person”? Sounds great. Can they really fix 50 million liberals with a vaccine?

This video is part of a 2005 speech to the CIA by Bill “I Love Vaccines” Gates. But how is he an expert on vaccines?

If the VMAT2 gene is the “God Gene” within conservative brains, then every liberal politician has it as well, because they all think they’re God-like and can do anything they want, with no repercussions, and no apologies needed.

You know that “they” have thought about mixing behavior-altering genes into vaccines, such as the Covid-19 vaccines. Question is, did they? [Video, duration is 4 minutes].

17 January, 2021

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A good video.

The narrator says, “nationalism is the way of nature.” Yes, indeed. It is. Unless, of course, you are White!

Blacks and Browns can be nationalists (i.e., they can think and act racially). But Whites are “forbidden” to be nationalists — that’s called “hate.” Who defines what is and isn’t “hate”? You’ll never guess! (Okay, you can probably guess. Here’s a hint: they have big noses and big ears and lots of money. Most of them live in NYC. No, not rats, but you’re so darn close! Here’s another hint: they have names like “Silverman” and “Goldberg” and “Rosenfeld.” No, not the Japanese…).

The Other has one goal: to destroy the White Western world, via immigration, diversity, Cultural Marxism, etc. [1]. The Other hates, and much more importantly, fears the White world, because it is run by White men who can literally do anything — we even went to the moon, many times, and more recently, we sent a spacecraft to Mars. We can do anything we set our minds to, and that scares The Other.

[Video; duration is 12 minutes]. (it is also closed-captioned).


[1] The Other = Blacks, Browns, Jews, homosexuals, Marxists, etc. Anyone who isn’t a normal White person

16 January, 2021

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Poland (which is 94% Polish) and Hungary (which is 93% Hungarian, aka, Magyar, who are “mixed Whites” of various ethnicities: Celtic, Germanic, Slavic), two White European countries which are led by right-wing governments and which are not yet full of negroes, feminists, fags and trannies, refuse to follow the New World Order plan for the White nations (i.e., open borders, leftism, internationalism, queer/transgender rights, Cultural Marxism, etc.). You see, if you won’t come to the NWO, it will come to you! Very often via military jets marked “USA” dropping bombs on you! Ask Serbia. (How ironic: both Poland and Hungary have already been sacked several times, historically speaking, by Jewish/leftist forces: Hungary in both 1919 and 1945, and Poland in 1945) [1].



[1] Jewish communists such as Jacob (Jakub) Berman, Hilary Minc, Anatol Fejgin, Jozef Swiatlo, Roman Zambrowski and others terrorized Poland after 1945. Hungary was also terrorized by Jewish Marxists in 1919 (e.g., Bela Kun, Tibor Szamuely and Jeno Landler) and also after 1945 (e.g., Mathias Rakosi, Ernst Gero, Mihály Farkas and Joseph Révai)

16 January, 2021

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In just a few years, free speech will be but a memory.

Is it my imagination, or are liberals today way more liberal than they were just 20 years ago?

A liberal “democratic socialist” and Lt. Governor says: you have no First Amendment right to say that the 2020 election was fraudulent (even though experts have given sworn affidavits saying that it was) [1]. The last time I checked, the only speech that was illegal was speech that threatened or endangered human life (e.g., threatening to kill someone, or yelling “Oops, I dropped a nickel!” in a crowded synagogue, thereby causing a deadly stampede for it, etc.).



[1] “Fetterman’s campaign focused on progressive values and building support through grassroots movement, drawing comparisons to Bernie Sanders. Fetterman, a self-described democratic socialist, was the only statewide Democratic candidate in Pennsylvania to endorse Sanders.” — Wikipedia, January 2021