23 November, 2017

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Re: the post “Who Is Really Evil? The Political Left-Wing or the Political Right-Wing?”

Regarding the mention of Jews as “fueling” the Left: the Jews controlled Hollywood, the media, and book and magazine publishing. Therefore, they sponsored leftism. They spread leftist ideas not only throughout America, but throughout the Western world. (This is in addition to the Jews actually creating and spreading Marxism, and founding many left-wing political organizations. The term “the Judeo-Left” is an accurate term and it should be used far more often than it is).

23 November, 2017

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(Above: Walter Duranty, liberal journalist and Soviet genocide denier)

Seen: a leftist saying that a right-winger should not be able to sleep at night, given his evil, Nazi-like ideology.

You hear the antifas, and the left-wing media, and the Cultural Marxists, and liberal Hollywood celebrities say that right-wingers are evil people who have blood on their hands because they either overtly, or covertly, support fascism and/or Nazism. Are the right-wingers really evil? Do they really have blood on their hands? Let’s take a look.

First of all, most right-wingers don’t support Nazism or fascism. Most have publicly condemned those ideologies.

Secondly, and much more significantly, long before Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933, the international Left (including many Americans) cheered and supported the communist Soviet Union [1]. But after the Soviet mass murders began, the Left said nothing; the leftists knew what was going on, but they didn’t tell anyone. Movie stars, journalists, politicians, labor officials — they knew about the Soviet genocide, but they remained silent. They kept quiet about wholesale mass murder [2]. Yet the Left dares to lecture us about proper behavior!

So, to recap, 1) the Left supported the first totalitarian state; 2) the leftists said nothing when that state committed tens of millions of murders; and worse, today, the Left never mentions the many crimes of Soviet communism. It’s as if those crimes never even happened. (Hollywood stars used to travel to Cuba to party with communist thug and Soviet agent Fidel Castro. Never mind the fact that Castro had thousands of innocent Cuban citizens murdered by firing squad, and those who weren’t murdered were often thrown into filthy, disease-ridden prisons simply because they opposed communism. So much for the compassionate, caring, moral Left).

Liberals also cover up and deny Black and Hispanic crime. Listening to leftists, you’d never know that certain neighborhoods in America were dangerous due to Blacks and Hispanics. That’s a public-safety threat.

Who is evil and who isn’t? The answer is shockingly simple: leftists are evil scumbags who simply pose as compassionate humanitarians in order to accomplish their goals, just the way a serial killer will pose as a nice guy to lure girls into his car; it’s all an act, a game that leftists play to fool the people. Leftists care about one thing only: making the government really, really huge so that it can “protect” (i.e., control) every citizen from cradle to grave; oh, and also, tearing down anything made by White people, and taking drugs and fucking as many people as possible. Those things are all that the leftists care about.

Finally, let’s not forget that liberalism in the West has been “fueled” by Jews, just like a car is fueled by gasoline or a human body is fueled by food. Without Jews, liberalism/leftism would be just a popcorn fart in the wind and nothing more.


Leftists and violence: [Here].

[1] at Hollywood cocktail parties, guests would often “pass the hat” to collect money to send to the Soviet Union

[2] one Western journalist, Walter Duranty, denied, in print, that Stalin had killed millions of people in the Soviet Union via a famine, despite knowing that Stalin did indeed engineer a homicidal famine

23 November, 2017

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(This week’s William Pierce Wednesday item is being posted today instead)

by Dr. William Pierce.


“The fourth reason we should be glad for India’s nuclear tests is that they are a big psychological setback for the New World Order crowd. The liberals, the Jews, and the other New World Order boosters have worked hard to create the impression that the coming of the New World Order is irresistible. It is a steamroller, and you’d better not get in its way, or you’ll be squashed. The impressionable masses have let themselves be persuaded to go along for the ride, even if they aren’t especially enthusiastic. One of the consolations, in their eyes, is the promise of security and certainty: once the New World Order is solidly in place, no one anywhere will be able to do anything without permission from the people pulling the strings at the United Nations, and so there will be no more wars or other nasty surprises, and the masses can get on with being obedient consumers and television viewers without having to worry about making any difficult decisions.”


22 November, 2017

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The “message” for the world here? “When Muslims cause trouble in your White country, you better not fight back, White man, or you’ll be kidnapped by NATO or the UN, taken to an illegal ‘international court’ in a faraway land, and tried for ‘genocide'” (unless you’re a Jew, then you won’t be prosecuted) [1]. There have been more lies told about Serbia/”genocide”/”war crimes” than any other event in recent history. And let’s not forget who created the war against Serbia: high-ranking Jews in president Bill Clinton’s administration.

[1] all countries in the world have natural sovereignty, therefore, trying their citizens in “international courts” is illegal

21 November, 2017

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Every time someone is aiding evil in a really big way, you can bet money that he is a Jew [1]. One example: Bernard Baruch, who helped push America into WWII [2]. Another example: Jacob Schiff, who funded the Bolshevik revolution [3]. Another example is Henry Morgenthau, Jr., re: Nazi Germany. Another is Paul M. Warburg, the main creator of the Federal Reserve system in 1913. Two more examples are found here in this article: Julius and Armand Hammer:

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

[1] Jews never do anything small. They think big

[2] “We are going to lick that fellow Hitler. He isn’t going to get away with it.” —- Bernard Baruch to General George Marshall in 1938, one year before WWII began

[3] Speaking of Jews helping the Bolshevik revolution, Julius Hammer aided that, too. From the article: “‘Pop’ Hammer…even went to meet the cash-poor Leon Trotsky in New York, helping the Commissar of War/Foreign Affairs exchange the negotiable securities he’d brought along for hard cash to fund the Revolution”

19 November, 2017

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“When your child is a little older, you can teach him about our tax system in a way that is easy to grasp. Offer him, say, $10 to mow the lawn. When he has mowed it and asks to be paid, withhold $5 and explain that this is income tax. Give $1 to his younger brother, and tell him that this is “fair”. Also, explain that you need the other $4 yourself to cover the administrative costs of dividing the money. When he cries, tell him he is being “selfish” and “greedy”. Later in life he will thank you.” — Joseph Sobran.

I saw a quote by Sobran on the internet a couple of days ago (but not the quote above; couldn’t find the other one), re: liberals as being enemies of “traditional” America, and it reminded me of something odd that a leftist said some years ago. The leftist said that he “didn’t want his taxes cut.” This sounded very strange, as most normal people want their taxes cut! When he was asked why he didn’t want his taxes cut, the liberal said, “because then there would be less money available for (racial) minorities.” This is the way that leftists think. It’s like they have a one-track mind: always obsessing about “minorities” as if they are waaaay more important than the White people who built America. In fact, you could say that leftists are “pathologically pro-Black/Brown and anti-White.” They’re just plain sick. (Given that fact, leftists should be banned from holding political office or similar positions of power. When liberals are in power, no White person is safe).

19 November, 2017

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“America is the lone democratic superpower. Therefore, it’s our duty to meddle in every corner of the world, no matter what the cost might be.” This is the neoconservative ideology. Why is America adopting it now, in the era of Donald Trump? We should be moving away from neocon bullshit, not toward it.

It’s fashionable to call the fat retard Kim Jong-un a “threat to America.” But how is he a threat? He isn’t a threat to America. He’s only a possible threat to South Korea and Japan. Let them deal with Fatso. If they need nukes to deal with Kim, then America can sell them some nukes. Problem solved.

It’s time for America to return to isolationism. Let other countries fight and die for stupid reasons.


18 November, 2017

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(Above: the fascist bundle)

The swastika is a good-looking, powerful symbol, but sadly, 90% of Americans recoil in horror when they see it — they’ve been trained to do that since infancy. I agree, very reluctantly, that it’s time to stop using the swastika in public (in private, that’s another matter). So, what symbol could be used instead of the swastika? Who knows? Maybe the fascist bundle? (But that carries its own negative reputation). Maybe the sun cross/crosswheel? Something else? Perhaps a Viking spear or something similar? Or, as some have already suggested, the Southern Nationalist flag (the “Black X”)?

[SF Forum thread].

17 November, 2017

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Do you have a friend, brother or cousin who is planning on going to college soon? Bad idea! Urge him not to attend any college. Not only will he have to take out a student loan for up to $100,000 to pay for college, but, he will also be brainwashed at college with Cultural Marxism (in other words, the colleges have been thoroughly Jewed). College is a lose/lose situation. He needs to attend a trade school instead. They are much cheaper than college, and, graduation times come much faster, too. It’s a win/win situation. Tell him to research which vocational fields will be the best ones to enter (some fields may not be viable in 20 years). In fact, a country-wide movement among White people must begin, with the message: “Say No to the Jewniversities! Don’t Get Brainwashed and Stay Out of Debt!”

16 November, 2017

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The anti-White, communist dictator, Robert Mugabe, has lost power in Chimpbabwe (which used to be a White country called Rhodesia). Now, will Mudgabe face human-rights/genocide charges at a tribunal in the Netherlands, like Radovan Karadzic did? [1]. (Nope, because Mudboy is a negro, not a White man. Only Whites are charged with “international human-rights abuses”).


[1] Mugabe should face charges for sponsoring the attempted genocide of White farmers in Zimbabwe. Mugabe sponsored an ongoing war on White people ever since he took office in 1980. Mugabe was such a political extremist (Marxist) that he was forced to spend 10 years in exile. It seems amazing that the always-concerned-about-human-rights “international community” just stood by and watched for 37 years as Mugabe abused/murdered Whites and also drove Zimbabwe into the toilet, resulting in massive poverty and misery