27 October, 2020

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Popularized (if not actually invented) by the Jewish communist/mass-murderer Leon Trotsky, the word “racist”/”racism” is bogus [1]. How so? Here’s a good example: the old University of Texas song, called “The Eyes of Texas” is now being called “racist,” even though the song does not mention, or even hint at, race, nationality or ethnicity.

Nearly everything is called “racism”/”racist” today. Even food and classical music are called racist today. And, “racism/racist” only applies to White people, never to Black or Brown or Asian people. Why?

“Racism” is a nonsense, PC, anti-White word that is usually tossed around whenever a Black or a leftist is losing an argument and wants to win the argument. “Racism!” they scream. Now they’ve got the upper hand in the argument.


[1] Trotsky used the words “racist” and “race” 4 times and 6 times, respectively in the 1933 article/essay “What Is National Socialism?”, published in June 1933; that was a record for race-baiting language in that era; if Trotsky didn’t invent those words himself, he certainly popularized them and brought them into common usage

26 October, 2020

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Fact: all over the planet, White people and only White people have led the efforts to protect animals from poachers, disease, etc. So this PC group of female, salad-eating negroes wouldn’t be conserving anything if a White, male Aussie had not founded their group in 2017 (its parent organization, IAPF, was founded in 2009 by that same Aussie) [1]. White people created the first treaty to protect wildlife in Africa with the “1900 Convention for the Preservation of Wild Animals, Birds and Fish in Africa” — which was never ratified, possibly due to a hunting ban within the treaty, which no doubt turned off hunters. (Hunting is a respectable and even necessary activity, as long as animals are not over-hunted, hence the need for hunting licenses, game management, etc.).

The point here is that, as usual, Whites must be the stewards of the earth, since no one else will be.



[1] “In 2017 IAPF founded ‘Akashinga – Nature Protected by Women’, a program that has already grown to over 170 employees, becoming the only group of nature reserves in the world to be protected by women. The goal is to employ 1000 women by 2025, protecting a network of 20 nature reserves, all managed by the IAPF.” — How woke! From the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF) website.

26 October, 2020

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Joe Biden quits live campaigning a week before the most important election in decades — this is more-or-less a concession, which wasn’t even necessary anyway: go to any Biden rally and there’s only 6 people there, and sometimes less than that.

25 October, 2020

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Yeah, yeah, okay, chicks are equal, riiiight. Two Navy soldier-chicks crash a million-dollar, turbo-prop plane, hit a house and off themselves to boot. Just thinkin’ about it, that’s all. Are chicks equal? I’m sayin’ nope. Men crash, too, but mechanical failure is usually the culprit. This smells like “chicks not integrating well with complex machinery.”

25 October, 2020

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(Above: Dr. Jacob Robinson [1889-1977], the Jew who invented the “6 million Jews” Holocaust death number in 1945; interestingly, Robinson later wrote the Holocaust Reparations Agreement between Israel and Germany in 1952. Must be just a Cohencidence, huh? Yeah…just a Cohencidence).

The Jews seem to have “a thing” about the number 6,000,000 (6 million). As far back as 1900, they were using the number regularly when referring to Jewish suffering: e.g., “6 million Jews are ________” (fill in the blank: dying, starving, feeling blue). Note that the “6 million Jews were gassed by Hitler” number didn’t arrive until mid-1945 when the Jews made the claim merely by guessing. Yes, guessing (“extrapolating”). Even after the Polish government in 1990 revised the number of deaths at Auschwitz downward (repeat, downward) by 2.5 million, the number of dead Jews that were “gassed by Hitler” remains, to this very day…you guessed it! 6 million! It’s always 6 million. (“You can’t make this up, I dare you to even try!” as Tommy Lee Jones said in “No Country For Old Men”). Furthermore, it was the Jews who decided to put the Germans on trial for ex post facto “crimes” (i.e., crimes that did not exist previously by statute; ex post facto punishment is illegal in America, hence the reason the Nuremberg “trials” were held in Germany) and to press Germany for reparations [1].



[1] According to Nahum Goldman, former President of the World Jewish Congress, “During the war the WJC (World Jewish Congress) had created an Institute of Jewish Affairs in New York (its headquarters are now in London). The directors were two great Lithuanian Jewish jurists, Jacob and Nehemiah Robinson. Thanks to them, the Institute worked out two completely revolutionary ideas: the Nuremberg tribunal and German reparations.” (Goldman, Nahum; The Jewish Paradox, Grosset & Dunlap, 1978, p. 122)

24 October, 2020

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“Even if 1.5 million acres of burned area per year indeed ends up being the “new normal” for a decade, it will still be one-third of the pre-industrial, pre-European average.

Why do activist journalists and politicians get California’s fires so wrong? Part of the reason is their determination to blame climate change for everything.” [Article].

24 October, 2020

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Now that Donald Trump has been re-elected by a landslide (he will be), you can expect the Trump-hate in America to increase dramatically.

Why is Trump so hated in America? Because everyone in the media and Hollywood hates him, and they are very loud about that hate. But they hate him less than they fear him and his supporters. Trump isn’t a “mainstream conservative” like Reagan. He’s a right-wing populist, and the Jews fear populism because it reminds them of the 1930s “radio demagogues” (e.g., Father Coughlin, Huey Long, Gerald L. K. Smith, and the America First Party). The American media, and Hollywood, are owned by Jews. Trump is also unpredictable and unconventional. The media tries to set the hate-tone about Trump for everyone else, but with little success on the whole; it’s an elite-driven, “top-down,” Jewish-led hate movement.

Another reason for Trump-hate is to send a loud “message” to anyone who might try to follow in Trump’s political footsteps after he leaves office in 2024.

(How ironic: Trump is the best friend Israel ever had; you’d think that the Jews would love Trump; of course, only about 40% of American Jews are Zionists; the rest think Israel was a bad idea, and it was — Israel’s geographic location is terrible; it’s not in a good neighborhood, and, Israel is a lightning rod for controversy and criticism, e.g., Gaza).

23 October, 2020

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Let me get this military recruiting message straight: in order to be “more able” to fight a ridiculous war with the Chinese or the Russians, America needs to get more negroes, Mexicans and women into the U.S. military? Does that make any sense? (Negroes and Mexicans have lower IQs than White people, as a rule, and women have no business being in the military, e.g., they are a huge distraction to military men). That’s like saying, “in order to become healthy, you must eat lots of junk food.” Maybe we WNs should thank the diversity-fools: such diversity will keep more White men out of the military, meaning that they’ll be far less likely to die in combat in Bumfuckistan.


22 October, 2020

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You wanted human equality? Well, you got it, baby! Chubby is “the new beautiful.” This means, by default, that “pretty is the new ugly.” (Trivia: attractive people tend to be smarter than ugly people [1]). So look for hideous Jews on all magazine covers soon; these days, up is down; day is night; right is wrong; everything is inverted today. Thanks, media Jews. [Article].


[1] research article “Intelligence and Physical Attractiveness” by Satoshi Kanazawa, Intelligence, 2011

22 October, 2020

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Halloween (1978); starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Tom Atkins.

The Fog (1980); starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Adrienne Barbeau.

The Howling (1981); starring Dee Wallace and Christopher Stone.

Race With the Devil (1975); starring Peter Fonda and Loretta Swit.