18 November, 2017

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(Above: the fascist bundle)

The swastika is a good-looking, powerful symbol, but sadly, 90% of Americans recoil in horror when they see it — they’ve been trained to do that since infancy. I agree, very reluctantly, that it’s time to stop using the swastika in public (in private, that’s another matter). So, what symbol could be used instead of the swastika? Who knows? Maybe the fascist bundle? (But that carries its own negative reputation). Maybe the sun cross/crosswheel? Something else? Perhaps a Viking spear or something similar? Or, as some have already suggested, the Southern Nationalist flag (the “Black X”)?

[SF Forum thread].

17 November, 2017

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Do you have a friend, brother or cousin who is planning on going to college soon? Bad idea! Urge him not to attend any college. Not only will he have to take out a student loan for up to $100,000 to pay for college, but, he will also be brainwashed at college with Cultural Marxism (in other words, the colleges have been thoroughly Jewed). College is a lose/lose situation. He needs to attend a trade school instead. They are much cheaper than college, and, graduation times come much faster, too. It’s a win/win situation. Tell him to research which vocational fields will be the best ones to enter (some fields may not be viable in 20 years). In fact, a country-wide movement among White people must begin, with the message: “Say No to the Jewniversities! Don’t Get Brainwashed and Stay Out of Debt!”

16 November, 2017

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The anti-White, communist dictator, Robert Mugabe, has lost power in Chimpbabwe (which used to be a White country called Rhodesia). Now, will Mudgabe face human-rights/genocide charges at a tribunal in the Netherlands, like Radovan Karadzic did? [1]. (Nope, because Mudboy is a negro, not a White man. Only Whites are charged with “international human-rights abuses”).


[1] Mugabe should face charges for sponsoring the attempted genocide of White farmers in Zimbabwe. Mugabe sponsored an ongoing war on White people ever since he took office in 1980. Mugabe was such a political extremist (Marxist) that he was forced to spend 10 years in exile. It seems amazing that the always-concerned-about-human-rights “international community” just stood by and watched for 37 years as Mugabe abused/murdered Whites and also drove Zimbabwe into the toilet, resulting in massive poverty and misery

15 November, 2017

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“The most important thing for us to do now is what we have been doing, and that is to help people understand what is happening to America, to the world, to our civilization, to our people. And I’m not talking about helping the lemmings understand. Lemmings never have understood anything and don’t want to understand anything. Lemmings just want to do what they believe they’re expected to do: whatever the other lemmings are doing. If you strapped a lemming in a chair and explained to him 14 times in the simplest possible language that if he keeps going in the same direction he’ll go over a cliff, he still won’t understand, and he won’t care. To change the direction of a lemming you must persuade him that all the other lemmings are changing direction, and the only feasible way of doing that is to change the flavor of what he sees on television. There’s not much chance of our acquiring control of the television networks any time soon, so we just have to accept the fact that the lemmings will continue happily toward the precipice for the time being.”


15 November, 2017

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How many, many times have I seen this sort of thing? Several hundred times, at least: essays, videos and books telling me that “we are all Americans, regardless of race.” Here’s an idea for people who say that: get a good Western Civilization book, preferably one that was written in the 1950s or 1960s, before Cultural Marxism started taking over [1]. Read the book cover-to-cover. Then maybe you will understand that Western culture is White culture. It’s only White culture. It’s not Black culture, it’s not Brown culture, it’s not Asian culture, and it’s not Jewish culture.


[1] here are a few good books about Western Civ: [Books]

14 November, 2017

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Ask yourself these questions, White man: “Is my country healthy when there’s a mass shooting nearly every week? When the Mexican border leaks like a sieve? When homosexuals serve openly in Congress? When ‘transgender’ freaks are portrayed as ‘normal’? When Jews control the banks, the media and Hollywood? When America fights a new war every 10 years, usually for Israel’s benefit? When negroes roam freely, assaulting and killing Whites?” You know the answer to those questions, White man. It’s time to save America. It’s time to embrace White nationalism. Not later. Now.


13 November, 2017

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Israel is now 75% Jewish? How on earth did that happen? Someone has been doing some serious ethnic cleansing (and it wasn’t the Palestinians who did it).


13 November, 2017

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A Western scene by Dalhart Windberg (click image to enlarge; title of painting unknown)

12 November, 2017

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(Above: the Jew, Leo Pasvolsky, the man who created the framework for, and wrote the charter for, the United Nations, founded in 1945; the communist/Soviet agent Harry “the Hop” Hopkins has been credited for “saving” the UN founding conference in San Francisco in 1945 by meeting with and appeasing Soviet thug Joe Stalin; there were so many communists involved in the founding of the UN that it’s surprising that anyone takes the UN seriously; why is America even involved with the UN?)

You’ve heard of Political Science courses at universities? Well, green Marxism really is “political science.” Those who don’t embrace the ideas of green Marxism are portrayed as fools or as morally bankrupt scoundrels. (It was previously called “global warming” but the green Marxists had to change the name to “climate change” once the so-called climate-change-deniers discovered scientific evidence that the earth was not getting warmer at the rate that the green Marxists claimed)[1]. Green Marxism is another global scheme in a world full of global schemes.

[1] there was zero “global warming” from February 1997 to October 2015 (that’s almost 19 years); the earth’s temperature has naturally fluctuated over the centuries

9 November, 2017

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Jealousy and envy are very powerful things. The leftists and the non-Whites hate us not because we’re “racists.” They hate us because Whites gave the world to mankind; Whites “set the bar” as high as it will ever, ever go. That’s a tough pill to swallow.