28 August, 2016

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In other words, the international bankers want Japan to commit cultural suicide via immigration (and go deeper into debt by default) in order to please the Holy God of Economic Growth. It’s total globalist baloney. First of all, economic growth cannot continue forever, since resources (whether natural or otherwise) will eventually peter out. No country has unlimited resources. No country can grow and grow forever. It’s impossible. Second of all, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with simply maintaining your economy at a certain level (i.e., not increasing growth every year). “Growth” is treated like some sort of wonderful cure-all everywhere in the world, but it’s all globalist bullshit. The “you need more growth!” claim is a fancy excuse for the New World Order crowd to push the New World Order agenda.


27 August, 2016

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Read the first reader comment under this article. Here’s part of it:


“One result of a Clinton victory in November will be the disillusionment of the White majority with the political system. Rather than bemoaning this outcome, we should embrace it as this outcome probably serves our purposes better than a Trump victory. Our people will not be mentally prepared to embrace the kind of revolutionary changes needed until they have lost all hope of securing their interests within the existing system.”

Is a Donald Trump victory in the November election merely “false hope”? Would a Hillary Clinton victory in November actually be better for White people by forcing them to think racially (many of them for the very first time) and “outside of the box”? I wonder what Dr. Pierce would think about those questions. Those of you who knew Dr. Pierce personally, please comment here.


27 August, 2016

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What’s the difference between George W. Bush’s Middle East foreign policy and Obama’s? No difference that I can tell. It’s all Zionism. Anyway, here’s a radical idea: instead of getting into confrontations with Iran, maybe the U.S. should stay out of the northern Persian Gulf, which is basically Iranian territory? Think about it: I wonder how the U.S. navy would like an Iranian warship cruising near Florida or New York? You think such a cruising would be well-received? Betcha not! Betcha the U.S. navy would be quite alarmed at an Iranian warship near our coast. Isn’t it time for the U.S. government to reject Zionism and bring the troops home once and for all? If the Jews are so worried about Iran, why isn’t Israel cruising the northern Persian Gulf? Don’t the Jews have ships? (Yes, they do).


26 August, 2016

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If a country has no borders, then it isn’t a country! Hence the reason EU leaders don’t want borders. By the way: isn’t committing White genocide (via Brown immigration and multiculturalism) a crime in Europe? Yes, it is, under the 1951 Genocide Convention! [1]. That Convention has been ratified by most White countries, including Germany, France and Italy. Europe’s leaders are violating the Genocide Convention and committing genocide against White people. (Those who think that Brown immigration isn’t genocide against White people can look at photos of London, England in 1955 and photos of it now).


[1] genocide is defined as “destroying or attempting to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group”

25 August, 2016

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As you read this article, keep in mind that Islam, like Christianity, has Jewish roots (yeah, it seems like everything has Jewish roots) [1].


[1] note this interesting comment about the Semitic religions from VNN poster “fd”: “Hinduism, Buddhism and paganism never waged war on others with respect to their belief system, so far as I know. It’s the warlike, megalomaniac Semitic religions that demand bloodshed” — fd, 17 February, 2015

24 August, 2016

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“With the exception of the Pacific theater, the two primary forces in opposition in World War II were Europe and Jewry. The Germans fought for Europe, and the Americans, the British, the Russians, and the various communist partisan groups fought for Jewry. Europe — and the West — lost the war, and one of the reasons we lost (though certainly not the only reason) was that the Germans just weren’t brutal enough. They were mentally and morally unprepared to wage war Jewish-style.

When the Germans encountered guerrilla opposition in France and in the occupied eastern and southeastern territories, they just couldn’t cope with it — much as Americans found themselves unable to cope with guerrillas in the Indochina more recently. The Germans took hostages, and they even shot a few, but that was just what the guerrillas wanted them to do. The Germans never were able to solve the guerrilla problem, and they were obliged to devote a major portion of their military effort to it throughout the war.”


24 August, 2016

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(Of course, there already is a Jewish lobotomy device for the gentiles: the TV)


23 August, 2016

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How about a new Pledge of Allegiance?: “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the Soviet States of America, and to the equalocracy for which it stands, 10 nations, under Marx, really divided, with liberty and justice for a few.”


21 August, 2016

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Brazil: a multicultural “casserole” of Blacks, Browns, Reds, Yellows, Whites and every other race. Brazil is full of crime, corruption, incompetence, poverty, disease, filthy beaches, filthy water, to name a few bad features. (Brazil had 7 years to prepare to host the 2016 Olympic Games, but it was still very unprepared – so much so that it had no anti-algae chemicals to prevent the Olympic diving pool from turning green from algae). Brazil is a great example of why race matters.

20 August, 2016

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Everyone knows that White people have given the world many, many great things. For example:

1. electricity
2. the telephone
3. the lightbulb
4. the airplane
5. the automobile
6. the refrigerator
7. the computer
8. the air conditioner
9. democracy (okay, maybe that isn’t a great thing after all).

Now, let’s make a list of all the great things that Black people have given the world: