19 January, 2017

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– Creating a Moratorium on Immigration into America

– Abolishing or Amending Affirmative Action (it’s unconstitutional and racist against Whites; it restricts freedom of association)

– Abolishing or Amending the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1968 (they’re unconstitutional and racist against Whites; they restrict freedom of association)

– Abolishing the Federal Reserve System (it’s inflationary by default)

– Abolishing the 1996 Lautenberg Anti-Gun Law (it’s unconstitutional, i.e., a misdemeanor crime conviction voids your Second Amendment rights)

– Declare, in writing, that America is a Western country; furthermore, declare that America must reject multiculturalism because it is incompatible with Western culture

18 January, 2017

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The late federal judge and author Robert H. Bork said something important about American culture. White nationalists might want to repeat it again and again. Why? Bork had enough “mainstream legitimacy” that many people will pay attention to his words.

“What needs to be said is that American culture is Eurocentric, and it must remain Eurocentric or collapse into meaninglessness. Standards of European and American origin are the only possible standards that can hold our society together and keep us a competent nation.”
-— from the book “Slouching Towards Gomorrah” (New York; ReganBooks, 1996) by Robert H. Bork, p. 311

(Okay, granted, Bork should have used the word “White” instead of “Eurocentric.” But he didn’t, for certain reasons, such as getting his books published in New York).

18 January, 2017

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“But in America we became careless — as we often had been careless in Europe too. After we had whipped the Indians and tamed the frontier and built cities and railroads in America, we admitted into our midst a different and very dangerous sort of person, who did not share our blood or our history or our values. We admitted the Jews, who in many cases looked physically similar to our own people, but whose souls were the product of quite a different evolution: they were the product of the marketplaces of the Middle East, where they had been bred for hundreds of generations. They came to us with false faces and false tongues, and we didn’t know how to deal with them. They presented themselves as persecuted victims seeking freedom and justice, when in fact they were persecutors and victimizers seeking new victims. They spoke to us of the virtues of tolerance and diversity and openness and acceptance, when in fact they were the most exclusive and intolerant people on earth. They thought of themselves as a select race, a Chosen People, superior to all other peoples and the rightful owners of all the wealth of every nation.”


17 January, 2017

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Isn’t it suspicious that there is only one thing in the world that is illegal to question? [1]. How strange is that? It’s very strange indeed! Thanks to Jewish political power, free speech has nearly vanished in the White countries. Newbies, forget the Holocaust “gassing” claims. They’re pure nonsense. Sure, some people died in camps such as Auschwitz and Dachau (Jews and non-Jews), but they didn’t die from “gassing.” Most died from starvation or diseases such as typhus. And “six million” Jews died? Nope. More like 100,000 or 200,000 (and that’s a liberal estimate). Jews spread the “gassing” fable in order to get Israel, and it worked: they got it in 1948.


[1] in most White countries, it’s illegal to question any part of “The Holocaust,” no matter how trivial it might be

16 January, 2017

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Says the negro congressman John Lewis. Well, with that in mind, here’s an interesting quote about Lewis:

“From 1962-64, Lewis was a sponsor and vice chairman of a Communist Party USA (CPUSA) front group known as the National Committee to Abolish the House Un-American Activities Committee.”

So Lewis is legit, huh? How many people have been murdered by communism since 1917? About 90 million. And 40 million more have been oppressed by communism. Has Trump ever been a communist or supported or worked for a communist front group? Research does not turn up any such behavior.


15 January, 2017

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Various artists, from a gallery in Spain: [Here].

14 January, 2017

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(Above: the “French” Jew, Jacques Derrida [1930-2004])

One queer/tranny/other person is known as “They”? How stupid. One person cannot be called “they,” which refers to more than one person. Enough of this baloney. By the way, this baloney has a name and an origin: it’s known as deconstruction/deconstructionism, which can be basically defined as: “words and phrases can mean whatever you want them to mean and can be used any way that you desire, because evil White males created the Western languages, which for the last 2,500 years have been fake and robotic and mind-controlling and oppressive and they work against non-Whites and non-males, so therefore Western languages are oppressive frauds, so therefore you may twist and alter the words of Western languages to your liking; the words can mean anything you want!” The origin of deconstructionism is the Jew named Jacques Derrida. (Interestingly, according to Derrida, only White languages are fake and oppressive. Non-White languages are legit and okay. In other words, Derrida was a typical Jewish nation-wrecker who was bent on destroying White culture, just like his fellow Jews Marx, Freud and Horkheimer; Derrida was, more or less, a late Critical Theorist who had the same anti-White goal as Horkheimer and the other Frankfurt Schoolers. How ironic that, if any culture is fake, it’s Jewish culture. In fact, Jews can be described as “a race of swindlers, charlatans and con-artists”).


13 January, 2017

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Seen: a female TV host thanking a U.S. soldier who served in Iraq or Afghanistan for “your service to our country.” Service to our country? What do you mean? I hear that completely inaccurate thank-you all the time. The implication is that the soldier is somehow defending America. Granted, those soldiers are brave – probably braver than most of us. I would not want to dodge bullets in combat. But, let’s be clear: it’s been decades since any U.S. soldier fought to defend America. Fighting in Iraq isn’t defending America. Ditto Afghanistan, ditto Vietnam, ditto Korea. (Furthermore, the only reason ISIS and similar groups exist is because of America’s Zionist foreign policies. Our wars today are actually Israel’s wars) [1].


[1] America has only been attacked twice by enemy countries: by Japan in 1941 in Hawaii (an attack that Roosevelt deliberately provoked) and by Britain in 1812 at Fort Mackinac, Michigan

11 January, 2017

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Perhaps you will remember that in my broadcast three weeks ago, just as NATO troops were beginning to enter Serbia and the Serbian army was leaving Kosovo province, I predicted this. I told you, and I quote: “It’s clear that a lot of Serbs are going to get their throats cut during the next few days, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the controlled news media in the United States will not be showing you any heart-rending views of the victims, and Madeleine Albright won’t be making any statements about the need to protect the Serbs from ethnic cleansing by the Albanians.” — end of quote — That’s what I told you in my broadcast of June 12, as the Serbian army was beginning to withdraw from Kosovo.

And you know, that was not a difficult prediction to make. Anyone who has bothered to learn a little about the Balkans could have made the same prediction. The rule in that part of the world is: disturb the status quo, and there will be hell to pay.”


10 January, 2017

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It’s about time. Labor unions raped America two-fold: 1) they bankrupted all of the factories, and 2) they financed dozens of liberal political programs (via union dues money) in most of the American states. Trivia: two Jews built America’s labor union network. Samuel Gompers pioneered the labor part and Sidney Hillman pioneered the political part. Furthermore, many communists were involved in labor unions.