24 March, 2006

Double Standards and Dieudonné

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[Little Green Footballs, a prominent Ashkenazi-appeaser site, expresses deep concern about a black comedian in France who doesn’t like jews. Seems that’s all the rage with the audience, these days. Goyim making fun of jews is like jews making fun of, say, French. Except it’s not funny and you must never, ever do it. Why the thin skin, jews? Isn’t the god of the swindle on your side, and haint that enough deity to take care of Frogtown?]

French Antisemitism Watch

One of the most popular comedians in France is Dieudonné—an antisemitic, hate-spewing lunatic fond of dressing up in Nazi uniforms.

When the curtain rises, he is greeted with roars and whoops by a packed, multi-racial audience, which is young, trendy, intellectual and left-wing. Many of them have come straight from the latest demonstration against the government’s new jobs law for the young.

Much of Dieudonné’s show – “Le Depot du Bilanâ€? (The Bankruptcy) – is surreally funny. …

All through the show, however, something else intrudes, something darker and more sinister. Dieudonn̩ is obsessed with Jews. All races, even his own mixed black and white origins, get a gentle mickey-taking in his show. When Jews are mentioned Рand they are mentioned over and over again Рthe tone becomes more aggressive, even violent.

In one skit, Bernard-Henri Lévy, the Jewish-French philosopher, haggles with a street potato seller. Dieudonné/Lévy says: “How can you ask me to pay so much when six million of us died in the Holocaust?â€? Roars of delight from the audience. There is also a Hitler-in-his-bunker sketch which is moderately funny until the closing line: “You will see, in the future, people will come to realise that I, Adolf Hitler, was really a moderate.â€? …

Dieudonné proceeds by the kind of nudge-nudge, coded provocation that has long been the stock in trade of the anti-Semitic far right in France. He had been prosecuted 17 times for inciting racial hatred, or denying the Holocaust, but had won every case before his recent condemnation. If you put a few of his comments together, however, the Dieudonné message becomes pretty clear.

On Beur FM, a radio station directed at young people of North African origin, he said in March last year: “In my children’s school books, I ripped out the pages on the Shoah. I will continue to do so as long as our pain is not recognised.�

In December 2003, he appeared on a French chat and comedy show dressed as an Israeli West Bank colonist and ended his skit with a Nazi salute and shouted: “Israel-heil�. In his statement announcing his intention to run for the presidency, he launched an attack on the French Jewish association CRIF (Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France). It was, he said, a “Zionist organisation of the extreme right that gathers all our leaders at the beginning of the year to share with them a roadmap or an agenda for the year ahead�.

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  7. 4 Responses to “Double Standards and Dieudonné”

    1. Will Says:

      All the world’s a stage, and we are all merely players.

      The jew plays a friend to this or that person, this or that cause, this or that movement, this or that organization, depending on whether there is money to be made and if it can be manipulated to be “good for jews” (profitable so that further agendas may be monetarily advanced).

      But they are truly friends to none but themselves.

      They are the enemies of all mankind, no matter who. It is them against the rest of humanity, as always. All sides and all viewpoints should meet in agreement on the jewish question: no jews, just right.

    2. alex Says:

      it’s a pay-per-view article..

      Heard the one about the racist black comedian?
      Dieudonné’s one-man show is all the rage in Paris but his act is virulently anti-semitic, exploiting the anger that exploded among young Arabs and blacks in the suburbs last autumn. Now he is talking about running for the Presidency. John Lichfield meets the controversial comic
      Published: 22 March 2006

      Stand-up comedy, or “le one-man-show”, is all the rage in Paris these days. (Riots are not the only show in town.) One of the most talented, and popular, French comedians of his generation, Dieudonné, is launching a new season at his cosy, scruffy little theatre, the Théatre de la Main-d’Or, near the Bastille.

      When the curtain rises, he is greeted with roars and whoops by a packed, multi-racial audience, which is young, trendy, intellectual and left-wing. Many of them have come straight from the latest demonstration against the government’s new jobs law for the young.

    3. alex Says:

      You’re right, Will. Jews take pains to emphasize they’re individuals, the minute you consider them as a group. What they don’t want known, and as D’s case show, they’ll sue repeatedly to stop, are simple, factual descriptions of the way they pile association on federation on congress in purusing their collective agenda.

      Us and them is the first rule of politics. We are White. They are jews.

      Anyone who tells you otherwise – Jared Taylor, Nick Griffin, CCC – is not your friend.

    4. alex Says:

      Reminds me of Goebbels in Berlin, and how the yids and top cop they mocked as “Isidor” was always dragging them into court for contempt of kikery.

      Es isst shver, ein yid zu seyn. No one will obey the laws. Look to the sign Mr. Goy. No dogs or jew-critics allowed. Oy, they just won’t obey, these dirty beasts.