28 March, 2006

Of Dungys and Double Standards

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Death of a Hero???? by J.B. Cash

(1/5/06) The suicide of James Dungy, eldest son of Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy, highlighted the many media biases and the social dysfunction that is so rampant in the new millennium. The first thing that comes to mind is the tremendous coverage of what should be a private matter. James Dungy was not a public figure or a media personality; his father, though well known, is merely a football coach.

A few years ago a story of this type would not have been covered except with the slightest of mentions. What purpose does it serve to wallow in the sorrow and pain of the Dungy family? Is there some higher social good that is achieved by the endless reporting, the excruciating details, and the repetitive coverage of one of those occurrences which make up life’s daily tragedies?

No, there isn’t. It is merely a reflection of what has become of our “free press” and the public’s unhealthy appetite to pry into other people’s business. Not so long ago people would have been horrified to see this sort of thing dominate news coverage. What else is there to say about it? How can the pain of a parent losing a child in that manner be something of interest to so many people? Our country has become a nation full of busybodies, wanting to know everything about everyone else and yet still complaining that they have no privacy.

Oddly enough, when the all of the prying, all of the media snooping, and all of the internet research turned up some of the juicy details that are secretly desired by the know-it-all know-nothings, those embarrassing details were nearly completely ignored. Can there be anything more ridiculous than a search for dirt only to cover up or ignore the dirt as soon as it is found?

James Dungy was a troubled young man. He was not a child, he was 18 years old. Old enough to vote, old enough to fight in battle, old enough to be responsible for the person he was. What kind of a person was he? Well to read the news on him you would find that he was “religious,” “happy,” and “well-liked.” This is what other people said about him. But then you read his webpage and a different person appears.

The first thing you see on his personal website is a menacing picture of the 18-year-old with a bandana over his face with a rap song playing, along with praise for the D.C. snipers (John Allen Muhammad and his gay lover/adopted son Malvo), and images of weapons and drugs. Dungy’s heroes (?) were the D.C. Snipers, Malcolm X, and the Black Panthers. Why? He writes: “cause they let ya’ll crackas kno tha ya’ll aren’t carzy race in the world, plus nobody would ever guess tha they were black (i thought they were white). Malcolm X, and the Black Panthers. oh yea say werd my black Pac, and in case ya’ll didn’t kno he is alive and i’ve seen visual footage.”

So James Dungy considered as his heroes people who were violently racist and hated white people to the point of killing them. Isn’t that special! One would think that the holder of such opinions would be criticized in the media. The media is all about love and diversity and togetherness between peoples. With James Dungy you have an avowed racist, who hates a group of people (whites) merely because of the color of their skin. Yet there was not a word of criticism about his “beliefs”.

As a matter of fact his death was celebrated. Thousands of people turned up to mourn him at his funeral, many highly placed people offered condolences, and the Indianapolis Colts even painted his initials on the back of their helmets. The team’s season is now a “win one for James” quest for the title.

Imagine if a white coach had a son that died in the same manner. And think of the media response to his website where he was pictured dressed as a Nazi, where he praised Hitler and spoke glowingly of the KKK. Do you think that would have been overlooked? Do you think that the coach’s team would wear his initials?!?! Would thousands of people lovingly remember his life?

There you have it. The undeniable double standard that is going to someday rip this country apart. In America, if you are white and you are considered even the least bit anti-minority, if you even mention the unmentionable dreaded N-word, if you even hint at a small bit of bias toward non-whites, or if you profess to support proven scientific evidence that is considered anti-black, then you are an unrepentant, unforgivable racist and no matter how much you grovel and apologize the media will treat you like a pariah until, and after, the day that you die.

Celebrate your funeral? HAH! They will celebrate that you are dead. Tribute? Hardly. They will instead attempt to wash away every trace you made while alive. Hero? Not possible. Any accomplishments you have achieved will be brushed away and forgotten.

But if you are black in America you can be a loathsome person, you can have utter, unmasked contempt for the white race and it will be possible for you to be placed upon a pedestal of worship.

Celebrate James Dungy? That’s nothing compared to what goes on every day. Consider the boxer Jack Johnson, a vile anti-white racist who was an abuser of women, thief, criminal and all-around thug. He is now a “hero” and our children are taught as much. A whole crop of celebrities are agitating for a presidential pardon for a crime for which there is no doubt that Johnson committed. All just to give a reason to celebrate someone who openly hated white people.

How about Malcolm X, he also did not hide his hatred of white people, he admitted that he enjoyed hearing of the deaths of white people. He was a pimp, a thief, and a drug abuser. Now he is a hero, and schools are named after him.

And there is Muhammad Ali, who once said black women should be killed if they associate with white men. He reveled in beating white boxers up, and he hated America and everything it stood for. Now “America” cannot throw enough awards at him before he finally goes to his eternal reward, which it is hoped, is a spot in hell with the other aforementioned “heroes.”

Marion Barry, crack user, whoremonger, white-hater, also an esteemed black politician. Louis Farrakahn, charlatan, preacher of anti-white bigotry — say hello to BET’s “Man of the Year.” And on it goes.

So there it is. America, and all of white culture, has lost its moral compass. A whole race has decided en masse that it will punish its own people for the smallest bit of racial enmity but will celebrate as heroes members of another race that wish death upon them. Someday the backlash will occur, but until then we will have to endure the hero worship of people like James Dungy.

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    1. Apollonian Says:

      Irony Built On Sports Journalism
      (Apollonian, 28 Mar 06)

      Cash is incisive for analysis, but doubt not sports is also seen as the Romans judged the gladiators, as grim-faced gamblers. Martin Luther Coon (King) day is already great enough reduction-to-absurd, the iconography of empire against the people–so what else is new? Cash is brilliant protrayer of the cultural irony–exactly that one might expect in Spengler’s “Decline of the West,” eh? Now how’s that for some history induced upon sports journalism? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian