17 March, 2006

Movie Review: ‘Brokeback Mountain’

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I finally had the opportunity to see the much ballyhooed “gay cowboy� movie, “Brokeback Mountain.� But just as I had suspected, the film simply didn’t measure up to all of the hype. Two positive things about it though: the scenery is spectacular and there are no niggers or jews in the cast. No, wait a minute; Jake (Jacob Benjamin) Gyllenhaal, who plays rodeo cowboy Jack Twist, is a jew. While there are no doubt gay cowboys in real life, it’s probably stretching it bit to believe there are jewish cowboys. It’s an occupation that requires considerable physical labor, something jews are notorious for avoiding. So I’ll amend my statement to read that there are no jewish characters in the cast. As to the scenery, the closing credits confirm what I had already suspected: the movie was filmed not in Wyoming, but rather in the Alberta’s much more majestic Canadian Rockies. Wyoming, except for perhaps the Tetons and parts of Yellowstone, has no such awe-inspiring vistas.

The “love story� is tedious and boring, and not even particularly daring given the avalanche of homosexual-themed movies and TV shows we have been bombarded with over the past 20 years. Jack’s fuckmate, Ennis Del Mar (Heath Ledger), who rarely opens his mouth, is anything but your stereotypical flaming queen. In fact, neither of these cowboys considers himself “gay� (“Hey, I ain’t no queer.�), and in fact their behavior may more accurately be described as bi-sexual. Both of them marry and have children after that first lustful summer spent together herding sheep on Brokeback Mountain. Both men go their separate ways in life – Ennis in Wyoming and Jack in Texas – although they manage to get together for fishless “fishing trips� at least once a year. After an agonizingly slow beginning, the next 20 years seemingly go by in a flash, although the two main characters never appear to age.

“Brokeback Mountain� has evidently polarized audiences more so than any other recent film I can think of. Yahoo’s website has over 5,000 reader reviews posted, and these reviewers invariably give the movie either an A+ or an F at a ratio of about four to one. Nothing in between; the Christians hate the movie while the liberals gush about how “sensitive� and touching and tragic, etc., etc. this whole affair is. In spite of the fact the film’s initial release was obviously targeted to a homosexual audience (It first opened only in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.), it is by no means an agenda-driven plea for “gay rights.� Surprisingly, the day I saw the movie, the audience was mostly made up of old ladies. You could probably take all the sex out of the film and still have a story about lifetime friendship (“Open Range� comes to mind.), but doing so would require much more character development and of course wouldn’t be as titillating. I’m sure the movie’s producers are delighted by all the jokes coming from Jay Leno and other comedians; such publicity can’t be bought for any price.

In fact there are very few overt sexual scenes and these are tastefully handled and mercifully short. The main problem I have with the film is that we don’t really know what motivates these two characters — what attracts them to each other — besides carnal lust. One of them, Jack, dreams of them leaving their wives and buying a ranch together, but the more practical Ennis realizes such a life is just not in the cards, even after his wife leaves him. In the end, when Ennis receives the news that Jack has died in a freak accident, I felt little emotion toward what should have been a very emotional scene.

One thing that did hit me emotionally is the abject poverty surrounding these cowboys. It is not the glamorous life Western mythology has made it out to be; it is highly uncertain but very hard work for extremely low wages, the “Marlboro Man� notwithstanding. Dramatizing this fact is perhaps the best feature of “Brokeback Mountain.�

While the movie itself doesn’t promote a political agenda, I have no doubt that the voters for the Academy Awards will think otherwise and select it as an Oscar winner for strictly political reasons. In my opinion, no one – not director Ang Lee, not Heath Ledger, and certainly not jew Jacob Gyllenhaal — deserves any kind of award for this mediocre flick.


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  7. 5 Responses to “Movie Review: ‘Brokeback Mountain’”

    1. John Says:

      ‘it’s probably stretching it bit to believe there are jewish cowboys’.

      Well Kinky Friedman is another repulsive kike posing as a cowboy.

    2. JoeSixPack Says:

      “In the end, when Ennis receives the news that Jack has died in a freak accident, I felt little emotion toward what should have been a very emotional scene.”

      That’s not a freak accident… If you watch closely you can see the faggot get beat down, probably for grabbing the wrong guy’s crotch. They slam a tire iron into his face. I posted a picture of it on the forum somewhere but I don’t feel like digging it up.

    3. van helsing Says:

      If the job requires derring do or involves significant physical work, there wont be a tribe member anywhere near it. Name one of the great American pioneers who was jewish.

    4. alex Says:

      ‘Jack Twist’ – great name. Has anybody ever read the broad who wrote the story behind this fagitprop?

    5. Mark Richards Says:

      I’d like to see someone remake this movie with only one single change – instead of two men, make the leads brother and sister. Then we could sit back and watch the critics and apologists squirm.