30 March, 2006

A Bilge Too Far

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Do they teach anything but Holocaust in so-called school these days?

Do parents ever ask why their kids are subjected to jewish lies?

Let the vermicious yids teach lies to their own larvae in their own mounds. Time for separation of gasogoguery and state.

star.jpg School’s ‘Holocaust’ Experiment Upsets Parents

Dad: Son Cried Over Becoming Jew For Day

Several parents in Apopka, Fla., are upset over a surprise school “Holocaust” project that some say tormented children, according to a Local 6 News report.

Local 6 News reported that eighth-graders with last names beginning with L through Z at Apopka Memorial Middle School were given yellow five-pointed stars for Holocaust Remembrance Day. Other students were privileged, the report said.

Father John Tinnelly said his son was forced to stand in the back of the classroom and not allowed to sit because he was wearing the yellow star.”He was forced to go to the back of the lunch line four times by an administrator,” Tinnelly said.Tinnelly said the experiment upset his child. “He was crying,” Tinnelly said. “I said, ‘What are you crying about?’ He said, ‘Daddy, I was a Jew today.’

“Other parents and children shared similar stories, Tinnelly said.”They were told that they could not use the water fountains,” Tinnely said. “There was even a sign supposedly at one water fountain (saying) if you’re wearing a yellow star , you can’t use this water fountain.”

Tinnelly said he believes it is important to teach the Holocaust, but apparently little was learned during the experiment.

“I tried to talk to my son and I asked all of these questions and the only thing he said is, ‘Daddy, the only thing I found out today is I don’t want to be Jewish,'” Tinnelly said.”

Children were selected to be persecuted or privileged, some not told the rule,” Local 6 reporter Gerald Reznick said. “Parents tell Local 6 they were not told prior to the school-wide experiment.”

“Teachers felt that it would have defeated the purpose to tell the students ahead of time because that would have prepared them,” Principal Douglas Guthrie said. “Students came in and all they got was a star.”

“This was supposed to be a creative way to teach the horrors of the Holocaust but unfortunately, it has sparked controversy and more importantly, it has sparked conversation,” Reznick said. “We have now heard from nearly a dozen parents (who are) very upset.”

Local 6 News aired a statement from The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida; “Of course, we applaud Apopka (Memorial) Middle School’s effort to engage in Holocaust education with the hope of a tolerance education component in the classroom. That is the mission of The Center to teach tolerance through Holocaust remembrance and education. However, we do not encourage nor train teachers to engage in simulation exercises.”

Guthrie admitted that he would do some things differently in the exercise because of complaints but said some kids got the message, Reznick said.”They need to know, we don’t want history to repeat itself,” Guthrie said.


[This is child abuse, to be taught jewish lies before one’s mind is equipped to see them for what they are. Parents, if you won’t remove your child from these insane asylums, then the least you can do is march down to your local school board meeting and demand that imaginary jewish sufferings not be made the soul and substance of your child’s imprisonment. Free yourself from mental slavery: dare to doubt the Biggest Life of all – the Holocaust.]

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  7. 9 Responses to “A Bilge Too Far”

    1. Mark Says:

      Some parents should engage in a similar exercise, where the teachers are the Jews and the parents are the Gestapo who proceed to beat the hell out of those insane teachers responsible.

    2. Henry Says:

      You would cry too Alex

    3. BOB Says:

      Well guthrie , as far as i can see a re-run of the holo-hoax might be beneficial to all concerned, we are experiencing the same thing in England,only they have our kids pretending to be muslim ,with compases to find the east and prayer mats, my children are all grown up and flown , but i am truly astonished that parents accept crap like this,they seem to think that they are not allowed to object, poor sheep, personally i would have been straight down to the school and object in person with the aid of a baseball bat, one of the most useful things america ever invented.

    4. Jim Says:

      Since most of the children are probably Christlings, why not an exercise in History where Christians were made to suffer? They would identify more with that. Or how about the Palestinians … history be repeatin’ itself right now an’ shit!

    5. Tim P. Says:

      I too am a fan of the baseball bat. I’d love to see the English putting it to good use en masse.

    6. Strom Says:

      This is a violation of the “separation of church and state” that the Supreme Court has read into the First Amendment.

    7. Pete Says:

      I don’t see the problem. I think the kids with the stars should go back to school next week and demand their money and property that was taken from them during the “holoco$t” day. After that, they need to march into the cafeteria and charge the school a Kosher tax on all meals served. The janitors closet can be turned into a school bank and a new local teachers union can be set up. The possibilities are endless for these new jewish kids.

    8. Harry Tuttle Says:

      I propose an educational re-enactment nationwide of 1930’s post-Weimar Germany. With gentiles playing the part of gentiles and jews playing the part of jews. I feel this exercise would help us all to appreciate what persecuted people like the jews had to endure during this era. We should have a night where we firebomb all their places of business, followed by publicly beating them in the streets, hanging some of them from streetlights and putting the rest of them on boxcars. It would the ultimate Holocaust(tm) learning experience.

    9. Lutjens Says:

      I think we should re-enact the real Holocuast – the Bolshevik Revolution and the slaughter of white Russians and other Europeans for decades after. Be sure to include all the ‘American’ bankers and businessmen that financed this.