12 March, 2006

A Nose for Ethics, Those Jews

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Just last week I visited a well-known high school in Jerusalem. A good many of the students I spoke to told me appalling things. They said: When we are soldiers, we will kill old people, women and children without giving it a thought. They said: We will expel them, we will put them on planes and fly them to Iraq. We will fly hundreds of thousands of them. Millions. And most of the students in the audience applauded those opinions. They supported them even when I pointed out that that is how people talked 60 years ago in Europe.

— Avrum Burg, former Speaker of the Knesset: On The Eve Of Destruction

Enjoy the comments surrounding this quote from jew Debbie Schluessel, an exceptionally vicious she-jew maquillaging as Aryan.

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    1. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      What is wrong with this? The Sand Negroes must be resettled in the East to make room for the rest of world Jewry. They stand in the way of Zionism.

    2. LD Says:

      This just further proves what they are. I don’t know what can be done to stop this kind of thing. Yes, the Palestinians suffer so much, and it’s truly wrong. But, the rest of the world IS controlled/manipulated by them. How/what can be done to counter this huge ‘machine’?

    3. Josh Says:

      How can I get Peter Shank archives?

    4. alex Says:

      Through VNN Media Index.

    5. Vanguard News Network » Blog Archive » Guilt by Association: Itz a jewish thang Says:

      […] Finally, I note that with the traffic Mr. Wolcott brought to my site, came companion traffic from the neo-Nazi Vanguard News Network, which apparently took notice of and agrees with Wolcott’s work. Hmmm . . . Wolcott, far-left of Vanity Fair, and the Neo-nazis versus me. Glad I’m on the right side. Just wondering how you like your side, James Wolcott. Rather comfy with the company, I presume. […]

    6. JakeTheSnake Says:

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