22 March, 2006

Bioengineering Grad Student Near Death After Encounter with Diversity Niggers

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[Blame this murder-in-the-next-couple-days on jews. They let niggers loose on decent white folk and called it civil rights. Nigger stick-ups are symptoms; JEWS ARE THE DISEASE.]

Zebuhr was a graduate student in the bioengineering program at Clemson University in Clemson, S.C. He was in Minneapolis with his mother to visit his sister, who lives in the area. Article.

NEWZ FLASH: Appears the attackers are Somalis.

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  7. 11 Responses to “Bioengineering Grad Student Near Death After Encounter with Diversity Niggers”

    1. alex Says:

      Just in case they take the article down…

      Somalis set reward for lead in slaying
      Link between gangs, crime concerns group
      Pioneer Press

      A Somali group offered a $2,000 reward Tuesday for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the attackers who killed Michael Zebuhr. The 25-year-old bioengineering graduate student from South Carolina was shot Saturday night in the Uptown area of Minneapolis after leaving a restaurant.

      Zebuhr, who was visiting family during spring break from Clemson University, died late Monday at Hennepin County Medical Center. He was shot in the head after two male assailants robbed Zebuhr’s mother of her purse — even though neither he nor the others in his party had resisted the robbers, police said.

      Police on Tuesday said they are looking for two black males between ages 17 and 22 but would not be more specific for fear of hampering the search.

      However, Omar Jamal, executive director of the St. Paul-based Somali Justice Advocacy Center, said rumors were circulating Tuesday that the attackers were Somalis.

      “The center is deeply concerned about the possible link between the crime and the increase of Somali gangs in the neighborhood,” Jamal said of the Uptown area. The reward is the result of that concern, and he encouraged citizens with knowledge of the attack to contact the Minneapolis Police Department’s tip line at 612-692-8477.

      Police Chief William McManus said Tuesday that Zebuhr’s death was a “senseless, callous murder” made all the more horrific by the presence of his mother and sister, who witnessed the shooting.

      A native of Buckhannon, W.Va., Zebuhr was in the Twin Cities visiting his sister, Laura Zebuhr, a graduate instructor at the University of Minnesota.

      McManus and City Council Member Ralph Remington told a gathering of reporters and neighbors at the site of the attack — West 31st Street and Girard Avenue South — that the Police Department has a large number of detectives working on the case and they promised an arrest.

      Remington said the Uptown area needs more street lighting so visitors to the popular entertainment district can feel safe.

      Robbery reports in the Southwest Minneapolis precinct have climbed to 100 from 60 this time last year, police said. Aggravated robberies involving weapons or violence increased more dramatically, rising to 60 from 27.

      Aron Kahn can be reached at [email protected] or 612-338-6516.

    2. alex Says:

      The ZOG-backed Lutherans, Catholics, and jews import Somali gangsters to rape and murder our citizens, and when we complain we’re targeted as haters.

      At what point do we rise up and remove the kike dictatorship running this circus?

      Note the immediate shift of gaze from nigger gangsters to “streetlights.” Those goll-durned streetlights. If there were just a few more of them, this never would have happened.

    3. Henry Says:

      Itz coming

    4. Harry Tuttle Says:

      The Somalis are truly some special needs kids.

      Usually they have barely unpacked their suitcases in a new area after they bring them in on the refugee buses and the moment they figure out how to operate a doorknob they’ll be three blocks down the street savagely rutting on the first white girl they can tackle and pull the pants off.

      They’re a particularly useful joo tool because they are literally chaos in a bottle. You empty a jug of these niggas in the house and within seconds you have complete anarchy, muggings, looting and sheer raw savage madness. Unlike Mexicans or troo bloo boofers from Freaka, they don’t even bother to pretend to be human and go straight to the part where they get to jack off in sno ho’s faces.

      I pity the multcult boosters because it’s so damn hard to think of anything nice to say about a critter who is foaming at the mouth before they even open the door of his airplane transfer cage.

    5. Harry Tuttle Says:

      It hit me! They’re like the Tasmanian Tiger in those old Bugs Bunny cartoons, crated away like dangerous atomic materials all boarded up. Somalis in a Sack, scarier than shit on a rubber stick.

    6. Harry Tuttle Says:

      P.S. They need more streetlights to hang Somali niggers from. They’ve got plenty of light, it’s elevated reliable supports for rope that will soon be in high demand in these neighborhoods.

    7. Tim Says:

      I have a book titled: “IQ and the Wealth of Nations” by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen. The national IQ of Somalia is listed as 68 while its neighbor Ethiopia is listed as 63. Remember that and IQ of 80 is considered retarded. The lowest of the low is Equatorial Guinea, which comes in at 59. Africa is not the “dark continent” it is the “retarded continent”. In contrast the White (non-jew) average in the USA is 103 according to “The Bell Curve”.

      In Somalia, many young men do nothing except chew a coca like plant that gives them a long lasting high. While tripping they shoot up other people, rape and generally commit mayhem. The Ebonics speaking coons here would do the same damn thing in your neighborhood if they could get away with it. At the last gun show I went to in Detroit I saw a lot of Rastafarian looking blacks in cammo and fatigues buying AK’s, SKS’s, Glocks, etc. I have noticed this trend in the last year or so and have been telling other people about it.

      Back to Somalia’s – many have never had a glass of cold water, seen an ice cube or used a flush toilet and Feds and Christians brings them here. Can you say retarded fish out of water? I feel bad for the Zebuhr kid. Undoubtedly, a techie guy with hopes and plans and now his life is probably over and definitely ruined. The last thing we need is more Goddamn niggers from Somalia.

    8. wayne h. Says:

      I’ve been watching this story for a few days now and they arrested three of these animals after a chase ,they were driving a car that fit the description given to police after the robbery and shooting . a white four door .It was described on the news as a high speed chase and they threw guns out of the car.The thing is they released two of the three suspects and didn;t mention the guns ,They probably gave them back and told them not to do that again.The Uptown area is full of cops now ,Like thats going to stop the monkeys ,This goes on in the north side on a weekly basis ,N.Broadway is nigger Heaven and they don’t have enough street lights there either .This used to be the hebrew hts. back in the 40’s ,but its all niggers now.

    9. Harry Tuttle Says:

      As Rudyard Kipling pointed out, there is scarcely a nation on Earth where even the worst white men have degenerated to the level of a nigger. This is why the cops have different standards for the two races. If a white man led the cops on a high speed car chase while throwing guns from the windows, he’d likely spend several years in prison. A nigger can do same and the cops are quick to decide they should just release him back onto the reserve, after all he didn’t kill anybody during that particular Freaka freakout and was just being a nigga’s nigga.

    10. ahmed mohamed Says:

      my name is ahmed mohamed and i was readin the above and i honestly think you ppl are all pigs and have no right to judge somalians as animals wtf if u think that y dont you say it infront of a somalin in your state inside the usa let alone somali it self am frm london were somalians live perfect amongest witeand ethinic minortys and own 90% of internet related bussiness so plz dont talk about IQ because that shit was made by a fool like you

    11. ahmed mohamed Says:

      and for the brother that was shot relly i am soz for him and his family but am sure if he could comment on his death he wouldent blame all somalians for his death and if he did then shame on him. and besides wtf ppl die everydie but he is wite man ppl have to make a big think out of it shitttt.. e.g in south london were i live young bkack men gettin staped every day .. wat do they say .. to that SHIT HAPPINS