27 March, 2006

“Black Thursday”

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Black Thursday by J. B. Cash
pictured: Kevin Pittsnogle, star center for the West Virginia University basketball team

(3/27/06) Last Thursday’s NCAA basketball tournament results were disappointing for those of us that oppose the anti-white racial caste system in sports. The teams that had a majority white presence on the court were defeated and eliminated from the tournament. Several of the games finished in that extremely irritating way that can only happen in sports, with last second desperation shots that go in, ridiculously bad decision making in the clutch, and incredibly poor officiating.

So we will not see either of the two best college basketball players, J.J. Redick and Adam Morrison, hoisting the winners’ trophy. No one is going to get “Pittsnogled,â€? and America will once again be treated to a winner that has little of the racial diversity that is supposedly so valued in today’s society.

It would be easy to consider the results of “Black Thursday� a negative referendum on this year’s rise of the white college basketball player, but that would be reading too much into the results. Clearly no team is “white� in any real sense; they all have plenty of non-whites, and the white players that are playing probably consider themselves to have no racial identity anyway.

A better measure would be the 2004 Olympic results whereby a team of all white Italians and a team of nearly all white Argentineans defeated a U.S. team made up completely of Africans. Now that was a statement! So this season it was good to see SOME white athletes of American descent excelling on a basketball court and it was hoped that one of those teams would go all the way. It was not to be and the losses were very bitter.

Those people that strongly sided with the Dukes, Gonzagas, West Virginias, Iowas et. al. and regretted their losses because it was a blow to their racial pride should be commended. They have sided with those teams primarily because of their racial makeup, an emotion that is allowed, even encouraged, for all other races, but denied to us. It is a natural human emotion and one should rightly be proud of it.

College basketball has become a very popular sport. The NCAA tournament’s “March Madnessâ€? is generally considered one of the most popular sports events in the country, rivaling the NFL’s playoff/Super Bowl period, and certainly eclipsing the NBA and NHL post seasons and probably the baseball playoffs/World Series. The surge in interest is an interesting phenomenon and worth looking at.

Basketball has some natural advantages over the other professional team sports. From a participant’s viewpoint it is superior to many others in several respects. There is virtually no specialty equipment needed to play it. Other than a basketball one only needs gym shoes, which everyone already owns. The playing area is the smallest of all the major sports, courts are available everywhere and it can be played inside and out so you can play year round.

The game has lots of running and jumping which is what a “sport� should have. Everybody gets to handle the ball. There are no specialty positions like offensive line where you play in the “trench� the entire game. In basketball everyone gets to shoot and score. In hockey or soccer, for example, the teams only score a few times a game so the “glory� is reserved for a select few.

In basketball anyone can, and usually does, score some points, and the teams combined score dozens (sometimes hundreds) of points. Contact is limited so injuries are more rare and thus parents have less concern when their kids are playing. Basketball can hold the attention span of active youngsters, and unlike baseball or football there are no long lulls during the game where kids can wander off or start picking dandelions.

These qualities also make it an ideal spectator sport. The fans are close to the court because of the smallness of the playing surface. Anyone that has played or attended an important game in a small high school gym knows how intimate the game can really be. Since there are no bulky uniforms or restrictive headgear the fans can easily see and spot their favorite players. The action is fast, the scoring is furious, and the game is structured well enough that lots of games are close. Even during play stoppages there is some action as fully a third of the game’s scoring occurs when the clock is stopped (from fouls).

Basketball is such a great game that it’s a surprise that it’s not the most popular game in the U.S. Of the four major team sports — basketball, baseball, football, and hockey — it’s basketball that is played by more adults then any of the others. Virtually no one plays football or baseball (as an adult) and hockey is an adult recreation sport only in northern areas.

The NBA suffers in popularity despite its many advantages. Along with the Caste System that is in place in the NBA which ensures there will be few whites and even fewer American born white players, the NBA has the problem that all other professional sports teams have: fans have no special ties to the teams except a loose geographical bond. That bond has been shredded by mercenary players and constantly shifting rosters. The college game does not have those problems to the same degree.

College players by their very nature live in the area of the team that they play for. And they are “local� in a very real sense. They will almost always have the limited spending power of youth and therefore will live in relatively average neighborhoods or often dorms and by necessity frequent the same places as their fans. They go to the same stores, bars, and hangouts as everyone else in the area and thus become a real part of the fabric of the community. It’s easy to cheer for a local kid. In fact it is the very basis of team sport fandom. Colleges capitalize on this with their basketball teams, which are often big money makers.

The Caste System effect is reduced somewhat too. Note how many of the biggest football powers are not very successful in college basketball. Basketball, with only five starting spots and a couple more regular rotating players, is much different from football, which has nearly 30 positions which must be competently manned. A college football roster can have a hundred players on it, basketball less than 20. This means a team only has to recruit a couple of really good players and can fill the remaining spots with competent role players. Therefore they do not have to spend the tremendous amounts of money setting up the huge “Caste System� bureaucracy that is necessary for a football team.

The large football powers are convinced they need black players, and lots of them, to be successful and justify their million dollar budgets. So they have to develop complicated methods for recruiting, housing, policing, supporting, tutoring, and providing legal defense, for the large crop of black inner city kids that they fill their rosters with.

Look at the huge bureaucracy that has to be erected in inner cities to “service� the black populations there. It is the same at any college with a large enrollment of low-income black football players. Since it is the same demographic, how could it be any different? Being sent away to college with free money from an athletic scholarship does not convert a youth that has been raised in the dysfunctional environment of the urban welfare state into a fully independent adult.

If you ever have the “pleasure� of visiting an inner city school you will note something different from the schools you or your children attended. An inner city school has become the staging area for disposition of the many benefits that single-handedly support America’s large black underclass. School is the only place the government nannies can depend on black people actually showing up to because it is mandated by law, and probably because they know parents are sure to send their kids there, it is after all free daycare.

As you walk through one of these schools you will notice that it seems that education is the secondary function of those places. The first office you see is the “Benefits Coordinator�. When I was a kid there were no “benefits� to be gotten from school except an education but all that is changed. Now government has expanded to the point where all the basic needs of a poor child are to be provided by the government and not the parents. So someone has to coordinate the myriad aspects of supporting a child. Feeding them, getting them around, acquiring school supplies, arranging recreational activities, even instilling basic morality, is now done in the school.

You can imagine that this is an important position, seeing as how basics like food and shelter are “coordinated� by such a person, thus you will find the office of this person is usually the most prominent in the school. The principal is farther down the totem pole as their chief responsibility is merely education, a service that is not as necessary and much less valued.

It must be stressful living in one of the hundreds of ghettos in America. I know I would be very stressed out if I was dependent on a low-morale government bureaucrat to provide my daily bread, so the next most important person in the school is the school Therapist.

Perhaps the stress is caused by all of the white racism that blacks must endure while living their lives under the near complete support of the taxes paid by middle class white people. At any rate the therapist is a very busy person in a school. Usually the majority of the children at one of these schools are considered “behaviorally challenged�. Which means they cause trouble. Since punishment is out of the question the only other treatment for such troublemakers is to talk to them. And talk to them. And talk to them. Usually the talking doesn’t do much good but it does provide plenty of positions for therapists and councilors. It’s a self-generating job position.

Next on the list is the “Nurse�. It is generally believed by society that every mental or physical problem a person has can be treated by modern medicine. These kids have lots of problems so they need lots of medical care. The nurse’s office can be very busy. Kids that grow up in homes where drugs and violence are part of their daily lives bring those problems to school. It is rumored that blacks may have a slightly higher propensity for violent behavior then other peoples. (Something about 12% of the general population making up over 50% of the prison population.) Probably merely due to white racism but what difference does it make?

There are also special education departments in all schools in America. This is part of the “No child left behind� program whose goal is NOT to see that no child is left behind. No, the purpose of the program is to dumb everyone else down so that no one can get ahead. Thus everyone underachieves equally. I have had teachers from these schools tell me that the average number of students in inner city schools considered developmentally challenged is around 80 percent! All people were not created equal, but the dumbing down of America is trying to make it so.

Thus from grades K-12 black children are fed and cared for by the schools. Then they move on to the “13thâ€? grade with an athletic scholarship and they are expected to plan out a normal adult life? Not hardly. If a college sports program wants to house a hundred inner city blacks it needs to provide the same things that were provided to them at taxpayers’ expense. When they talk about a full ride scholarship they mean it. A lot of schools can’t afford to do that so they get out of the business of major college football.

But those schools can put together a decent basketball team. This means that little schools like Gonzaga can find talented white players bypassed by the caste-supporting football factory schools and put together some very good teams. College basketball has enough flexibility in its rules to allow teams to put together “white friendly� game plans.

That enables coaches to recruit and play white players and let them use the skills that come naturally to white people. One of those skills is a genetic predisposition to have superior spacial cognition ability, which results in high shooting accuracy. Also, having a lot of white players lets coaches add complicated offensive and defensive schemes to their game plan to capitalize on the higher average IQ of white people. White players are also more team oriented and thus are better at passing the ball and working together as a team.

The white style of basketball has proved itself superior internationally. Perhaps the NBA will take note and adjust its rules, its officiating, and its culture, to embrace this change. College basketball seems to be moving in this direction. Despite a temporary setback in the NCAA tournament the 2005-2006 season was a great year for white players. Caste Football celebrates this trend and hopes to see it continue in the future.

Caste Football

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