27 March, 2006

Every Jew a Scam Artist

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Encino man faces prison for ‘Seinfeld’-like scam

Posted on 03/26/2006 8:32:01 AM PST by Cagey
An Encino man pleaded guilty to running a recycling scheme straight out of a “Seinfeld” episode – one that bilked California out of $2.5 million, authorities said Wednesday.

Errol Segal, 61, president of Active Recycling, trucked more than 50 million cans and bottles into California from neighboring states and Mexico, then falsified records to bill the state for the California Redemption Value. The company also billed the state for more than 10 million bogus bottles.

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    1. ty grant Says:

      my brother in law scammed my sister into marring her then scammed my parents out of tens of thousands of dollars… when they got married the Jew, my brother in law, was 34, drop out of college unemployed and living at home. My sister gainfully employed college graduate of MSU living on her own. When I asked my sister how she met him, she said some lady at work introduced them.. i know by my heart and even then that something didn’t smell right. I though that this meeting was arranged and she was a victim of this lady and this man, now my brother in law. my sister worked with an insurance company and really didn’t date much. but this guy didn’t even waste time.. they have noting in common except that she was told everything she wanted to hear as a woman. no doubt in efforts to get to my parents money. After stealing money from my parents that was used for some real-estate office scam, that no doubt a front for this guys brother to conduct illegal activities with the HUD and section 8 office in mc henert illinois. At any rate now they live like rates in a big expensive house were my sister has the run, or more like a servant of all house hold activates from cooking washing working supplement income for when he losses big at the s and internet poker sites. all his time is spent gambling on the internet