22 March, 2006

For Fear of the Jews

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I’ve made it clear that we will use military might to protect our ally Israel. –President George W. Bush

University libraries are amazing places, full of obscure journals and trade publications. Years ago, when I was an undergraduate, I encountered an article in one such obscure journal which outlined topics that are purposely avoided on American talk radio, a medium many consider open to all topics.

The article explained that criticism of car dealers, while it does appear, is quite rare: car dealers are organized, they have their own trade association and magazines; criticism of their business practices by a radio station or newspaper might mean a significant loss in advertising revenue. So, both radio and newspapers generally don’t criticise car dealerships. This makes sense to me, it is their money and they have a basic right to protect their interests.

It also seems obvious to me that religions, races, and clans also have interests, interests that depending on the circumstances, run much deeper than concerns about income.

Recognition of the Jew’s role in manipulating our economies, our nations, and our media for their advantage has been a difficult realization, one I mightily resisted. But it makes sense, Jews are tribal and well organized. They perpetually complain about persecution, real or imagined. Does anyone really expect them not to use the power which they, as a group, hold?

AIPAC.. “is putting on its biggest and best show ever this week: 4,500 participants, including more than 1,000 students, paying visits to at least 450 House and Senate offices.

Speaking and writing critically of Jews – and their interests – is not a wise career move; it often brings the wrath of officially sanctioned power. You don’t even have to “name” the Jew, but merely oppose his interests; the greatest interest of the Jew is Israel , not the country that hosts him.

If this commentary is noticed it too shall be denounced, a testament to what can and can’t be said. It doesn’t matter if you are a former treasury official, have a PhD, or a long time conservative writer, the minute one opposes Israel the gloves come off and the smears come out: you’re unhinged, delusional, and sick. They’ll pick out a Shabbes Goy, right out of ‘Low Cash U.” to smear you. Then the letters from responsible citizens appear, and the whispers of racism or anti-Semitism.

So, what is the tribe to do when Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government writes an 81 page dissertation detailing Jewish manipulation of US foreign policy? So, far it is being mostly being ignored.

The pro-Israel lobby inside the U.S. has managed to convince American lawmakers, officials, and U.S. public opinion to support Israel “no matter what,” even though this support runs counter to America’s own national interests;

Pro-Israel officials inside the Bush administration – namely, neocons Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and David Wurmser – were behind the push for war with Iraq, and pro-Israel lobbying groups were a driving force in encouraging the Bushites to invade Iraq;

The pro-Israel lobby actively suppresses American public debate about U.S. Middle East policy by disingenuously accusing everyone who disagrees with their pro-Israel positions of being “anti-Semitic.”

The tribe has to be careful with this publication. Of course they could rent a Gentile to denounce this report, many are salivating to curry favor with the Jews. (I think you know who you are).

Are you still unconvinced? Many are, until they too are bitten by Jewish power. See for yourself, if you dare.

“Those who demand assimilation of us either do not yet know that a man cannot get out of his skin? or else they know this and then expect of us shameful, daily humiliation, which consists in feigning Aryanism, suppressing our instincts, and squeezing into the skin of the Aryan, which does not fit us at all”

— from a Zionist publication, Germany, late 19th Century. As cited by Kevin MacDonald, in Separation and Its Discontents.

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  7. 5 Responses to “For Fear of the Jews”

    1. Carpenter Says:

      A welcome piece of news. Let us hope this dissertation slowly spreads in those circles where Americans and Europeans are looking for reasons why the White House decided to wage war in the Middle East. This information has been available at sites like VNN for years, but the sheeple like to get their facts from “respectable” sources or not hear them at all.

    2. apollonian Says:

      Well, we’ve known about this Jew criminal empire in general for some time. G.E. Griffin’s “Creature From Jekyll Island” details history of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) counterfeiting scam quite brilliantly, noting the Jew influence without emphasis. Imagine the power u’d have if u could COUNTERFEIT money nearly endlessly–would there be any end or limit to ur power? Thus by means of the Fed Jews own politics, most legislatures, bribing and terrorizing them; they own the judiciary, control the mass Jews-media, control public education, etc. Again note the American dollar is worth less than 2 cents of American dollar at inception of Fed fraud in 1913. And note if u double (as by counterfeiting) the money supply, money is only worth 50%. Double again, 25%; again 12.5%. Imagine the incredible spending these Jews have controlled and manipulated over the years. Overthrowing the Fed is crucial, and don’t babble on about merely having white folk control it in favor of white people–this doesn’t work. For if u preserve a fraud, u’re preserving Jews, Jews always the best frauds, insane hysterics as they are, collectivist to the core, the foremost conspirators. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    3. Olde Dutch Says:

      …less than 2 cents…you really don’t get compounding do you…or the fact that the average interest rate paid on deposits for the last 100 years has been around 5%…

    4. lawrence dennis Says:



      The authors accused Dershowitz of advancing a narrative in which Israel “has sought peace at every turn,� while the Arab countries have “acted with great wickedness.�

      In interviews with The Crimson yesterday, Dershowitz took issue with this characterization, stating that he does not consider himself a member of a monolithic lobby and that he has criticized Israel on several occasions in the past.

      Dershowitz, who is one of Israel’s most prominent defenders, vehemently disputed the article’s assertions, repeatedly calling it “one-sided� and its authors “liars� and “bigots.�

      He criticized three piece on three grounds, alleging parallels with neo-Nazi literature, saying that Walt and Mearsheimer’s characterization that Israeli citizenship is based on “blood kinship� is a “categorical lie,� and taking issue with the representation of the lobby as all-encompassing.

      Dershowitz said that the article used “quotes from [Israel’s first prime minister] David Ben-Gurion and [former president of the World Jewish Congress] Nahum Goldmann that are found repeatedly on hate sites,� and that in asserting that the Jewish state was founded on “blood kinship,� the authors were mistakenly conflating the right of Jews to immigrate to Israel with citizenship.

      Walt and Mearsheimer countered in an interview that “the principle of ‘blood kinship’ refers to the fact that Israel was explicitly founded as a Jewish state and that whether or not you are Jewish is normally a function of ancestry, especially maternal ancestry.�

      Dershowitz also disputed the existence of a unified “Lobby,â€? which the authors defined in their piece as a “loose coalition of individuals and organizations.â€? He contended that while the authors define the lobby as a “loose coalitionâ€? at the start, they expand the definition in the body of the piece, and that in the end, any Jew who supports Israel could be considered a member….



    5. van helsing Says:

      Well, that is where they consider themselves God. Openly. It is therefore a crime per one of their commandments to name them, in their minds. Who says “jews” without sneering it or possibly criticising them? They dont even like to be talked about in neutral terms. The guilty man flee where no one pursueth.

      All recognition is forbidden. All recognition is anti-semitism. They are, as the Ripper era graffitti artist said: the men who will be blamed for nothing.

      Only so they wish, however…