25 March, 2006

Hip-Hop Summit’s Simmons Says Fuck You to Farrakhan-Hating Kikes

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And Dirty Debbie, among others, doesn’t like it. It is the god-given right of god’s erect turds to determine the social calendar and agenda of every other implumous biped on the planet.

Two things to keep in mind, Simmons and many within Hip Hop have been done stuff with the NOI for years. The NOI has been present within Hip Hop almost since the beginning-going back to the 1970s and involved on many levels. Most notably they have also been responsible for putting on numerous Summits, trying to end Rap Feuds and act as peace keepers in arenas that many shun. In many places they have been used as security with good results… Article.

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  7. 21 Responses to “Hip-Hop Summit’s Simmons Says Fuck You to Farrakhan-Hating Kikes”

    1. Cadillac Says:

      This is the kind of Black pride I like! Or at least can tolerate. We tend to forget that the rainbow coalition is quite loose, held together only by the mutual envy of Whitey. If those welfare checks would stop coming, like in a depression, Blacks may start organizing in ways not entirely appealing to the Jews.

    2. Gerry Frederics Says:

      Blacks are incapable of organizing. Any organisation of blacks for as far back as one wishes to go, was engineered by Jews or shabbas goyim, never a black man. The closest they came is the Black Muslim organization and they are utterly ineffectual within the black community. Blacks lack the capacity to think ahead – they react on a primeval level – witness the various riots, during which they invariably burned down their very own neighborhoods! They simply lack the ability to organize an attack, to forge a plan. They are simpletons who, at the first opportunity pillage and rape, get high on drugs and sleep it off somewhere, sort of like a street dog, with the exception that a street dog doesn´t pillage, he forages and he doesn´t rape, but merely fucks a willing female. Ergo, dogs are on a far higher plane than the monkeys amongst us. Gerry Frederics


      Good show Gerry; I couldn’t have said it better; I concur with your statement .


      I agree; frankly one day I want so bad to ask the Lord why do they exist at all? Really!! I know there is a God and yet I cannot answer this question and the only explanation the Bible gives is they are cursed and did something so horrible that God got ticked off and marked them Black!!!

    5. Flame Thrower Says:

      AYAK Gerry? All of your statements demonstrates your mental deficiency. First, intellectual pygmy, you don’t even know all Black people or how many Black orgs that exist. Secondly, mental midget, the JEWS that you had mentioned that supposedly created and ran Black orgs, are the same Jews that control “White America’s good ol USA”. Thirdly, android, all Black people don’t live in the inner cities. The Blacks that had lived there during those disturbances(1960’s&1992)didn’t own the neighborhood, town or city and were reacting to White crimes against Blacks. Thus those Blacks didn’t destroy their own nieghborhoods. Lastly, simpleton, it was Britain that emptied its jails,whorehouses of its two legged genetically inferior, melanin deficient, savage white monkey/apes oops citizens to rape and plunder the ABORIGINALS of the planet Earth. PS Russian Celtic Warrior, I’ve asked the Lord why do white people exist. He said don’t worry about them crackers. Whitey is only a minority on the planet and won’t exist 500-1000 years from now(smile).

    6. Victoria Says:

      Flame Thrower is so typical of the black “mentality”. Living in the jungle and trying to compete and out run the “beasts” had a negative effect on their “brains” and body. Too bad the White man (no, Jew) had to bring them into our civilization otherwise the beasts would have won out and there would not be any Blacks left for us to be burdened with. Were we not warned to NOT interfere with God’s plans?

    7. Lina Says:

      Wouldn’t it be nice if the dark meats truly understood exactly how they effing got here?? For one, they pretty much sold themselves out for rum or a small amount of cash.

      A hidden irony is the that some are Hebrew Isrealites.

    8. KLyyon Says:

      The hatred on this website is sad.My ancestors were sent here thru the slave trade.My Cherokee ancestors ran into the mountains of No. GA to avoid the white bigots bent on killing, raping & taking THEIR land.My relatives defended this country during the civil war, Spanish-Americanwar, WWI&II,Korean,Vietnam & both Gulf wars.I ain’t goin back to Africa-for what.My Cherokee ancestry gives me as much right to be here as any pure white.I’m against illegal immigration-for enforcing our laws to protect our country.My relatives are college educated and successful.I hate any crimes against humanity the white couple murdered in TN-hate crime.Those dogs if convicted deserve the death penalty.Story should have made national news.Oh,my relations follow the laws-we don’t like rap music.Kids are not born outa wedlock-good morals & values.You haters shouldn’t lump all black people into the same bucket.Like all people, there are bad folks in every race.No race is perfect.The one true God will separate those true believers from those claiming to believe while hating others perceived as different.No one is from Mars here.We are all humans- not monkeys.We need to unite against our enemies-not wanna kill each other.The terrorists will kill you just as quick as any “jew” just because you’re an American.Wake up folks!But you won’t-the human heart has a cold steel trigger called hatred.Either we learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools-I’m not ad-
      vocating race mixing either-although your white ancestors started it-raping African women on the voyage to the “new world.” Plus raping Native American (the true first Americans) females…

    9. MeMe Says:

      He’s won. He has both of you at each other’s necks again while he screws both of you. He’ll have you at the Arabs neck (who he especially hates because they know them) and the Asian’s* necks too while you are all getting collectively screwed.

      Have people brought as slaves and treated as such and that’s how they’ll behave. That ended, people separated and they started to act as humans. Then here comes you-know-who that wanted to make sure he used blacks as a proxy for the population they don’t have, (not to mention shop at his stores, buy his propaganda and fight his wars).

      What does he really give blacks? While he built American suburbs (like the various Levittowns), and forced us to used his banks to become their slaves, he left blacks in his inner city ghetto buildings he controlled. He has black entertainers act like bojangles and step and fetchits, glorifying self destruction while cheating them and selling the “entertainment to both black and white youth.

      I would venture to guess that most blacks don’t like what is happening and are disgusted by their collective behavior as another group laid prostrate before this awful power.

      He uses everyone, including whites. And when he does it, he degrades and destroys everyone, having us act like stupid animals, losing any and all self respect, culture, growth and independence.

      Divide and conquer- the method of a small, powerful “minority”. Let’s not fall into the trap. Identify your threat, and don’t become whining losers yelling at the symptoms rather than curing the disease.

      *He brings them over to brain-drain their nations while using them to undercut the white establishment of technological specialists and managers. He institutes foreign student recruitment and allows Asians, who on average score lower in English than whites or blacks in college admissions tests to get various waivers such as “TOEFL” which we do not even allow to Hispanics or Mexicans.

    10. KGBigelow Says:

      get a life, all of you.

    11. TANJSM Says:

      Flame thrower sounds about as dumb as the average nigger. What I find most amusing is how they try to use “real words” in a heated debate such as “android” but when you’re trying to explain to them how to operate a new machine at work they’re suddenly dumb as boards. Reminds me of a Parrot… I’m sure it took Mr. Thrower, or “throwah” in his/her negroid dialect about 5 hours to figure out how to turn the pages in his/her thesaurus to try to pick words that sounded intelligent enough to post on here without sounding like a trained ape.

      I LAUGH.


    12. Ed Keiser Says:

      Flame Thrower, you are very confused. You use words out of context and make no valid point whatsoever. I consider you to be a syphilitic imbecile. I suggest you go back to digitally manipulating your sphincter then afterwards you can harass your proboscis with unwashed hands. Your churl mind is further example of the dispairity between White and minority intellects. Do the words dolt or dullard mean anything to you? They should, considering you are by definition both of these things and many more I would wager. In conclusion let me say that I find you to be an uneducated delusional miscreant. The fact you are able to use a computer with monkey paws is no less than a minor miracle. How you are not incarcerated at this time is a mystery though.

    13. Mike Quigley Says:

      Hopefully theres a few niggers out there that can actually read this.You were slaves from the very beginning because the people around you knew you were sub human.You’re a primative,violent race of people who cant possibly behave yourselves in a civilized society.Unfortunately you’re getting help hiding and masking your behavior from the mass media.These poor white kids are brainwashed from the start.They buy into your ridiculous sob stories and submit to you,while seeing people like me as the bad racist white people.Someday people who are much smarter than me will find a way to exterminate you filthy animals,and I’ll be first in line to help.

    14. Robert Wayne Says:

      Mike Quigley…..You’re absolutely right. White kids are programmed right from birth to start believing that whites are evil racists while blacks have every right to murder white males and rape white females. It’s unbelievable what’s going on in this country. Just look at the number of brainwashed white MTV mushheads who think Barack Obama would be a good president!!!! Obama (and the popularity of these hip hop goons) makes one realize that the U.S. is as brainwashed today as pre WWII Germany and Japan were.

    15. 5th WIL Says:

      Its sad when your own children believe that your line of thinking is outdated evil racism.

    16. MORRIS Says:


    17. King Says:

      As a descendent of Europe,…Italian to be exact… we were part of the group trying to rid the world of the Jewish people. We have a very bad history of being Law breaking Mafia Monsters, and it is interesting how the hispanics are perpetrated as evil under classed uneducated people now. It seems like this nation changes enemy every decade. In the early baby stages of the 1900’s Italians were “*THUGS*” and popular at that. They were the HIP HOP culture of that time. Their life style is still portrayed and popular, indeed appealing till this point, even to the HIP HOP culture. STRANGE, HUH! Native Americans in the colonial days, Italians in the early 1900’s, Irish were less in the 20’s, Japanese and Germans during WWII, Arabs now. There are so many groups that could be named and most likely every single person on this planet has been pursued to the death because of ones culture. What’s even worse, is that the same colors do it to each other. This is not a culture or “*COLOR*” issue but a mental issue. Lets learn so once those infatuated with annihilating other races don’t continue with our own, BUT, it is still going to happen because Cain and Able were *BLOOD* brothers and Cain still killed his brother. When will this vicious cycle stop? Well, maybe until we can tolerate our own cultures and family…..

    18. Jimbo Says:

      Could you jagoffs hold down the stench? It’s enough to gag a moose, clear across the Web.

    19. Jim Says:

      Amen, Mike Quigley. I often imagine what it would be like to be Fuhrer who could lead our deteriorating nation back to prominence by getting rid of niggers. Only niggers. Asians, Catholics, Jews, Hispanics and Arabs (non-terrorist ones) are all fine by me. The solution to the nigger question is one that needs to be solved and I hope to one day lead this nation and exterminate the nigger from it.

    20. Screw Bernanke Says:


      Talk about Blacks fighting against the ZOG, this will leave everyone with laughs, lmfaooooo

    21. Jimbo Says:

      Whadda buncha shit.