26 March, 2006

How Competent Whites Get Screwed at Berkeley

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Want to read something frightening? Check out the applications and consider the criteria involved …


Here’s your chance to play the role of a certified reader for the University of California, Berkeley. It’s your job to recommend students for the incoming class, not an easy task. The school received over 30,000 applications, but will only accept 8,500 applicants. Of those students selected, only 3,500 will enroll.

On the following pages are five actual applications to Berkeley for the 1999 freshman class. Based on the information provided, you must decide which of the students deserves to attend Berkeley.

Here are three of five (excerpted):

Sat Scores

Combined     880
: With all of his honor’s courses, I wonder why he’s interested in mass communications. I like all of his service and I find it incredible that he’s worked so much and kept a high grade point average. He gives a good reason in his essay for a slow start in high school and his essay-speaker at the leadership conference, etc.-screams leader. I would admit

His essay emphasizes the fact that he’s African-American.


Verbal     780
Math     770
Combined     1550

His test scores tell me that he’s got a lot of raw brain power. He went to a very competitive high school, but it doesn’t seem that he did much after school so that he had a lot of time to study. His essay is well written and he’s obviously focused on science and not much else. He doesn’t seem that well-rounded. I wonder if he might be just as happy at UC Irvine.

Sat Scores

Verbal     510
Math     410
Combined     920

Impressive grades but low test score. Active in high school government and in music. Her essay screams ear: she’s got a good one for languages, music and the written word. Her interest in Religious Studies and high scores in math classes tells me that she’s fairly well-rounded. I like her and would admit.

… “high scores in math classes” … with a 410 SAT!???
Sat Scores

Verbal     560
Math     680
Combined     1240

Scores are high; lots of AP classes, but an essay about his driver’s license that fails to excite me. He sounds like he’ll work in engineering or computer science some day, but I wouldn’t count on him to become one of California’s leaders. I’d say no.

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  7. 4 Responses to “How Competent Whites Get Screwed at Berkeley”

    1. lawrence dennis Says:

      There was a 5th example:


      Verbal 630
      Math 630
      Combined 1260

      _they were admitted_.

      and here’s how an experienced admissions reader rated this applicant (this is not the opinion of UC Berkeley admissions committee):

      “Nice scores, good grades except for a weakness in math. Very active in student government and worked a fairly heavy load to help her mother. I almost don’t have to read her essay to say that we should admit, but when I read her essay, she’s a no-brainer. Admit. She’ll excel here.”


      “… As progressive as one might believe Berkeley High School to be, sitting in the literal shadow of the University of California at Berkeley, the going is tough and lonely in advanced classes as an academically talented African American female. Often in classes I feel the personal challenge of having to be one step ahead, one-degree smarter and more thoroughly prepared than do my classmates. This challenge has never hindered me in expressing my opinions and I have become expert at presenting them in a way that they are heard, considered, respected and absorbed.

      “My participation this fall in Advanced Placement Patterns in Black Literature has presented a refreshing forum for me to assert my opinions based on my life experiences. The class has only four students of color. As we discussed Ellison’s Invisible Man and explored the question “Why read Baldwin?” we have been challenged to rethink our opinions and attitudes. The dynamics of the class have been interesting and we have learned as much from each other as we have from our instructor. The literature has provoked discussions about racial prejudice, attitudes, and stereotypes. My African American voice carried a different weight in this course. As progressive as my peers believe they are, they are realizing they have, to a degree, understandably intellectualized the struggle of the African American in America. They have been moved to hear my first hand experiences of being followed in stores by security as a potential shoplifter, or coming home to find racial epithets spray painted on the walls inside my house.

      “For being only seventeen years old, my life has proved fairly challenging. I live with my mother and younger sister. My father has refused to be a part of our lives since my parents divorced when I was four. My sister lost her hearing when she was a baby and because of this I have a more sensitive perspective concerning those who are physically challenged and I have become a fairly proficient signer. My personal and family situation has contributed to molding my character. They have made me stronger, more sensitive, mature and independent….”


      Did you catch the key phrase that helped get this negress into Berkeley?

      “…coming home to find racial epithets spray painted on the walls inside my house.”

      Yes, folks, even in the wacky ultra-liberal Bay Area (where she’s from) there are ‘neo-Nazis’ straight out of casting perpetrating ‘hate’ by breaking in and spray painting the walls of African-‘Americans’ with ‘epithets.’ Or, in the world as it really exists, even an ‘advanced’ negress like this will claim to have been victimized by omnipresent ‘racism’ in order to get one up on whitey (as here where she is admitted to UC Berkeley ahead of obviously more qualified white males).

    2. alex Says:

      A giant watermelon fell on me when I was two, and I lost the use of the middle toe of my left foot.

    3. alex Says:

      But one day, listening to “We Shall Overcome” while reading an unassigned biography of Helen Keller, I decided I must persevere, and took up River Dancing.

    4. Harry Tuttle Says:

      All civilizations collapse when meritocracy turn into Headstart programs. Dysgenics carries the seeds of its own destruction with it. Eventually, nobody bright enough to spell “dysgenics” is left, which means the white middle class money supply to put dysgenic children through college dries up.