22 March, 2006

Internet Killed the Judeo Star

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Toowalk amongst yrselves.


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  7. 8 Responses to “Internet Killed the Judeo Star”

    1. Cowboy Zeke Says:


      By having this blog and the stories saved permanently on your server you not only look very professional, but also, you are stopping the memory holing of stories important to white nationalists.


    2. Kyle Says:

      I find this situation to be nebulous. I am shucked and appauled. Perhaps someone should show the contents of this website — http://www.handinhand12.org/ — to Alan Dershowitz, the professional liar and superMouthpiece for Jewish hypocrisy and supremacy.

      Why, why, why, O! why must we victimize the poor, innocent, inoffensive Judeo star? Lying for a living just ain’t the same no moe. Where is the justice? I must now go and flagellate myself — in the name of Jeboo.

    3. alex Says:

      I love the new system. But we still have many “looks” tweaks to go, just no time for them at present. We’ll introduce them one by one as we can. Blogs have a set format you can tinker with, but it’s more complex than simple choosing off a menu.

    4. alex Says:

      BTW, if my point is unclear, it’s that the meaning of the Internet is people can discuss

      the jew and the problems he causes



      jew filtering


      jew mediation


      That is a radical breakthrough.

    5. alex Says:

      All that remains is the circle-A as the counterpart to the circle-K.

      Is your media kosher for Aryans, or is it infected with judeospores?

    6. Stan Sikorski Says:

      “Mr. Aryan? Tear down that (wailing) wall!”

      And so it was written, in letters capable of being seen from outer space…


      Hail Victory!!! Go VNN!!

    7. Harry Tuttle Says:

      The real effect of the Internet is not being broadcast on the Holovitz. I think wunnerful yoos would be pissing themselves if they understood just what kind of a rage tsunami has been triggered on the ocean floor of the collective white unconsciousness out there.

      For every white guy who will admit to it, there are ten thousand out there nightly surfing non-kosher approved meaty sites.

      Nowadays you’ll be in the lunch room having the usual featherweight brain discussion about the latest book in Oprah’s Nigger Tome of the Month Club and suddenly somebody’s eyes narrow, they squint and whisper under their breaths “Nobody really likes her, you know. She gets all that time on air because she is black. A lot of people get promoted on TV because they are anything but white people. Most don’t know about it because they don’t read the internet like I do.”

      “Really?” you whisper back conspiratorially, “Say it isn’t so! Are you one of those nuts who believes the media is controlled by Jews, too?” Their eyes go really wide and you see a sliver of a smile. They close with “There is a lot of stuff on the internet you never hear on TV. I’m one of the few people who has bothered to look into this stuff. Did you know Israel kills children in cold blood every day and they get away with it? They even erase camera film to prevent people from seeing it.” They nod and wink at you.

      If you’re smart, you play like it’s all news to you. You don’t want to spook ’em, they’re just getting their sea legs at independent thought and a rude jolt could send’em screamin’ back to Fox News. Let ’em think it’s all their own idea, the same way they learned joo-think from the TelAvivoVision.

      They’re starting to come in by the MILLIONS. No kidding. The sheeple are showing dim little flickers of life in those tiny brains. The internet has nearly destroyed Hollywood in just under 12 months, right after THE PASSION was released and everybody got to see the Chosenati turn down profits to retain their grip on ideas.

      Something’s changing. It ain’t business as usual. It’s much bigger than most think, especially joos who essentially never have a clue what is going on. The reason they need to dominate the bully-pulpit is that they are paranoids who dread the thought of anybody speaking out of earshot without their monitoring. They fear the consequences and the internet is their worst nightmare.

    8. alex Says:

      A fresh green breast, a new unpacified flyover.

      Thar Be White Men