22 March, 2006

Itz Coming, Says North Korea

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kim.jpg[Korea just kicked our ass in baseball, and by “our” I mean the ‘roid ‘groids representing the ‘Kwa, and now it’s making a point that might well be valid, for all we know. The miseries jewish arrogance has brought down on our head are only beginning to be felt.]

N. Korea Suggests It Can Strike U.S. First

North Korea suggested Tuesday it had the ability to launch a pre- emptive attack on the United States, according to the North’s official news agency. A Foreign Ministry spokesman said the North had built atomic weapons to counter the U.S. nuclear threat.


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    1. Mike Jones Says:

      Chickenhawk Bush picks his fights. He wanted no part of the N Koreans who had nukes and who had tried to goad Bush into attacking them but we know the jews and their puppetboy had smaller fish to fry in Iraq.
      Bush let it slip hes now gonna pass the buck to future presidents to fix his mess along with pass that 9 trillion debt off too that should be 20 trillion by the time he gets out.

    2. alex Says:

      The Asians are running right past our jew-controlled slack asses. They just whipped us in baseball with their sober, precise play. The Asians still live in nations; AmeriKwa is an increasingly nasty mess.

    3. Clifton Mitchell Says:

      I lived in Korea for 6 years and speak, read, and write Korean with a good degree of fluency. The Koreans are a people to be admired for their racial and nationistic pride. If the US is ever stupid enough to launch a “pre-emptive war” against North Korea, I firmly believe their blood brothers in the south would unite with the Koreans in the north to liberate the peninsula from attempted occupation by the Judeo United Democratic American States (JUDAS). I predict the same outcome as the World Baseball Championship games – Korea will soundly defeat arrogant JUDAS.

    4. van helsing Says:

      And if Bush took a pass on Korea, what would he do versus the Chinese? Whine “not fair”…

    5. DQ Says:

      I think the koreans and jews are working together agenst whites. I worked directly with with the koreans for three years in tae kwon do. When I read Mein Kamp I realized the Koreans were doing the same thing Hitler says the jews were doing in the chapter nation and race. Then when I went on a mission trip to Africa with my aunt and two cousins what did the former communist now socialist country let in. They let in race mixing christians and anti-white koreans.

    6. DQ Says:

      the Koreans have nigger noses, their small , and have a very hard time packing on muscle.

    7. DQ Says:

      Does anyone realize why Iran’s potential to have the bomb is such a big threat and Korea already having it is no problem? The Koreans live in a communist country. We are scaird of Korea? Coulden’t we nuke the hell out of them and shoot chemical wepons down their caves? We could obviously crush them if we wanted to. But they are freinds of the jews. The reason Iraq is taxing us so bad is because we are occupying them and they don’t want that. We defeated their army in no time. If we just killed everyone in Iraq it would brobably be cheeper and quicker but then our people would understand how bad we have become. And if we went ahead and attacked Iran people would know it would be for Israel because of what their president has said and done.

    8. DP Says:

      This article is retarded and unprofessional. It was South Korea who beat the US baseball team. It’s North Korea with the WMDs. In another words, they’re completely different nations.

      If this site can’t distinguish between the two, then boy… stupid -like DQ.

    9. Confused. Says:

      I do not mean any disrespect to any of you int his forum. However, perhaps if I give a little background about myself you may all come to understand as to why I came to this site to begin with. I’m a 3 year college student at Tufts University studying Diplomacy and World Affairs emphasizing in International Human Rights particularly in the Southeast Asian Region(ASEAN). I came to this site for one of my classes mostly to study the Holocaust and its origins. We all know its origins however we were told to put ourselves in the perspective of the Nazis and particularly what the German population was going through at the time of Adolf Hitler and WWII. As I look around, I can not lie I see some points, I respect the fact that you are all educated human beings making educated statements… as in the past I have not found these sites to be so…

      So, here is my confusion… what exactly offends you of the Asian race? Adolf Hitler recruited Japan as one of his allies in WWII and it was Japanese technology that supplied the arms and other aids for that war. The computer your on, was most likely created by someone Asian, even if it is a Dell…. The TV you watch is it a Sony or A Toshiba? How about your Cell Phone? Is it Motorolla, LG, Kyocera, or Samsung? The Asian community has done nothing but improve the economy with their cunning abilities, and ability to create business at any point. It is Southeast Asia that will be supporting your ability to drive your car in a few years by their discovery of the Spratly Islands. To be frank, I suppose as much as I can try and place myself within your views… I will never understand where you are all coming from? Your strife, pain, and other elements that may have contributed to you feeling the way you feel of Asians or any other race. Perhaps if I show you that there is one Asian family that has done it the American way you will understand my confusion. My parents immigrated here from Indonesia in 1990 legally, they left the comfortable life there in order to give my brother and I a better life. My Mother originally was a stay at home mom a caregiver, however, because we needed to live she had to take on a job as a nurse. In 2001 my brother joined the sevice, he serves to this day In iraq defending America, My father is an architect and has worked with an American Corporation for over 15 years now. We all pay our Taxes and we wave an American flag in our front yard, my father drives a Dodge Intrepid and my Brother will defend his country until the end of his days…. Are we American enough for you?