28 March, 2006

Jews Finally Get a Gang Rape They Can Use?

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[Gang-rape is all but exclusively black-, Mexican-, or Asian-on-White. The exceedingly rare time the opposite is found it becomes a national story. Jews have trained the public to hate Duke, as it is attended by a lot of rich, white kids. The type that we know from a million Hollywood productions are vicious, racist hypocrites, and the real source of America’s problems.]

At the vigil, held in front of 610 N. Buchanan where the alleged attack occurred, about 75 people held candles and sang “Amazing Grace” in what organizer Janene Tompkins called a “show of support” for the victim.

Alleged gang rape of black girl by whites prompts vigils and hand wringing. What is now a big story on The Abrams Report (3/28/2005 on MSNBC) will probably be covered on all the networks.

“I can’t even repeat the vile, despicable things that were said to the victims,” wailed one Jewish guest on The Abrams Report.

Funny, I can’t recall any such vigils for any gang rapes of whites by blacks. Isn’t it documented in The Color of Crime that over 1000 such gang rapes of white girls by blacks occurs year in and year out? Isn’t that over three per day? But virtually no white gang rapes of blacks? But not once is it ever mentioned in the Jew controlled media?

Who organizes these ‘guilt whitey’ vigils?
VIGIL TONIGHT: Protest Rape and Hate Crime at Duke
by anonymous • Saturday March 25, 2006 at 04:12 PM

On March 13, an African-American woman was brutally raped by three members of the Duke lacrosse team. There will be a candlelight vigil at the site of the rape, 610 N. Buchanan, at 7pm tonight (Saturday March 25).

Dancer gives details of ordeal



Vigil held for victim of alleged sex crime

By BriAnne Dopart : The Herald-Sun
[email protected]
Mar 25, 2006 : 11:00 pm ET

DURHAM — Dozens of people holding candles and singing gathered near Duke’s East Campus as night fell Saturday to protest an alleged sexual assault involving members of the university’s lacrosse team.

The vigil came hours after Duke officials, buffeted by the allegations and mounting community anger, issued a statement by President Richard Brodhead and announced that the team would forfeit Saturday’s lacrosse match with Georgetown and next Tuesday’s with Mount St. Mary’s.

“Physical coercion and sexual assault are unacceptable in any setting and have no place at Duke,” Brodhead said. “The criminal allegations against three members of our men’s lacrosse team, if verified, will warrant very serious penalties.”

But, he added, the facts of the incident remain in dispute, no charges have been filed and people must be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Many members of the team, including some asked to provide DNA samples, did not attend the party, he said.

Still, he concluded, “Whatever that inquiry may show, it is already clear that many students acted in a manner inappropriate to a Duke team member in participating in the March 13 party.”

At the vigil, held in front of 610 N. Buchanan where the alleged attack occurred, about 75 people held candles and sang “Amazing Grace” in what organizer Janene Tompkins called a “show of support” for the victim.

Duke graduate Ned Kennington said he was “outraged that 40 Duke students know what happened and won’t come forward” and angry that it took Duke two days to decide to cancel Saturday’s game.

Jennifer Minnelli, who lives three doors from the house, said she attended the vigil to protest the “wall of silence” she feels the Duke athletes are standing behind.

Trinity Park resident Bettie Criegler agreed.

“If there were 40 of them there, somebody must know something,” she said.

During the gathering, several police cruisers were parked across the street and down the block from the house at 610 N. Buchanan Blvd., where the lights were out and no one appeared home. Under a streetlight on a nearby corner, a handful of mostly male Duke students stood uneasily, eyeing the crowd and police.

Earlier, in announcing the forfeits, Duke Athletic Director Joe Alleva said he was “dismayed by the party,” but said the players deny the criminal allegations.

“We continue to monitor the situation and will respond accordingly to further developments as the facts become known,” he said. “Several players who were present acknowledge, however, that they did hire private party dancers and that underage drinking occurred. The judgment of the team members to host and participate in this event is inconsistent with the values of Duke Athletics and Duke University and is unacceptable.”

At practice Friday, Coach Mike Pressler told The Chronicle, Duke’s student newspaper, that the players were in good spirits and that a two-day break from practice stemmed from a tough loss Tuesday to Cornell.

He described the players as energetic and focused on beating Georgetown on Saturday.

But by early afternoon Saturday — as talk heated up on community e-mail bulletin boards about the attack, a plan to protest at the lacrosse match and plans for the vigil — Duke officials announced the forfeits.

Several people making comments on the e-mail bulletin boards cited Saturday’s Herald-Sun article, in which police said all members of the team had refused to cooperate in the investigation of the alleged attack.

The Buchanan Boulevard location is across from East Campus, an area notorious for rowdy student parties — including one last year involving bikini-clad female students cavorting in baby oil.

Earlier this month, after years of complaints from neighbors, Duke bought more than a dozen rental houses in the area with plans to sell them to owner-occupants. The goal is to improve the appearance and atmosphere of the neighborhood.

Police say the alleged gang rape involved a woman — reportedly an N.C. Central University student who worked as an exotic dancer and escort — hired to dance at a lacrosse team party.

The woman said she and another hired dancer grew frightened by the partygoers’ “excited and aggressive” behavior and left the house. As they got into their car and were about to drive away, the woman said, a man approached them, apologized and asked them to return to the party.

When they did, the women were separated. The alleged victim told police the man then took her into a bathroom where he and two other men sexually assaulted, sodomized, beat, kicked and strangled her.

The Herald-Sun doesn’t identify victims of rape and other sex crimes.

On Thursday, 46 of the team’s 47 members reported to the Durham police crime lab to be photographed and to provide DNA samples. The 47th member was not tested because he is black, and the alleged victim described her attackers as white.

Duke spokesman John Burness, senior vice president for public and government relations, said the players “were invited downtown by authorities.”

In an e-mail posted later to the Trinity Park e-mail bulletin board, Burness called the team’s conduct “both stupid and inappropriate,” but again said that until someone is charged, the university will not presume “one version of the events is either true or false.”

Burness added that Duke hoped the police investigation would shed light on what occurred at the party.

“Until [police] do so, everything is just hanging out there,” he said. “We had the chance to have some understanding of what went on, there was some discussion that occurred yesterday, with some of the players. … Right now there are conflicting versions of what happened.”

Police say they went to the 610 N. Buchanan Blvd. house on the morning of March 14 but that no one answered the door. They returned March 15 with a search warrant. Police said they approached the team on March 16 with the five-page warrant but that every member refused to cooperate and “denied participation or knowing anything.”

Police then got a “non-testimonial” order to obtain the players’ DNA samples. The order allows police to threaten suspects with legal consequences if they choose not to hand over evidence.

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  7. 10 Responses to “Jews Finally Get a Gang Rape They Can Use?”

    1. bubba Says:

      I don’t believe this story. For one thing, this woman is a whore who works for an escort service, her credibility is zero. I haven’t been on a college campus for quite a few years, but most all white males want a whitey. Funny how they aren’t like black bucks who desire white women. No sir. They were probably pissed off when they saw this darky and let her know they weren’t happy. Hell….go to a zoo if you want to see an ape dance. The goddam jooz will blow this fairy tale out of proportion, and when the truth comes out….it will be hushed, as always.

    2. Unreconstructed Strom Thurmond Says:

      “Jews have trained the public to hate Duke, as it is attended by a lot of rich, white kids.”

      OK – that’s ridiculous. Duke is 20-30% Jewish. Or more.

    3. Unreconstructed Strom Thurmond Says:

      However, in 1999, for instance, according to U.S. Dept. of Justice statistics, there were about 197,679 black-on-white violent crimes compared to about 8,198 white-on-black violent crimes (single-offender victimizations involving completed, as opposed to mere threatened, violence)– more than 20 times as many — and even more remarkably there were about 20,003 black-on-white rapes or sexual assaults (single-offender victimizations), while the number of white-on-black rapes or sexual assaults was somewhere between between 0 and 33.

      Black-on-white rapes or sexual assaults were at least 600 times as common as the reverse.


      Follow the link, and go to Table 42.

    4. alex Says:

      That may be that Duke has that many jews, but in the public mind it is associated with the rich, white fratboy stereotype.

    5. Harry Tuttle Says:

      Reprogram your brain :

      if(Reality != Media)then GO VNN;

    6. Unreconstructed Strom Thurmond Says:

      Depends on where you are, Alex. In the South, Duke is viewed as a school for Jews and Yankees.

    7. Merovius Says:

      I think it’s funny how fools think standing there weeping and holding a candle means anything in the real world. Can you image if our ancestors where hooked on this Oprah-like sentimental masturbation fetish. There would be no leo frank swinging in a tree, just wimps burning their fingers with wax.

    8. Merovius Says:

      “You raped my daughter nergo! Now your going to pay! I’am going to stand on a corner and hold a candle all night! That will teach you a lesson, I might even cry and hold a sign too!”

    9. Olde Dutch Says:

      The Duke Law School is a real den of Christ killing jews, and hebrew homosexual advocates.

    10. alex Says:

      All law schools are – at least all the top ones. The lower tiers take their lead from them.

      I accept Duke is perceived as Yanks and jews by Southerners, but I still think most of the nation knows it through ESPN and its basketball team and associates it with Aryan frat boys.

      We’ll see how this story plays out. It does sound fishy. Already there’s been more coverage of this pseudo-incident than of any story I can recall in which a white college girl is murdered by nigger.