21 March, 2006

Life Among the Two-Faced: Gorski, the Commie-Capitalist

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Selections from his ‘Social Justice Store.’ Oh, that’s ‘EdChange’ Social Justice Store.

“Turning education majors into communists since 19XX.”


In point of fact, NCLB was designed to hurt White children. The progressive reverses reality to further his agenda.


Anti-Capitalism Heroes
Karl Marx and his crew,
the anti-capitalism crusaders.

No one the peace-n-justice crew loves more than the guy whose theories inspired more murder than anyone in history. Again, flip the progressive lie to find the truth.


Ah, Toussaint. The nigger who killed every White man in Haiti. A natural favorite for today’s justice seeking child-brainwasher. Cinque? Oh, he might have existed, but he was far flung from jew Spielberg’s lies in “Amistad.


Imagine being paid to shit on your enemy! If you’re a homo change agent, you don’t have to imagine! You’re living the dream!

Mocking white men is big business for anti-corporate types.


How’d they make the kid? Did the same goverment that pays them to indoctrinate your son give the child to them?

Just what do we get out of this country anway, Normal White Man reading this. Why haven’t we burned down D.C. yet?


Tasteless, not funny – yep, that qualifies for the Clam Slam Clan.


White Anti-Racism
Racism is not a people of color pathology. It is a white people pathology.

So…you’re saying if White people didn’t exist, there wouldn’t be any racism. And by the transitive property of equality (you probably don’t teach anymore), racism is for smashing.


So if I kill myself, I’m smashing racism?

You’re paid to teach White kids that, you dirty little faggot?

Try this on for size, dicksucker:


  • 13 Responses to “Life Among the Two-Faced: Gorski, the Commie-Capitalist”

    1. A. Says:

      He surely is one completely loxist cunt. Anyway we can point his students over here so they can read openly what they speak in whispers behind his back?

    2. alex Says:

      Smash racists.

      Only Whites are racist.

      “Smash racism” = “Smash white people.”

      Sounds genocidal to me.

    3. alex Says:

      Probably somehow. I’ve just read a couple of his links.

    4. alex Says:


    5. Carl Loerbs Says:

      I always thought Tim Wise was pathetic. This guy makes Tim Wise look like David Duke.

    6. alex Says:

      This is how it works. This fairy Gorski comes out to Dipshit U from big-time Washington, D.C. He teaches naive midwestern kids these cool new ideas and techniques, making them “change agents,” ie, giving them TWA jr pilot wings. Gee-o, neato.

      Then they go back to the sticks and implement these insane plans, the origins and intention of which they do not understand.

      Faggots like Gorski don’t belong within 200 feet of any public institution save an executioners rope.

    7. alex Says:

      No mistake: crybaby faggot Gorski is directly preaching White genocide.

    8. GB Says:

      So Fag boy says he is going to bring down VNN, deprive racially conscious Whites of their civil rights:


      Well, better use your First Amendment speech now:

      Mailing Address

      41 Baker Street East
      Saint Paul, MN 55107




      [email protected]

    9. A. Says:

      The messageboard at Hamline Uni. just gives me a 404 error. But there is not doubt this genocidal, tin-pot shirt-lifter, is worthy of the highest contempt and if you are forced to endure a dose of his poisonious vomit to get an education, then worthy of your most profound and abiding hatred.

      Never forget and never forgive your would be murderers.

    10. sdga Says:

      He a Polish jew?

    11. alex Says:

      —– Original Message —–
      From: Glen Turner
      To: Paul C. Gorski
      Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2006 8:03 PM
      Subject: Re: Hi Paul

      Aw, c’mon Pauli girl. The logic is solid! If race is meaningless, then there’s nothing to choose (or reject) between multiracial and homogenous societies. You, twink, are a lying hypocrite and are not humoured. Have a nice day, sweets. And give the cat some petting from me.


    12. Tim Says:

      What goes wrong in a life to produce someone like this? Perhaps he gobbles logs as several people have implied and cannot come to terms with the fact that not everyone approves of people who go thru life fixated on where their next blowjob is coming from. Who knows? In any case, I deeply resent somebody who lives a cheap dishonest existence dedicated to phony (evil) causes intended to destroy my kind and my way of life. He gets to hide away in a university coddled by the enemies of truth and the enemies of his own kind and is paid for the privilege. This sort of thing is a reminder of how far we have to go to restore sanity to this world.

    13. Mococi Says:

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