21 March, 2006

Loxist Exposed: Multiculturalist Runs Anti-White Hate Store

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[This creature, dimes to donuts is a twink, is paid by Hambone University to teach Whites to hate themselves. He objects to our posting a link to his Little Shop o’ Loxism. Not sorry, Paul. Loxists must be exposed, along with their evil agenda. Note that CafePress has no problem with “cracker” items, but won’t allow any store with any graphic critical of jews or coloreds. Perhaps we should notify CafePress that they’ve got a hater on their hands, and get Pauli shut down.]

Paul Gorski social justice and diversity activist Paul C. Gorski
Founder, EdChange and the Multicultural Pavilion
Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education
Hamline University
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Paul’s Hamline University Web site

Paul C. Gorski is an assistant professor in the Graduate School of Education at Hamline University. He has been an active consultant for ten years, conducting workshops and providing guidance to schools and community organizations committed to equity and diversity. He created and continues to maintain the Multicultural Pavilion and the Multicultural Supersite, Web sites focused on multicultural education. Paul is actively involved in the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME), and serves on its board of directors.

cracker.jpgHe is Associate Editor, Technology, for NAME’s journal, Multicultural Perspectives, and Associate Editor, Multicultural Literature and Reviews, for Multicultural Education. Prior to his current position at Hamline University, Paul taught for the University of Virginia, the University of Maryland, and George Mason University. He earned a doctorate in Educational Evaluation at the University of Virginia. He continues to publish and present in education-focused forums on topics ranging from whiteness and racism studies to multicultural curriculum transformation. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with his cat, Unity.

Areas of specialty:

  • the connection between self-transformation and institutional transformation
  • school and community reform for the elimination of race, gender, sexual orientation, langauge, and other inequities
  • the digital divide and educational technology
  • multicultural curriculum transformation
  • facilitation of dialogue on racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination
  • leadership development and the training of trainers for equity and diversity in education


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    1. alex Says:

      ‘Transformation’ is a leftist jewish code word for ethnic cleansing. It is more commonly used in South Africa than in the U.S., but as you can see, it is making it’s way here too.

      My guess is Gorski is a fag. Note that he’s been paid by several public universities to spread loxism.

    2. MB Says:

      Another “intolerant of intolerants”? Hopefully he is, as you say, a twink, and won’t reproduce.

    3. alex Says:

      Why homeschool? Because if you don’t, your kid will get something like la Gorski inculcating this sort of communist claptrap:

      2. The Transformation of Schools and Schooling

      Multicultural education calls for a critical examination of all aspects of schooling. Aspects of multicultural school transformation include the following:

      1. Student-Centered Pedagogy
      * The experiences of students must be brought to the fore in the classroom, making learning more active, interactive, and engaging. [ie, don’t teach them anything, encourage them to believe their own uninformed opinion is valuable.]
      * Traditional teaching approaches and pedagogical models must be deconstructed to examine how they are contributing to and supporting institutional systems of oppression. [teaching people to read liberates them. teaching them correct attitudes imprisons them.]
      * Known oppressive practices like tracking (even if informal) must be exposed and critically examined. [oppressive = rational. egalitarians seek to force all kids to be as slow as the dumbest among them. they will hobble your child with their hate-filled egalitarian agenda if you let them.]
      * All aspects of teaching and learning in schools must be refocused on, and rededicated to, the students themselves instead of standardized test scores and school rankings. [everybody must get on board with the communists.]
      * Emphasis should be put on critical and creative thinking, learning skills, and deep social awareness as well as facts and figures. [why not say you mean openly? because parents wouldn’t allow it. ‘deep social awareness’ = taught the “right” attitudes about homos and niggers and evil whites.]
      * Pedagogy must provide all students with equal potential to reach their potential as learners. [yeah, sure, world without limits. no one in history was educated to the full extent of his capacity. more commie bilge that fools only simpletons.]
      * Pedagogy must be flexible enough to allow for the diversity of learning styles present in every classroom. [nothing rigid like standards and demands, because they lead to achievement.]

      2. Multicultural Curriculum
      * All curricula must be studied for accuracy and completeness.
      * All subjects must be told from diverse perspectives — this is related to accuracy and completeness. [diverse – as long as they all think the proper way. groupthink strictly enforced, departure from, punished.]
      * “Inclusive curriculum” also means including the voices of the students in the classroom.
      * Concepts such as “the canon” and “classic literature” must be reconceptualized, again with the idea of accuracy and completeness, to debunk the perception that the only great literature came from the U.S. and England. [replace quality works with semitically correct crap from coloreds and homos. every work must advance the jew’s agenda, or it will be discarded.]
      * Curricula should reflect the diversity of learning styles in every classroom. [diverse learning styles = niggers can’t meet human standards, so pretend they learn differently.]

      3. Inclusive Educational Media and Materials
      * Educational materials should be inclusive of diverse voices and perspectives. [except for those who find the concept ‘social justice’ ridiculous marxist claptrap. diversity = different colors and sexes uniformly promoting marxism.]
      * Students must be encouraged to think critically about materials and media: Whose voice are they hearing? Whose voice are they not hearing? Why did that company produce that film? What is the bias this author may bring to her or his writing? [sounds good. does that include mention of jewish control of hollywood and the major media?]

      4. Supportive School and Classroom Climate
      * Teachers must be better prepared to foster a positive classroom climate for ALL students. [except those who question the lies they’re told.]
      * Overall school cultures must be closely examined to determine how they might be cycling and supporting oppressive societal conditions. [at all times the ‘instruction’ must be checked against the jewish agenda to make sure it fits perfectly.]
      * Administrative hierarchies in schools must be examined to assess whether they produce positive teaching environments for all teachers. [highest pay, lowest responsibility]
      * Teachers and administrators must be held accountable for practices deemed to be racist, sexist, heterosexist, classist, or in any other way discriminatory. [not open to diverse ideas and practices, is he? the jews always squat on the ‘good’ terms, and present their agenda in neutral, functional terms. when in fact they’re advancing a radically disruptive, historically failed communism refurbished for 21st century ameriKwa. this entire document seethes with commo-hate, barely below the surface of the carefully neutral-seeming language]

      5. Continual Evaluation and Assessment
      * Educators and education researchers must continue to examine the emphasis on standardized test scores and develop more just alternatives for measuring student “achievement,” “ability,” or “potential.”
      [anything that reflect reality must be done away with, preferably while keeping up the pretense that by hiding it we’re “progressive.”]

      * Continuing evaluation measures must be taken to measure the success of new and existing programs meant to provide more opportunities to groups traditionally and presently underrepresented in colleges and universities. [the truly underrepresented are white males, the single most qualified sector of the population. the people meant by the terms as used here are notoriously overrepresented, if you go by capacity for performing truly college-level work.]

      All in all, an egregious, typical piece of communist propaganda tricked out in neutral language to fool any parents who might wander by. You couldn’t fit any more load words and code words into this bilge with a shoehorn.]


    4. alex Says:

      My guess is Pauly is a liberal Polish (ex-?)Catholic homosexual commie change agent who agrees that teaching fisting to kindergartners is a good idea, and that he hails from D.C., and sleeps with a black cat named Unity.

    5. Tim P. Says:

      LOL! He gets a mugshot up there too!

    6. Outis Says:

      “Concepts such as “the canonâ€? and “classic literatureâ€? must be reconceptualized,”

      As I semi-argued elsewhere, I agree with this much — though NOT in favor of Jew/nigger/mud litterature. It is true that Anglo lit, and Oxford’s idea of what constitutes “the canon”, is a tyrannic fossil blocking the sun of other great Aryan works. When I attack it, I’m not attacking Plato or Shakespeare – as is quickly presumed, to get around the argument – but the canon itself, which reduces Plato and Shakespeare to Oxford building blocks, without much reference to what makes Plato Plato, Homer Homer, and so on. Approaching Homer naturally, or from his proper historical context, or the off chance that one sees through Homer “the classic” and finds Homer the epic poet, is what I was driving at. I don’t advocate clubbing disaffected whites with a “canon” or scoffing at them if they fall short of “appreciating” the same. I am in favor of a natural, historical approach to great Aryan authors — reading Homer not because Oxford and Heidelberg say he is great, but because he has something to say about Aryan history and in a thrilling mode. I advocate reading Plutarch, again, not because he’s “a great” and is in the Modern Library series, but because his most famous work is an encyclopedia of early Euro-Aryan heroes. You see my point. A man should not have to scale a hastily, prejudicially constructed latter of classics to find the glory in Homer or whomever. Besides, English taste is suspect no matter how you look at it. In your “Education” spintro, you asked how much is lost simply because it has not been translated from German; the answer, which I’ve discovered again and again over the years, is an incredible amount. The truth is that the same Anglo prejudice which today allows Jewry to toy with information on television and in schools is the same which has ALWAYS blocked out German and French scholarship, on principle. This is old nationalistic bias. If you haven’t heard of Le Bon or de Tocqueville, Lamarck or Büchner, it’s because the Anglo world has simply not deigned to recognize the genius of the Continent, going its own way with plodding minds like Darwin and clubbing people with their anti-historical “classics” list.

    7. Tim P. Says:

      nationalistic bias? as it were a bad thing? America is an anglo nation, derived from anglo-germanic peoples and their works. Those works deserve bias as they are our own, and are worthy of pride. In addition it is fully untrue that great non-American works go unrepresented. American universities have always taught acknowledged great literature wherever is has appeared, whether from france, germany or whiter times in ancient greece and rome.

    8. alex Says:

      I see your point. The simple fact is quality in lit as in anything else sticks out. And that’s where we should put our attention. The middle classes as always will be hopelessly clueless, and embrace as classic whatever they’re told to, whether Angelou or Shakespeare. They have no criteria inside them for making judgments, so they must go with what Authority says, in politics, literature or anything else.

      The middle class likes “classics” because they’re labeled, stamped respectable. They don’t give a damn about what’s in the books, just the outward appearance. They will keep libraries of these classics for parlor display, but seldom read them. That’s just how it is, friend, and you and I ain’t going to change it.

      What matter is the ‘there.’ Point is, in the work called classic, there is genuine merit. Works move in and out of vogue, and certainly there is a bias towards English, but that’s a subset of the broader political problem of Americans overrating things English.

    9. A. Says:

      What a turd. I went and read his Social Justice Poetry. God almighty was it crap, I mean so bad you wouldn’t use it for toilet paper lest the shit seeing it coming tried to crawl back up your intestine to escape its approach.

      To think he might have once been a productive human being, sweeping streets or something, instead of just producing what others have to wear gloves to shovel up.

    10. Jim Says:

      “Pedagogy must provide all students with equal potential to reach their potential as learners.”

      How in the hell do you provide someone with potential?

    11. alex Says:

      Only thing i can figure that means is equalizing money across tax districts. yet another way to force whites to subsidize people of crud.

    12. JimD Says:

      Sorry, I meant to say, “How in the hell do you provide a nigger with potential? ” Chalk that one up to my college education.

      I’m waiting on the federal “education tax”; I’m sure that’s next up, regardless of the results of the election in 2008.

    13. alex Says:

      They ought to substitute Rabelais for Shakespeare – not just the German stuff but the French stuff is ignored. Rabelais is funny whereas Shakespeare is said to be funny. Shakespeare is facile with words, but his characters’ speeches don’t move or amuse me. I’ve read most of his plays and seem some performances – eh, I can leave it.

    14. alex Says:

      Less Locke, more Schopenhauer and Nietzsche. But then again, more — any — Burke too. Instead we get stuff like Rawls, abysmal, boring, wrong. Anyone with anything light and wild in ’em must hate the academy with both bicuspids.

    15. alex Says:

      Just got this in my in-box, a reader’s exachange with La Gorski…

      —–Original Message—–
      From: Glen Turner
      Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2006 9:37 PM
      To: [email protected]
      Subject: Hi Paul

      If race is meaningless, then there’s nothing to choose (or reject) between multiracial and homogenous societies. The bio at edchange.org indicates that you are merely another sycophantic purveyor of Jewish hatred who is capitalizing on his boyish, good-looking “white-skin privilege” to sell ‘transformation,’ which is code for White genocide. No doubt the kids and silly female educationists at the Pavilion think of you as an innovative and courageous revolutionary ‘leader.’ We laugh at you because we know what you are. ;)

      Have a nice day, twink!

      —– Original Message —–
      From: Paul C. Gorski
      To: ‘Glen Turner’
      Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2006 7:55 PM
      Subject: RE: Hi Paul

      What’s really humorous about this is that you’re so void of any meaningful commentary that all you can is come after a person. Classic. And so, so intelligent.


      —– Original Message —–
      From: Glen Turner
      To: Paul C. Gorski
      Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2006 8:03 PM
      Subject: Re: Hi Paul

      Aw, c’mon Pauli girl. The logic is solid! If race is meaningless, then there’s nothing to choose (or reject) between multiracial and homogenous societies. You, twink, are a lying hypocrite and are not humoured. Have a nice day, sweets. And give the cat some petting from me.


    16. A. Says:

      jewwwwww, I hate that faggoty stuff. Leave it out.

    17. Outis Says:

      Agreed. What in Shakespeare can compare to Rabelais at his most vituperative:

      Here enter not base pinching usurers,
      Pelf-lickers, everlasting gatherers,
      Gold-graspers, coin-gripers, gulpers of mists,
      Niggish deformed sots, who, though your chests
      Vast sums of money should to you afford,
      Would ne’ertheless add more unto that hoard,
      And yet not be content,–you clunchfist dastards,
      Insatiable fiends, and Pluto’s bastards,
      Greedy devourers, chichy sneakbill rogues,
      Hell-mastiffs gnaw your bones, you ravenous dogs.

      You beastly-looking fellows,
      Reason doth plainly tell us
      That we should not
      To you allot
      Room here, but at the gallows,
      You beastly-looking fellows.

      On the other hand, Rabelais never approaches the might-is-right, devil take the hindmost solemnity of some of Shakes’ best characters:

      Go, gentleman, every man unto his charge
      Let not our babbling dreams affright our souls:
      Conscience is but a word that cowards use,
      Devised at first to keep the strong in awe:
      Our strong arms be our conscience, swords our law.
      March on, join bravely, let us to’t pell-mell
      If not to heaven, then hand in hand to hell.

      CONCLUSION (lol): Rabelais for the jokes, Shakespeare (J. Caesar, Richard III, T. Andronicus, etc.) for the steel.

    18. Outis Says:

      “In addition it is fully untrue that great non-American works go unrepresented.”

      Yea, I guess you’re right. What was I thinking? I am going to get a nosebleed in the World Classics, where non-Americans like Hölderin and Mencken are fully represented.

    19. alex Says:

      My short list would include: Wilde, Mencken, Burke, Rabelais, Moliere, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Fussell, MacDonald.

      I’m not big on categories or lists. If he’s a nonf, how do his facts assemble? If he’s an artist, do his effects work? How does he produce them?

      You can, somewhat, teach language as glorious and musical, but keep the intellectual rigor too. If it’s not glorious, it’s only excuse is that it’s necessary, otherwise, who needs it? Go play basketball in the sun.

    20. A. Says:

      Not this shit again.

      Listen most great writers are read by very, very few except in exerpt form or through translated study guides and notes, that is through the eyes of the blind. Those who read in blood are almost identical in number to those who write in blood.

      It is a conversation most are just eavedroppers upon, and to them it appears indistinct and garbled. Which explains why jews make inroads and the furious bloodletters go ignored. ‘Twas always the way, just even more so now as the community of blood is dashed by semitic censerious blows.

      Now go kill, cut and slash! Spray tomorrow with a red tide of crimson foam.

    21. Timothy Says:

      I just left this Gorski homo an email and it reads:Why don’t you ridiculous marxist parrots go get real jobs?You look like a guy who enjoys hanging around bathhouses so maybe you could be the cum-mopper-upper at
      Che Gloryhole.

      Just a thought.

      I’ll see if this walking AIDS incubation chamber responds.

    22. A. Says:

      Grab the collective judaic, sabbos goys’ hair and begin pounding on their face with relentless unyielding blows until the blood is pissing out of their ears, mouth and nose. Now that is literature worthy of the name. Then cut their throat and watch them swirl, producing circles in the dirt, lashing it with paroxims of fear as they bleed out. That is epic in its intensity. It almost approachs the mystical sanctity for which strive all great interpreters of existence.

      Spit high their blood in the air a fountain in euphoric ecstasy! Figure five, limbs outstretched alive!

    23. alex Says:

      This in from letters from another who wrote La Gorsicki

      Mr. Gorski,

      I read your site and noticed a lot of obvious misspellings/typos.

      Back in the early 1990’s I knew a girl who took the sort of lessons you are teaching. She threw her body into “anti-racism” literally, had a kid with a black, and ended up with a knife sticking out of her eye. Don’t believe me? Sheri Morton, Northampton, Massachusetts, on January 19, 1993. it’s in the Boston Globe on Monday, January 20th 1993 on the front page. People like you are responsible. I’m sure you have racked up your own “White kid body count” already, and I’m sure you shrug and say, “well, they are paying the price for their racist ancestors” and go on your righteous way.

      What you teach to White kids directly results in their getting murdered or catching AIDS. Many of us out here realize this, and every year more and more people realize this. It’s not that you draw a generous paycheck for doing something useless; what you do is actively harmful and evil. You program White children for death. May the souls of those dead White children come back to haunt you.

      [response ommitted]

      So it’s “hilarious” when White girls end up like Nicole Brown Simpson, eh? Or like one of “Nushawn’s girls” who caught AIDS from Nushawn Williams.

      Yeah, that’s real funny — to a well paid sicko.

      I am talking about real things that happened to real people, as a result of criminals like yourself. Ideas have consequences — and the consequences of the ideas you put forth lead to an early grave for many a naive teenager.

    24. GB Says:


      How’s it feel to get some resistance? You’ve had it easy for a long time. All the institutions of this country are coddling you.

      Well, we are fighting back Gorski. It is going to be tough opposing you. But many of us are willing to die for our beliefs, sacrifice our jobs, or whatever – we are sick of your type.
      Gorski, and all like you, WATCH OUT FOR US. WE ARE COMING.

    25. WhiteFight Says:

      This guy doesn’t even know where the epithet “cracker” was derived from, I guarantee it. Cracker was what the slaves called their masters and came about because of the ‘crack’ of the whip. This guy must not know many blacks as this is pretty well known amongst blacks. This dumbass doesn’t even know he’s basically promoting slavery. All the people buying his crap are actually considering themselves slave-masters of negroes; pretty funny when you think about it!

    26. treacle Says:

      Crackers were white people living in north central Fla. I believe they were called Crackers because of Cracking of whips to herd their animals.