17 March, 2006

Movie Review: ‘Good Night and Good Luck’

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“Good Night and Good Luck�


reviewed March 16, 2006


Perhaps no political figure in history other than Adolf Hitler has been vilified by the jewsmedia more than Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy (1908-1957).  In fact the word “McCarthyism� was coined during the 1950s as a shorthand to demonize political opponents and is still in common use even today.  It was said that he recklessly smeared as Communists hundreds of innocent patriotic Americans and cast a shadow of fear across the land.  This sinister image of McCarthy has been sold as gospel, just as the danger of internal subversion by alien anti-American conspirators has been ridiculed.  The Oscar-nominated film “Good Night and Good Luck� (GN&GL) does nothing to contradict this conventional wisdom, and in fact perpetuates the myth for a whole new generation of moviegoers.


As is usually the case, however, the facts belie the McCarthy myth.  As even the jewish-run, liberal-biased Wikipedia website now admits:


Although McCarthy’s activities did not result in any convictions or criminal prosecutions for espionage, intercepted Soviet communications from the now-declassified VENONA project, as well as the opening of Soviet Archives, indicate that some of the individuals he pursued were, in fact, Soviet spies or Communist sympathizers.


That is putting it mildly, to say the least.  What the new intelligence has revealed is that McCarthy, far from exaggerating the number of Communists in American government, actually underestimated the extent of infiltration by Soviet agents and their influence in the Roosevelt and Truman administrations.  Those who decry the “witch-hunts� ignore the fact that there were (and still are!) real witches brewing up their deadly potions.


GN&GL is the story of famed CBS newsman Edward R. Murrow.  The movie focuses almost exclusively on Murrow’s on air denunciations of Senator McCarthy and is by no means a biography or even a rounded picture of the man himself.  Unlike most of those who will see this film (and that includes most mainstream critics), I have a vivid memory of the real Edward R. Murrow and am therefore more apt to cast a critical eye on David Strathaim’s performance.  Unfortunately, while he gets the voice and mannerisms mostly right, Strathaim – even with advanced modern makeup techniques — bears only a vague physical resemblance to Murrow and fails to convince me that I’m watching the real thing.


Murrow certainly did have a distinctive style and persona and, in contrast to modern day television newsmen and anchors, was gifted with literary eloquence.  Although I remember him primarily for his softball celebrity interviews on “Person to Personâ€? (particularly his televised “tourâ€? of the White House conducted by a vapid Jacqueline Kennedy), his hard-edged news reports were a far cry from the happy-talk, celebrity-oriented, feature-laden programs that pass for “newsâ€? today.  Although he unfortunately used his talents to promote jewish interests and left-wing causes, he projected a sincerity and intelligence that is sorely lacking on the joo toob today.  GN&GL opens with a speech Murrow made before the Radio and Television News Directors Association in 1958.  In it he excoriated the industry for being “fat, comfortable, and complacent” and television for “being used to detract, delude, amuse and insulate us.”  I must admit that truer words were never spoken and most surely would have been even stronger had he been able to foresee the sorry state of the media today.


McCarthy was saddled with one big albatross around his neck in the person of the notorious jewish homosexual Roy Cohn, who was his chief counsel.  Was McCarthy set up to fail?  I have read reports recently that said this was exactly the case, that it was Roy Cohn – not Edward R. Murrow or anyone else in the media – who was ultimately responsible for bringing down the good senator.  Cohn, who died of AIDS in the 1980s, is conceded by all sides to have been a totally unscrupulous and disreputable character.  And yet he plays a very minimal role in GN&GL, seen only briefly in one archived clip.


We know now that instead of going after “Communists,� McCarthy’s real target should have been jews.  The debate in the 1950s, however, got bogged down in the semantics of who was a “card carrying Communist,� as if holding a membership card in an organization actually proved anything.  As a matter of fact, most of the persons he investigated as Communists were jews.  McCarthy struck a nationalist chord in the country, and that was what truly frightened the jews and the liberals and caused them to amass all of their vast media resources against him.  And, no, this movie does not hide the fact that CBS president William Paley and news director Fred Friendly were jews.  There is even a line in which Friendly’s jewishness is alluded to.  It is well to remember that they controlled the electronic media even back then.


Yet in spite of its obvious bias, GN&GL is the best I have seen so far of this year’s five Oscar nominated pictures, all of which are highly charged politically and socially.  The acting and directing is first rate.  It was purposely filmed in black and white to capture the mood of the 1950s, and it succeeds at that level, although they probably overemphasize the heavy cigarette smoking.  The camaraderie in the CBS newsroom illustrates a monolithic political outlook among the entire news staff.  It is almost like they are cheerleaders for a football team – us against them — which is probably exactly how they perceived their jobs.  No need to allege any news media conspiracy; reporters and news executives all share a common culture, a culture supportive of jewish interests and inimical to traditional White values.


So if you’re somewhat of a political junkie like me, by all means see GN&GL.  And because the anti-McCarthy propaganda is somewhat balanced by the film’s advocacy of serious news reporting, it is not an entirely wrongheaded message you will receive.



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  7. 5 Responses to “Movie Review: ‘Good Night and Good Luck’”

    1. George Crane Says:

      Senator McCarthy was correct.

      As Senator McCarthy has been proven correct, over and over — there WERE Communists inside the USA government from the 1940’s forward, undeniably — it has become absolutely a nonsensical exercise of ‘false flag’ history [sic] to continue the Jew propaganda attempting to besmirch him with the cattle-masses.

      See J. Edgar Hoover’s famous [Masters of Deceit] book on the already-identified Communists in the U.S. government. Alger Hiss? How about the very real and active Jew Rosenburgs? See McCarthy’s own book on the tragic China debacle, and the Washington, DC, influences behind it [America’s Retreat From Victory].

      For a real eye-opener from an on-the-spot agent who actually infiltrated the American Communist Party, beginning even in the 1940’s, get the fairly rare book by Matt Cvetic entitled THE BIG DECISION.

      Senator McCarthy was correct. Despite the Hollywood movies, continuing Jew lies and continuing Jew propaganda effort to ‘ignorize’ our people!

    2. Olde Dutch Says:

      McCarthy, Hoover, and all the others, neglected to point out that 9 out of 10 of these so-called “communist” spies & agents were jews! That’s the root of today’s problems because the jews have morphed into other political forms carrying their radical jew agenda wih them.

      Change the name, you still have the jew.

    3. alex Says:

      Hiss was of German descent; the rest of the bastards, almost to a man, were jews. It’s taboo on the right to mention this. Anne Coulter spends a whole book on McCarthy with perhaps one glancing notice that many jews were red-diaper babies. She takes a direct shot at WASP east-coast elite. It remains true that knowing the jewish agenda is the skeleton key to unlocking the closed doors of world politics.

      Why are we in Iraq?


      Why might we be in Iran?


      Why is our country full of mexcrement?


      Why are jungle animals allowed to roam free and attack humans?


      Why is none of this mentioned in the media?


      What’s the closest to utopia achievable on this earth?

      No Jews. Just Right.

    4. erich Says:


    5. BH Says:

      That is a great picture of Senator Joseph McCarthy with lawyer Roy Cohn by his side. Roy Cohn’s grandfather was Lionel Cowen (Cohn) who was the founder and co-owner of Lionel Trains, Inc.

      Lionel Cowen sold the toy company to Roy Cohn who promptly ceased operations and removed all money (including pension funds) leaving employees with no money for retirement. All employee investments were stolen! My relatives retired penniless.