11 March, 2006

Muslims Show the Way to Fight Jews and Win

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Breed, scream in the streets, and murder. As that nigger comedian used to say, “People…will get out of your way.” You conservatives will perhaps pull your thumbs out of your mouths long enough to jot down the not tiny fact that writing letters and making phone calls are not on that list. The Muslim M.O. is to have 27 kids, kill anyone who insults Allah, use the freedoms of our White West to position themselves to deny our rights the minute they have the chance. This is made easier by see-no-race ekwalitarians and the jews who define their agenda.

The jews, by contrast, sneak around behind the scenes, passing laws that making it illegal to criticize their poisonous little sect. Sharing syndicated column space with Ashkenazi appeasers and precisely zero critics, they simply never tell their readers about the thousands of honest men in jail for speaking truths they don’t want known. They use the Muslims not to fight for their ostensible principle, free speech, but their real principle: jews first, everybody else sucking hind tit.

Christians? They may be abused freely by all parties? Whites? Just getting started. The reason the neocons instigate wars is their personal lack of fear they’ll ever face consequences, physical or legal. As long as they believe they have the upper hand, jews are the most arrogant peoplelike creatures on earth. Itz time the curs were at our feet and off our throats again. Article.

To coin a phrase: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

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  7. 7 Responses to “Muslims Show the Way to Fight Jews and Win”

    1. LD Says:

      Muslims would NEVER mock/insult Chirstianity or Judaism. Poeple must realize this truth. Murder? I would suggest that it’s revenge or simple self-defense. Killing parents, brother, raping sisters, etc. would piss anyone off.

    2. van helsing Says:

      They just insult Christians, that’s all. Of course the ones doing that may be more of Muzzy racists as opposed to the devout kind of Muzz… But when the going gets tough, they do stick together after a fashion. Semites must simply be that way.

      It will be interesting to see how far the Danes roll back their problem.

    3. Ventrue Says:

      In Islam, Jesus is one of the revered prophets described in the Quran. He is called Isa there. Christianity is a non-issue to them; they just think it strange anyone could believe the son of god could walk around on earth, that’s all. They think both religions worship the same god, though.

      Yes, the Muzzies fight for their collective interests. Better they fight Jews than turn niggerized like too many of their kind in Europe do. Maybe Whites will also fight the ZOG in the streets when we are poorer and hungrier. But we will do it without being criminal and corrupt like the Arabs, of course.

    4. von Larson Says:

      It is sheer suicide to imagine that either the Jew or the Mulsim is preferable over the other. Both of them are out to destroy The White Western World, and you can’t drive out the Devil with Beelzebub. You’re going to have to face the fact that both of these tribes are The Enemy. We are in a two-front war here; the Jew, the Muslim, and the European are all mutually antagonistic by nature. What no one seems to understand is that the poor, mistreated Jews are going to fight World War III with the poor, mistreated Mulsims on European soil. We don’t dare side with either of them without first surrending our world to theirs. Both of them want everything we’ve got. If nothing is done, and soon, it will be OUR bones they pick during and after their War.

    5. LD Says:

      von Larson, I believe you’re displaying the early clinical signs of paranoid schizophrenia. I’m White, and I’m Muslim. You, however, are a fool. What makes you say such a thing?

      I’m wondering if you meant to say Arabs? Well I can pretty much tell you that they absolutely want NOTHING (especially the crap Western culture has to offer) from anyone except to simply be left alone – AND – to stop funding the illegal hell-state of Israel, which does, indeed, belong to ARABS!! Just take a Xanax and chill von, you’ll see, it’ll be more clear in the morning.

    6. Joe America Says:

      The western world citizens need to wake up and realize what their government is doing to them.

      The western governments are heavily involved in the internal affairs of the middle east. and not in a favorable manner.

      when you mess with one man’s home he will come and mess with yours, its that simple. get out of the middle east and i can bet you that all terrorist attacks against the west will stop.

      stay and the middle east will crumble taking you with them.

      Iraq is a key example. Saddam hussein was a crazy madman, allowed to continue his tyranny because of the u.s. and now when they decide to remove him, they’ve cause a whole new mess.

    7. Tommy Says:

      I’ve read the Koran and it is a toxic religion. I’m not naive, so don’t tell me that you’re peaceful. Muhammad was a conquerer, rapist, murderer, thief, and a piece of garbage. Check into your own religious history, you’re in denial. The Koran instructs all muslims, to kill any unbelievers on sight, unless they are in Mecca. The Koran instructs muslims to destroy unbelievers resources, not to make friends with them, ect ect. Violence and death are glorified, killing innocent unarmed people is glorified, devout muslims love death and cowardice more than we love life.

      You make me sick. Your religious book instructs your followers to kill me, my family, and everyone I love. Fuck You.