22 March, 2006

Nationalists vs Muslims at World Cup?

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ROME (AFP) – The World Cup in Germany is set to become a battleground between facists and Muslims, an Italian member of a new European neo-Nazi movement warned.

In a statement published by Italian daily Repubblica, the memeber of AS Roma’s notorious ultras hooligan group claims neo-Nazis across Europe met in Braunau in Austria to plan attacks against supporters from Islamic countries during the World Cup in Germany from June 9 to July 9. Article.

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  7. 21 Responses to “Nationalists vs Muslims at World Cup?”

    1. agis Says:

      Whenever the DPA takes photos of German Nationalists it’s always of the backs of their heads. This not-so-clever trick is used everytime in an attempt to ‘dehumanize’ Nationalists for the mass of voting (!) wymin, drones and sub 100s. It’s all about dumbocrazy…

    2. alex Says:

      They do that here too. If they shoot from the front, they skew the angle to make the subject look monstrous and off-balance.

    3. Anty Ep Says:

      It’s great to see Europeans rally against aliens, and it would be even better to see them rally against the alien JEWS in their midst that admitted the “wogs” in the first place. Otherwise, it’s treating the symptom not the cause of the peril.

    4. Angle Says:

      Let’s hope they burn down Kreuzberg. It’s time for the Muds to live in fear of whites, just as whites live in fear of off-colour attacks, some of which are politically-motivated (Madrid, 7/7).

    5. Outis Says:

      The back is usually their best angle, sadly.


    6. Carpenter Says:

      From the article: “They are all enemies that need to be eliminated, just like the police.”

      Most WNs won’t think of the police as an enemy, but as yet another important part of society that is controlled by the ZOG. I believe some skinheads are the kind of people who would be enemies of the police even if they were living in a White society.

      Still, when (some) skinheads do something like what the article says they’re planning, they’re out there, fighting, while most do not. Hard to argue with that.

    7. You sad low-life scum Says:

      Oh please, tell me this is some big joke. The reason you look like animals in photos is because that’s just the way you are. Next time you are in your bedrooms try taking a look in the mirror. Better still, try headbutting it.


    8. GB Says:


      Those are very hurtful words.

    9. apollonian Says:

      Thanks to the kikes: keeping us honest, our race healthy, killing (like the disease of opportunity they are) and eliminating the weaklings who can do no better but to worship Jew religion (lies, for the sake of lies and lying) like the holohoax, eh? But Jews’ days are numbered, and the Spenglerian “Decline of the West” must come to an end sometime, eh Jews? Apollonian

    10. Jim Says:

      To You Sad Low-life Scum:
      Why don’t you just do what the rest of your Kosher brethren do and shorten your name. I think Scumbag would fit you just fine. Have a nice day.

    11. James Hawthorne Says:

      To You Sad Low-life Scum:

      Why All The Hate ?

    12. agis Says:

      You not only have to ‘fight the reporter’ for the story, you have to ‘fight the photographer’ for a non-distortion.

    13. alex Says:

      That’s true. They generally shoot up at people they don’t like, to emphasize how big and scary they are, and down at people we’re supposed to feel sorry for, like the jiggity w sleeping boolet in the NYTwit story.

    14. Outis Says:

      i have to emphasize that these guys aren’t pretty. Shooting just their heads makes them seem more numerous and scary than they really are, sure, but it’d be worse to get them from the front. The German antifa DO shoot them from the front, and get just the effect they desire. It is actually better to see them this way, though the intent is clear.

    15. Harry Tuttle Says:

      I’ve been there, watching them organize the shot and holding the power cable for them. They have natural instincts for how to frame and position their subject to cast the impression they want.

      Note : They will also shoot niggers from a low angle if there is a white woman standing nearby, to give the impression the nigger is a majestic and noble romantic standing guard over the poor white girl whose own males are nowhere in sight. I’ve also seen larger and more muscular whites deliberately asked to stand out of the frame to keep the impression that the average black man is bigger and stronger by far than most white boys. This is one of the reasons there is a virtual shutout on weeknight television of any white actors over 5’8 – they make the niggers look colossal and the only natural choice for the white girl onscreen. The white boys are picked to look as washed out, sunken chested and as feeble as possible, preferably with a little earring and a goatee to make them appear to be comically tiny and ridiculous. Watch the law firm and doctor shows, you can see these operating principles for all camera shots and scenes implemented every single night. I honestly believe with the rare exception it would be nearly impossible for white males over 200 lbs to get any kind of work in Hollywood. They make the black males look like gangly and misshapen beasts from Freaka in comparison so they are forbidden on set during any shoot.

      Even when they take still photos of say somebody like Irving from the front, they make sure they have a backlight just off to the side of the ear to cast weird shadows over the face and give the impression you are looking at some monstrous Cagliostro. By contrast, even the best lighting could not really make the hideous she-creature known as Deborah Lipstadt look very good, no matter where they stuck the illumination source. The best angle on that butt-ugly sand nigger gypsy would be behind a black curtain.

      If you have no experience with media behind the scenes, you probably would not believe they do all these things. The truth is they do, on each and every single shot they study composition to convey ideas. It’s a lot easier than writing good propaganda so they rely on the visual arts to transmit their sick and twisted perceptions of the world.

    16. Paul87 Says:

      I take it all those face photos on that antifa site (posted above) are done by jews hoping to spark some reprisals against those photographed. To those of you WNers who criticise those faces on antifa – you’re wrong – they’re not beauties and would look better with hair, but they do look reliable, dependable and decent. Typical Aryans in fact. And the average white CAN relate to their faces better than the backs of their bald heads. I looked through them all. They’re good stock. Imagine seeing that many africans or jews.

    17. Theseus Says:

      It is past time that nationalists from all over the world begin communicating.

    18. Outis Says:


      I actually agree with you: they look reliable and decent. The German nationalists above all. They look like regular, decent young men. (The girls, on the other hand….)

      But I assure you, the antifa don’t even need Jews for this sort of work. Germans are crazy.

    19. alex Says:

      Very enlightening, Harry. Are you, perhaps, in the business?

    20. Harry Tuttle Says:

      Alex, like you I drifted through many places where I wasn’t supposed to go for a long time. If any of my yooist masters had ever had any idea of what that big goofy white boy who gets their coffee every morning really thought of them all those years I think they would have told security to never let me into the building ever again. I saw lots of stuff. The truth is much worse than the most informed exaggerations on here suggest.

      99% of it is subconscious, innate and instinctive behaviour, as Dr. Pierce finally concluded before he died. The yoo on the editing crew is not thinking in his conscious mind, “Put that fly nigger over by the white girl and tell the big muscular redneck in back to step out of that frame for me.” Instead there are nudges, gentle waves of the hand, a silent gesture, the white man is perhaps offered a cup of coffee to keep him out of the shot at the opportune moment. Almost nobody involved is thinking in their conscious layer, “Exterminate whitey, give his woman to the ape to fuck.”

      Dr. Pierce thought that in it’s way, realizing there was no Jewish conspiracy is a thousand times worse than thinking there was. If the Jews do all this consciously in quiet behind closed doors with furtive whispers (certainly a lot of it is done that way), they are human but comprehensible. They still fit into the human family of existence, they’re just debauched and tribal monsters. If Jews don’t think about the majority of all of this, they just do it naturally like a kind of poisonous sap a tree secretes to kill insects and taint the ground around its roots, then the Jews are an alien product of the blackest hell imaginable. If there once was a trace of human in them, it no longer remains unless in a small handful of exceptions. Those from the Pale of the Settlement seem to be the real juggernaut in this regard. They give off air which asphyxiates whatever nation they dwell in. They are mindlessly evil in this regard like a liver fluke or a tapeworm.

      They don’t need a storyboard or shot-blocking cuecard. It is burned into their souls.

    21. elbrus_arya Says:

      The jewish organized neo-nazi and neo-facist organizations are part of a world wide campaign against humanity’s effort to make decisions for his future from many aspects.
      These mafia organizations’ logic works like this: you are against jews;yes. you love your white race(or you are a racist);yes.you love nazism(or facism); yes. then here is the solution: come a become a neo-nazi(or a neo-facist) and then listen to your leaders’ advices which today is saying that “The World Cup in Germany is set to become a battleground between facists and Muslims and …….”. Is it ok?!
      poor neo-nazi(or neo-facist) fans: ya…ok !!!