14 March, 2006

Opportunities for Whites: Slivercasting

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If jews were in our position, they’d put together all kinds of programs and packages using the new technologies. They’d have “The Nigger Channel,” (“tonight!: TNB on TNC – must-see ‘boovision”) featuring non-stop nigger criminal behavior intercut with hours of niggers being niggers. “Watching paint dry,” a documentary on the porch monkey. The supply of fresh material is unquenchable, as each nigger generation is larger than the last, and the legal/social context niggerier than ever.

They’d also produce a 24-part series: “How the Jews Murdered America,” featuring the jewroot of open borders, civil rights, affirmative action, foreign warmongering, holo-mythmaking, etc. Could be documentation of the black-on-blonde meme, and explanation of the loxist genocide promoting it. There could be channels featuring exposes of the eretzim, the Orthodox jews. Explaining that they are not conservatives, they are loxist scamsters, disgusting in appearance, wicked in behavior – real subhuman detritus. Topical ‘magazines’ could address the jew angle in stories such as Lo Abramov, that we never seem to run out of.


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  7. 3 Responses to “Opportunities for Whites: Slivercasting”

    1. John Creagh Says:

      This could be huge! VNN.TV would be a natural extension to govnn.com, TAA newspaper, and Goyfire radio. There is probably already enough interesting free video content to get started, such as loosechange911, and video clips Mark Farrell has listed at


      The companies mentioned in the article probably wouldn’t do business with VNN, but maybe someday soon there will be an open-source equivalent to their software.

    2. Jim West Says:

      I believe you should have a two-sided VNN program, one covering the negative effects of white-jewish influence, and the other side covering whites alone, and what they’ve done to make America great.


      Jim West – banned from VNN (odd, considering I designed cover#3 of the TAA. Oh well, good deeds don’t go to far in winning one any immunity from that kind of thing when you’re at the mercy of ban-crazy mods)

    3. alex Says:

      Stick around, we need your work for #4.