31 March, 2006

Reader asks…

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I’ve read VNN off and on for a few years. The articles & writings were an eye opener, although it does seem like there are a lot of divisions within people that are racially aware.

So, it’s obvious things are getting worse rapidly. Do you that think in the immediate future there’s going to be a benevolent general-dictator, on the likes of Washington or Hitler to clean up this mess, or is this country going end up like something out of Mad Max?

I’d like to think the former will happen…I’ve seen people in the forums write endlessly about the end of the world scenarios or massive race wars, but if the lights do go out, I don’t think blacks or browns would have a clue what to do. If they’re as helpless as they were during Katrina, then the problem will fix itself in about 2 weeks, after they run out of running water and food.

So am I close, or completely off? I’m just curious what your opinion is on it.

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  7. 22 Responses to “Reader asks…”

    1. alex Says:

      I leave this open to readers, I’ll comment a bit later.

    2. apollonian Says:

      Look at history for parallels. Jews will attempt to control opposition, funding and sending money to “patriots” they think can best mislead the volk. Meantime be on lookout for next “T”-event, another 9-11 outrage as pretext for martial law, calling in United Nations.

      Jews work behind heresy: they’re behind the “Judeo-Christians” (JCs) of Falwell, Robertson, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, et al., a pretended “Christianity” which isn’t antisemitic.

      We must be active first for culture and mentality, using that Christian base which is so powerful still; thus we must couple Christian aesthetic most firmly with RATIONALITY, thus do we expose the JCs for example, traitors and dupes. Christianity then is seen for what it was designed for: Hegelian antithesis to Judaism-Talmudism-Pharisaism; Christian objectivity versus Talmudic subjectivity. I could go on, but editor of this blogspot demands succinctness and brevity. Pls see more Apollonian expo at NewNation.org under “commentary” heading. Apollonian

    3. Outis Says:

      Hic jacet sepultus VNN.

    4. Thorson Says:

      We can pray that the gods will rise up another Hitler to combat the juden,
      but I know nothing will move Boobus Americanus until the electricity goes off. That electronic jew (TV) has enslaved us all.

    5. Will Says:

      Very hard to predict the future in times like these. The technological level of development renders these times incomparable to those of the past. Sure we can talk about empires, and race-mixing, and military adventurism, and decadence, but the fact remains: the kind of world we live in today has never been seen before in history.

      A lot of people talk about a coming collapse. They seem to believe that a major economic collapse will bring about some sea-change in the attitudes and worldviews of masses of Whites. The collapse is already happening, slowly but surely. Look around you. The rich are getting richer and becoming smaller in number. The poor are getting poorer and are devouring the middle class from the bottom up. The middle class is disappearing.

      I don’t want to write to extensively because I for one have no idea what might happen and I don’t want to sit here guessing about it.

      I just don’t think there will be any kind of effective resistance to the ZOG/JOG/NWO whatever you want to call it. The military is always the strong arm of government power. If there is going to be any kind of real turnaround, then it will have to come from within the armed forces. A real life military coup by some heroic conspiracy of generals and majors and colonels.

      Because let’s fact it, how can WE THE PEOPLE fight the military? We can’t. The developments I was speaking of earlier have rendered “armed insurrection” almost humorous. Storm Washington DC with rifles and shotguns while they drop napalm on us from 15,000 feet?

      There will be a tiny percentage of us who will bitch and moan and try to warn all the sleepwalkers but for the most part everyone will remain fooled by the MSM and the bovine herd will follow the leader wherever he may go. People just don’t care about anyone but themselves and their immediate families anymore. Why fight City Hall? You can’t win. Kill a few jews? Die a martry to some rednecks in Kentucky. Or rot in a ZOG prison with a cell full of niggers.

      Resistance is futile. We will be assimilated.

      Unless a nuke goes off. Then you’ll see serious panic. Because even the lowliest rebel scum would rather die fighting the hated Empire than sitting helplessly waiting for the blinding blast of a nuclear bomb.

      I think all we can do is wait and see. Maybe the Mega-Depression is inbound at this moment, being cooked up for us by the international bankers. Who knows? Then all bets are off and everything is back on the table. In the meantime wake up as many as possible and be prepared for ANYTHING. Crazy world.

    6. alex Says:

      Barring unaccountables such as natural disasters, turd-worlders will continue to stream to America until the global wage rate equals, which will happen when there are about 2 billion people living here, ha. I’ve seen it put that roughly 5 of the 6 billion people in the world would be better off living in America, so talk about improving the socioeconomics of mexico or some other turdistan is a pipe dream. Either we protect the borders, or we add another 30 million shitskins in a lot less than four decades.

      Jews will continue jewing, as they have for millennia. That means doing what’s in their interest, which means the politics of the undistributed middle. Either you’re a jew or you’re a hater/terrorist/racist/anti-semite. Sobran had a clever transposition, that an anti-semite is someone jews hate, but the fact is anti-semite simply means non-jew. The jews no more like their appeasers than we do; they just use the baseball annie coulters, the suckpoop joe farah’s and the portly chortler limbaughs.

      Jews will continue to press to do away with the First and Second Amendments. They’ll keep the words, but redefine them so that political speech, ie speech critical of jews, becomes hate speech, and owning a weapons is essentialy outlawed, as only those with political connections will be able to pass the licensing and permitting.

      There continues to be an opening for a party representing White folks, that defined as a party that overtly says it represents White folks, rather than a fake-conservative party that calls border fans ‘vigilantes.’ Even with hostile media, such a party could make waves. But this would require a very great deal of human effort, and the people today called ‘White Nationalists’ are not enough to make a go of it without substantial additions from the competent, but easily scared, middle class. As time passes, it may be that restrictions become more draconian and the middle class further lenihans, so to speak, or it becomes bolder, having less to lose in a world of ‘affirmative action.’ There is movement in the WN direction, and it does pick up over time, but it is still a trickle.

      It can be said with absolute assurance, given the historical record, that jews will tell any lie and murder anybody if they think it will benefit jews. The problems for the jews are 1) their small numbers; 2) the rise of free media (Internet); 3) the 1.2 billion Muslims, a great many of whom believe their own bullshit and aren’t afraid of the jews.

      The jews have d’oh’ed themselves with open-borders petard in Europe and America. They won’t admit this, but they are worried. See Steyn. They’ll bash the Euros and the stupid Whites, but they themselves are too blame, no matter how they obscure the fact in their media for dumb goyim. It’s a matter of time until the bomb is widespread among Muslims. At that point Israel will be forced to terms or simply destroyed in an unequal exchange. There simply aren’t enough white americans — jews have doubly d’oh’d themselves through easy abortion — to carry on all the wars jews would like to initiate. One half-assed, half-hearted struggle with bitty Iraq, and middle-aged America is cries “enough.” One scans the horizon in search of a new jew Lincoln Brigade, sees nothing.

      For high-IQ people, the jews are pretty stupid in more ways than you’d think.

      There’s also the possibility of a White jihad, so to speak. i don’t mean Whites teaming up with Muslims, wich is a fiction spread by jewish liars bent on making hate links in the minds of goyim too naive to realize what they’re doing, but rather the rise of Whites who’d rather die than submit. Who knows what form this would take, but if someone had the brains and balls to go after the neocons directly, you’d be surprised how quickly blowhard warmongers would back off.

      You see, most people are fools, and that definitely includes jews. Read Andrew Sullivan. He finally admits, as most of the hebrews won’t, that he was wrong, and that he was full of himself. He bought the bullshit he spread. Can you make money off your opinion? Most men have never tried, and if they did they’d lose their ass but gain a valuable lesson in what their opinion is truly worth.

      Facts matter little. Otherwise there would huge heaping streams of new converts to WN, as we were the only ones who called the war on Iraq correctly, and from day one – in fact, before it happened. We were correct because we understand that the United States is controlled by jews, and they use it to further their agenda, which means doing everything in their power to destroy any potential threat to Israel.

      I would not be at all surprised if the neocon warmongers who produced the WTC demolitions, murdering 3,000 Americans, eventually get their comeuppance, and I rank the avengers in this order:

      1) Sheehans – relatives of Americans who died for jewish lies in Iraq, or a wave of McVeighs.

      2) Muslims. The jews have let millions of them in, thanks to their passing the Open Borders Act back in 1965. As the kid down in North Carolina showed the other day, they don’t take insults lightly.

      3) Whites. As the Kipling poem has it, we Anglo-Saxons are slow to anger, but we heat hot when we do. Well, we’re a long time burning.

    7. Merovius Says:

      When the ecomony goes tits up then all hell will break, the big handouts that kept the muds inline will be gone, and the comfort Whites still enjoy will be gone,as for the army and police we already saw how the police can handle a large scale problem in New Orleans, and how long do you think the pigs and army pigs will stick around with no paychecks?

    8. apollonian Says:

      Economic Collapse Is White Liberation Opportunity
      (Apollonian, 1 Apr 06)

      I think Merovius might be right, but does he see all possible consequences in furtherst analysis?–Jew ECONOMY MUST BE DESTROYED, GIVING WHITES CHANCE TO RECOVER–THIS WILL BE GREATEST OPPORTUNITY FOR WHITES AND THEIR CULTURE OF rule-of-law objectivity.

      Militarily, it is what we must drive for: ultimate destruction of primary Jew weapon resting upon abstract (or psychologic) weakness of gentile cultural host, their hubris and hereticalism. And that specific weapon which must militarily be destroyed in the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) counterfeiting fraud which finances everything, serving as most powerful weapon: FUNDING. Imagine how dangerous “Outis” might be if he were only FUNDED.

      Of course yes, Jews will attempt to move heaven and earth at prospect of real white liberation; thus they don’t hesitate to spend huge sums to control and manipulate any opposition before it becomes too strong. The Mammonist heretics become fascists enforcing against gentile plebians, CHRISTIANS THEN PRESENTING ORGANIZED comfort and truthful, rationalist opposition, hence democratic ideals understood rationalistically, HEGELIAN ANTITHESIS to Mammonist (Pharisaic) imperial despotism, tyranny, and oppression, subjectivist, moralistic, “anti-hate” law against Christian objectivity, rule-of-law and sanctity-of-contract.

      With general cultural rationalization it would at least be understood by enough people that Christianity is necessarily antisemitic; any “Christianity” not antisemitic is obvious monstrosity of disease, the effect of Judaic disease-of-opportunity, all built upon HERESY, fueled by mammonist hedonism, narcissism, and ultimately obsessive indulgence turned to vice, perversion, criminality, conspiracy, treason, and ultimately death and destruction.

      HERESY NEEDS RATIONALIZATION for counteragent, cure, and health. The historical aesthetic then for such antisemitism is Christianity properly understood, a non-heretical Christianity, unlike present fraud and travesty, “Judeo-Christianity” as induced by “Jews-media” repetition, led by frauds and traitors like Falwell, Robertson, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, et al. (See Whtt.org for full expo; see JBS.org for expo on Council on Foreign Relations [CFR] conspiracy.)

      CONCLUSION: Non-Heresy equals RATIONALIZATION–this is necessary antisemitic patriot strategy; Christianity is mere aesthetic designed to help fuel the necessary rationalist, hence antisemitic effort. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    9. No Holds Barred Says:

      Economic collapse will be the straw that eventually breaks the Ashkenazi camel’s back. People don’t think Whites can fight the military, but that won’t go on for long. The military will collapse on itself, fracturing along racial lines. Then the fun will really begin, as the ‘perfumed princes’ at the top will lose control to men ‘from the ranks’ who know exactly what is going on, and this is who will take charge. In the ‘civilian’ world, where chaos will reign, the one eyed jew in the living room will lose its power. Whites will be too busy fighting the savages, like the Mexishits marching this week, for water and milk for their kids. All bets are off at that point. In the end, the jews will cut and run when the situation becomes untenable. Whites will lose a lot of people at first, because so many have been brainwashed into cowardice. They will not fight. Others will not fight because they feel they can ‘reason’ with the non White rabble. Nope. Off with their heads is about what they can expect. Things will be hairy for Whites, for a good while, but we WILL retake the US and Europe too I would bet. The jews will no doubt try and move right back in. Then we’ll see what kind of memories and morals our future leaders are really made of. It would be smart for the new White regime(s) to cancel all jew oriented debt and eschew any financial arrangements that involve the nose crew. I wonder how much of Asia China will make a move on while the US is ‘reconstituting’ itself? Then again, who cares? Let ’em do whatever they want. Yeah, all sounds simplistic, but I believe it will fall along these lines. Worse is better for Whites.

    10. apollonian Says:

      Steady As She Goes
      (Apollonian, 1 Apr 06)

      Way to go, “No Holds Barred”: yours is precisely the sort of historical cyclic analysis we need for best info of volk. Note it was hairy for Roman empire prior to the revolution-resurgence of Constantine the Great in early 4th century.

      Thus in the necessary effort to abolish the Fed counterfeiting scam, for one example, we’ll need to reform US Senate elections back to original method, by state legislatures. Thus we de-activate present Judeo-oligarchal empire methodically step-by-step, this even as things degenerate around us.

      CONCLUSION: Good steady (antisemitic) Christian leadership will keep things well-enough in hand, no less than during Constantine’s day, such observation of historic parallel a genuine good way of analysis using our (historical) knowledge we white volk take so seriously, white people, creatures truly human as they so earnestly strive to think things out, non-hysterically as our Jew opponents specialize in. Honest elections and death to the Fed. A.

    11. Harry Tuttle Says:

      Again, Alex … well, brilliant piece considering it was ad hoc … but nonetheless … hyperfocused on the Dr. Pierce economic-mobile home survivalist-redneck apocalypse scenario where it appears America inhabits the black void of space on a planet otherwise completely empty of all life.

      Here’s the bigger picture. The Jews have so weakened the United States it now appears they have become fair game for at least eight different nations which either currently have nuclear weapons or will have them very shortly. While jews drive whites mad and to the brink of extinction inside their own borders, the rest of the mud world (counting Russia, definitely a non-mud land) are collaborating to whack America into the worst atomic nightmare humanly imaginable.

      You fellows always talk about the progression of history as though America has some kind of force field around it that limits the conflict within our own borders and guarantees there will be no interruption in basic services. After jews and their enablers have given the bulk of our most top secret technology to the Chinese and all their satellites, it’s just not realistic to think all you have to do is fight some beanie babies and the war will be over. Even the race war scenarios I hear about always seem to take place in a vacuum with the rest of the planet just looking on silently.

      Latin America is now shifting completely against us. China is ultramodernizing at a rate far in excess of any program that the U.S. ever undertook. Pakistan will fall soon and join several other nations in an alliance against the U.S. with China.

      Fifty years of schizophrenic isolation through the televitzer has done it’s job. Americans truly believe nothing exists beyond their borders and the center of the universe is in Idaho.

      I think you have more than a rude awakening ahead of you. Remember, just because you kill all the termites doesn’t mean you can stop the entire house from collapsing from the damage they did to it.

      All those people lining up may have grievances against the Jewish control of America, but their ICBMs won’t distinguish creed or color when they hit.

      The fact is that the world is closer to the brink right now than at any time during the entire Cold War. Hell, World War III was actually unlikely back then compared to now, where it is a near lock. If I was a betting man I’d say that it is pretty good odds it will be here shortly.

      Once you get past the jewish hypnosis screen of the media … seriously, is there really an American military even left? Is there a serious nuclear response even functional? I think most of it is kosher smoke and mirrors. I think the truth is that America has truly been jewed hollow and made into a cakewalk for it’s enemies. A fucking cakewalk.

      I am sure the Chinese will have 300 million of their own casualties to deal with following WW3. The problem is, 300 million Chinese is a rounding error in their total population. They will recover in 6 months from nuclear war, long after America has been turned over to the crows and the buzzards.

      Please don’t start up with that jewspeak about how important America is economically, either. That’s just more self-promoting yahoodi bullshit on television. China and Russia could wax America, wake up the next morning and continue business as though nothing had ever happened.

    12. Too Much Red Says:

      Harry, the US has lots of highly accurate nukes. Despite whatever chaos may be going on here during the inevitable CW2, someone will be around to ‘push the buttons’. Those missiles from the heartland will not spare the Asian elite, and they know this. The Chinese have always been more interested in stopping US influence and interference in Asia. I doubt we will be hit by some some massive nuclear attack. We are more likely to suffer an ‘isolated incident’ (most likely a false flag op run by izzy). The rest of the world may go after American ‘outposts’ overseas, good bye Taiwan, but they will probably sit back and watch when it comes to the 48 states. Make a move after that? Possibly. But I doubt it. I would hope that the Whites in charge then give a demonstration of just how far they will go to assert their authority, if you know what I mean. I would also love to see a modern day version of Nuremberg, complete with Bush, Neocons, media moguls and such on the docket. Those people will cut and run when they see it’s over, but maybe, just maybe, the rest of the world will see what’s up, and send them back to us. Nice to dream. However, CW2 hits, doubtful we’re going to have China, Russia etc. lobbing their missiles inside our borders.

    13. alex Says:

      IMO, you overrate China, Harry. They’re coming on, but most of their country is a mess, as it has been since time began. They have no earthly reason to shoot nukes at us. They will simply keep infiltrating illegals as the mexes do. Like I said, Israel has weak prospects because the 1.2 billion Muslims are getting the bomb, and no air raid will stop that for long.

      Israel might have worked if the original zionists hadn’t resorted to violence, but the minute they saw they could get their state with violence they used it. Marry in haste, repent at leisure. Once the hoopla following Israel’s declaration burned off, it became apparent they gave huge numbers of people good reason to wish them exterminated.

    14. apollonian Says:

      Decoy Charades Meant By Conspirators To Divert, Distract…
      (Apollonian, 2 Apr 06)

      Perhaps the greatest decoy charade is Communist UN (United Nations) against the US and dear noble Israel, murderers of the USS Liberty seamen.

      Thus deliberate weakening of US by UN influence by Jews (esp. the topmost sort) on one hand, as of the Council on Foreign Relatins (CFR–see JBS.org), is pretended counter-acted by the “good guys” Jews of Isreal, so beloved by puke.

      Our Plan must be practical immediate concrete of removing the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) counterfeiting fraud, hence Orwellian “perpetual war.” Abstract aesthetic ideal is best most consistent w. reason. “Judeo-Christianity” must be exposed as heresy for dupes and traitors. Thus we make use of New Testament (NT) Conspiracy theory to achieve religious rationalization, a real version of Constantine’s original Christian cultural revolution. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    15. Harry Tuttle Says:

      … and I left out the most important detail of them all.

      You’re right about the Muslims coming online soon with nuclear weapons, Alex, it is unstoppable at this stage.

      Kibbutzer central has been promising for thirty years, first secretly and then overtly, that if they suspect they are going to lose they will usher in WW3 and take everybody else with them. They have indicated unabashedly they will trigger nuclear responses on both sides East and West and in Europe. Several successive Israeli prime ministers have said this is option #1 for the kosher Ragnarok.

      Israel is going down. Tel Aviv is a ghost town. In the next ten years, they’re going to go under. I feel confident that God’s special self-selected pets are going to give the whole world one last gift when they do to remember them by.

      I think the yoos got two world wars under their belt and one left to go. The worst one of all, as a matter of fact. I agree with Adolph it will be their own destruction, the third world war, but they are going to take as many goyim down with them as they can.

      Jews hyperfocused on ghettoized kosher universe, America/Israel/America … goyims hyperfocused on same … all eyes turned inward to the yooish self-promoting microcosm … meanwhile outside the whole world is getting ready to bring the hammer down.

      I am not convinced that America could get off a single nuke after a surprise attack. I expect they will fare about as well as the space shuttle has been doing nowadays, another wonderful jew science project.

    16. White Optimism Says:

      I’m fully convinced that the only sneak attack nuke wise would be from materials smuggled into the US, as there is little chance the Chinese could launch a true sneak attack with ICBMs. If we are hit hard internally, it will be from Muslims or more likely jews running a 9/11 operation. Mr. Tuttle is very pessmistic, but I feel that all whites need is an inciting incident to shake loose much of the jew spun cobwebs. Itz coming.

    17. apollonian Says:

      Ominous Future In Abstract Speculation
      (Apollonian, 3 Apr 06)

      One of two things will happen in near future: (1) another 9-11 “T”-event or (2) a patriot revival resurgence reversing present Spenglerian “Decline of the West,” constituted specifically, for instance, by such as removal of Fed counterfeiting fraud, stripping Judaic enemy of primary weapon.

      Specific moves must be organized according to general ideals, principles, abstracts, aesthetics. Thus Jew Talmudism is so well opposed by reason, this reason well reflected in aesthetics and Christianity, the necessary general mental-cultural framework. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    18. alex Says:

      The same people who wrote about and hoped for and exercised for a WTC that, unlike Jeboo/Rapture actually came — and right on time — now talk about us being nuked. Stay low, don’t get beat.

    19. jimbo Says:

      many good and possibly credible scenarios examined here. But, the future is an un-written book….NO-ONE can accurately predict it….too many variables….not least of all: ‘human nature’.
      What we can say is what will NOT happen.
      Such as:
      i/the Jew strangle-hold on the media is over(thanks to the ‘Net). Never again, will we have the situation that existed from the early 1900s up until abt the 1980s;
      ii/history tells us that the Chinese DO NOT ATTACK unless ATTACKED(Ghengis Khan notwithstanding)….or unless they are endeavouring to re-gain territories they regard as historically Chinese. I say the scenario of China attacking the US can be ruled out of court;
      iii/the White Race will, more likely than not, never again engage in fratricidal wars like WWI & II because, as noted by Alex above, there are simply NOT ENOUGH of them and they no longer have that aggressive ‘obey orders’ atttitude….ironically, the counter-cultural revolution of the 1960s/1970s(a largely kike effort) have taken care of that……INDIVIDUALISM is now the raison d’etre of most whites…..and that don’t make good cannon fodder methinks(there have been [un-reported by the kike media] mass desertions from the US forces in Iraq…much more than even Vietnam, apparently…. http://www.estripes.com/article.asp?section=104&article=29247&archive=true and http://www.nzherald.co.nz/section/story.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=10126890 )
      iv/concomintant with the above, never again will the White Race support a years-long conflict like WWI/II…..that stamina and commitment is now DEAD……thanks kikes!

    20. Carpenter Says:

      You fellows always talk about the progression of history as though America has some kind of force field around it that limits the conflict within our own borders and guarantees there will be no interruption in basic services.
      Please don’t start up with that jewspeak about how important America is economically, either. That’s just more self-promoting yahoodi bullshit on television.

      First of all, why the only barely held back antagonistic tone in your posts, Harry Tuttle? We all want the same thing here, no need to take out your frustration on other Whites.

      Second, yes, America is very important to the rest of the world economically. No, it’s not just “more self-promoting yahoodi bullshit.” Read up on this. If you can find a non-biased source, which you can’t if you’re only looking on the internet. Let me assure you, without the U.S. the Chinese economy crumbles, and the Communist Party will have immense difficulty surviving. I assure you, you have no idea what the economic ties look like.

      The U.S. is also highly important to Europe, though not as essential as it is to a long row of Third World countries. Europe will lose a lot of trade, and with an economy as tied up in global trade as it is, the difficulties would be immense. And aside from the real difficulties, there is also the great psychological impact, which would hamper investment for many years. (Anyone who sneers at the word investment and says “We don’t need no stinkin’ yuppie investment,” congrats on the macho attitude, you’ll need it.)

      But even if there wouldn’t be an economic depression for the world to deal with – why would they want to nuke the U.S. if they see it descend into civil war? You say a White-led Russia would – why? Wouldn’t they watch the show and hope White Nationalists would win? I really don’t follow you there.

      And if you say maybe they would invade instead – how? The U.S. is wasting huge sums of money simply occupying a small country like Iraq an ocean away, which is only done with great difficulty. No other nation has anything even close to the same capacity, transporting troops across the oceans. China, for example, doesn’t have a fleet, only some thrown-together ships most of which resemble junk. It is doubtful they could even invade Taiwan successfully, much less the U.S.

      A U.S. carrier costs more than most nation’s entire fleets. Something to think about. If the U.S. has difficulty occupying Iraq, and doesn’t stand a chance successfully occupying both Iraq and Iran, then no country has an inkling of a chance invading the U.S.

      Land route? Mexico would win nothing from such an endeavor, unless they’d take the southwest only – which has already been considered by the WNs you thumb your nose at. That’s a factor, and we have thought of it even if you haven’t seen it. But it still won’t threaten all of the U.S., or even half.

      In brief, your suggestion of a global-wide attack shrinks to a Mexican occupation of the south-west, at the most. But I suspect most Mexicans in the U.S. would simply pack up and head south, like tens of thousands of them did after a tiny thing like September 11.

    21. jimbo Says:

      re: “Will” ‘s comments abt an armed civilian ppltn confronting the supposed might of the US military……as others have observed, the US armed forces are QUITE DEFINITELY NOT what they used to be…..except for some small, elite units.

      West Point Academy is now basically a joke: turning out feminised wimps and feminists to boot….TOTALLY & ABSOLUTELY USELESS IN A REAL CONFLICT. The only advantage that the US armed forces currently enjoy is its high-tech superiority. There is little or NO moral fibre remaining…..the US military is basically a multi-cultural, feminised morass that would run like mangy dogs from anything even remotely resembling an equal, close-quarters conflict.

      As events in Vietnam, Somalia and, now, Iraq are demonstrating, once that high-tech advantage is either neutralised or rendered inoperable/irrelevant, the US military can be EASILY BEATEN
      (the Serbs, in the recent Balkans ‘conflict’, for instance, easily figured out how to neutralise the dreaded ‘cruise missiles’ and laser-guided anti-tank weapons by various methods ranging from jamming their guidance systems to planting blow-up tanks with heating elements emitting the identical heat signatures of T72s. Of course, that’s what you’d expect from a determined, united and educated white ppltn!)

      An armed, committed and racially aware white US civilian population would also not have too much trouble in turning the tables on ZOG-mil: as innumerable armed conflicts in the last 50yrs have shown, more potent weapons than small arms(tanks, artillery, AA, recoiless rifles, rocket launchers &c) can be easily captured or commandeered by armed bands.

      A WWII-era Bofors 40mm AA gun, for instance, is still a potent weapon able, in the right hands, to bring down most aircraft flying @ less than, say, 3000m and can also double as fairly potent anti-armour artillery against all but the most well-armoured vehicles(M1 Abrams’ for instance…which aren’t a great deal of use in built-up areas anyway as the Iraq conflict is demonstrating almost daily).

      And, of course, there are MUCH MORE potent weaponry than THAT available which could easily fall into the hands of various armed groups. I submit that an armed civilian uprising succeeding against the ZOG military is far from an unlikely scenario. America!…..count yr blessings that you still more or less have yr right to bear arms. Other Western ‘democracies’ are not so fortunate!

    22. Chuck Coats Says:

      I am in the Army and although the number is small, there are more WN than you think. A few military members would fire on their fellow whites to round up guns or “suppress insurrection”, but not enough to make a difference.

      One other point to consider…two niggers who couldn’t find their ass with both hands were making fish-in-the-barrel shots and killing whites in the D.C. area several years ago and brought the whole REGION to a halt; what do you think 10-50 WN who CAN SHOOT, especially out to 500 yds., could do…?