28 March, 2006

Separatism versus Supremacism

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by Mike Meehan

Many White Nationalists make a point of describing themselves as White “separatists� as opposed to White “supremacists.� A separatist believes that all races have the right to survive, flourish, and pursue their own destinies, and this requires that each race exercise political control over an exclusive living space, a racial ethnostate. The supremacist, however, believes that his race should rule over other races.

There is much to recommend separatism over supremacism. Separatism is a racial “live and let live� philosophy. Separatism seems more moral and more just because it is fair to all races. Under separatism, all races get an equal chance to create the forms of life that express their distinct biological and spiritual natures, free from the interference of other races. Separatism is classical liberalism applied to races rather than to individuals. Liberalism is, of course, the “common sense� of American culture, which goes a long way to explaining the appeal of racial separatism.

Separatism often appeals to egalitarian sentiments by adopting the pretense that the separatist does not hold that some races are better than others, only that they are different, and all equally entitled to control over their own destinies. I think this pretense is ridiculous. Every healthy race thinks itself superior to others, and along each dimension of comparison, one of them will always be right.

Separatism appeals to the ecologically-minded, because it recognizes that conflict is inevitable when different subspecies are forced to occupy the same ecological niche, and the only way to terminate such conflict is separation for both parties or extinction for one of them—through miscegenation or outright extermination. Separatism is, therefore, the best way of preserving biological diversity.

Separatism is also the best way of preserving cultural diversity. When multiple cultures exist in the same society, cultural differences inevitably give rise to friction and conflict. This friction can lead to two possible results: the violent splitting of a multicultural society into several culturally homogeneous societies, or the gradual wearing away of cultural distinctions, leaving a debased and homogenized cultural precipitate, which is related to a genuine culture like a pidgin is related to a genuine language, i.e., it is good enough for economic activity and expressing the basic, or just plain base, desires we all have in common, but it lacks a vocabulary to express anything higher or more spiritual, anything that differentiates one individual or one culture from another.

Supremacism is, by contrast, deeply illiberal in spirit. The supremacist wants his own race to have its own homeland(s) where it is free to control its own destiny. But he would deny the same freedom to other races. He wants his own race to rule over others. This hegemony need not be exploitative. It can be benign, even paternalistic and benevolent. But whatever form it takes, racial supremacism denies that all races have equal rights to self-determination.

Considered in the abstract, separatism is more attractive to me than supremacism. It accords with my love of natural diversity and my sense of fair play. I am also, frankly, sickened by the suffering and cruelty that is inevitable when one race or nation seeks to conquer and dominate another.

But when I contemplate how racial separatists propose to deal with present multiracial mess in the United States, it gives me pause.

For instance, Edgar Steele, in his recent book Defensive Racism, envisions the partition of the US into “New America” for Whites, “Aztlan” for Mestizos, “New Africa” for Negroes, and “New Israel” for Jews. (Perhaps we can locate “New Palestine,â€? for our millions of Arabs, next door to New Israel.) Others have contemplated giving the San Francisco bay area and Hawaii to Orientals and Pacific Islanders.

Bear in mind that these plans for partition do not envision mere ethnic “reservations,� which are non-sovereign entities under the control of the US government, but completely sovereign states.

The main problem with such a scheme is that the new ethnostates would threaten the security of the White homeland they would encircle.

If the San Francisco bay area were turned into an Oriental enclave, I have no doubt that, after a brief and brutal spasm of ethnic cleansing, it would be controlled by the Chinese, and that in a matter of years it would become a huge Red Chinese colony and military base, complete with nuclear weapons, on the west coast of the North American continent. The Chinese would then be in a position to seize new territories either through nuclear blackmail or outright aggression.

If there were a New Israel on the North American continent (no doubt on the East Coast), it would lessen direct Jewish power over Whites, but it would not stop the Jews from broadcasting filth and promoting decadence among us. Furthermore, why provide the Jews with another sovereign territory from which they can plot their global swindles and to which they can flee when their victims rise up against them?

Finally, unless we located New Palestine right next door to New Israel, I would predict that the Jews of Israel would move en masse to New Israel, complete with their nuclear, biological, and chemical arsenals with which they could blackmail us. After all, New Israel would be far safer. The present Israel had to be wrested by force from its inhabitants, whereas under the New Israel scheme, the inhabitants of the US would take a portion of the continent conquered and civilized with the blood, brains, and brawn of their kinsmen, indeed one of the most valuable portions—and give it away to the Jews, who deserve anything but a reward for their parasitism and nation-wrecking.

A black ethnostate on the North American continent would quickly follow the course of every other black state. The civilization built by Whites would fall into ruin in the hands of blacks, who lack the intelligence, initiative, foresight, and moral character needed to create or sustain it. Once ceded to Blacks, whole states of the defunct US would become a vast Detroit. Depending on where the borders would fall, we would see magnificent cities like Savannah, Charleston, and New Orleans turn into burnt-out wastelands. There would be chaos, slaughter, civil war. Horrified and soft-hearted Whites would open their wallets to feed starving children and open their borders to pitiful refugees, and we would be right back where we started. Eventually a dictator would emerge, a cannibal statesman like Idi Amin or Emperor Bokassa, who would become a natural ally of New Israel or the Red Chinese, or both, in putting the squeeze on Whitey.

A similar course would be followed by Aztlan. Southern California and the Southwest would become just like the other filthy, impoverished, corrupt, violent, backwards, Spanish-speaking, Mestizo nations in this hemisphere. Then its residents would sneak across the border into the White homeland looking for jobs and handouts. Although in the long run, Aztlan’s interests would conflict with those of the Red Chinese, Blacks, and Jews, in the short run they would be natural allies in looting and dispossessing Whites.

And why wouldn’t they?

The advocates of partition propose the following. The most powerful nation on Earth, with the most formidable military arsenal in history—a nation which in past generations ruthlessly conquered and civilized a vast portion of this continent—is going to surrender, without a fight, some of its richest and most beautiful territories. And to whom? To an army of dish washers and leaf blowers.

Any people so craven would never be able to rest secure behind the newly-drawn borders of their ethnostate. “If Whites were unwilling to defend their borders before,� our enemies will reason, “why would they defend them now?� “If they were unwilling to expel invaders before, why would they expel them now?�

And if Whites would be willing to guard their borders and expel non-Whites from a future ethnostate, then why not do so now?

If a pro-White government emerged with the power to partition the US into separate ethnostates, it would, ipso facto, also have the power to expel all non-Whites from the present US. This, as I see it, is the most realistic and responsible form of racial separatism. (Except for the American Indians and native Hawaiians, for whom segregated ethnic reservations seem the just solution.)

There are certainly no practical impediments to mass expulsions. If it was possible for millions of people to come here, it is possible for them to leave. Whether or not a pro-White government would have the political will to do this is another matter altogether.

Another option for the separatist is to abandon the idea of sovereign ethnostates in favor of a system of segregated reservations for non-Whites, reservations that might be internally self-governing, but whose relations with the rest of the world would be controlled by a White government. This, however, would be the very racial supremacism that the separatists want to avoid.

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  7. 27 Responses to “Separatism versus Supremacism”

    1. Carpenter Says:

      There will never be a partition into race-distinctive states. If Whites are ever organized enough to take on the other races, the end result won’t be partition. That is just the vision that is peaceful enough to use in discussions with opponents.

      To be a little more general and philosophical:

      Supremacism is the morality of survival. You can either have that or Christian/liberal morality, which means leaving other tribes alone until they are strong enough to attack you.

      All races still in existence have expanded their territory in the past – they have practiced supremacism. Conquest was necessary for their survival, as a larger territory meant larger numbers and more resources, making them stronger.

      Without supremacism, Indians would still hold on to the Americas and the Neanderthals would still live in Europe. If you believe mankind should expand and do something more than simply exist at the mercy of the elements, you realize that the White race needs more territory to increase its numbers and resources, which gives it a better chance at “reaching for the stars” so to speak. Plus that if Whites don’t expand, someone else will, eventually growing strong enough to subjugate Whites.

      Supremacism is survival. Good essay, by the way.

    2. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      It looks like Mike Meehan is well on the way to Zionism and Rastafarianism.

    3. Apollonian Says:

      Separatism Vs. “Supremacy”–Needs Historical Context
      (Apollonian, 28 Mar 06)

      Above speculation isn’t too terrible by essayist Meehan and our good “Carpenter.” But we could build upon this empty speculation, empty though worthwhile, by means of parallel to history, the time like nowadays so perilous to the heroic saint and Roman emperor, Constantine the Great.

      Jews and their “Sadducean” allies threatened then (Constantine) as they do now, controlling fm behind the scenes by means of banking: this all is attested (but not too well documented) by the Greek professor who signs off on “The Barnes Review” along with Harrell Rhome of Corpus Christi, Tx.

      Forget “separatism” or “supremacy” for a moment and consider Constantine’s dilemma: imagine how he had to finally throw caution to the wind and endorse Christianity–it was the most rationalist among “Pagans” and Romans who first tolerated Christians, then became Christian themselves as they knew it was the only way to oppose the Jews successfully with most and best hope for the outcome.

      Remember that gripping movie about Rome of only few years ago, “Gladiator,” which won the Oscar and made the money (Jews always consider box-office take, “popularity,” etc.–like Greenspan the Fed banker kept eye on “consumer confidence”).

      The situation is precisely the same today as we bravely face the invincible Talmudic juggernaut, with trombones and drummers yet, also “cinemascope,” hey. With the Fed counterfeiting scam (Federal Reserve Bank) buying all the suckers and dupes for ur rent-a-mobs, u can seem tough to the dumb folk, so easily impressed like children.

      Hence the natural political alignment against the Jews and criminal traitors and conspirators of oligarchal class-clique-gang is precisely one u’d expect against EMPIRE. Naturally then we feature most practical political approach–Christian equality, hence separatism. Fascists can be opposed only by democrats, hence “plebians.” Think of George Orwell.

      And we explain to the dumb mud people Alex Linder/VNN is provocateur-artiste who courts-risks puerility–he’s just a little retarded, u know–all races have them. Hence Linder himself would have to demonstrate a certain loyalty to the larger collective united (at least to certain extent) against the imperialist power. And I say Linder/VNN well does it for his journalism and analysis thereof–and he does it for all peoples too–they only having to tune into VNN, there for all to see.

      Linder/VNN thus presents truth, analysis, and then further, that great speculation which is so often expressed in art. It’s in the give-and-take of speculation that analysis of strategic info is most and best appreciated. The journalist becomes artist, because art is the abstract necessarily founded upon the concretes of journalism; neat eh? Linder/VNN shows the way by showing A way, a dumb way maybe, but hey what do u want?

      Thus politically the old Southern Confederates had the best idea, “states’ rights,” built on state and local government having priority over such as the national (government), the highly centralized national (gov.) having far too much power as anyone would admit today.

      The distinction would be Christian, but this Christianity the only possible sort consistent in reason w. New Testament (NT), hence naturally racist. Non-heretical Christianity is naturally racist. Thus White Christians would naturally be most prominent as they’re most rationalistic. Look at Rep. Ron Paul of Texas–he’s also a doctor I understand.

      And yes, the people of locality would always be “supreme” as Chinese in China would have the only rights, non-Chinese not. Thus “separatism” is the natural and logical ideal to be sold as political principle; “supremacy is unnecessary, even excessive–as it would be too only obvious for mere logic.

      CONCLUSION: Thus I demonstrate herein and above the Christian art (and history) for the empty abstractions so far presented by “Carpenter” and Meehan, who begin things creditably. My aesthetic analysis given above then is another virtue of NT conspiracy theory-analytic-template. See more details and essays at NewNation.org under “commentary” heading. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    4. Carpenter Says:

      Apollonian, you put my handle in quotation marks – “Carpenter” – to do the internet equivalent of an insulting sneer, don’t you? Wonder why. Sorry to say, I only skimmed through the rest of your post as it seems completely besides the point, again. Example:

      “And we explain to the dumb mud people Alex Linder/VNN is provocateur-artiste who courts-risks puerility–he’s just a little retarded, u know–all races have them.”

      Are you sure you’re in the right place, when you hate both VNN and its philosophy so much?

      “Non-heretical Christianity is naturally racist.”

      This is the religion that has been converting non-Whites for 2,000 years, right? The one where Whites make up a minority of the believers?

      Yep, you ignored the thread topic completely.

    5. Carpenter Says:

      If there ever would be an armed conflict between Whites and non-Whites, what will the reaction be of the rest of the world? Will any other country risk setting foot in the U.S.? It may seem easy to send troops across an ocean, seeing as the U.S. Army is marching through downtown Baghdad right now, but it is an enormous undertaking, which only the United States is really capable of. And consider, the war in Iraq has already reached a cost of $500 billion – $50 billion more than the Vietnam War’s total cost in 2006 dollars. And finally, a civil war in the U.S. would destroy much of the world economy for at least two decades, so other states would be facing severe problems at home.

      Considering that, is it likely other states would send troops to the U.S., either to help the Whites (fat chance) or to help the System?

    6. Apollonian Says:

      Carpenter Huffs And Puffs
      (Apollonian, 28 Mar 06)

      “Carpenter” pls don’t be so sensitive. Christian non-whites know they gotta have Christian whites; it’s Orwellian (Talmudic) empire versus the people, the Christian people, whites among them–what’s wrong w. that picture, comrade? (Oswald Spengler, “Decline of the West”) This was the imperial circumstance of Saint Constantine the Great; he made a brilliant move to take power against the Jew bankers and oligarchs, as I explained.

      VNN indubitably sells the best antisemitism, unquestionably. But what will most decisively unite the plebian people against the imperialist fascist oligarchs, conspirators, and criminals? We must ELIMINATE HERESY, this in Christian rationalistic fashion–and this is what St. Constantine did, even holding numerous “councils” to organize the “religion” most effectively (militarily).

      Constantine was one of the greatest conquerors and victors, never suffering defeat, and reigning far longer than Alexander the Great, the longest reign of any Roman save Augustus.

      History gives context to any political analysis which u, Carpenter, seem to want to doing within a void. Whites will thrive w. defeat of Talmudic imperialist oligarchs; Christianity unites the necessarily democratic, “plebian” people, whites included. Whites, being white, are natural leaders of Christian, hence rationalistic, revolutionary opposition.

      CONCLUSION: Thus I inform the people by means of history according to cycle theory and logic, the sublime product then being New Testament Conspiracy theory-analytic-template–whereas u just huff and puff. Apollonian

    7. Olde Dutch Says:

      In Latin America when a Negro, and a Mestizo or Indanos mate, and produce an offspring it is called a Zambo.

      Nevada’s US Senator Harry Reid is a real clown. Tomorrow he will have to explain how granting amnesty to 20 million or more foreign invaders, will make the Democrat’s the party of National Security!

      Have some fun with this…

    8. Don Says:

      Congratulations to Mike Meehan for one of the most well-written and persuasive analysis & argument against dream-like fantasies about some kind of long march to a certain state or region to create new lives.

      Now if only we could extend the analysis & argument to ways & means of retaining our principal cities and neighborhoods. There are all kinds of ways of organizing property ownership that would allow neighborhods to retain their residents and nature. It is such a shame that we are ethnically cleansed from our cities and our neighborhoods when all it would take would be some serious cooperation, some low-key legal footwork, and some new approaches to education. It isn’t difficult to visualize several schemes that would allow us to remain and expand our lands in our cities and our neighborhoods.

    9. Lokuum Says:

      Seperatism is the best argument. No race wants to be ruled over by another race within the same political system . . . as more and more European Americans will discover. Supremacy is jewish religion. Besides I wouldn’t call those white sellouts to jewish money or mexican votes, the superior race, would you? Let’s have a country first before we divide up the world.

    10. Carpenter Says:

      Well, seems Apollonian is completely incapable of discussing the thread topic, instead taking another turn whining about his religion. But what else is new.

    11. Merovius Says:

      Good article but Supremacy is honest to acknowledge the White race as the master Race even if because of traitiors it is not acting like it now. When the time comes and we have a Racial state shall we abort healthy White babies to keep our population numbers down so we don’t have to expand and boot the groids squating on the closest land zone. All our ancestors where Supremacists read the ancient Pagan texts. Who wants to rule muds but if need be take their land in the future to advance our own fine by me.

    12. Mark Richards Says:

      I think our future will be much like Edgar Steele predicts, with one major difference: I don’t think we will choose to create ethnostates as much as they will eventually occur as a direct result of our policies. I believe we will break apart as Yugoslavia did, only with much greater violence.

      One thing we must realize is that even if we elected a President, Congress, and even a Supreme Court from the ranks of white nationalists, we still couldn’t solve our problems. Our most powerful, numerous, and effective political enemies are not non-whites or even Jews. They are in fact non-racially- aware white people. Someday we will be fighting them, alongside their nonwhite and Jewish allies.

      I believe it is too late. The sun is already setting on the US. Our best hope is learn, and try again. Maybe next time we can get it right.

    13. apollonian Says:

      Right “Carpenter”–but I have confidence in the people who read these blogs–unlike u, eh? “Whining” about Christianity?–ha ha, righto, comrade–I’ll let our good people decide. A.

    14. Sulla Says:

      Carpenter et al,

      Appy is an idiot! His above posts are perfect examples. Alex is a Jew/provocateur (oh, so am I BTW), because he doesn’t acknowledge this moron’s headcasery, that being Christ-insanity. He gibbers on and on about complete and totally irrelevant horseshit to do with Constantine, etc. If you can actually get through his drivel I applaud you!

      Hey, hey, ho, ho, Appy and Christ-insanity has got to go!

    15. Merovius Says:

      Mark Richards, to comment on your points I feel despite the more libertoonswant . That a future WN system will have to start off as a Iron fisted state, a White Racist police state would be needed to undo all the damage done by the alien hiv virus in the Race. Maybe in a generation the heel could be lifted.

    16. SHMUELY Says:

      Congratulations to Mike Meehan for an excellent article. The dumb white American bunnies are clearly ‘slow learners’ in the face of clear and present dangers. As basically, greedy, lazy, self-centered adolescents in adult bodies, they are doomed to learn the lessons of history the hard way. If they survive the looming racial donnybrook, it will be more than a “miracle”. Trying to save a people from themselves is the major problem which all white nationalists face; and, white Americans are simply willfully ignorant, big time! What`s to be done? Build cadre, folks, as fast as you can. The American house-of-cards is starting to crumble, so get prepared. When the (Johnny) bulls panic and decide to run, be prepared to lead the stampede! It`s the only chance we have.

      As a side bar, what ever happened to Eric Thomson`s insightful letters??

    17. alex Says:

      I have more of Thomson’s letters, they’ll be added as I have time.

    18. Tim P. Says:

      The article is fine and brings up valid points. But I dont see why or how partition is an issue. The amount of trauma we’ve suffered should be enough justification to dump the vast majority of america’s non-whites on the mexican side of the border, wall it off, and shoot anyone that tries to get back in. As for the jews, well, ITZ COMING.

    19. apollonian Says:

      Well hey dear “Sulla”–perhaps if people are instructed by my backwardness, that’s good too, eh?

      Sulla buddy–u’re the one who’s “going,” comrade, believe me.

      Christianity is the power and the coming power too; if u’re smart, “Sulla,” u’ll start to get used to Christianity, esp. RATIONALISM.

      If u want to make sense “Sulla” provide premises for ur presumptuous conclusions u so confidently assert. Tell me more. A.

    20. Mark Richards Says:

      Merovius –
      Iron heels are never lifted voluntarily. Are we going to trust a leader who says he has to suspend the Constitution in order to save it? It is too frighteneing a future to consider.

      All citizens must be equal before the law. That’s why it’s so important to jealously safeguard citizenship, and not just hand it out to anyone. We didn’t do that, so now we have (legally) equal citizens who would have to participate in their own dispossession in order to achieve what we need. That, of course, is not going to happen. But if we achieve it violently, we would have a country, but it wouldn’t be America.

    21. Merovius Says:

      Mark Richards.

      Yes your right the Iron heel is never lifed voluntarily, but faced between the death of the Race or the current lot of whiggers that make up the collective Race which just will lead to death of our Race. I would take a Aryan Iron Heel. The constitution is just a scrap of paper, it will have to be burnt and a new code wrote that places Race at it’s core. We don’t have a America we have a Empire ruled by the Plutocratic tier. No one has ever been eqaul before the law.

    22. Carpenter Says:

      # apollonian Says:
      The 29th of March, 2006 at 10:55 am

      Right “Carpenter�–but I have confidence in the people who read these blogs–unlike u, eh? “Whining� about Christianity?–ha ha, righto, comrade–I’ll let our good people decide. A.

      Yep, still incapable of discussing the thread topic. Of course, to do that he would have to read the actual essay, which is way too long for him. Same thing in other threads. . . .

    23. Chonodomarius Says:

      Separation is the best path. When the white race was confined to the Asian peninsula called Europe and surrounded by Mongolian,Turkic and Arabic enemies it became strong. The Germanic tribes survived assimilation into the polygot Roman Empire through isolation in their primeval forrests. Anglo-Saxons established cultural dominance in Britannia by taking over a small territory which they Anglicized before slowly conquering most of the island.Their decendents repeated the process in the conquest of North America. This formula would never have succeeded if racial aliens would have been present in substantial numbers. Therefore a retroactive return to separation and consolidation would be the best plan of action. It is true that the other ethnostates would pose a threat, yet this would be to our advantage as their presence would raise racial awareness and solidarity within our own polity. In addition, we would also be able to regain control of our childrens’ education , instilling in them the racial conscience necessary for our folk’s future survival.Anglos already practice separation in white flight but our geographic fragmentation makes us politically ineffective.Retreat through separation may be a hard pill to swallow yet it must be done.

    24. alex Says:

      “One thing we must realize is that even if we elected a President, Congress, and even a Supreme Court from the ranks of white nationalists, we still couldn’t solve our problems. Our most powerful, numerous, and effective political enemies are not non-whites or even Jews. They are in fact non-racially- aware white people. Someday we will be fighting them, alongside their nonwhite and Jewish allies.”

      If whites weren’t racially aware, it wouldn’t be necessary for jews to pass housing diktats preventing whites from segregating themselves. Even after those anti-constitutional laws were passed, whites continue to do everything they can to escape nigger/meximud horrors.

      If whites weren’t racially aware, the jews wouldn’t need to pump race-mixing agitprop through sewervision 24/7.

      Give them a legal-social matrix in which it’s both lawful and acceptable to act on internal desires, Whites will act just like today’s despised “racists.”

      The question is how quickly whites come to realize they can’t move away from the problem forever – and it’s only going to get worse with time. Then, having realized that, what they decide to do about it.

    25. Mark Richards Says:

      Whites will not realize in time. If we ever have an honest-to-goodness race war, there is no doubt most whites will stick together. But if we as long as we don’t descend into chaos, most will rationalize and excuse, while continuing to believe “race-mixing agitprop through sewervision 24/7”.

      Really, I don’t see how we can head this off. The worse it gets, the more certain the eventual white awakening. But white people require a serious whack upside the head to pay enough attention, and by the time they get it, there won’t be much left to salvage.

    26. apollonian Says:

      Cyclic Theory, Determinism–Only Rationalist Actualities
      (Apollonian, 30 Mar 06)

      Yes, Mark above rather seconds (historical) cycle theory–but the fact is it’s the only thing happening and gonna happen. We must treat matters in adult way. Meantime we do what we can blogging, expressing opinion and speculating, also criticising, all for purpose of info, survival, and prosperity of people.

      And we prepare the revolutionary way by communicating w. likely allies by means of that language and mentality inspired fm New Testament (NT)–as well as any other mode, always heeding to reason, hence objectivity (hence then determinism, either-or, axioms, logic, and conspiracy theory).

      Honest elections and death to the Fed. A.

    27. Bubba G. Says:

      What a flamin’ Moran.