26 March, 2006


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Morning, Alex.

I came across this  ( http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,189110,00.html ) on FOX this morning. I wondered what was happening as I drove through LA on I-5 yesterday. Now I know. When I saw the Mexcrement flags being flown from overpasses all along my route, I expressed my hearty displeasure with the Mono-Digit Salute. Good thing there wasn’t a cop around, I’d probably be arrested for ‘Racial Insensitivity’. The only ‘Diversity’ I wish to embrace is  my choice of .38 Special, .357 Magnum, or .45 ACP.
Enough for now,


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  7. 16 Responses to “Shitskins”

    1. marko Says:

      the end is not “near” it is “here”

      White Men, remember who sold you out.

      how this if going to play out is anyone guess, but any scenario imagined ends with the loss of California, the 6th largest ecconomy in the world.

      The beach boys? Naw, more like the home boys.

    2. GB Says:

      As the brown tide covers America the Whites that survive, by the very process of survival, will be fit to live. Our race: we fight for our race and only race!

      Hail Victory. Er uh, survival.

    3. apollonian Says:

      Thus things continue to degenerate in the great historical cycle according to Oswald Spengler’s “Decline of the West,” detailed further by Orwell and “perpetual war for perp. peace.” Cultural key is in RATIONALIZATION, thus exposure of treasonous duplicity of such as “Judeo-Christians” (JCs) who don’t realize Christianity is necessarily antisemitic–actually, quite a simple observation, well-founded in the straight literature. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    4. SWINESTEIN Says:

      Could joooz be allowing the mexcrement invasion to happen, to disenfranchise niggers?

      Maybe mexcrements are allowed here to battle the niggers during the coming collapse?
      Like Truman said, nothing just happens.

    5. apollonian Says:

      Cultural Confusion Exploited–But Refutable By Deft Aesthetics
      (Apollonian, 26 Mar 06)

      Of course, dear “Swinestein”–it’s Orwellian “perp. war…,” eh? There is a notable complication–which is that lower-level Jews want to “save” USA as viable weapon for Israel to use against everyone else. Jews thus play “good cops” for elders and “Judeo-Christians” (JCs) against “liberals” and leftists who favor the United Nations, this charade managed and manipulated by topmost masterminds and conspirators of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR–see JBS.org).

      Thus we need Constantinian Christian cultural revolution by which we RATIONALIZE culture including “religion,” persuading duped JCs proper Christianity is absolutely ANTISEMITIC. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    6. James Hawthorne Says:

      500,000 Mexishits with their White collaborators, White man had better wake up soon – or it WILL be too late :(

    7. Olde Dutch Says:

      You can be sure the various Trotskyite, and communist-socialist parties played a big role in organizing these demos in LA and Chicago. Chances are those “Whites” you see are jews who belong to one of these communist-socialist groups.

      Don’t forget Trotsky was big in Mexico, and you can be sure many of these Mexican organizers are Trotskyites or communists of some sort.

      Plus, some of the jew/leftoid controlled unions are pushing their “communist-socialist” agenda.

      The thing you want to get across to your politicians this week is: No AMNESTY, No GUEST WORKERS. Different sides of the same bad coin.

    8. SWINESTEIN Says:

      The thing you want to get across to your politicians this week is: No AMNESTY, No GUEST WORKERS. Different sides of the same bad coin. ”

      I couldn’t agree more.

    9. Sulla Says:

      Is it just me or does this Apollonian fuck have to post his Xian hoseshit on every post. The same old tired arguments (Jebus is the way to victory) eventhough the exact opposite is happening, i.e. Christ-insanity is selling us out because of its universalist message.

      Apollanian is too stunned to grasp the concept that Xianity is the backdoor from which the Jooo came hence all the nonsense about Judeo-Xian, Trooo Joooo Xian, quasi-Jooo Xian and other useless “debates” that have no value to the survival of our racial kindred.

      Apollonian is an idiot, probably jerks off regularly at his Jebus statue, and thinks elections will bail us out and “da fed” just needs to be abolished and the 1950s are here to stay along with apple pie and his favorite Xian cult programming centre….errrr…. church. Sure!

      Xianity is going down, do you whiteman wanna go down with it? Its now pandering to the coloreds and the so-called “white” Xian response, in some circles, is to believe that white Anglos et al are the troooo jooooz and Jebus will come back any day and they will rule the world with a rod of iron along with their kike massuh. If you fucking believe this you are a writeoff to any pro-white situation. Just like the twit Appy is.

      Why am I saying this? I’m sick of seeing dumbfucks like him contaminating things. He’s like a bad smell , just won’t go away. He probably lives with his mommy, 40 something in age and a virgin (saving himself for his Jebus lovin’ Troo Jooozess), jerksoff at the sight of his lover…errrr… Jebus…. and combs over his King James when he can get the pages to stop sticking together (inconveniently blew his load on his Jooo book whilst thinking about the Jeboo Man).

      People, guys like Appy destroy movements, remember that! Guys like him should be directed at the republicunt party so the vortex of insanity he represents sucks them dry. In that sense he would be an excellent Weapon of Mass Destruction. Appy, we found a tangible use for you and all you have to do is keep on gibbering like you do. Game, Appy?

    10. Olde Dutch Says:

      Swinestine, Most US Senators have toll free numbers listed on their websites.
      Give ’em a call have a little fun. Use your imagination.

    11. wayne h. Says:

      The political process is the only legal avenue we have. The immigration / amnesty debate is a hot topic and its an election year. Our influence on congress will never be greater . bush is loosing the popularity contest along with the open borders crowd . Most people know spics are drug smugglers ,pimps murderers, thieves, … they are even displacing niggers in the hood. We won’t get everythig want but maybe we can get the border sealed up .

    12. Harry Tuttle Says:

      The best way to prove you came here to be an American is by flying a Mexican flag and screaming Mexican National slogans. Hey, I’ve got a weird idea – the best place to be a Mexican patriot is probably back in Mexico. I realize this is the reasoning equivalent of Mexican rocketry science, but they should insert that into the little brown walnut they call a brain and see if they can get some kind of internal consistency to their entire sorry fucking lives. Good luck, beaners.

      If there were a God, would he honestly love creatures this shitty, not just smelling that way but color coded like feces as well? I think not. What about so much shit on the brain you stand on an American superhighway and scream out how much you love Mexico? These people are turd bipeds and not much else.

    13. Carpenter Says:

      The article says that Many marchers wore white shirts to symbolize peace and waved U.S. flags. Some carried the flags of Mexico and other countries, and wore them as capes. A.P. says he saw Mexican flags along his route. The part about U.S. flags is probably just added to the article to confuse – I bet it was a handful of U.S. flags, hundreds of mud banners.

      The 6th largest economy in the world, good point Marko. How will this affect prices, when we lose that enormous amount of production? How will higher prices affect households? How will poorer households affect politics? How will the loss of land affect politics? Who will listen to talk of diversity when the U.S. map is suddenly smaller?

      Where will Hollywood go?

      Sulla Says: Is it just me or does this Apollonian fuck have to post his Xian hoseshit on every post.

      Weird, isn’t it? Doesn’t exactly help his case. Christianity – converting non-Whites for 2,000 years and counting.

    14. Theseus Says:

      James H!

      I love your podcast.

      Posted at a Republican site:
      No, Americans just don’t want them here. The entire political fold agrees (through actions, if not words) that we don’t want to live with them. Multi-cult is a failed experiment pushed by Democrats *and* Republicans equally. This anemic response is proof.

      If you consider yourself somewhat conservative on any level, you probably do so out of appreciation for reality as it is, and has less regards for sore toes and more for truth. Conservatives (little “c�) are conservatives, I believe, because we like to think we have no use for what doesn’t work in the actual world.

      Well, let me tell you: this human tide from Mexico has been and will continue to be integral to its demise as a great nation. The Founding Fathers left this country to *their posterity*. That does not mean the Aztlanicans crowding the roads in California, sucking down services faster than they can be replenished. We don’t want them here, and demographic trends prove it regardless of what you feel. Moreover, we don’t need a reason. Our forefathers fought for this nation and put its expanse to use for the good of America. They bequeathed it to us with one reservation: keep it.

      This hubristic multi-cult has got to stop, and Republicans are ineffectual opposition to the liberal tendency towards cultural suicide. Are there any fellow Constitutionalists out there who are feeling my pain?

    15. Clifton Mitchell Says:

      I just e-mailed National Alliance with this idea. What do you think? “…it might be a good idea to organize a National Alliance sponsored country-wide burning of Mexcrement flags. It would send a real message if dozens, or hundreds, or thousands of Mexican flags were burned at the same time on the same day (July 4th would be apropos) by Aryan Folk. You have access to a wide audience (ditto Vanguard News Network) who would be receptive to joining in to send a message to the 12 million plus Mestizo parasites in our country. Just a thought!”

    16. Disgusted Says:

      If you ain’t White, you ain’t Right …

      – old Southern Proverb