21 March, 2006

Sign at San Francisco Anti-War Rally

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No newspaper in America gets better pics from the anti-war rallies than Zombie, whose latest finds were from an anti-war rally in San Francisco on March 18th. Of course, that’s largely by design. When you have liberal reporters, sympathetically reporting on an event you can be almost sure that they support — like an anti-war rally — they don’t want you to see pics like this…

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  7. 2 Responses to “Sign at San Francisco Anti-War Rally”

    1. apollonian Says:

      Brilliant posting and sign. Alex Linder/VNN is truly a mad scientist with most wicked logic. But as artist he’s more often useful for the Christian patriot and soldier. So we know we got the greatest stylist with Linder/VNN–we just need more basic honesty for Christian philosophy and historical impact and implications. Linder/VNN could thus improve his journalism (or analysis) with this greater Honesty. By far most of our patriots and people are pro-Christian; Linder/VNN needs to get a clue. Apollonian

    2. Will Says:

      Well at least they’re right about a thing or two.

      Smash the jewish state, said one sign. Free Palestine.

      Right on. The jewish question is where all sides meet in agreement, if they’re honest and of good will. We hope.