11 March, 2006

Subhumanity Rages Against Whites in Chicago

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Chicagoland is about 1/4 mestizo, and these were out in force against a bill that might in some small way interfere with their carrion-insect feastings on the great White mammal’s corpse. Turn out the lightskinneds, the party’s over.

The proposed bill would make undocumented immigrants felons. It would mean criminal charges for anyone who helps them, and it calls for literally building a wall along the US-Mexico border. Those who support the bill say it would save jobs for legal workers and even mean higher wages.

In other words, the bill proposes we carry out some of the simplest, most basic acts of an actual, real-world, functioning nation. Which we aren’t right now. ‘Nation’ refers to birth. Things born in Mexico aren’t Americans, they’re Indians and hybrids – undesirable human weeds.

Note the photo. The paper intends to impress you with the size of the rally. Were this an anti-abortion rally of similar size, the photograph used would have been shot at ground level, to conceal the size. All in a day’s jewing for our controlled media.

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  7. 7 Responses to “Subhumanity Rages Against Whites in Chicago”

    1. Olde Dutch Says:

      You can be sure that at least 1/3 of the crowd were Trotskite radical socialists from all over the country, plus the usual commies & other leftoids. More than likely lots of foreign communist-socialist radicals too. The trots and commies have always been big south of the border.

      There seems to have been union support from some of the non-AFL-CIO unions that are influenced by jews and radicals.

    2. JC Says:

      Nice new look to your site. What chance do you give passage of this legislation? It will choke the system if there is any effort toward enforcement and, since there is no revenue in it like there is where Americans must defend themselves with lawyers, pay fines, and bring in federal funds to local prisons, it is unlikely there will be much interest in prosecuting under such a law.

    3. Olde Dutch Says:

      HR 4437 is a good bill:

      One ongoing problem has been when local, or state police, arrest illegal aliens; the federal authorities tell the local or state police to release the illegal aliens. Even if the illegal aliens are in possession of phoney or possibly stolen identification. So much for idenity theft, or worse.

      If you read the local police news, or have friends, relatives or acquiantences who are police, you know this is a very common situation.

      Many local police are concerned with an increase in home invasions/burglaries commited by illegal aliens. Who all have the federal authorities released?

    4. John Says:

      What a great place to sell a few hundred bird flu tacos.

    5. Carl Loerbs Says:

      JC – I share your concern about choking the system. The answer is opportunistic enforcement. We will catch most of them, but spread it out over a period of time to make it manageable.

      Opoortunistic means checking residency status whenever natural opportunities arise. When applying for a driver’s license or any other type of license, when applying for any type of social benefits, pursuant to any 911 call or traffic stop, and particularly when applying for employment. Those are the most natural opportunities to check one’s residency status.

      We must also deal with the growing problem of “Sanctuary Cities”. Many American cities have declared themselves “sanctuary cities” and have forbade local law enforcement from checking the residency status of anyone. The solution is simple – Congress must pass legislation immediately and indefinitely suspending all Federal law enforcement funds and grants to such cities until they become compliant. Hit them where it hurts – in the wallet.

    6. Anty Ep Says:

      They had to shut down all the restaurants while this was going on because there was nobody around to bust tables.

    7. Ms Taletha of Texas Says:

      I stayed far, far away from the rallies. It was peaceful and tranquil.

      I didn’t hear anyone talking loud in Mexican.

      I wasn’t hit on by legal and illegal Meztizos in their broken ass English who think they are Casanovas because they flash $20 at any White girls they see.

      I placed a fast food order with an English speaking American without repeating myself over and over .

      I felt safe walking to my car by myself.

      I didn’t see Mexican squaws with 17 welfare brats holding up the food line at Safeways.

      I didn’t hear boom boxes playing mariachi music and Raza Rap at ear splitting levels.

      I didn’t see any (bleep)ing Mexican flags anywhere.

      I saw faces that looked like mine. Wholesome faces. Friendly faces. I had something in common with them. I didn’t feel uncomfortable as I do around non Whites.