16 March, 2006

The jEW Oligarch Looters of America and White Freedom

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by James R.

The entirety of America was deeded-bequeathed to White Man by his Forefathers.

When the American “Frontier” was closed in 1890, American White Man owned 100% of America, coast-to-coast, lock, stock and barrel, free and clear of debt.

Now lookee!

Five percent (1 in 20) of the people residing in America have looted-expropriated 80% of all the wealth (the assets — the land, the businesses, stocks, bonds, precious metals, cash) of the White People of America.

7,500,000 jews arrived in America mostly after 1914. They make up just 2.5% of the American population. This relatively small cabal of paper-shuffling jews has stolen the title to 50% of White American’s wealth.

7,500,000 wealthy Whites (many of whom are jew-boughtling cronies) making up just 2.5% of the American population own another 30% of America.

This 15,000,000 million, this miniscule 5% of the American population composed of jews and mainly jew boughtlings, now has title (fraudulent title) to 80% of the total assets of America.

190,000,000 defrauded White Americans own just the remaining 20% of “their” America (their insignificant 20% diluted further by the claims of 55,000,000 mestizos and 37,000,000 Africans brought in by this same 15,000,000 owning 80%).

But not only were 190,000,000 White Americans defrauded out of their “free and clear” title to all of America, each and every single one of them is today stuck with a gargantuan bill of $526,000 in national debt to repay, a debt fraudulently rolled up in their name by this same 15,000,000.

jOG is a tax-farm, wage-slave plantation. White Men are wage-slaves.

What kind of fiscal and monetary policy might a White Party implement to free White Man from slavery, take back his looted assets, and remove the jOG oppressors?

jOG buys the loyalty and labor of slave White Man with a song.

Uncivilized low IQ mestizo invaders get free health care and free education and free White females for their votes.

Feeble-minded, savage Africans get free money and free health care and free White females for their votes.

Why not take back the ownership of your America White Men? NOTICE THIS IS A PREFACE FOR A SERIOUS PROPOSAL BELOW.

jOG is a terrible deal, a slave deal.

Education-indoctrination slavery:

You go to college, you learn nothing of value but how to take orders from affirmative-action minorities and females, it wastes four potentially productive years of your life, you pay-borrow $80,000 in expenses to get a ticket-degree proving you are sufficiently brainwashed to be a trustworthy jOG slave. You forgo four years of income, let’s say $160,000 lost. You start work four years late already $80,000 in the hole.

You repay your “education” loan at $5,000 per year for the next 20 years.

Wage slavery:

jOG gives you a job at say $40K a year for taking up all your time, keeping your mouth shut and your head down while your country is overrun by aliens reducing your already low pay scale and stealing your females. Not the best deal, not in your best interest, but it’s the only deal around, so you took

Let’s look at where your $40K per year goes — your personal income and expenses.

House mortgage slavery:

– 43% of all home buyers in year 2005 financed a full 100% of the purchase price of “their” (the bank’s) new home (their mortgage debt principal amount due was equal to a full 100% of the purchase price).

– 30% of your monthly income goes to make house mortgage debt payments.

That’s $12,000 per year in house payments, for the next 30 years.

Tax slavery:

– 30% of your income goes to pay local, federal, real estate, and other hidden taxes you don’t even know you pay. These taxes subsidize the 100,000,000 aliens taking your females.

That’s $12,000 per year in tax payments, for the rest of your life.

Car payment slavery (so you can drive yourself to the plantation):

– 12.5% of your income goes for car loan payments and gas. After 5 years you trade it in for a new shiny one and continue this routine until you are too old to pass the vision test.

That’s $5,000 per year, every year, for life, for transportation.


Total Annual Income: $40,000

Annual White Slave Upkeep:

House mortgage: $12,000
Taxes: $12,000
Car Loan: $5,000
Education loan $5,000

Available for slave personal expenses and savings: $6,000

That leaves $6,000 for your food, clothes, entertainment and savings. Be sure not to get sick or, worse yet, get a female pregnant — try to build a family.

What does this get you over a lifetime of “earnings” — wage-slavery? It is a well-known ECONOMIC FACT THAT 95% OF AMERICANS AT AGE 65 HAVE LESS THAN $500 IN TOTAL ASSETS.

White Man. Let’s stop being jOG slaves. Let’s take back OUR nation.

Huey Long’s “Share the Wealth” updated:

Huey Long was murdered by a jew, otherwise he would likely have been an American President and have implemented his “Share the Wealth” Program:

Updated for today his “Share the Wealth” program would provide at minimum a $250,000 “free and clear” house for every American White Man. A $30,000 free and clear automobile for every American White Man.

Where would the money for this come from?


Any capital assets (valued in terms of today’s dollars) owned by an individual up to $50,000,000 would not be taxed at all.

The next $10,000,000 would be taxed at 30%
The next $10,000,000 would be taxed at 60%
Any assets above $80,000,000 would be taxed at 100%

The annual income for any one single individual would be limited to $10,000,000.

With a mere 5% of the total population having looted 80% of the wealth of White America, this tax would constitute an immense recovery of White Man’s looted assets.

No large companies would be broken up, their stocks would go from having maybe 10,000 owners to having maybe 200,000 owners.

The actual number of millionaires would increase 20 fold.

The median-average White Man would own a free and clear house and automobile starting from age 21. He would have a net worth of $500,000 in terms of today’s dollars.

Education would be free, through and including, college and advanced degrees.

To make sure everyone has a job the required work week will be reduced to 30 hours per week and all competing aliens returned from whence they came. He would enjoy two months of annual vacation.

A living pension to every one over 60 with an income of less than $30,000 and a net worth of less than $300,000 would be provided.

There would be a moratorium on all debts while this program is being put into effect. It would take less than a year to implement.

US Senator Huey Long pictured his “Share the Wealth” Program to his fellow White Americans in his weekly radio broadcast this way:

“I wonder if any of you people who are listening to me were ever at a barbecue! We used to go there — sometimes 1,000 people or more. If there were 1,000 people, we would put enough meat and bread and everything else on the table for 1,000 people. Then everybody would be called and everyone would eat all they wanted. But suppose at one of these barbecues for 1,000 people that one man took 90 percent of the food and ran off with it and ate
until he got sick and let the balance rot. Then 999 people would have only enough for 100 to eat and there would be many to starve because of the greed of just one person for something he couldn’t eat himself.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, America, all the people of America, have been invited to a barbecue. God invited us all to come and eat and drink all we wanted. He smiled on our land and we grew crops of plenty to eat and wear. He showed us in the earth the iron and other things to make everything we wanted. He unfolded to us the secrets of science so that our work might be easy. God called: “Come to my feast.”

Then what happened? Rockefeller, Morgan, and their crowd stepped up and took enough for 120 million people and left only enough for 5 million for all the other 125 million to eat. And so many millions must go hungry and without these good things God gave us unless we call on them to put some of it back.”

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  7. 23 Responses to “The jEW Oligarch Looters of America and White Freedom”

    1. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      You sound like the Fuhrer, of Blessed Memory. In Germany before the war, the farmers owned their land free and clear. Everyone had a job and owned their own home. The economy served the interests of the people and banks lost control over their lives.

    2. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      Imagine if you will a land without niggers, mexicans, jews, and other mystery meat, where you work hard for yourself and your fellow man (who is also working hard) and when it is time to live life, and to experience travel and leisure, to play music, and enjoy the company of women who respect you, then you take your time. Then you work and repeat the process. No continual payments on the house, no jew in the middle of you and the truth and no goddamned brown stubbies walking around with their ugly hateful looks on their face posturing like they own your land, because the traitor government who protects them would be gone.

    3. Carl Loerbs Says:

      If this program were implemented, it would mean the effective end of poverty in the United States. The only remaining issue to deal with would be health care. Catastrophic care or long-term care could still be a problem. One of the nightly news programs reported that a year’s worth of some of these newer designer anti-cancer drugs can cost $100,000.

    4. Tim P. Says:

      Great article, I’ve thought the exact same thing many times. Why should we provide nigger baseball players with 100,000,000 per year salary contracts, just so they can cruise the streets in low-rider stretch-lincoln-navigators looking for choice ‘White Hoes”. Hell, any White man that takes on the order of billions or hundreds of millions of dollars away from America is a parasite. Fellow whitemice, the time draws nigh to shake down the jews (and their white pets) who are using the lifeblood of America against the interest of Americans themselves.

    5. OLDINJINJOE Says:

      To set the record straight the White Man robbed the American Indian people of their land. We did not give it to you as you claim; “owned 100% of America, coast-to-coast, lock, stock and barrel, free and clear of debt�. You robbed and cheated us.

      The White Man is a parasitic locust on the North American lands. You brought disease and false gods to us. You raped and killed our women and children and forced us onto squalid reserves.

      After almost 400 years of the White Man’s bullshit we smartened up.

      We hired good jew lawyers to pass legislation that allows the North American Indians to open gambling casinos on reserve land and not pay any taxes. Now the White trash streams into our casinos to spend their welfare checks on pretty lights, cards and spinning wheels. Our goal is pay you back 10 fold for your treachery on this sacred ground of ours, and drive you into bankruptcy and alcoholism.

      We lived on these lands 15,000 years before you White parasites showed up and we will drive off in the end, even if we have to pour all our casino profits into large floating casino ocean liners to lure the White trash into a slow boat back to Europe. Better yet we will just dump you into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, because even the Europeans do not want you anymore.


    6. Glenn Says:

      hey oldinjun joe:
      you and your fellow prairie-niggers were nothing but stone-age savages who were too fuckin’ stupid to even come up with the wheel by the time the White Man got here. We slaughtered you because you were nothing but murdering, raping sub-humans who needed to be fucked, broken, and drivin across the land. So that is exactly what we did.Take your bottle of Jack Daniels and stumble back to the reservation, Tanto.


    7. JEWBOY Says:

      He Glenn you and your fellow white boat trash were nothing but dumb ass savages who were too fuckin’ stupid to even come up with merchant banks and law offices by the time the Jew Man got here. We took all your wealth because you were nothing but murdering, raping sub-humans who needed to be fucked, broken, and drivin into poverty. So that is exactly what we did. Take your bottle of Aqua Velva and stumble back to the your broom pushin, Cracker.


    8. Amalek Says:

      Why do people believe jew supplied stats when it comes to the numbers of Jews in the US, never mind the rest of the world? If one looks at the numbers of jews in different metro areas of the US, the numbers supplied by schools etc. it’s easy to come to the belief that there are at least twice as many jews in the US as is “admitted” by the self styled chosen. In the early part of the 20th century, jewish organizations told jews not to identify themselves as jews, in order to keep the rest of the population from getting alarmed.

      What the jews have done is show how well things can go when a small group works surreptitiously, and with exteme loyalty. This is why they hated the Nazis so. This is why they fight and call any White organization racist. Their own arrogance won’t allow them to see that they are pushing Whites into a corner, again. Whites will end up forming more and more powerful groups dedicated to the betterment of Whites, despite what the doomsayers may claim, despite what jewish agent provocateurs will post on this blog and elsewhere. It’s inevitable. Whites by nature get pushed into a corner and then explode. Jews by nature let their unparalleled arrogance, self deception and greed get the better of themselves, and they push Whites or whomever into that corner. In the end, the Jews get their asses kicked, then whine and wail, wondering what happened.

      Some of the posts by jews (if they really are jews – probably most of them are written by the same person) are hilarious. For instance, Jews didn’t invent merchant banking. The Scots and Templars share the true credit for that. The jews were merely shylocks. They do work together, amongst each other, much like other Middle Easterners, but to a higher degree. If you think about some of the psychology involved, this might help explain why they become frightened so easily. Their self deception and press control combine to create myths that don’t stand up to scrutiny, something few would do until as of late. Now more and more people are asking questions, hence the shrill attacks by the most evil and self centered race of hating hypocrites ever to walk the planet. Smart but not very creative.

      For fun, talk with people about the “heroic” raid on Entebbe. Is it that big a deal to bring in guns against a handful of Palestinians and poorly trained Africans? No. But you’ll have the media tell you that it was an operation that proved the prowess and courage of this Israelis. What a farce, yet they have the gumption to try and make fun of things like ol’ Ronnie rolling through Grenada.

      When people say the jews are an ethnic crime syndicate, it’s hard to disagree.

    9. Will Says:

      Excellent article and comments. This vast sum of wealth in the hands of a tiny percentage of dirty rotten scoundrels is truly appalling.

      It’s just like a pre French Revolution scenario where the aristocrats are busy with leisure and dining while the mobs and hordes grow hungry and angry.

      The tax scheme is good too. Enough is enough. Bill Gates has 100 billion dollars to his name and he still won’t do anything decent with it for the betterment of his people. And cunts like him are out there, in their thousands, rich beyond belief but still old and worthless. Never giving any back unless Africa starts starving again. Bastards!

      We have to put a limit on personal wealth acquisition. 10 million dollar annual cap is reasonable, right? Most of us are surviving on less than 30 k a year right? And we do fine. God I hope I live to see a WN revolution. This shit has to stop.

    10. BILLGATES Says:

      My wife and I donated over $30 billion to the Gates foundation which helps 100’s of non-profit organizations in the US and around the world. Microsoft employs over 40,000 working Americans, and my company has spawned 100’s tertiary industries which employs thousands of Americans. 1,000’s of my employees are now multi-millionaires. And do you know why, because they are smart. Your average salary of $30K tells me that you are completely useless and uneducated.

      I have changed the world with my software and ideas. Billions of people on this planet use my software to help their businesses grow and thrive. And all you and your ilk have is this Blog site and your twisted views, to help other useless twisted souls like you spew your misguided views to the world. How sad and pathetic.


    11. Jim Says:

      Hey Bill, what will we find when we give you a DNA test? Do you know what the word ” expropriation ” means? In your case it means a home and car for every decent white man in this country.

    12. BILLGATES Says:

      Hi Glenn,

      It appears that Communism is alive and well in America. If you like to expropriate the efforts smart hard working people you may want to consider citizenship in Cuba, as your good friend Castro employs this industry methodology to a great degree of success. Maids make the same wage as doctors in Cuba.

      Good luck with that business move. The upside is that you will have direct access to the worlds best cigars and 15 year old Havana Rum.


    13. Jim Says:

      Mr. Gates:
      We are not communists. A smart guy like you must know that Communism is a jewish construct. Much like yourself. Anyone who uses their wealth to increase the population of Africa does not deserve to keep it. Hence, the justification for expropriation. Have a nice day and don’t forget to get vaccinated. You never know when one of those savages you saved will come back to bite you in the ass.

    14. alphabeta Says:

      To the guy who’s posting as Bill Gates and Injun Joe:

      We are going to gas you this time.

    15. Teur Recht Says:

      Bill Gates knows a thing or two about expropriation. He wasn’ the genuis that invented DOS, he bought it from the creator for peanuts. Ask McIntosh about kiping operating systems and ideas – or anyone else who ever dealt with this nerd.

    16. t_electric Says:

      Is this the ‘smart, hard-working’ Bill Gates whose monopolistic software company requires the purchase of one, $300 Windows XP disk for each computer used in our ‘completely useless and uneducated,’ $30,000 wage-earner homes?

      Is this the ‘smart, hard-working’ Bill Gates whose monopolistic software company would have us believe that the purchase of OEM software by the ‘completely useless and uneducated’ members of this site is illegal?

      Is this the ‘smart, hard-working’ Bill Gates whose monopolistic software company has attempted to circumvent the first sale doctrine by creating an elaborate licensing agreement in which it is claimed that the software is not actually ours, but that we are only ‘licensed’ to use it?

      Fuck you, Bill Gates.

    17. t_electric Says:

      To the “smart, hard-working” Republipuke neo-CON and unbridled capitalist extortionist who refers to himself on this blog as “Bill Gates”:

      Finding of Fact:

      412. Most harmful of all is the message that Microsoft’s actions have conveyed to every enterprise with the potential to innovate in the computer industry. Through its conduct toward Netscape, IBM, Compaq, Intel, and others, Microsoft has demonstrated that it will use its prodigious market power and immense profits to harm any firm that insists on pursuing initiatives that could intensify competition against one of Microsoft’s core products. Microsoft’s past success in hurting such companies and stifling innovation deters investment in technologies and businesses that exhibit the potential to threaten Microsoft. The ultimate result is that some innovations that would truly benefit consumers never occur for the sole reason that they do not coincide with Microsoft’s self-interest.

      Thomas Penfield Jackson
      U.S. District Judge

    18. ADOLF HITLER Says:

      Will you guys knock it off!

      Bill Gates did not post that BLOG, it was probably some shit for brains jew posing as as Mr. Gates. Now focus on the job at hand and kill all the jews damit!

      I did not want to come out of hiding to focus your asses on some dumb shit jew poser BLOG.

      Heil Me!

      Your friend Adolf

      P.S. I go back to hiding now. FOCUS!

    19. van helsing Says:

      Why are so-called native americans (and jews) afraid of anyone doing an analysis of Kennewick Man?

      Because he is white.. A lot of white exploration happened a long time ago; Columbus was far from the first. Some others explored too, but not anywhere as many as white. The reason a lot of indians arent pure anything is because the indians werent here before all the white people.

      Who exterminated who? In the jews’ dreams, it will be a repeat of the extermination of the whites again by the indians (example: what happened in U-P copper country). Since the blacks are too incompetent to do it…


      White people dont live every moment of their lives trying to figure out how to defraud everyone else. By that standard, who says banking is such a godsend. It is for them on the inside, till enough folks figure out lampposts have dual uses.


      The media and all history is controlled. The so-called elite is concerned because control is slipping.

    20. Kennewick Says:


      HU umg opa gunk kklowk nuga weem um ega. Luuaw ow meer uuug frevs jew. Kllok lummp nump re akmiiahs cllomp! Umg gaunk wnowl Grog nevasta nowl.

      Muawa uma guma gonkple Hitler nur tulla glump ala merawww. Kleow muowamp cloos frum arraaa. quuqlp ura mowooo cloeee.


    21. Einar Says:

      Don’t you just get dragassed tired of the assorted Vermin that pose as other than what they are, and post their Dreamy-Raindrops-And-Lollypops-Brainwashed-Make Believe Nonsense on this site. OLDINJUNJOE for one. Lookie here Jimmy; The Savage Unintelligent Injuns you speak of were, and still are, a not too bright, alcoholic, impulsive, lazy, shiftless and Barbaric race.

      These injuns ALREADY lived in squalid conditions, and had lived that way for centuries.

      NO RAPING of children EVER HAPPENED, jim. That’s strictly a Black/Brown/Red/Yellow level of Degeneracy.(See South Africa)

      Any group stupid enough to trade land for $20 worth of sparkling trinkets is obviously to stupid to live.

      There isn’t ONE, NOT ONE Country, Culture, or Peoples in recorded history that did not take lands by force of arms. Like ALL losers, you’re simply whining about being on the losing end. TOUGH!


    22. Creativebfo Says:

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    23. SysAdmin Says:

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