28 March, 2006

The Unjewing of World War II: The Truth about Hitler and the Judeo-Soviets

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A newly discovered, 1940-printed English-Russian phrasebook suggests Stalin planned to doublecross  Hitler.

Here the facts you won’t learn in school about the motivation behind and timing of Operation Barbarossa.

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  7. 14 Responses to “The Unjewing of World War II: The Truth about Hitler and the Judeo-Soviets”

    1. Olde Dutch Says:

      Among the Germans it is said, like all politicians, Hitler started out good, ended up bad.

    2. Apollonian Says:

      Christian Fortunes Parallel White Volk
      (Apollonian, 28 Mar 06)

      Well don’t forget “Olde Dutch,” Hitler was designed to lose, and it was desperate going there for a while as American Jew communists actually thought they might lose it all if Uncle Joe Stalin got rolled up so easily.

      Thus United States of WWII so desperately built up Stalin’s army and supplied it better than they supplied their own–this is mere documented fact. The first American-allied priority was to prop up Stalin, and Christianity lost horribly as we know, ah well.

      CONCLUSION: Note as Christianity lost, white folk lost. Linder/VNN blames Christianity, but what was at fault was an old Christian culture eaten in hubris and Pelagian heresy among others, like non-racism, non-antisemitism, etc., the Spenglerian “Decline of the West.” Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    3. GB Says:

      I read an amazing book by German historian, written a few years ago, entitled Stalin’s War of Extermination.

      Hoffman argues that Hitler’s war against Russia was a defensive strike by Germany. He argues that Russia was massing and preparing a massive invasion of ALL of Europe, and Hitler struck first.


    4. Lokuum Says:

      Notice the difference between the IHR and the scotsman.com. The discovery of a phrase book becomes a possible campaign through Scotland and not what it most likely was, a need to communicate with a defeated enemy by an invading Soviet army. Start with what it can’t be, Germany’s justified offensive against Soviet Russia and from there let the assumptions fly . . . .a Russian offensive through Scotland against Germany?

    5. Carpenter Says:

      Interesting. Though it could have been just one plan among many.

      Did Germany attack the Soviet Union to prevent an invasion of all of Europe? They must certainly have figured that the USSR would always be a potential threat, and they would be right in that, but it seems to me they didn’t think the USSR was going to invade any time soon. After all, Hitler even invited Stalin to join the Axis, and only when he said no did Hitler tell his generals to start planning Barbarossa.

      I believe it is easier for us to accept Germany’s defeat at the hands of the USSR if we think war with the USSR would have come anyway, and it feels even better if we think Germany accomplished something with the attack, like preventing all of Europe from falling, not just half of Europe. But this is self-deception. Fact is, Stalin cooperated with Germany even to the point of sending back German communists who had fled to Russia. The Germans could very well have focused on the western war. When a mistake has been made by someone on our side, we should be strong enough to accept it.

      Oh yeah: Apo, did you know Hitler called Christianity the worst plague to ever hit Europe? Bet you do, but choose to forget.

    6. Merovius Says:

      I never got why the Germans just did not create a bio-weapon and extreminate the mass of all the Russians, but where decided to take on 10 plus, to 1 odds in convential warfare.

      No that shit on a shit jesus, and his wacky kike death cult, does not help the Aryan Race. But it sure helps the forces of degeneration and death. Satan on the other hand is the better choice.

    7. apollonian Says:

      “Carpenter,” to my knowledge Hitler was very careful for his statements regarding Christianity; he was practical man. But regardless, it doesn’t really matter too much what Hitler did; he shouldn’t be emulated as Saint Constantine the Great should be emulated. Finally dear Carpenter, u should always include a citation so people can ck out ur allegations on their own and look at the context for things.

      I basically try not to lie, esp. to people I respect or try to respect. If u have the courage to be antisemitic, I try to respect u. Note u don’t gotta be Christian. All u must be is RATIONAL. If then u’re rational, u’ll respect Christianity, and if u don’t respect Christianity u’re just puerile, immature, and simply lacking for necessary strategic consideration–people like that are pretty insignificant, don’t doubt. U want to get serious Carpenter?–then simply be rational and respect Christianity, that’s all u need to do and think about. Take care. Apollonian

    8. aji Says:

      having read numerous books on the subject of ww2, I was always unimpressed with the theory hitler gave up on england because of a stalemate in the air.
      hitler still had enough air resources in the theater to occupy what was left of the british fighter screen, while still have assets for dive bombers and medium bombers to harry any ground defence and support the invasion.
      within the last year or so i followed a link to book review reportedly written by a russian general under an alias, insisting that the poor performance of the russian military in the first year of the war was due to their army being in offensive lager’s because their invasion of the west was iminent.

    9. James Hawthorne Says:

      Most people are a little behind in their history of World War II, especially background information. Keep in mind that nearly every single country in Western Europe including the British, French and Spanish had SS volunteers who fought for Hitler. One of the most important of the Axis was Finland because of their close ties and proximity to Russia. Finland had documented proof beyond doubt that the Commies were about to invade Europe. Of course, you’ll never here that in the Juden-press. There was an article on IHR.org a while back that was translated from a Finnish newspaper.

    10. Arch Says:

      Nothing new here, this subject was covered extensively in Viktor Suvorov’s book “Icebreaker”. Given the evidence, there can be no doubt Barbarossa was a preemptive strike intended to stop an imminent Soviet attack on Germany and the strategically important Romanian oil fields. By the way, you history buffs out there won’t want to miss “SS Doomtroopers” this weekend on the Scifi channel. No doubt this will be another painstaking researched effort by Hollywood Jews to set the record straight by accurately depicting the Nazi SS as they really were instead of the bizarre monsters as invariably portrayed by jew propagandists.

      Excerpt from one of my letters written in Jan 2004

      “As an amateur historian I never could reconcile Hitler’s seemingly insane attack on Russia. With the then current success of the German Army, only a fool would have opened a second front and attacked Russia with winter coming on. Whatever one might think of Hitler and his policies I have never heard anyone accuse Hitler of being a fool. Hitler was in fact a voracious reader and I cannot believe that somehow he missed all the historical references to Napoleon’s winter defeat in Russia some 130 years before. Nothing in Hitler’s operation “Barbarossa” ever made sense to me; why would such an astute individual make such an incredible tactical blunder? More so why would Hitler’s generals support him in the blunder called Barbarossa? And there were few if any voices among the high command against Operation Barbarossa. Yeah, I know, the typical response is that Hitler was such an incredible tyrant that no general would dare oppose his military plans, but anyone who ever read past their eighth grade history book or doesn’t get their historical information from the “History Channel” knows this was not the case, there simply was no recorded major opposition to Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa – Why? Surely there would have been some major outcry recorded among the high command for making such a foolish military commitment, especially when considering the overwhelming success of the German Army at that point in time. I have found a book that makes the only plausible explanation for this supposed blunder. I urge you to find a copy of Viktor Suvorov’s “Icebreaker” and read it carefully Hitler’s “sorry war strategy” known as Operation Barbarossa will make perfect sense after you read this book, below is a summary of the book. Accepted history is seldom what actually happened and when it comes to “conventional” WWII history there is almost no truth in any of it. Over fifty years after the end of the second world war, at least in regards to Germany and the third Reich, we are still subjected to the same incredibly blatant propaganda that was in overwhelming evidence during the conflict, one has to wonder why that might be at this late stage.”

      Arch Stanton

    11. Olde Dutch Says:

      Hitler was a megalomaniac. Hess’s peace mission to Britain, and, the transfer of his military adjutant removed the last brakes on Hitler’s megalomania.

    12. apollonian Says:

      Arch, brilliant essay; that’s why I say we need to improve by means of the inspiration of Saint Constantine the Great who rallied an entire culture, not just one doomed and beset nation, great as it was, dear Germany. Apollonian

    13. apollonian Says:

      What, “Olde Dutch,” are ur citations?

    14. SHMUELY Says:

      Bingo, again, Arch. There are several other recent good books in English about Hitler`s “Ost Fehler”. Hoffmann, Topitsch , Magenheimer and Weeks, to name some of them. The material in German is amazing and plentiful, but it never gets translated into English, unfortunately. Hello, Mark Weber of the IHR, where are you??? Besides never getting distributed in the Anglophone world because of the Juden Zensur, this type of real history is rarely read by the brain dead, because of their ‘a priori’ negative fixations about the Third Reich. Remember, the English speaking world is “proud of its ignorance”, a unique foible, which drives all white nationalist up a wall.