28 March, 2006

To Flee or Not to Flee

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Some I know are emigrating, leaving the United States; some have already left. The favored destination is Eastern Europe. These emigrants argue Eastern Europe is safer, cleaner, and has an authentic White culture, as oppossed to the Negrified and Judaized US. These White emigrants are fleeing the land of their birth. They are leaving the soil into which their ancestors are buried and then flying over their ancient ancestral lands in Germany, the British Isles, and Italy, putting down in Eastern Europe.

“Folly,” I’ve often replied, “how can some little country in Eastern Europe survive the forces that are toppling the United States and Western Europe?” Some respond by conceding it is only a matter of time before their redoubts in far away Europe are overrun, but they want to have a family and live in a White society free from Mestizos and Blacks. I can’t be angry at them for that. I confess my own brother lives in New Zealand, so sick he is with the American trail mix.

Clearly, after yesterday’s mob action in Los Angeles and the subsequent amnesty vote in Senate – events alarmingly similar to political upheavals of the late Roman Republic – America is ineluctably becoming a despotic, corrupt, and violent Third-World state. Fleeing seems a viable option.

Those staying confront two options: 1) surrender: have brown grandchildren, adapt to a culture of violence, windblown garbage, poor sanitation, ethnic strife, and corruption, or 2) prepare to fight: learn the lessons of insurgent warfare as practiced by the winners (if they can be called that) in Vietnam(1965-75), Afghanistan(1979-89), Iraq(on-going) , Somalia(1993), and Algeria(1954-62).

Prepare to be an insurgent.

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  7. 23 Responses to “To Flee or Not to Flee”

    1. Jim Says:

      To flee or not to flee is a question I’ve been grappling with for years now. Of course, my instinct tells me to stay and fight. That would be the honorable thing to do. But fight with whom? I am hard pressed to think of another white person I know who would rise up against the system. Yes, I live in a suburban area and maybe that skews my take on things but I travel to rural areas I see the same shit. I fear that the majority of our people have become too soft and enamoured of comfort to do anything that might risk that comfort in their lifetime. They are exceeding shortsighted and seem to be totally unconcerned about the future that awaits their children. In short, they suck. They are so kiked in their views and habits that sometimes I’m hardpressed to tell the difference. And who do you think the insurgents will be fighting? Other white people thats who. The system has many defenders who don’t even have the basic thinking skills to question what they are doing. I was prepared to be an insurgent my entire life only to watch all the tools rust waiting for the cataclysmic event that would set things in motion. Each new outrage was never enough to pry the masses away from niggerball or even to get them to vote. Hell, I don’t even know more than a handful of people who are even proactive enough to vote. For an insurgency to be successful you need at least the sympathy of a portion of the population. I question if we would even have that. I’ll bet most of them couldn’t wait to drop a dime on you to the secret police. Truth be told, I ‘ve been looking for a place to go myself. The East looks promising. They may be able to straighten their act out long before we do.

    2. GB Says:

      Well, maybe T.S. Eliot was right, we go out with a whimper, and not a bang.

    3. Carpenter Says:

      Well, maybe T.S. Eliot was right, we go out with a whimper, and not a bang.

      Well put!

      Flee to Eastern Europe? A bad idea. It does nothing for the race, and being a foreigner who doesn’t know the language won’t help your chances in an already poor country, which most Eastern nations are. Besides, most of them are jealous of Westerners and would enjoy the chance to make your everyday life harder in a hundred different ways. At least in Russia, believe me. Wanna pay double or triple when you buy a house or simply pay an entrance fee? And every time you have to bribe the cops who stop you on the highway?

      Stay where you are, or move to a state where you think life may be better. If there is an anti-immigrant organization to join, do so, even if they don’t name the Jew. Heck, it’s the best place to meet people who are receptive to your message. I’m not talking about the people at the top, but the worried White members at the bottom. It’s a small step to take, but it’s something. Maybe you can build a small circle of like-minded people. And keep your tools from rusting, Jim, these things take time.

    4. Tim Says:

      Cowards and hypocrites go to Eastern Europe. Nations are for ethnic groups. An American of mixed ethnicty doesnt belong in Poland any more than a Pole belongs in Ireland.

    5. Jarek66 Says:

      Eastern Europe is slowly poisoning by jews propaganda. In Poland, we become in our opinions and views like Western nations. The same PC nonsenses, the same favor to black and other non-white.
      Our politicians are only puppets of Bush and the rest leaders of “west”.

    6. WhitePower Says:

      Yea Jim,

      A rusty tool is not good. Here are some sites to help you maintain your tool:


      Stay Alert! Stay Erect! Stay Greasy!

    7. Arch Says:

      Excerpt from one of my letters:

      I finally discovered your now defunct web site where I was much amused to find your comment that it’s over, there is no hope, save yourself while you can. I got a good laugh out of this as for years I gave clueless survivalist the very same advice. My comment on the matter was after the “balloon goes up” if you think you are going to load up your guns and fishing poles and head out into any “wilderness” to live off the land, you are in for a very rude surprise after firing the first round. That was years ago and I now no longer affiliate with such people; in fact I no longer affiliate with anyone, but then again I never was a “joiner”.

      My own take on the matter of survival was to buy a boat and stay mobile. Marine Corps training taught me mobility is in fact the key to survival. If at some point you’re stranded behind enemy lines, manned by a take-no- prisoner enemy like say certain Asiatic cultures, your chances of survival may be quite slim; however should you break your leg your probability of staying alive just dropped to zero. Logically, to keep moving in today’s environment requires some type of vehicle. As a former professional pilot, I have had a first hand opportunity to experience the efficacy of the aircraft for rapid transit to remote locals. However when one considers the operating cost, fragility and support facilities required by aircraft, the overarching drawbacks of such transportation as a reliable vehicle for survival quickly becomes apparent.

      After some deliberation on the matter, I concluded that the sailboat to be the optimum vehicle for escape and evasion. On the escape side, the sailboat’s wind power is free and readily available throughout most locations around the planet. Although to hear boaters cry about maintenance cost, few I have met have ever had to consider, much less shoulder, the cost of overhaul on a turbojet or meet the continual requirements of AD compliance on a complex aircraft. By comparison a boat can be maintained on an extremely niggardly budget. Since the earth’s surface is comprised of 75% water, what better way to keep highly mobile then on a floating, wind powered, domicile? Anyone who has ever participated in searching for a lost vessel will fully appreciate the excellent evasion characteristics of such a vehicle; so while the survivalist began to stock up on ammo and fishin’ bait, I went in search of a vessel that would represent a far better chance for survival.


      I with Jim’s excellent and concise analysis of the current domestic situation. The question is who exactly are you going to fight? You can bet the jew boys who started this will for the most part be cowering somewhere well out range. As Jim says you will be fighting your own kin, exactly like it has been in every major war fought by Americans. Revolutionary war, Civil war, WWI, WWI, all fratricidal wars that were for the most part to benefit jew bankers, so why would it be any different today? Let the idiots kill each other off, survive so that you might provide a positive influence for those who follow. Should the fight come to you, keep your powder dry and close at hand.

      Arch Stanto

    8. Harry Tuttle Says:

      This was my argument originally and the reason I left America.

      More power to VNN but honestly, I don’t see it happening.

      I see a brutal, ugly, largely unresolved civil war raging for several decades and accomplishing nothing but leaving the country ripe for other nations to exploit as they wish.

      It all comes down to white courage – and you don’t see it in any significant numbers. I do not relish running out of my home and being gunned down by ZOG troopers on live television so the sheep at home can laugh at me and then channel surf over to the Family Feud. You’re going to be fighting your own stupid people mostly with jews vanishing to watch from behind the barricades and nigs running around like clay ducks.

      You are ultimately not going to be looking at an army of a million, the truth is you’ll be looking at an army of several hundred thousand who will be fighting 21st century hardware, as the U.S. has been proving by using white phosphorus on civilians in Iraq.

      When the smoke clears, America will just be a ruined nation, nothing else. Some whites will be living inside a walled community and that will be pretty much it, the other 90% dead or dying. This of course includes the coming third world war which is going to take advantage of the moment the U.S. starts to fall apart internally … like at the moment.

    9. Outis Says:

      We’re done for.

      Itz over.

    10. Olde Dutch Says:


    11. Outis Says:

      That’s funny coming from a Jeboosite, yo.

    12. Jim Summers Says:

      This is in fact the most important issue we will ever discuss on this forum. Here’s how I see it: the majority of Whites today are just too immature, they basically never grow up and so they aren’t capable of consciously grasping how serious a life and death struggle our race is locked in. Why do so many Whites waste their lives on escapist TV shows and action movies? Why do they avoid real life? And what could be more real than defending your nation from invading enemy races??

    13. Tim Johnson Says:

      We don’t/can’t organize direct action because we’re afraid of ZOG and its butt-rape jails. End of story.

    14. A. Says:

      If your brother came to New Zealand it wasn’t to escape trail mix because we have about the same percentage of Whites as America. So something else was acting on his psyche.

    15. A. Says:

      Actually I think many Americans underneath feel an overwhelming sense of foreboding, partially instilled by the government to keep them under control and running around either like chickens with their heads cut off, or after the next bit of excitement (“drink and be merry for tomorrow we die”). The thing is to somehow overcome that and get some traction and provide certainty to people. People want certainty, and what do they have at present? If they cannot be certain of anything else, then pain and suffering they will embrace for at least it something tangable to escape the confusion inside the clay of the golem (as brutus on VNNF commented upon).

    16. Bolg Says:

      Moving to Europe is not a solution. One thing is Americans are not well received here (they take the blame for what the jew does). I feel the same way about Bulgarians who migrate to the USA, hellhole Canada or Western Europe. Blood makes you what you are, but soil does too. Leaving the land your predecessors died for is a cowardice of the worst kind. The only peoples with no roots are jews and gipsies. Fleeing Whites become exatly that.

    17. Harry Tuttle Says:

      Except 95% of whites have already surrendered the land in all but name.

      After a while, you realize a lot of this talk is too little too late. Sorry, that’s my honest appraisal.

      The question you need to ask yourself is, do you want to find a way to continue your genes biologically and preserve the white race or go out in a burst of glory?

      As I said, I’m not going out guns blazing like Sundance and Butch Cassidy just so brain-dead sheeple at home can watch me bleed to death on CNN and click their tongues. “That evil racist got what he deserved.” I’m going to give my life for shit like that? No way.

      I honestly believe that the coming joo war is going to substantially even the odds up. Substantially. A good global thermonuclear war would literally be one of the best things that has happened to this planet in a long time. The population crash that followed would be even better than an Ice Age, with lots of good quality high IQ preserved with any luck and almost all the diversity improvers deployed as earth penetrating ground torpedos. It warms the cockles of my heart to think of these diversifiers and enrichers swinging their broken beer bottles and switchblades at fallout particles drifting down on their asses. You should be getting under cover, homeboy. ‘Course if you’d paid attention in school like that drag, whitey, you’d be knowin’ dat homes. Stay here and keep swinging at all that ash drifting down on your ass. Shielding and mass, dat bee dey trip, homes, you know’m sayin’?

    18. Bolg Says:

      “Except 95% of whites have already surrendered the land in all but name.

      After a while, you realize a lot of this talk is too little too late. Sorry, that’s my honest appraisal.”

      This is true for America, I guess. Here, people are attached to the land. Europe is a small place, there is nowhere to run. You do not stand your ground, you die.

      At this time, Americans run away not to save their lives, but to avoid unpleasantness. Neighbourhood fills with mud, whitey runs. Nigger beats his son, whitey runs. Jose rapes his daughter, whitey, guess what. See, here, when gipsies move next door, you drive them out. You do not emigrate to Russia.

      You will run to Europe. Then what? If you go to Poland and a war comes? What, you will die for the Poles? Or you pack and move here? When the Turks attack us, will you fight for my country? After all you have already run from your own?

      Yes, a thermonuclear war would solve a lot of problems, but this is a big “if”. In the meantime, we’ll have to try reverse the process that leads to our extinction. I do not know how, wish I knew, but I don’t.

    19. Outis Says:

      I’m all for guns blazing, chaps. I think the editor is too. I’ve had the chance to breed and found it wanting. Nothing will satisfy but lashing out at Judah before I’m taken down.

    20. SO Says:

      There are insurmountable differences between the “real Americans,” as they like to call themelves, and the descendants of European immigrants who never lost touch with their ancestral culture or language.

      First of all, if English is the only language you speak, that pretty much limits your options on choosing a place to live. If you think “English only” is a virtue, then you haven’t imagined what shape the world is going to be in in just a few years (when Americans will regret they don’t know Arabic).

      The “new Europeans” who happen to have been born in America are embracing European cultures and languages that they were exposed to in childhood.

      It’s all about values. I never really knew any real American values, or at least the American values were always different from the values of my great-grandparents.

      Unless Americans would be willing to embrace an authentic European culture and language, I don’t advise them to come to Europe. But I pity Americans who don’t make that choice.

    21. Kievsky Says:

      I am sticking around here because I want to see the liberals/leftists/race-traitors SUFFER.

      I don’t want to let them get away with it. Perhaps the desire for revenge is merely a negative value, but that’s what I got. I can’t leave — we are settled here. I tried to emigrate to Russia in 1995 but I couldn’t get a job over there. I almost got a job at an agricultural university, but in the end the director told me he couldn’t hire me because I was a foreigner. I told him I agreed with that policy even though I was personally disappointed.

    22. SO Says:

      Moving to Europe means downsizing for most. It’s true that parts of Europe have Third World economies. Most Americans are unwilling to give up their possessions. And most Americans simply wouldn’t fit in in Europe. But their children would.

    23. stoj Says:

      I “fled” and I ain’t never comin’ back.