24 March, 2006

When Vices Become Values

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by Stojgniev O’Donnell

Once they start the downward spiral, civilizations cannot reverse the chain of history. Once a state (or an individual) becomes consumed in its own self-righteousness, only rarely then does it correct itself. Knowing where America stands today, one can predict easily where America is going.

I suppose that, of all its negative qualities, it is America’s in-yer-face self-righteousness that most offends me. Americans are so aggravatingly self-righteous, even when it comes to espousing wildly contradictory values, for example the opposing sides of the issue of homosexuality. Whatever position they take on that issue, Americans see themselves as more moral, more decent than everyone else who doesn’t agree with them.

Not that Americans have a monopoly on self-righteousness. We see it in other societies as well, for example among radical Muslims. But there is a crucial difference between America and the Muslim world. Radical Muslims share a relatively simple, clearly defined system of values and beliefs (even though animosities divide the various Muslim groups). Tradition plays an important role in Islam. America emphasizes radical individualism, while Islam represents a collective united by common values.

Why should an American today agree to join the U.S. army and go fight in one of America’s wars? Or why does an American bother to display the American flag on his porch? Those Americans believe in what they imagine to be American values. But what are American values today? Americans, in fact, espouse and believe in a multitude of incompatible ideas and philosophies.

There are first of all the ideas of pre-1960s America, inspired by the early republic and embraced by generations of immigrants who experienced the American melting pot. Then also there are the ideas of corporate American capitalism, originally inspired by strains of American Protestantism and now morphed into a global food chain, atop which sits obese, gas-guzzling, energy-popping America. There are also pockets of idiosyncratic beliefs and practices, such as Mormons and the Amish, without any Old World reference. But since the 1960s, the REAL ideological momentum is with political correctness and America’s sham “multiculti.� According to the new ideology, the newly privileged minority society has always been discriminated against and, therefore, deserves to enjoy definite (permanent?) privileges over European Americans. After the 1960s, the whole system of American values was scrambled. The senselessness of contemporary American culture is seen in the cult of Martin Luther King, Jr., canonized as a secular saint, despite his serious character flaws, because he had black skin. America after the 1960s institutionalized a new official racism.

The ideology and positive benefits of victimhood are now deeply ingrained in the consciousness of America’s privileged minorities, for nearly all their privileges have been acquired since the 1960s, not through hard work and virtue, but solely through asser ting their victim status. We don’t expect that America’s contemporary victims will ever reject their current privileged status (even though such denial would surely improve their relations with European America).

While it remains a taboo topic, it should be self-evident to all that American Jews played a major role in installing the new ideology which privileges non-whites and those not of European background. The Jews themselves went from the margins of American society to the very center of power, today profitably mediating between America’s various ideological groups. The scrambling of American values and the preeminent role of Jews in that process is seen with the American Civil Liberties Union.

There are, periodically, violent flare-ups between the minority society and white America (with Jews always strategically refereeing on the sidelines, supporting first one side and then the other), although in the twenty-first century one observes growing numbers in America who simply refuse publicly to argue ideology. Racial issues are too divisive for comfort. Incidents such as the O. J. Simpson verdict demonstrate that it would take, minimally, centuries for a common black-and-white culture and ideology to take root in America. WASP and Black America are indeed two different Americas. And thus America, in its proud individualism, is not a collective, despite Fourth of July parades and fatiguing Star Spangled Banners at baseball games. America is millions of individuals with conflicting, contradictory beliefs and values.

Many live in a vacuum without morals, tradition or culture. Most of the “values� promoted by the new ideology are not true values, though they are see n as rights, “inalienable� rights if you will. Today, Americans not only promote abortion and homosexuality, but it is done proudly, defiantly, and with self-righteousness, claiming moral superiority over the “intolerant� who oppose them. This is not to cast stones at individuals who practice abortion or homosexuality, but merely to point out the divisive influence of their ideology. Looking at those two values, one understands the hedonism of contemporary America (since the 1960s, America is about celebrating sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, things of ephemeral value for mature thinking folk).

But for centuries, abortion and homosexuality have been considered aberrations. Even animals understand that life depends on guaranteeing the welfare of future generations, something hard to achieve when there are no offspring. Anyone who has ever really pondered the significance of procreation and the mission of human existence has to question the wisdom of a society that regards homosexuality and abortion as a right and considers the defense of that right a priority of society.

If there is a symbol of contemporary decadence, it is America’s outrageously and publicly flaunted homosexual culture. Has any other human society ever promoted the current American idea that young people benefit from blatant exposure to homosexuality (in school, in the media, in public life, in parades through the centers of major cities) as a normal, desirable lifestyle? One suspects that significant numbers of homosexuals view their condition as a curse, not something to be flaunted. But one fully expects Americans to practice their homosexuality in typically American self-righteous, in-yer-face fashion. Considering that phenomenon in light of the true significance of rights and values, we see that radical Islam is far superior to America, as Muslims (like most other societies) understand clearly that the promotion of homosexuality (or abortion) can never benefit society as a whole.&nb sp;

The more civilized world to the East historically has tried to make some accommodation with the inevitable historical fact of homosexuality. It resembles the “Don’t ask, don’t tell� policy of the U.S. Armed Forces and the Christian principle of loving the sinner and hating the sin. In Russia, for example, homosexuality is not yet politicized. Homosexuals there show the common sense not to flaunt a behavior often offensive to heterosexuals. That’s probably why Russian society exhibits less hostility towards homosexuals than America does. If Russian homosexuals in the future politicize their sexual identity and adopt the American style, then homosexuality likely will become a divisive issue in Russia. But what sane person really believes their society would benefit from that confrontation of values?

One false American value is “tolerance,� which is, essentially, a refusal to acknowledge tradition and traditional values. It relates to the relativism which claims that all human beliefs and cultures are of equal worth. Such tolerance does provide Americans, firmly convinced that they are superior to the “non-tolerant,� with a great deal of self-satisfaction. Politically correct Americans pride themselves on their “decency� and moral “superiority.� Such values, of course, do not relate to intellectual or historical analyses, as anyone who knows history knows that all beliefs and cultures cannot be inherently equal. Among the most intolerant and narrow-minded people I have ever met are politically correct Americans who loudly insist on their own “tolerance.�

America’s politicians know no values. An American politician, obligated to bow to all the contradictory ideological nonsense of contemporary America, by definition has to be a buffoon. Just look at George W. relaying his sincere wishes for a Happy Kwanzaa (whatever Happy Kwanzaa is, maybe a popular Chinese take-out joint in NYC?). Or take Bill and Hillary, Dick Cheney, Al Sharpton. One shudders to think what their core values might be.

America today exists in the minds of Americans who are deeply divided by their ideologies. Americans still cling to their kitschy symbols, Old Glory and their anthem sung before baseball, but those symbols no longer represent definite values. Concerning abortion and homosexuality, I am not advocating any specific government policy. At this point in history, it probably doesn’t matter what policy Americans adopt. What is significant about abortion and homosexuality is that Americans have no shared tradition which guides them as a community. Americans have drowned in their individualism, and they have no understanding of a compassionate happy medium which serves society as a whole. As with American multiculturalism, which ultimately distorts real cultures, America’s diversity of ideology implies that there are no real values.

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  7. 19 Responses to “When Vices Become Values”

    1. A. Says:

      Begin quote:
      “Looking at those two values, one understands the hedonism of contemporary America (since the 1960s, America is about celebrating sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, things of ephemeral value for mature thinking folk).

      “But for centuries, abortion and homosexuality have been considered aberrations. Even animals understand that life depends on guaranteeing the welfare of future generations, something hard to achieve when there are no offspring.”
      End quote.

      How can sex be of ephemeral value for mature thinking folk when even animals understand that life depends on guarenteeing the welfare of future generations, something hard to achieve when there are no offspring?

      Without sex, thinking or non-thinking this guy wouldn’t be here. Nice essay but with the usual ivory tower belief that sex doesn’t cut it as far as mature thinking goes.

      When are we start going to have a healthy view of sex? Pagans often did everything they could to summon fertility, and what is manhood but virility? Good article but don’t sideline sex because it can’t be put in a test tube. Leave it for the artists, mystics, musicians, poets, who were all here long before anyone but on a white lab-coat, or picked up a pen to write about ephemeral crap. And they will be here long after all the self-righteous nobs scratching their scalps are gone.

      I mean what does one live for? Alex pointed out White men invented most of the conveniences women use. Well why in hell did they do that? And why in hell did the other races not? Too great forces for evolutionary change: Venus and Mars. Now any poet worth his salt could tell you that. Ephemeral? It’s one of the very foci of creation. If you make it ephemeral then you get what you have today.

      In the year 2525
      If man is still alive…

    2. A. Says:

      Poor old Hephaistos… all there. Our ancestors didn’t transmit it to us for shit and giggles. That’s the problem when jews take over the humanities, our people get mis-directed and they loose the vital importance they hold. Fuck Sun Tzu, read Homer.

    3. Jim Summers Says:

      If you spend a significant time around lemmings you start noticing that what America is to them is a FAITH, whatever they want to BELIEVE America is *well that’s what it is then*, like a bunch of children playing ‘pretend’ on the floor together.

      That so-called adults now function under this “America is whatever I imagine it to be” mindset creates the bizarre situation in which there are no actual legitimate issues up for discussion. What is “Conservative”? I meet a lot of these self proclaimed “Conservative” flag wavers and they aren’t exactly spending their time quoting Thomas Jefferson or Alexander Hamilton.

      As a matter of fact the flag wavers often display no ideology at all, and their whole world view (if you can even remotely call it that) is just “our” America team vs. “some other foreign country who don’t like us”. That this “our” is not quite an exclusive club and is open for membership to every Somalian or Haitian who washes up on our shores doesn’t seem to ruin it for the flag wavers.

      I’m supposed to feel good about being involved in some mythical Holy War of “our” vs. “other” when the “our” has no requirements on who can join? Basically if there were one Billion Mexicans flooding across the southern border, the TV White lemmings would still sit there claiming that everyone living within the geographical boundaries of the U.S.A. is a member of our team! Is that not the ultimate expression of a confused, delusionary mind?

    4. A. Says:

      This also is sparked by the grassy knoll post and debate going on:

      “He said primitive thought used representations containing emotional elements derived from magic and ritual, non-cognative elements, so that representations could not be reduced to homogeneous concepts in a sustained ratiocination. For these reasons – and also because primitive thought lacked ‘the principle of contradiction’ – it could not build deductively. But his whole argument could be reduced to the absence of the principle of contradiction, i.i. the basic rule of Western logic which says ‘It is not true both P true and P false’ – ~(P.~P). Primitives do not have any such orienting conception; they believe it is possible to be two persons or in two places at once, both dead and alive, right and wrong, here and there; and if they believe that they will believe anything. The whole idea is that primitives’ superstitions (and presumably also magic) stem from not having a rule of contradiction.”
      — Stolen Lightning, O’ Keefe

      and I have a lot more from many different sources but my fingers are tired. :(

    5. alex Says:

      Primitives believe in diversity and high standards!

    6. A. Says:

      Don’t understand what you mean to say there sir. Read Sophocle’s Antigone to see how tragedy is a play on seemingly unresolvable contradiction.

      But one of the points being made is the contract is dying as it died for the Romans, so one can be both an American and an Israeli Jew. Where is the contradiction? One can be opposed to the war but support the troops. One can say WTC7 should have never fallen like it did but for all that nothing is amiss. No basis from which to judge. A Somali just of the boat is both a Somali and an American. No contradiction there is there?

      “…everyone has an opinion about this event, for in America everyone is entitled to an opinion, and it is certainly useful to have a few when a pollster shows up. But these are opinions of quite a different order from 18th or 19th century opinions. It is probably more accurate to call them emotions rather than opinions, which would account for why they change from week to week, as the pollsters tell us. What is happening here is that television is altering the meaning of “being informed” by creating a species of information that might properly be called disinformation… …It means misleading information – misplaced, irrelevant, fragmented or superficial information – information that creates the illusion of knowing something but which infact leads one away from knowing. In saying this, I do not mean to imply that television news deliberately aims to deprive Americans of a coherent, contextual understanding of their world. I mean to say that when news is packaged as entertainment, that is the inevitable result. And in saying that the television news show entertains but does not inform, I am saying something far more serious than that we are being deprived of authentic information. I am saying we are losing our sense of what it means to be well informed. Ignorance is always correctable. But what shall we do if we take ignorance to be knowledge?

      [mentions a news report about how interest has declined amongst the public concerning “misstatements” made by President Reagan]

      “But there is a subtler point made here. Many of the President’s “misstatements” fall in the category of contradictions – mutually exclusive assertions that cannot possibly both, in the same context, be true. “In the same context” is the key phrase here, for it is context that defines contradiction. There is no problem in someone’s remarking that he prefers oranges to apples, and also remarking he prefers apples to oranges – not if one statement is made in the context of choosing a wallpaper design and another in the context of selecting fruit for dessert. In such a case, we have statements that are opposites, but not contradictory. But if the statements are made in a single, continuous, and coherent context, then they are contradictions, and cannot both be true. Contradiction in short, requires that statements and events be perceived as interrelated aspects of a continuous and coherent context. Make the context disappear, or fragment it, and contradiction disappears. This point is nowhere made more clear to me than in conferences with my younger students about their writing. “Look here, ” I say. “In this paragraph you have said one thing. And in that you have said the opposite. Which is it to be?” They are polite and wish to please, but they are baffled by the question as I am by the response. “I know,” they will say, “but that is there and this is here”. The difference between us is that I assume “there” and “here”, “now” and “then”, one paragraph and the next to be connected, to be continuous, to part of the same world of coherent thought. That is the way of typographic discourse, and typography is the universe I’m “coming from”, as they say. But they are coming from a different universe of discourse altogether: the “Now…this” world of television. The fundamental assumption of that world is not coherence but discontinuity. And in a world of discontinuity, contradiction is useless as a test of truth or merit, because contradiction does not exist.”
      — Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death

      Now stop being so obscure! That is my job.

    7. A. Says:

      Oh sorry. I get it now. I just forgot to change gears.

    8. alex Says:

      We can’t speak the truth. We must parrot lies or be fired. This produces double-mindedness, at first, mental veal in the long run, as men cannot act a role without becoming what they pretend. In days, literally days. They’ve done psych tests and proved this.

      So, soon enough the college president who must champion opposed goals of quality and diversity in time believes the bs he hears himself spouting.

      A society built on this kind of dividedmindness is certainly not going to teach students logic, and since logic only inheres in a minority of white males, and must be taught to the rest of humanity, if it isn’t culturally inculcated it simply does not exist. This is second-stage devolution, and we’re well advanced in it. It’s the stage in which the basic tools of White society are lost: ability to read, to think, to use grammar correctly, to reason.

      The dummies have no idea logic and causality even exist. On the high end, men are driven insane. They become neurotic, tortured Aryan Allens from the enforced hypocrisy, or eventually they learn to love Big Brother as lobotomized public relations execs. I’ve been told a Czech wrote a book about these phenomenon in Eastern Europe under last century’s version of Jewish Tyranny.

    9. A. Says:

      What if you could ride the wave?

      “Something seems to steal a primitive man’s attention, as if by magic; he is caught and held by the image. When the ego, as a category of the human spirit, was not much developed, intentionality was not sufficiently organised to control attentionality, and men were singularly vulnerable to “fascinations”. Consider, for example, such phenomena as “olanism,” which persisted into this century among the Tartar peoples – it is the compulsive imitation of some forceful gesture that could seize a whole Cossack regiment. Rasmussen demonstrated that one of the functions of the shaman was to defend small vulnerable societies from deadly chain reactions caused by such fascinations. Ellul and Marcuse have shown how the compulsive fascination of the word can be used in propaganda to compel action even amongst civilised peoples. Studies of the evil eye phenomena make it plain that it was not just the ( hostile or envious) emotion communicated that made this proto-magic deadly – but also the “fascination” it exerted. The usual defense was an amulet, intended to fascinate the fascinator and so provide a distraction.”
      –O’Keefe, Stolen Lightening

      “I must create a system or be enslaved by another mans; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.”
      — W. Blake

      And Blake certainly devoured contradictions.

    10. Harry Tuttle Says:

      Alex, so well said.

      Being forced to spout a falsehood every day when your other six senses are telling you the exact opposite of what is coming out of your mouth becomes a torturous internal conflict that most of the human race (meaning whites) will solve by surrendering like Orwell’s character does at the end of 1984. Their only option is to fall genuinely in love with Big Brother Kike.

      Black people are the victims. They’re oppressed by us. We are genociding them. This is true. Everybody says it is so. It is also true that they have brutally murdered more than 45,000+ whites in the past fifty years and raped more than two million white women. Whites flee them, they don’t flee whites. The two things cannot occupy the same space in your head, they’re like matter and anti-matter. So the only way the poor tormented white middle class slob can resolve this issue and keep his day job paying tribute to ZOG to have his women fucked and strangled is to push the million-man-mosh-bullet-black-teen-facial-choke horror out of his consciousness and into the realm of deep suppressed nightmare rooms in his mind, locked away during waking hours. It pops up at the most inopportune times as an inconvenient latent psychosis, which whitey is prescribed Prozac and Zoloft for to help him keep the shekel revenues rolling in. The white man increases his beer ration and tries to watch enough television to drown his demons until sleep hits him and he can go back in to his meaningless employment.

      Someday this secret room in his head is going to blow. The internet is loosening up the hinges as we speak. When that door comes off, it’s going to make an atomic detonation look like a sneeze. Hymie has been nailing that thing around the edges to keep it shut since 1955 or thereabouts and he is just about out of wood screws.

    11. Carpenter Says:

      Good essay. The downward spiral starts when conservative Duty is replaced by leftist Feel-Good, which is always inevitable in a democracy, where you cater to vice to buy votes. If homosexuality feels good, then why should you care about the boring duty to reproduce and not market unreproductive behavior?

      Ask people 100 years ago what the meaning of life is, and they’d say something that comes down to duty toward people, country or God. Ask today, and you get something like this, by actress Charisma Carpenter:

      “I think essentially the meaning of life is probably the journey and not really any one thing or an outcome or a result. I think it’s kinda the process and I think that if you can find happiness in the process then maybe that’s it. I just feel really in love with life and the life I’ve created with my family. So it works for me.”

    12. A. Says:

      I disagree. Most people have always had to spout lies. Alex pointed out logic was restricted to the very few but not that it is also used and available to everyone everyday. Always has been, always will. See Schop on the subject. Just a tool.

      Ask Alex what he thinks of Christianity.

      Logic is overrated anyway. Just ask any pessimistic 19th century German philosopher. Most things upon which daily life are orientated are not absolute truths otherwise all cultures would be the same. Context, context, context… But these non-absolute truths should in someway have a consistency that helps those whose “intentionality was not sufficiently organised to control attentionality”. Context. That is the point the guy in the article was making. These deficent in attentionality are prone to 911 different fascinations.

      The real interesting thing is when you find someone who has consumed the middle and surpassed it. It all has to do with spirals you see. Round the circle goes, no excluded middle, excluded middle, no excluded middle, excluded middle… but it circles on a spiral climbing higher and higher.

      But like I said we are two hundred years behind. I mean what sort of evolutionary environment is in action at the moment? And what is the absolute?

      “The Sin was begun in Eternity, and will not rest to Eternity, Till two Eternities meet together. Ah! lost! lost! lost for ever!” said Blake.

      I have my own take on things however…

    13. alex Says:

      I’m not talking about logic on some high or theoretical level, I’m saying that there is a whopping huge body of ‘Kwans out there that cannot see what is wrong with this statement:

      “I know some white families that are as bad as any blacks.”

    14. alex Says:

      First they came for the stereotype. I said, nothing for I know some blacks who are perfectly upstanding. Then they came for the generalization Itself. I said nothing, for thinking is hard, it’s “above my pay grade.”

      Reality and the war against it tend to be indivisible. If you can suppress one aspect, you inevitably push to suppress others, just as the Fed-funded cop lurks in the cold-store aisle at the drug store.

      If nobody knows how to generalize, nobody can develop stereotypes. While there may be instinctive reaction to niggers, the marginal white man will lose the ability to connect jewish social policy with spreading-nigger effect, and thereby be undone, as man so community, eventually nation.

      Jews are like a track coach setting hurdles in the white man’s lane of the 100-yard-dash finals. Everything that can be done, every pressure that can be leveraged, is used to place obstacles in the way of the average white man’s learning to think logically. Acting on his thoughts in any political, general way has been illegal for decades.

    15. A. Says:

      “The usual defense was an amulet, intended to fascinate the fascinator and so provide a distraction.â€?

      You are not discussing logic sorry sir.

      “I know some white families that are as bad as any blacks.�

      It is all in the context. How is this wrong? It is a statment of personal observation. You could say it is because it is reactionary, but to what?

      Logic in truth, in all its naked simplicity, is just a small set of forms. Life is not scientific. The world is my representation. “I know…”

      The goal, as you wanting to provide alternative media shows, is to change the context within which this simple tool of logic is used. But logic by itself is basically useless. Read Schopenhauer.

      Same with that quote from Meckenen I read somewhere about a man not having the freedom to hold an opinion if he is not free to hold the opposite. Read Schopenhauer On the Freedom of the Will.

      The generalizations exist from a contextual basis. Remove or change the context and again things change. You need a basis from which the context can be built up. Our context, I hope, is the preservation and advancement (again a loaded word that might cause trouble) of the White Race (again this might cause trouble).

      Examine Godel’s theorem. Everything is going to have a weak point, until two eternities meet together. You have to create a feeling, not a logical analysis. That is why media is important, that is why it is important to move the masses, and that is why getting small, and Pierce’s build the elite are a bunch of bogus crap. You have to build a fascination to counter the fascination exerted by another, in fact hopefully that will also fascinate the erstwhile fascinator of the people you are trying to liberate. The swastika anyone? Feet on streets. And break out your fascination from the contextual chains of the other.

      I don’t know whether I am explaining this right, but logic is a tool, one little thing you can pick up if it seems appropriate, but in the large scheme of things often worse than useless. Once the context is formed, the fascination working, then you can build up your “logic”. Just don’t try it within their context or fascination or you only power their engine.

    16. Alex Linder Says:

      We have to do everything. Logic and emotion. We create new terms. We assume our case more often than we prove it. The proof is there, but really, reality-smacking works better through horselaughing, as Mencken said. Obsession with proving things is conservative and ineffectual. But still, we have fallen to a sad state when the ordinary man cannot grasp that a single anecdote is not enough to disprove a generalization. I maintain that because of our public school system, all too many whites truly do not understand that.

    17. A. Says:

      Wish it were so Alex, but you should get on your own forum once and a while and see the amount of pro-Whites who think the majority or at least a sizeable amount of Whites are just trash. If these are supposedly pro-White people, why would others think it was just a single anecdote? They have a generalization of Whites also, and after years of prolifigate loxism it ain’t pretty.

      I suppose it gives some a sense of superiority to think most of their people are just crap, but of course they are the cream. Maybe they forget that scum also floats to the top, and gold has a habit of sinking to the bottom.

    18. alex Says:

      My point is logic is not innate in most people, even in most Whites. It needs to be inculcated through education. People are swayed by what they think others think more than by pure logic.

    19. Carpenter Says:

      Most things upon which daily life are orientated are not absolute truths otherwise all cultures would be the same.

      There are lots of things in common between cultures: marriage, hierarchy, family, religion (I’m not religious, for the record), holy days … and things like a family living together, not mixed up with other families, children moving from one hut to another. We never think of that. Or that difficult tasks that you accomplish earn you some respect. Or that you don’t quit a conversation in the middle of it. Lots of things, big and small.

      That doesn’t mean that “we are all the same.” But it means that for the most part, different races have the same standards, because these standards are the response to the demands placed on us by nature. And there are many of these standards that Whites live up to better than most.

      An example: a White teenage girl visiting a high school in Australia talked to some of the Abbo males. She was then stoned by the Abbo women at the school (not killed). Because they and we actually have the same standard of facial beauty, and a White woman measures up to it a thousand times more than an ugly Abbo, and they hated her for it.