1 April, 2006

Holiday in Congolia

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[Neocunt Merkel will send 1,500 humans to patrol square feet in Congo, Booliestan.]

Angie, Don’t Take Our Boys to Town

To Kinshasa, that is. Following the latest folly of Euroventionism in the wake of post-colonial failures, Germany is going to send one thousand five hundred soldiers to Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ever since independence from Belgium in 1960, Congo has been torn to shreds by tribal warfare, badly disguised placeholder wars like the Katanga “crisis” or the Biafra civil war, open tyranny and rivalling warlords who are trying to get rid of the central government. Rich layers of precious ores like uranium, copper, gold and diamonds should be able to provide rich incomes for busily working productive people. Poverty and starvation are ruling instead. Many mines have been closed after 1960, the rest is a bloody shambles. Not anarchy is the problem, but “too-much-archy”. All the competing parties are stealing from the few who still can produce, and if they insist on earning their living, their lives are in jeopardy.

This situation is completely insane, not worth wasting a life in order to keep the status quo alive. To the contrary, the sooner this nightmare ends, the better.

Asked, if fifteen hundred soldiers might be sufficient to pacify a country almost as large as the western part of Europe, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellorette (Bundeskanzlerin), had to admit that the seventeen thousand UN soldiers already present can’t do the job at all, and our fifteen hundred boys won’t either. But they are not meant to. All they have to do is protect the ruling elite and some politicians in Kinshasa. The fall of Saigon should have taught that not even a hundred thousand can do such a job, even if they are ordered to kill and don’t wear silly blue helmets.

What fate are our boys facing, Angie? Bombs, disposable terrorists (aka “suicide bombers”), snipers, and booby traps are among the things which creep into my mind first. But there’s more to it. Foul water, dysentery, Malaria, jungle fevers of various lethality like Onyongyong (Bone Breaker Fever), Lassa, Ebola, AIDS come to mind. Central Africa, during the colonial time, was called “White Man’s Grave” and it still is. So, asides from fighting an entirely useless and futile war, our soldiers, mostly young men in the bloom of their lives, will return home as sick wrecks if they are lucky. These men will be deprived of their lives as productive and healthy, maybe even happy people. Angie, is this worth such a sacrifice?

Our political elite is whining and snivelling about the Germans being the leaders of the red list of endangered peoples. Birth rate in Germany is at an all-time low and decreasing. The next fifty years will see a lot of vacant Lebensraum in Germany with only the major cities and industry areas more or less populated. Many young people see no use in having children. They can’t offer their children a world worth living in. Not abortion did this to Germany but politics of failure. In a country where one eighth of the productive population is officially unemployed and another four to five million people on social welfare, what good does it to have children to inherit misery and unemployment?

Angie, before shelling out worthless cures for peoples who eat each others’ guts, try to fix our own problems and you’d better hurry. You don’t have to do much. Just get out of the way of our people willing to work and produce and don’t bother us with stupid regulations and senseless military adventures in countries where nobody wants to see us.

Support our troops – let ’em stay at home!

April 1, 2006

Ulrich Biele [send him mail] is a consultant in Munich, Germany.


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  7. 7 Responses to “Holiday in Congolia”

    1. Outis Says:

      “The next fifty years will see a lot of vacant Lebensraum in Germany”

      Vacant but for silverbacks, anatolians and mischlingen.

      Someone needs to shoot Merkel now, just to get it over with.

    2. Alex Linder Says:

      She’d just be replaced by someone equally worthless & subservient.

      Interesting that Catholics who claim only people with faith breed ignore that 1) catholic whites don’t breed; 2) ‘pagan’ Nazis bred like nobody’s business.

      How can the people who invented science ignore the contradiction?

    3. diabloblanco92 Says:

      Im not saying your wrong at all, and I hope to hell your right, but Id be fascinated to know whether you have any sources about birthrates among modern White Pagans?

    4. Outis Says:

      Italy is the perfect contradiction, as everyone knows by now: one of the most Catholic of nations, and one of the most fertile — now fully degraded on both fronts. Satanic ritual murder in the North, babyless workaholic sows throughout. Looks like the theoretical Jesus-stork can’t withstand sudden judaization.

      That is a matter of race and territory, though. Italy is small, old, and racially chaotic.

      Russia’s birthrate, BBC says, is well above replacement level at over 10 births per 1000 people. No good Christians over there, just good hausfrau’n and the usual deadbeat dads. Do Ivan and Ivana need “Christ” and insurance policy swaddling-clothes before they breed?

    5. alex Says:

      Pagan means nothing today, apart from a few small groups. It’s just a slur catholics and other christians use for non-christians. My point is simply that the catholics never get enough of the culture of death vs culture of life debate, but they aren’t honest enough to take the nazis on directly. Christians are like communists: if anything bad happened in a christian country, christianity was in no way responsible. And if anything good happened, christianity was the reason. They want everything both ways.

    6. van helsing Says:

      Well modern and empowered ones do. It is the bane of current modernity.

      (If people ask me what I think we are fighting for overseas, I usually answer “apparent prosperity”.)

      I was raised Christian and remain animated by it, but rarely attend. I find stuff like this link below interesting. But I think while judaism contributed little to picking the days Christians use for their “feasts”, judaism has taken over mainstream religion…


      The Aryan Foundations of Christianity

      Liberal theologians preach that Christianity sprang from Judaism. However, the religion of the Jews preaches the philosophy of “Never Forgive – Never Forget” and “vengeance against one’s foes.” This is the exact opposite of the love and forgiveness which are principal doctrines of Christianity. For some reason, the influence of the ancient Aryan Odinist religion is never studied in our schools or churches, despite Christianity’s adoption of its major feast days.

      Christmas: The Catholic Encyclopedia states that no-one knows the true date of the birth of Jesus Christ. The Roman Sun God’s birthday was December 25. This celebrated the lengthening daylight which begins on December 21 – the Winter Solstice or beginning of winter. The Christians, seeking to convert believers in the sun god, chose that date for the birth of Christ.

      Easter: The ancient Aryans celebrated the beginning of spring on March 25 when the first full moon occurred. This symbolized the growth of grass, leaves, crops – life itself. The Christians, not knowing the exact date of Christ’s crucifixion, chose the first Sunday after first full moon to be Easter, the day Christ rose from the dead – back to life. The Aryan Odinist religion called this day Eastra, after their god Eastra (called by the Germans Ostara), the goddess of spring and new life. Baby bunnies and chicks were Eastra’s special animals because they symbolized new life and fertility. It was said that “She resurrected the dead world with new greenery.” Such animals were given to children at Easter until just a few years ago. Thus the Christians named this the date of an ascended Christ.

      St. Valentine’s Day: is celebrated on February 14. This is the very same date as the pre-Christian Odinist Feast of Vali (or Valens, the origin of the word Valentine). The Catholic church chose this day to honour a mythical priest who was killed because he said that no marriage was valid unless it was performed in a church. He was canonized a Saint, thus we have St. Valentine’s Day. However, in earlier centuries it was the Feast of Vali or Feast of Valens.

      Holloween, All Saints’ Day and All Souls Day fall on October 31, November 1 and November 2 respectively. Halloween means “Hallowed Evening.” According to Christian folklore, ‘All Hallows’s eve’ was a day of vigil, fasting and prayer to avoid evil. October 31 is the day devils, demons and ghosts were especially active. They roamed about seeking to seduce the unwary. Then comes All Saints’ Day on November 1 which honours all of the Saints of the Church. This replaced the ancient Aryan feast day which honoured great and esteemed heroes and other benefactors of the community. Their fame was to last as long as human memory. Catholics pray to the Saints on this day to intercede for them. When this was the ancient Aryan Odinist holiday, they prayed to their departed heroes to return and combat present evils. These are the same emotions in a different context.

      The next day, November 2, is All Souls Day and Catholics pray for family members and friends who have died. During the time of the Aryans, they used this day to honour ancestors who created their family bloodline.

      On the eve of February 14, the Aryans held a lottery for all bachelors and unmarried females. Names were drawn and matched with a partner whom they would go with for a year to see if they were compatible. This was a way of encouraging men to marry instead of remaining single. In the year 46 BC Caesar changed the calendar to provide for a Leap Year Day once every four years (to adjust for the missing time in the 365 day year). On this day women could propose marriage to the man of their choice. This is how Valentine’s Day and Leap Year Day became known as the joining of two hearts in love and marriage.

      The Aryan Days of the Week

      Sunday is Sun’s Day, named after the Aryan sun god.

      Monday is Moon’s Day, and the word month, are named after the moon’s cycle of about 29½ days.

      Tuesday is Tiw’s Day. Tiw was the only god brave enough to feed Odin’s ferocious wolf Fenrir.

      Wednesday is Woden’s Day (or Wotan or Odin). The skyfather, ruler of Valhalla and king of all gods.

      Thursday is Thor’s Day, the god of thunder, lightning and rain, worshipped by farmers.

      Friday is Frey’s Day, son of Odin and god of the defensive fighter.

      Saturday is Seterne’s Day, the ancient Briton’s god of the working man. In Rome he was Saturn, the god of agriculture. On Seterne’s Day the worker “laid himself down to rest.” In fact, this seventh day of rest is a tradition which dates back to ancient Sumeria. This was the world’s first civilization and came into existence hundreds of years before the birth of Moses.

      Thus we find that ancient Aryan White Race folklore and religions are a large part of the origin of the Christian faith. Even our days of the week are all named after ancient Aryan gods. ‘Khazar Judaism’ contributed very little to today’s Christianity.

      From The Truth At Last, Issue 410

    7. Carpenter Says:

      Learned just yesterday through a documentary that Italians and Turks watch television more than any other nations in Europe. (Yes, I know Turkey isn’t a European country.)

      The Aryan Foundations of Christianity

      I would say: “The Pagan origin of some dates that Christianity adopted.” But I don’t see how it proves anything in either direction, as it hardly infused Christianity with any actual Pagan beliefs or thoughts.

      Asked, if fifteen hundred soldiers might be sufficient to pacify a country almost as large as the western part of Europe, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellorette (Bundeskanzlerin), had to admit that the seventeen thousand UN soldiers already present can’t do the job at all, and our fifteen hundred boys won’t either. But they are not meant to. All they have to do is protect the ruling elite and some politicians in Kinshasa.

      1,500 soldiers who will return home with a fresh hatred of Blacks. Don’t feed the Africans, people, it only hurts Africa.