13 April, 2006

The ‘Privilege’ of Being Abused

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Time To Put Up Our Dukes

by J. B. Cash

pictured: A witch-hunt by the anti-white forces that rule America has been undertaken against the Duke lacrosse team

(4/12/06) I am angry and outraged. As one of the few people on the planet that regularly writes a column commenting on issues that effect the white “community” I will take the liberty to speak for the people whose views I represent and say that I (we) feel extremely angry and outraged at the high tech lynching being performed on the white members of the Duke University lacrosse team.

There has been a concerted effort by the anti-white elite and their enablers in the media to try and convict these fine young men for a crime they did not commit. It is beyond outrageous to see the treatment they are getting from the university staff, the student body and the local and national media. In a country that values its legal tradition and the concept of innocent until proven guilty, the behavior of these people has been contemptible.

It’s no secret that the media has a decidedly biased viewpoint on racial matters. They have a strong desire to promote diversity and multiculturism, which ensures that they will line up squarely on the side of any non-white “victim” in a high profile criminal case. This often leads to them being easily manipulated, such as in the Tawana Brawley hoax of years ago which ruined the lives of several white men but made Al Sharpton a national figure. Which means it was a disaster by any measure.

The Duke lacrosse team is made up of some of the best of our young men. They are student athletes in the truest sense of the word. They play for the love of the game, not fame or fortune. They are good students and good citizens. It’s only through the poisonous effects of our modern culture that they have been made to think that it would be entertaining to invite strippers to one of their parties.

The media would try to insult these men by indicating that they are “privileged” or “well-to-do,” as if these qualities were insults. What “privileged” means is that their parents, grandparents, and other ancestors worked hard to provide for their offspring. It is through the sweat and toil of their families that the Duke players are fortunate enough to be able to afford a first class education. Many of them will be the future captains of our industries (should any be left) and leaders of our society (if it still exists). All due to the hard work of their family.

Yet our sympathies are supposed to be with the black stripper. She is a single mother who has chosen to support her offspring by taking her clothes off and putting her naked body against the bodies of strangers for money. Only in America circa 2006 where good is bad, and ugly is beautiful can the life choices of a stripper be looked upon more favorably than that of high achieving students and athletes.

The woman in question has made allegations of rape. Her allegations have been accepted as true with little doubt by the media and the public. Thus we have young men who come from good families, families that have a long history of lawful behavior, and they are automatically assumed to be the bad guys in this tragic farce.

However, despite the full-court assault on these young men, the case is unraveling faster than a cheap sweater. There are pictures of the stripper/victim just before the incident with many of the signs of injury that she indicated to authorities came from the alleged rape. A gang rape is sure to leave behind copious amounts of DNA by the perpetrators yet DNA testing has been announced that completely exonerates the “suspects.”

But the local DA, Mike Nifong (spit when you say his name), will not let up. He still insists that a crime has been committed even in the total absence thus far of any evidence. He has vowed to see this through to court. It is unbelievable that in America a wife-beating murderer like O.J. Simpson, who is black, can leave his DNA all over a crime scene and it’s not enough to convict him; but the complete absence of the DNA of 40+ white men accused of a gang rape is not enough to cause a “reasonable doubt” in the eyes of the legal system.

Not only is it quite possible that this hoax has ruined the lives of these men, but the coach of the lacrosse team has resigned, Duke’s nationally ranked team has forfeited all its games, and one player has been expelled for writing an email that is typical of the stuff kids write nowadays but since it is violent in nature — he’s gone.

Also thrown into the mix is a 911 call from that night by a white girl and her black female friend complaining that someone was yelling racial insults at them. While this appears to be part of the hoax it’s another example of the ridiculous and terribly frustrating thinking of the modern world. How many people would ever think that being called names amounted to an offense great enough to be considered an emergency?

The women in question should be cited for improper use of the 911 system. How in heavens name can any adult alive in America think that the apparatus of the police and legal system exists to protect them from being called names? Reminder: the use of the word “n-word,” like the use of the words “honkey,” “redneck,” or “cracker,” does not constitute a crime, and if it did there would be even more black people in jail than there are now because black people use the word all the time.

There has not been one official organization that has been impartial, let alone taken the side of these young men. All of them, the Duke University staff, the DA’s office, ESPN, other TV and the print media, have chimed in on the condemnation of these men who by any rational measure are innocent of wrongdoing. That is how it is in the US of A, relentless attacks on all things white, no exceptions.

The only reason this story could possibly be noteworthy is because it brings up the possibility of a crime that is so rare as to be almost unheard of: white gang rape of black women. Yet the opposite situation, the black gang rape of white women is so common that it gathers little news attention.

The actual truth about the danger of interracial rape is not prejudice; it is reality. Every year there are about 15,000 black-on-white rapes, but fewer than 900 white-on-black rapes. Each year there are 3,000 gang rapes of whites by blacks and too few white gang rapes of blacks to show up in the statistics. That is 8 gang rapes of white women PER DAY!!!!! Eight!!! Compared to nearly ZERO by white men annually. That means that if there is any truth to this fabrication at Duke then we are talking about an incident that is so rare that it can be of no significance to anyone but the people involved.

Another addendum to this absurd incident is the constant complaining by blacks and their apologists that if this was about black men raping white woman there would be more attention paid to it, as if there could possibly be any more attention than it is now getting.

And would someone please pay attention to those 15,000 rapes!!!! 15,000! Annually! That is over 40 rapes committed by black men against white women each day. And these numbers only reflect those crimes that are reported. That means there are many, many, more that actually occur and certainly go unpunished. This means that black men are effectively waging a war on white people by raping our women. And it doesn’t stop there.

Everybody already knows that blacks make up over 60% of the nation’s prison population but only about 12% of the general population. But did you also know that blacks kill about 12 white people each day? How about the fact that blacks are as much more dangerous than whites as men are more dangerous than women? Or that blacks commit violent crimes at four to eight times the white rate? And there is more black-on-white than black-on-black violent crime. Blacks even commit more HATE crimes then white people.

For God’s sake why is everyone so interested in what happened at a Frat house on a university campus when white people are being ethnically cleansed across the country? Can anyone imagine the sheer terror of being gang raped by a group of thugs? What about the safety of our wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers and daughters? It’s as if the nation were stuck in some strange episode of the Twilight Zone where everything that was true was disbelieved and everything that is a lie was treated as truth. There is hardly any other explanation for it.

Clearly the enemy has taken over the reins of power. When there is no public or privately voiced support for your people and your causes you may be assured that you have lost control of your country. How sad it is to know that so many of those that have deserted our race are in fact people of our own blood. Can there be any pain greater than to be put under attack by your enemies and all with the help of people that make up your extended family?

Why would white Southerners, kith and kin to these young men, be so quick to attack and condemn them? Have these people no children themselves? Do they see a brighter future for their own offspring growing up in a country where they too will be under attack and considered guilty in all cases just because they are white? Why such self-hate by a people who have such a wonderful history and otherwise have so much to be proud of?

These are difficult questions to consider let alone try to answer. That it happens so often is even more distressing but rest assured as they sow so shall they reap. You may decide for yourself what are the causes of this distressing racial abrogation of duty. You can also assign blame, cause, and guilt. It is all there in front of you. It is only necessary for you to honestly look and you will see what others have seen before and what we must all someday acknowledge and confront together.


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  7. 20 Responses to “The ‘Privilege’ of Being Abused”

    1. Stan Says:

      The only amazing part about this story is that there is no outrage in the white community. A group that no longer has the inclination to defend itself deserves to become extinct. “Sic transit gloria mundi.”

    2. Lester Stoneman Says:

      These boys are not off the choir, just more dumb sports/frat boys, good for practically nothing worthwhile, like most from that crowd. They hired a couple of negress strippers and got burned. Yawn.

      But the hysterical reaction is interesting, isn’t it? These displays just get more and more frantic and over-steamed, like a boiler running too hot. Sit back and enjoy, fellows. Our time is coming to square accounts. And you can be pretty sure the boys from the lacrosse team will not be on the line with us…

    3. Olde Dutch Says:

      You want to see some radical jew cult assholes working their “tikkun olan”—just check out Duke’s Law School. What goes around comes around…maybe next time there will be a drug bust at a Duke Law School affair.

      Honi soit qui mal y ponce.

    4. Don Miller Says:

      This is not an attack on the two posters above, Stan and Lester, but their remarks do need some analysis and serious rebutal.

      Stan says that “there is no outrage in the white community” which is an attack on and disparagement of the white community itself. What Stan presumably really means is that he hasn’t heard about any outrage in the ordinary media. Slapping the “white community” for imposed silence is a really horrible way to characterize this.

      The “white community” throughout the area of the situation is extraordinarily outraged by the false accusations, but their comments and objections are silenced by the dominant media culture. We have learned to “blame the (white) victim” on a whole new level when we blame our kin and folk for an imposed media silence that this very web site is designed to confront. Stan’s message is clearly designed to demoralize our front line defenders by minimizing our collective responsives to this situation.

      Lester demeans these student-athletes by characterizing them as “just more dumb sports/frat boys, good for practically nothing worthwhile.” These “boys” are the true victims of this situation and do not deserve to have their honor, work, and dedication to their craft demeaned. It is true that they showed very bad judgment in entertainment choices, but they do not deserve the labels slapped on them by Lester.

      Just getting admission to Duke shows some cluster of outstanding potential and skill sets. These are our children and they deserve our protection, however brainwashed they may have been in government schools. Lester’s message is another attempt to demoralize readers, especially his “puff of air” about the “boys from the lacrosse team” not being on the line with “use” when the time comes to square accounts. How can he possibly know that?

      Let’s not buy into our adversaries’ goals by heaping more blame and demonization onto the heads of these student-athletes.

    5. Olde Dutch Says:

      Mr. Miller cry me a river for the Duke alumni…

    6. alex Says:

      These boys hired a nigger stripper. She stole their money and accused them of rape. The media, the state prosecutor, the college, their own coach, ‘official’ Durham all backed the negro accuser. Being privileged sucks.

    7. karakazov Says:

      In atomized America, the information put out by the media, a relatively few small organizations controlled by jews, passes for national culture and community. Once I understood this enormously important fact, the world made sense; the distorting lenses through which I had always viewed it had been removed. (Actually, largely by reading what Alex Linder wrote.) The inner instincts that had always told me that things were rotten were in fact correct, as were the occasional whispered private conversations with other concerned whites, while the massive flood of information that contradicted these ideas was all lies, deliberately constructed to demoralize and destroy.

      So it is that, seemingly, all of America is shocked, appalled, and horrified at this rape accusation, and convinced it is true. Meanwhile in the real world 90% of whites know inwardly that the idea that white Duke student lacrosse players would gang-rape a black stripper is a pile of stinking bullshit. Jews own and run the media, is easily verified by a little investigation (see, e.g., the online essay “Who Rules America?”). As Luke O’Farrell (currently in jail for writing things jews don’t like) put it, jews are a parasite on our race that has gained control over our vision.

    8. Olde Dutch Says:

      Alex, when you have large numbers of jews and other disreputables in the administration, and on the faculty & staff, you can predict these kind of problems. You have said so yourself.

      Where were these boys’ coaches and faculty advisors? Were they encourgaging these children to hire a negro exotic. My guess is yes. I doubt you have any genuine North Carolinians, or White men from other states advising these boys.

    9. Charlie Roders Says:

      These boys are not North Carolinians or even Souterheners. They are Yankees. And unless they are on full ride. Rich spoiled Yankee brats. Duke has so few students from The South that it is referred to locally as the University of New Jersey at Durham. With an average household income $10,000 less than Duke tuition I do not see this changing in the near future. I will agree that D.A. Mike Nifong seems perfectly willing to sacfrice these boys to get re-elected. My guess is he will lose interest in this case right around midnight May 2 when the election is over. If he had any real eveidence he would have already made an arrest. He has stated that he will indict at least one suspect next week as his Victim’s memory improved lat week and she suddenly rememberred a face. My guess is she saw Brian McCabe’s picture on the front page of the Durhan Herald -Sun and said decided he did it.

    10. Merovius Says:

      We needed more situations like the Duke case once a week!

    11. Olde Dutch Says:

      Roders, you probably mean jews rather than yankees, and we both know, New Jersey is also a code word for jews south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

      Today, you have all of these foreign pagans, gays, and lesbians on almost every campus in America telling the local folks how to live. Naturally, this breeds contempt.

    12. frank martin Says:

      None of that regionalism crap makes any difference to big jew and his negro tool who rigged the whole setup with pre-existing injury to extort cash and take down one of the last remaining white sports. They only see white devils and an alternative sport minus any negros. Afterall only white females will be attracted to all white sports. Yids cant live with that.

      Golfer Tig-nig with his pregnant white model wife living proof it only takes one black apple to spoil the whole bunch.

    13. alex Says:

      Racism 101 at Duke
      April 12th, 2006

      The negative DNA tests in the alleged Duke University lacrosse team rape case raise the specter of yet another possible hate crime hoax. The timing of the case just before a local election for district attorney, racial and class polarization in Durham, North Carolina, and the heavy hand of on-campus feminism have all politicized the issue to an extraordinary degree. Justice has taken a back seat.

      The sport of lacrosse does not usually earn front page headlines. But that changed with the racially-charged allegations of a black exotic dancer. The woman, who has not been identified publicly, claims she was gang raped by white lacrosse players at Duke University who had paid her and another stripper to perform at a party. She told police she was pulled into a bathroom, beaten, choked and raped by three white men who yelled racial slurs at her.

      The reaction from the media, local politicians, school officials and black race activists was swift and predictable. Duke President Richard Brodhead announced he is canceling the rest of the lacrosse season. The nationally ranked team will forfeit the rest of their games. Coach Mike Pressler resigned. DNA samples were taken from 46 of the 47 team members (the one black player was not required to give a sample).

      The Duke “Progressive Alliance� posted mug shots of the white players around campus with the headline “Please Come Forward.� Students held a “Take Back the Night� rally* and banged pots and pans outside the house of President Brodhead and the house where the attack allegedly took place. The players moved out of the house out of concern for their safety.

      Before the results of the DNA tests came back negative on Monday evening, most of the amateur detectives hyping the case had already convicted the whites. The general theme was that the alleged rapes represent “white skin privilege.�

      “The issues here,� said Chandra Y. Guinn, director of the Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture, “go far deeper than a single incident. There are pockets of white privilege on this campus … .�

      “There’s an embedded white supremacy here,� said Travis Simons, a Duke divinity student.

      “For me, this is not simply a case of sexual violence or just a case of racism. It’s a case of racialized sexual violence, meaning if it had been a white woman in that room, it would not have gone down the same way,� claimed Mark Anthony Neal, an African Studies professor.

      “Last weekend was Duke’s minority recruitment,� said local resident Betty Greene. “What a welcome for minority students to walk into this story. I’m trying not to call it racial terrorism, but that’s really what it is.�

      Crying Wolf?

      Not mentioned in most of the articles, protests, teach-ins and “dialogue� about the incident was the possibility that it could be a Tawana Brawley-type hoax. Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong was “very confident� that the rape occurred but has yet to file any charges. Nifong, who is facing the voters in 21 days for election to his office, and who is contemplating a run for mayor in the heavily black city of Durham, had said he will pursue the case even if the DNA results come back negative. Yesterday, in a community forum at historically black North Carolina Central University, the school attended by the accuser, he said: “My presence here means this case is not going away.�

      Lawyers for the players have stood firm throughout the ordeal. Attorney Joe Cheshire says the whites will be owed an apology after the specifics of the case come out. If he believed his clients were guilty he would most likely have tried to cut deals to reduce the sentence (the three whites face a minimum sentence of 16 to 20 years if convicted).

      Another defense attorney, Kerry Sutton, said that numerous e-mails written in the hours after the woman said she was attacked support the players’ claims that nothing happened that night. Sutton believes the woman fabricated her claim and “quickly got in over her head with the story she’s telling.�

      Lawyers for the players also point to a 911 call that conveniently came in just minutes after the attack was said to have occurred. It came from a black woman who claimed someone at the party shouted racial slurs at her and a friend. Cheshire thinks the caller was the second stripper. She alternatively told police they were driving and walking past the house.

      The white players have maintained their innocence all along. The only public statement by the players read:

      “Any allegation that a sexual assault or rape occurred is totally and transparently false. The DNA results will demonstrate that these allegations are absolutely false.�

      It has now been almost a month since the alleged attack. If the lacrosse players actually had witnessed a rape, it is likely that at least one among the 46 would have come forward by now, if only to cut a deal for himself.

      The DNA test results seem to conclusively prove that the woman’s claim is a hoax. The police took DNA samples from all over the alleged victim’s body, including under her fingernails, and from her possessions, such as her cell phone and her clothes.

      “They swabbed about every place they could possibly swab from her, in which there could be any DNA,� said Cheshire. Because DNA could come from not just bodily fluids but from skin contact, the absence of DNA evidence from the lacrosse team seems dispositive.

      Hate Crime Hoaxes

      Though not mentioned by the media, hate crime hoaxes are quite common in America, especially on college campuses. The Los Angeles Times claims there have been over 20 phony hate crimes on college campuses from 1997-2005, but even that number seems low.

      The first and only serious study of hoax crimes was conducted in1995 by independent scholar Laird Wilcox. In a self-published booklet titled, Crying Wolf: Hate Crime Hoaxes in America, Wilcox documented hundreds of hoax crimes and analyzed who commits them and why. Wilcox found that blacks are the worst offenders when it comes to staging phony hate crimes. While some perpetrate hoaxes to get insurance money or to cover their own misdeeds, many, particularly on college campuses, stage them to generate sympathy for their racial agenda.

      As someone who follows hate crime hoaxes, the Duke incident – and the response – is strikingly similar to recent hoaxes at other universities. The following are just a few example:

      • During the 40th anniversary of the integration at Ole Miss, two black students found racial insults scrawled on the doors of their dorm rooms: “F**g Nigger� and “F**g Hoe [sic] Nigger.� Similar messages turned up in other locations across the campus. Students organized a “Say No to Racism� march, and race activists demanded “programs and procedures� to instill racial sensitivity. A spate of national news coverage commented on how little Ole Miss had changed in 40 years.

      When the perpetrators were found to be black students, Ole Miss chancellor Robert Khayat made it clear there would be no criminal charges, even though the students caused over $600 worth of damage and harmed race relations at the school.

      • When a hate crime was reported last year at Trinity International University near Chicago there was a flood of indignation on campus. Students at the mostly white school wore yellow shirts to symbolize solidarity with blacks who had received a stream of hate mail. Jesse Jackson spoke on campus. Over 40 students were evacuated to an unnamed hotel for their own safety and security was beefed up at the college. Counselors were made available and students held prayer vigils.

      But when the culprit turned out to be Alicia Hardin, a black student who wanted to transfer out of Trinity to be closer to her friends, the story-and the campus outrage-faded away. University president Greg Waybright even announced that he felt “a sense of relief� because the incident was “resolved.� He warned that the hoax should not reflect on any particular ethnic group.($link)

      • Also last year, students at Wooster College in Ohio awoke to find swastikas and racist messages written on dorm walls. Angry protestors raged against “typical white males� until the writers of the slurs turned out to be a group of lefty students led by a black studies major.

      • A similar incident happened at the University of Louisville in 2004. Students endured racial graffiti and racist fliers passed out on cars. Protesters held rallies and handed a list of demands to U of L president Jim Ramsey. The incident quietly faded away when black students admitted to passing out the fliers as a “prank.�

      The facts of the Duke case, coupled with the prevalence of hate crime hoaxes on college campuses, should have at least raised a few question marks. The fact that there were no real question raised by the media, academics, politicians or Duke administrators speaks volumes about racism in America. The white lacrosse players will certainly not receive the apology they are owed, and continue to remain in the DA’s crosshairs, as he trolls for votes among Durham’s black electorate.

      *Reader Oliver Sherouse, Duke ‘09, writes:

      The “Take Back the Night� rally, in which I participated, was not organized in response to the allegations, but is rather a yearly event put on by Sexual Assault Support Services. This event calls for an end to all sexual violence, and the “speak out� which followed focused on personal stories, not the rape allegations. I understand that this is a minor point, but it is important, I’m sure, to those who organized the rally.

    14. alex Says:

      Link to above:


      It’s enlightening to hear Duke is so jewed out. I hadn’t realized that, although it’s certainly what one would expect, given what we know of jews infiltrating top law schools and elite academia in general.

    15. Unreconstructed Strom Thurmond Says:

      “Roders, you probably mean jews rather than yankees, and we both know, New Jersey is also a code word for jews south of the Mason-Dixon Line.”

      Yes, there are a lot of Jews at Duke, but I think he was talking about the lacrosse players. If you look at the roster, you won’t see many names that are likely to be Jewish:


    16. Olde Dutch Says:

      I doubt the popular animus is directed at the LaCrosse players in particular, but, more than likely the local folks have the ass for the administration, faculty & staff, and the student body in general.

      The local authorities are playing to this popular discontent.

      Don’t under-estimate the enemies the jews & other foreign pagans have made for this formerly southern Methodist college.

    17. unreachable Says:

      37th president Richard M. Nixon got his J.D. law degree at Duke in 1937. Duke beaten in the 1942 Rose Bowl vs Oregon St 20-16. Trinity College changed to Duke in 1922 after the worlds bigger cigarette maker in Durham American Tobacco owner Wm Duke gave the school a 22 million grant.

      Contrary to popular belief Nixon was not impeached but resigned after jew porn named staffer “Deepthroat” Marc Felts ratted to Washington Post jew reporters Woodward and Bernstein who made a mountain out of a molehill. Recent secret tapes of 1972 Nixon-Graham had Graham saying “jews own the media and Hollywood and corrupting the nation..” with Nixon agreeing “oh boy.. I believe that too…”

      Duke has won 3 NCAA basketball titles since 1990 using mainly white basketball players mostly ignored by the NBA. 4 out of 5 starters always white. No other D1 school comes close to this success proving the obvious.

    18. Tim Johnson Says:

      Many cities, towns, and institutions today are lousy with jews (and half-jews). Their networking allows them to take over whole cities. I think they are well on their way to dominating many places you would be shocked to hear about, including esp. in the South.

      Whites have almost no power. This must change.

    19. [email protected] Says:

      Ebil White Debils!

      It’s hard out here for HOax.

      Look for me on PBS-NPR-PRI wit my new blackxploitin’ documentary Tawana II: Lacrosse on the Cross.

      You suckas got taken by a car-stealin’, pig-chasin’, drunk-ass ho?

      At least a brotha know betta than to pay fo hunnert dolla for ho and don’t even get none!

      Daaaaammn, a cracka stupid!

    20. Coup d'Etat Says:

      It doesn’t surprise me that jews and blacks rather side with a two-bit drunken negress whore . More filth they love to wallow in and degrade our society even more. Disgusting, filthy creatures they are.

      The whore voluntarily went to the party to dance like a whore – she deserved to be treated no better. If anything did happen to her, she deserved exactly what she asked for. Yet, the jews and blacks rather make a racial case out of fabricated situation based upon statements from a two-bit lying negress whore.

      I say its time to ship the jews and blacks out of this country now. If they refuse, shoot’em. This is the only solution to rid of the problem.