14 April, 2006

CBS Fags Beaten in St. Maarten

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Richard Jefferson, a senior producer for the CBS Nightly News and his friend Ryan Smith a producer-researcher fort 48 Hours were attacked as they left a popular bar after an altercation a group of men earlier in the night inside the club.


On Wednesday the St. Maarten public prosecutor Taco Stein began an official investigation into the way police dealt with the attack.

[Taco Stein?]


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  7. 3 Responses to “CBS Fags Beaten in St. Maarten”

    1. wideawake Says:

      “I am heading back,” Jefferson says, “because the longer this case goes unsolved the more harm the people of St. Maarten are inflicting upon themselves and the reputation of the island as a vacation spot.”

      So I guess he’s going to save the inhabitants of the island from themselves? What arrogance!

    2. jimbo Says:

      hahahaha! guess these FAGs were labouring under the delusion that faggotry is tolerated world-wide and not just in the judaised/Talmudised West….welcome to the REAL WORLD, schmucks…..(i’m assuming the assailants were a darker shade of black here)……REAL MEN don’t like being propositioned by homos!
      At least these niggs weren’t prepared to have their nigga-hood insulted by a couple of Jew York media fags! hahaahahha!
      HAD to laugh at THIS:

      ” ‘Hate crimes are a devastating reality that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people face all too often’, said the letter, signed by HRC President Joe Solmonese. ‘And these crimes of hate are used as weapons to terrorize an entire community of people’ ”

      what about fags terrorising an entire white community with their ‘up front’ faggotry and filthy diseases(not to mention their well-documented pre-deliction for young boys?) guess these Carribean nig-nogs weren’t prepared to be ‘terrorised’ thusly?

    3. jimbo Says:

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