17 April, 2006

Censorship in the Academy

Posted by alex in academia, Alex Linder, censorship, free-speech martyrs, queers at 12:08 am | Permanent Link

evilcover.jpg Dominated by jews backed up by feminists and fruits, today’s academy ensures that no book worth reading is available, let alone the white male who wrote it. The power of the left appears to have expanded to the point at which there is no way to disentrench it save violent uprooting. The jew never backs off, very likely because it cannot – its genes compel it forward. That is no less reason to exterminate it. We should exterminate jews because it’s “good for Whites,” and that’s all that matters.


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  7. 7 Responses to “Censorship in the Academy”

    1. lawrence dennis Says:

      It’s easy to see why Professorial Faggots have gotten their knickers in a twist. The subtitle of the book directly exposes their perversion-is-normal agenda: ‘How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom.’

    2. Captain Redrocker Says:

      Here we go again dustheads and zogzombies of various gradations. Straighten up, smooth out and buckle up. Look long and hard in that mirror. What do you see? Is ZOG’s grinning semitic countenace haunting you? What’s that you say? Dershowitz, Daniel Pipes, Krauthammer, all good “Amerkwans”?
      White men are becoming crazier and crazier, soon we will unleash operation “Wannsee” in which all the yahudis and black derelicts will face the firing squads of unmitigated justice, replete with on the scene reporting by Larry King and Michael “The worm” Kinsley. Does Randy Weaver still have his “Just say no to Zog” shirt?

      I hope so.

      Can’t wait till the Kwa melts into abyssmal obscurity.

    3. swinestein Says:

      We should exterminate jews because it’s “good for Whites,â€? and that’s all that matters.”

      A year ago I would have disagreed. Not anymore.



    4. Sulla Says:

      A new movie about the origins of the non-person called Jesus and how it is fiction gone wild.


      Now, I’m not one to spread rumors, but I heard a disturbing one about the insightful and unflappable poster named Apollonian. I’ve heard Appy (aka Apollonian) is a faggot and likes so-called “nazis” (White Nationalists)because he thinks they wear a lot of leather and it turns his 3″incher rock hard. Have any of you heard the same? Is Appy a faggot? Really? I understand he’s *queer* in his obsessive-compulsive rhetoric about Constantinian Christ-insanity and about the Fed et al, but a fullblown fudgepacker? Appy a fruitcake? Could it be? We need clarification on this. Inquiring minds wanna know!

    5. Unreconstructed Strom Thurmond Says:

      The librarian is being persecuted and will possibly lose his job, but the poofters — with almost unanimous support — feel “unsafe”. This campus is obviously an irony-free zone.

    6. Disillusioned WN Says:

      So Linder is now openly calling for the extermination of Jews, eh? VNN is either Linder’s idea of a joke, or it’s an ADL false flag operation.

    7. Carpenter Says:

      He is “now” calling for it? Had you been a real WN instead of a fake one, you’d have known he has been doing so all along. No way out but through the Jew.

      Such wickedness, using force against other people! Forcing away other peoples, even killing them! Certainly that isn’t done every year in wars and civil wars. Certainly that hasn’t been done ever since the dawn of time.

      Wake up and smell the reality of our world.

      If VNN is an ADL false-flag operation, then it’s the best damn false-flag operation ever! More such, I say!