4 April, 2006

Degenerate Fashion

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See more of what the Beautiful People are wearing.

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    1. Carpenter Says:

      Yes – why should we give moronic clothing a free pass just because it’s on the runway? I admit to being caught up in that mentality myself on occasion – not necessarily when it comes to the runway specifically, but in all kinds of art and creation. If the packaging is costly and it’s on television, you tend to switch off your normal bullshit detector.

      As WNs, we have that detector turned on more often than most people, and we should work on upgrading it always. Good catch on this so-called fashion. There’s not much there that you would actually wear, so why should we think it looks good? It doesn’t. Why don’t they show normal clothes, that normal people like, on the runway? Because it doesn’t sell? It does. Because the audience doesn’t want it on the runway? I do. Most of us do. It is only a small “fashion elite” that doesn’t.

      Most of the time, the only talent at one of these shows is found in the White technicians operating the TV cameras.