3 April, 2006

Diversity = Death

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Reader Maynard writes:

“Rich diversity is why I left St. Paul.  If the jews have their way, we will have this in every nook and cranny of this country!”

Community profile: The North End
Pioneer Press

The North End is St. Paul’s new melting pot.

Once primarily a blue-collar neighborhood with little diversity, in recent years the North End has become a rainbow of ethnicities, including Southeast Asians, Africans, Latinos, African-Americans and East Indians.

The businesses of the North End reflect this rich diversity. Mixed in with classic St. Paul neighborhood bars and pizza parlors are ethnic grocery stores and restaurants. As neighborhood boosters work to revitalize the gritty North End — which has struggled with urban decay and crime — businesses such as Caribou Coffee and Culver’s have expressed interest in setting up shop.

Currently, there’s a spirit of renewal in the North End, and there are plans under way for improving the appearance of its main street — Rice Street — as well as bringing in new housing and commercial developments.

In a sign of the North End’s ongoing renaissance, the Saint Paul City Ballet is now offering outreach classes in the Klub Haus, a renovated German rental hall on Rice Street.

Molly Millett can be reached at [email protected] or 651-228-5505.

At a Glance: North End

Population (2000): 24,654

Growth: The population grew 5 percent in the 1990s, similar to the 5.5 percent growth in St. Paul as a whole.

Ambience: A global melting pot on Rice Street

History: Born of working-class roots, the North End was primarily settled in the 1870s and 1880s by German, Austrian and Swedish immigrants. Many residents worked blue-collar jobs tied to the railroad. The turn of the century brought Eastern Europeans, and more recently Hmong and Hispanic immigrants have moved into the North End.

Local institution: Mama’s Pizza, 961 Rice St.

Local landmarks: Church of Saint Bernard, 197 W. Geranium Ave., a German Catholic church whose parish was founded in 1890 by German and Austrian immigrants. The school was founded in 1891; St. Mary’s Romanian Orthodox Church, 854 Woodbridge St., an Eastern European gem in St. Paul.

You gotta go: The North End’s new gathering spot, Dar’s Double Scoop Ice Cream and Coffee Shop, 1046 Rice St.

A community center of sorts: Klub Haus, 1079 Rice St., has recently been renovated to its original German rental hall heritage. The historic building, which includes a full-service bar and a dance hall, is available for rental for events including weddings, baptisms and meetings. The Saint Paul City Ballet also began holding classes last fall as part of an outreach program.

New senior housing: Arbor Pointe Apartments, a new senior independent living apartment building, 635 W. Maryland Ave.

Corporate headquarters and warehouse: Warners’ Stellian, local appliance chain

Where to find the locals: St. Paul’s Rice Street Branch Library, a new facility constructed in 2002. Use by families with children is high, and it is a prime location for students doing homework, according to a library profile. On school nights, most of the tables and chairs are occupied. The branch is heavily involved in community outreach and collaboration.

Local buzz: Excitement over HealthEast’s new Rice Street Clinic, 980 Rice St.

Median home sales price for Central St. Paul (2005), which includes the North End: $160,000

The new “Marydale” neighborhood? Currently under study is the Loeb Lake/Marydale Park area, about four miles northwest of downtown St. Paul, and the Willow Reserve, a large bog/seasonal wetland across from Marydale Park. In the Loeb Lake Small Area Plan and Forty-Acre Study, goals for the area include bringing in new owner-occupied housing; improving existing housing stock; creating an urban village feeling by adding restaurants, shops and service businesses for residents at Maryland and Dale; upgrading Marydale Park; protecting Willow Reserve and more.

Real-estate snapshot: A home rehabbed by Sparc, a community development organization, is now on the market as a duplex. Sparc wants to sell it to a homeowner, and there are income restrictions the buyer must meet. Located at 123 Acker, the duplex is priced at $199,900 and located on a corner lot. It features two units, each more than 800 square feet and each with two bedrooms and one bathroom. The home, built in 1880, has a new roof, wiring, plumbing, windows, furnace and more.

Coming soon: A summer makeover for a portion of Rice Street’s streetscape, including new sidewalks, street lamps and business facades.

Race and ethnicity, 1990 to 2000: The white population shrank from 75 percent to 55 percent; the Asian population increased from 15 percent to 18 percent; the black population grew from 6 percent to 15 percent; the Latino population grew from 3 percent to 7 percent; the American Indian population remained at about 1 percent; 4 percent of residents were multiracial.

Languages (2000): 26 percent of residents spoke a language other than English at home. Asian languages (16 percent) and Spanish (6 percent) were the most common.

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    1. Jim Says:

      Sounds like a shithole in the making but notice how reporter Molly spins it to seem like its a wonderful happening. Perhaps we should all E-mail Molly with our own particular experiences in the realm of diverse neighborhoods. She seems to need a dose of reality. I’m going to tell her about Bed-Sty in Brooklyn and how the diversity fairy transformed it from a clean, decent middle class neighborhood into a cesspool of crime and filth. Oh yes, and all the while her “rainbow of diverse ethnicities ” was shining on.

    2. sdga Says:

      Is someone making a list of race traitors who will be deported or jailed?

    3. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      Molly Millett is the type of gal that needs a good gang raping by her diversity.

    4. BADSANTA Says:

      I’m on it.

      I just need to modify my existing naught/nice database and add a new table space to include race and reason for deportation. I can also add some cool query strings to account for duplication and incomplete data. As well I can tap into almost any Gov’t db with an XML deamon and query for deceased and/or converted individuals.

      I will right a functional spec, and if Alex can approve it ,I will get my elves to draft a technical spec, use case, test plan, and QA. Tuttle can you handle reviewing the technical spec and use case? I will need a another volunteer for QA.


      I’m on your side, just don’t tell anyone.

      Love Santa

    5. Outis Says:

      Just being in St. Paul is a mental gang-rape.

      Rainbow of ethnicities — a rainbow of different shades of brown. Think a pot o’ gold is waiting for us at the end?

    6. Olde Dutch Says:

      A lot of this mess started in Minnesota in the early 1980’s when homosexual advocate Hormel decided to use scabs to break the meat packing & processing unions. That’s when the big influx of turd world scabs started to pour into the upper mid-west.

      Just think a mestizo or somali with aids or TB may have packed your lunch?

    7. wayne h. Says:

      St.Paul is run by a bunch of liberal multi-cult dreamers mostly jews [Norm Coleman NY jew former mayor now US senator] I lived in the west end all my life til 02 .Mostly german, bohemein,polish chek .Now mostly niggers and mex. I could not park my car outside over night for fear of some asshole stealing a $200. radio .Kids started getting robbed at the bus stops .Rice St. has always been a tough middle -lower class area ,but if you mind your mouth you were safe. Now the north end (rice st dale st payne ave ) is full of niggers ,mostly from Chicago ,Milwaukee, South bend) They come for the easy welfare ,afdc,. It;s a socialist experiment of high taxes ,big government ,multicult.Not to mention one of the highest hmong populations in the country.It was a nice place to live but now is sypmtomatic of urban areas all over the country.I don;t see how they can revitalize these areas without good jobs and white population ,most whites are moving north or south or any way they can get out of inner city .St.Paul is a City that spends too much and imports too many minorities .The revival of the north end has been going on for at least 10 years .I think It will just become another ghetto of niggers and mexicans.It will look good for a few years and then collapse into a slum.