5 April, 2006

Fascinating Fossil Fish Found

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Fish that took the first step for mankind
By Mark Henderson, Science Correspondent of The Times

An evolutionary missing link that was among the first fish to leave the sea and walk on dry land has been unearthed in the Candadian Arctic, illuminating a chapter in the history of life on Earth that was essential to the ultimate emergence of humans.

Tiktaalik roseae, which lived about 375 million years ago, is a new species with features that blur the distinction between fish and terrestrial limbed creatures, placing it closer to animal life’s transition from water to land than any known fossil.

The fossils, found on Ellesmere Island, just 600 miles (1,000km) from the North Pole, are among the finest examples of evolution in action ever discovered.

They have allowed scientists to freeze-frame a process of adaptation to land that took tens of millions of years, which made possible the development of all the mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians that have existed since.


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  7. 9 Responses to “Fascinating Fossil Fish Found”

    1. Todd Fox Says:

      Video here too

    2. Harry Tuttle Says:

      A jew was waiting on the beach to sell it a cheap, badly fitting shoe.

    3. Igor Alexander Says:

      “…the first fish to leave the sea and walk on dry land…”

      If you’re going to believe that, you may as well believe in Jewish fairy tales.

      Darwinism is every bit as much a religion as Christianity, and every bit as stupid.

      Walking fish… think about how ridiculous that is for a second, will you?

    4. Igor Alexander Says:


      I don’t necessarily agree with Lloyd Pye, but what he proposes is no more outlandish than Creationism or Darwinism.

    5. James Morden Says:


    6. James Morden Says:

      If you’re going to believe that, you may as well believe in Jewish fairy tales.

      Jews and their cronies promote the theory with an unnecessary unnatural fury, so there must be a precious side benefit. Reduction to goyim?

    7. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      Scientists also noted that this organism would taste great breaded or broiled with onions.

    8. alex Says:

      There are walking fish, certain types of catfish go looking for prey and water.


    9. the Seanster Says:

      I don’t get what the hell problem you guys have with Jews. I’ve always been aware of numerous kinds of prejudices while growing up, but anti-semitism I’ve just never really understood. Maybe I haven’t met the kinds of Jews that deserve all this hatred.

      Anyway, the argument for Creationism (as opposed to Darwinian Evolution) doesn’t exist. The contrived arguments against evolution are a joke. People can believe whatever they want, but it’s ludicrous to live your life with a burning desire to force a small part of your religion onto everyone else just because humankind is beginning to outgrow the need for fairy-tales to explain the world they live in. It’s obvious that the real issue is that fundamentalists want everyone to share their beliefs. The country is simply too big and diverse, and to persist Quixote-like in chasing that end is silly.