5 April, 2006

God Helps Those Who Appease the Jews

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La Voz de Aztlan Special Report
Los Angeles, Alta California
April 3, 2006HORRID: GIs with missing faces and gaping wounds!

The Pentagon’s official count of GIs dead in Iraq, as of today, stands at 2336. The real count however is much greater because the US Department of Defense does not count those who die later at military hospitals due to their wounds.

As of March 25, according to theLos Angeles Times, there have been 17,400 US soldiers wounded in Iraq. Out of these, 9890 US soldiers have been wounded by explosives devices. On the average there are 110 US troops wounded per week. Many of these wounds are so horrific and irreparable , as depicted below, that the soldiers are mercifully “put to sleep” by military doctors with high dosages of morphine.


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  7. 7 Responses to “God Helps Those Who Appease the Jews”

    1. seelow heights Says:

      The tragedy is that these guys were wounded fighting for the jews. I’d have no fucking problem risking those wounds fighting the jews, niggers or mexishits.

    2. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Young White males at the mercy of the jewish war machine. DEATH TO THE JEWS! Fire away Iran! Let’s see some jews missing their face.

    3. wayne h. Says:

      The MSM is hyping ” support the troups ” propaganda for the war is building up .bush says we will be there after he leaves office.No one mentions the pipeline to haifa.War for oil is an unspoken fact.kissinger said soldiers are dumb animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.National defence is a fraud. jew bankers will profit from war and skyrocking inflation .Commodities are going up ,the purchasing power of the dollar is going down.The economy runs in cycles ,controlled by bankers .I heard today the polititions will not respond to war protesters or opinion polls .They don’t represent the people ,they respond to reelection contributions.This is an election year ,let them know NO WAR FOR ISRAEL.

    4. Harry Tuttle Says:

      “Put to sleep,” Oy vey my goy cattle vas injured, I had the vet shmiel put the beast down. I can’t stand to see them suffer so, besides I can’t be wasting money on the sick goy itz too expensive wit the rehab. Best to bring another one out of the barn to put on the front line fighting the evil terrorist french or whoever it is supposed to be there.

    5. Kaalkop Says:

      Interesting. USA performing euthanasia, while balking at the Dutch

    6. alex Says:

      Yet another reason to despise Christianity is that it makes it impossible to print pictures like these in the paper, because then all the women will start bawling about taste and decency. Not that the kike publishers would print them in the first place, as it’s not “good for jews.”

      If you have relatives graduating from high school who are considering joining the military, a couple links and printouts might redirect them.

    7. Anglo Saxon Is True Israel Says:

      Christ was not a Jew, and they were not his own as these false pastors teach. Those calling themselves Jews are the people of GODS curse. They are not true Israel, they are not Judah, and the 1948 state calling itself Israel is a lie, and the bad figs of Jeremiah.
      The unadulterated white race, and kindred people are true Israel. America is the regathering of true Israel, and babylon lives among it. The catholic Church is not the congregation Christ formed, and neither are the protestants, Islam, or other false religions, they all are in error.
      There is only a little flock, the very elect. It is few in number, and Christ did not come but unto his own, which is the unadulterated white race, and kindred people, the lost sheep of the house of Israel. The majority of them has been blinded to their true Identity. The Jews have always knew they are Esau, but highjacked the name Israel, Judah, Judea, chosen, to cast themselves in a good light, and to deceive true Israel of Christ the almighty GOD.