7 April, 2006

Hannah the Arrant

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Some descriptions of the judeo-milieu the good guys flushed, twice, since itz a long way to the United States of AmeriKwa.

Arendt saw in Strauss’ careful attitude toward the Nazis all the signs of a sniveling opportunist

The minute a physical threat appears, the jew intellectual becomes charming, cautious, a tad obsequious — all the things it’s never when it’s in control. Amenable, the thing becomes, however transiently… What do jews respect? Cunning and murder, the tools of their trade. This is nice:

In the 1960s, Arendt became a grossmutter of sorts to many student radicals, while Strauss helped concoct the intoxicating blend of powerlust and esoterica that evolved into neoconservatism. His intellectual spawn now occupy editorial offices, university faculties, and the Bush Administration, and their Platonic noble lies, having issued in a needless and protracted war in Iraq, have stoked the flames of hatred and recrimination throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds. Having seen the Master in action, Arendt would have known what to make of the Straussian cabal of sycophants and mediocrities.


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