12 April, 2006

ZOG-Britain Busts Heretical’s Sheppard, O’Farrell

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12 April 2006: Simon Sheppard and Luke O’Farrell were both arrested in early morning raids by British police. Sheppard was released at around 4pm, at which time O’Farrell was still in custody, and has again had computers, hard drives and floppies impounded – the police have still not returned the large amount of equipment and stock they took in their first raid on 30 March 2005. The police, on orders from London, are clearly angling for the first ever prosecution in British history for running (or contributing to) an unorthodox political website.


[Bad news, but predictable given the dictatorship that is Britain under the jew. VNN urges nationalists in Europe to contact Cable Bay for free-speech hosting. Can’t say it in Europe because the jews don’t like it? Say it here in the U.S., where it’s not merely legal but increasingly common. Exercise all your rights to the fullest extent, and press for more… ]

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  7. 3 Responses to “ZOG-Britain Busts Heretical’s Sheppard, O’Farrell”

    1. James Hawthorne Says:

      All British and European White activists take Alex’s advice. Contact Cable Bay, and join us here on VNN for true Free Speech.


    2. sr Says:

      “If you can’t talk about the obvious, you aren’t free.”
      — some guy in some documentary

    3. Outis Says:

      Damnit. DAMNIT.