1 April, 2006

Hoffman Lenses ON!

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  3. 12 Responses to “Hoffman Lenses ON!”

    1. apollonian Says:

      Yes, and the sign would actually then read at the very bottom, after the text given–


    2. Lutjens Says:

      You forgot to translate that into Hispanol.

    3. GB Says:

      Can someone out their translate that for us?

    4. Harry Tuttle Says:

      I was a libertarian atheist for 16 years. Whatta bunch of fags! All libertarians are basically queers in economic wrappers. Libertarianism is a fantastic ideology that makes it a virtue to stomp away in anger because the game isn’t played the way you like it to be. Just because you have decided it isn’t fair, it means you no longer should play to win. The usual jew suspects jewing the goyim purist out of the game through legalism.

      The only civilization in which libertarian values have proved to be workable is a majority white civilization. Without white people, libertarianism is just a screed you whine out before they close the cooking pot lid on top of your gay ass and boil you to a nice greasy sheen.

    5. Will Says:

      The humor will be lost on any squat little brown dwarfs who come by VNN.

      You forgot to add “illiterate” in front of squat.

      Someday a rain is gonna come and wash all this scum off the streets.

    6. Merovius Says:

      I give these mexicans monkeys the Waking Whites up award.

    7. saltriver Says:

      At the end of the day,a filthy spic is still a filthy spic. WAKE UP WHITE MAN.

    8. Frisco Says:

      The scariest M-Fucker you will ever meet will be a strong white christian male.

    9. Outis Says:

      ¡Somos enanos marronitos y debemos tratar al hombre blanco como un dios!

    10. GB Says:

      From years toiling in Latin your translation looks right, I recall debemus is “we owe” in Latin.

    11. Outis Says:

      Of course it is right.

    12. Outis Says:

      I’ve been sabotaged!