9 April, 2006

“Idiots on Rense.com”

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The ignorant idiots who write for Rense.com would rather malign Hitler and follow Alex Jones than read and learn real history. The two “Teds” on that site constantly compare the present US government to the Third Reich and Bush to Hitler without knowing jackshit about it. They constantly refer to Hitler’s rise to power as “propaganda” — an incorrect and false code word for “lies” — and suggest that his government was a tyranny. Funny, no one told the Austrians who overwhelmingly voted to join the Third Reich that it was a tyranny. The two “Teds” — surnames Lang and Twietmeyer (recent articles here http://www.rense.com/general70/must.htm and here http://www.rense.com/general70/bean.htm respectively) — demonstrate how confused and brainwashed Americans who truly believe that they are patriotic (against war and “big” government) can continue to be a non-threat to our current media and government masters, the Jews. The Jews do and have done exactly what they claimed Hitler did: murdered millions of people in cold blood and brainwashed people with lies and false propaganda.

To the two braindead Teds I ask, “Why all the hate?”… for Hitler.

88 forever,

Max Hadden

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  7. 17 Responses to ““Idiots on Rense.com””

    1. GasEmAll Says:

      Daryl Bradford Smith has said that most of the writers on that site are jews.

    2. marilyn gonzalez reyes Says:

      Si ustedes pretenden callar a estos Inmigrantes con sus armas, esperen que seran arrestados por violacion a los Derechos Humanos.

      Esto no es Alemania Nazi esto es ESTADOS UNIDOS DE AMERICA

      Ellos son seres Humanos que trabajan y ni usted ni nadie tiene el derecho de arrebatarles la vida. Respete porque usted esta en un pais Libre y Democratico, por esa razon es que esas personas vienen a este marvilloso pais , porque hay Libertrad de expresion, raza y religion.

      Ustedes son minorias ahora y seran apresados si intentan asesinar a algun ser Humano sea Inmigante o Legislador no lo duden ustedes no estan en una Republica como Alemania o Cuba , o Venezuela usted esta en LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS DE AMERICA QUE SE CREO DE INMIGRANTES DE MUCHOS PAISES. LEA SU HISTORIA PARA QUE APRENDA.

    3. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      Listen you stupid beaner cunt, America was never meant for the likes of you. The best you should expect is a blanket full of pox to sleep on, while you huff paint or drink rotgut on a reservation.

      Your whole stance is based on jewish policy from the sixties, when their nation wrecking of America went into full overdrive. Your very existance on this planet is against righteous law.

      The forefathers would not have killed the injuns, relegated the black animals to 3/5ths of human status or had a Mexican-American war if we felt we needed you. Once we break the chains of the jew we will be one holding the signs that say this is our continent, and we will make sure you are removed from our property and we regain what was owned by our red haired ancestors, which your ancestors murdered.

      ‘Mexico’ is to be ours.
      ‘Haiti’ is to be ours.
      ‘Cuba’ is to be ours.
      ‘Jamacia’ is to be ours.
      ‘Pueto Rico’ is to be ours, and so will all the territory in the western hemisphere, all thanks to your impudence and piling on as the behest of the jew.

    4. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      (Above translated by computer) (m g reyes)

      If you intend to silence these Immigrants with their weapons, they expect that to be arrested by violacion to the Human Rights.

      This is not Germany Nazi this is United States OF AMERICA

      They are Human beings that work and neither you neither nobody has the right to snatch them the life. Respect because you this in a pies Free and Democratico, by that razon is that those people come to this marvilloso pies, because there is Libertrad of expresion, race and religion.

      You are minorias now and to be rushed if they try to murder to algun human being be Inmigante or Legislator they doubt not it you are not in a Republic as Germany or Cuba, or Venezuela you this in THE United States OF AMERICA THAT I am BELIEVED OF IMMIGRANTS OF MANY COUNTRIES. READ ITS HISTORY SO THAT LEARN.

    5. GB Says:

      I wonder if ‘Brown Stubbies’ combust at a lower temperature than Jews do? Let us experiment on Reyes.

    6. Lokuum Says:

      the Soviet Union was a multi cultural socialist empire.
      what is the united states?
      a multicultural socialist empire.

    7. leeluttrell Says:

      I click by Rense almost everyday like I do several sites, to get a snapshot of what is going on. The truth is, most Americans do not know the difference between Nazism and Communism. They have been successfully brainwashed to hate Nazism and there are few that would argue. You need a good understanding of both to realize the difference.

    8. alex Says:

      Americans don’t know shit from shinola about anything. You could test them on marxism, nazism, republicanism, they wouldn’t have any idea what was what. They’ve done tests and found most think ‘from each according to his ability to each according to his need’ is in the Constitution. All they know, or from the jew’s perch need to know, is that is something is branded nazi, you must hate it with all your heart. The minute someone or thing appears to thwart Israelis or local parasites, even theoretically 100 years from now, the ashis and their appeasatariat set up yowl on islamofascism or variant. We can change a minds of a minority of the inquisitive, but sea change only comes after we disposses the jews and take over behind the amplifiers.

    9. jimbo Says:

      White America’s PROBLEM is jd-xianity….THAT’s WHY the kike is above criticism and above reproach. Until this ‘fungus of the brain’ is excised, Adolf Hitler will continue to be presented as the convenient Aunt Sally for all their slings and arrows. I am constantly amazed by these xian curmudgeons who continually bemoan the current state of society’s ills(re: abortion, contraception, feminism, homosexuailty, child pornography, high crime rates &c) without having the intestinal fortitude to name the CAUSE(viz: the KIKE) rather than its effects. Much greater scholars than THEY’ll EVER BE (cf: MacDonald) have laboriously and meticulously researched this issue and come to the inevitable, logical conclusion that the name of the pathogen is: JEW!

      What’s even more astounding is that ½ these white schmucks wouldn’t EVEN BE BREATHING NOW if it wasn’t for the good graces of Adolf Hitler.
      He, and the mighty heroes of the White Race who fought the good fight with him, bought us at least 50 valuable yrs of time. We deserve Nature’s condemnation and sentence if we do not avail our-selves of this massive sacrifice of precious White blood.

    10. James MacElroy Says:

      I’m not sure which number this one is on my informal, “How to know you’re being hustled” list (maybe right after, “It’s NEVER about the money”) but “They’re NOT idiots” is right up there. They know exactly what they’re saying. And for all of you who’ve fallen for the “Bush-is-an-idiot/insane” nonsense, THIS IS AN ACT, people! I once studied conjuring with a New York jew (stage magic is a jew thing) and believe me, they know how to hustle the sucker like dogs know how to bark. They know what you’re thinking literally before you think it…because they control the WHOLE game: a jew NEVER NEVER NEVER plays a “game” he can lose. If he’s playing, you’ve already lost. Which is why you can’t beat him at his own game — watching the jew-toob selectively, for example. The ONLY way to win is to walk away. And anyone who thinks otherwise is prime suckermeat. Don’t think so? Then dig this: here’s the SECRET of the shell game: the pea isn’t under ANY of the shells until you choose! That’s right — the hustler sweeps the pea off the table with a flick of the pinky while you’re distracted. He’s got another one clipped in his palm, which he will deftly place under the shell you don’t pick (after you guess wrong) to show you that, yes, the pea was really there. I watched a guy do it right in front of me and didn’t see him do it, even after he told me how he did it! Well, there’s your analog of everything the jew does. So THROW AWAY the jew-toob and walk away from his “games.” They aren’t games, they’re theft. And EVERYTHING that comes out of the toob is a virus.

    11. James Hawthorne Says:

      I think what Hadden is saying when he asks “Why all the hate?” is deeper than the surface question. As someone who has been at pro-white rallies since a teen, I can tell you that when you calmly pose the question “Why all the hate?” to a white gentile commie scum “anti-racist” and “anti-hate” protester it can have a profound effect. I’ve seen some stop shouting obscenities and stand for minutes with their mouths open in a daze. They came to protest the “haters” and then they realize they’re the ones filled with hate.. against their own people! They’re programmed like Pavlov’s dog to believe certain things and a few will suddenly realize it. No need wasting your time talking to jewish commie scumbags. They’re incorrigible.

    12. alex Says:

      It’s true the jews do know what they’re doing. It’s been reported bush’s flubs are scripted. The Sam Francis school encourages outsiders to think themselves smarter than the Republicans who keep on winning elections.

    13. Man in the Mirror Says:

      Rense’s site also runs plenty of articles critical of the zhids, they name the jew directly. Of course the site also runs other wacky stories and such, but they are doing us a favor when they run articles about the zhidraelis. The articles reach people who otherwise would not encounter the info. I wouldn’t get too worked up. Fixing Hitler’s rep will occur after we have the big collapse. Once the dust clears from CW2, then people will listen. For now, too many people are brainwashed. When we have to fight the taco benders for real, and belive me, the zhids are working them up just like they did the blacks in the 60’s, then people will be forced to wake up and ‘unlearn’ some things.

      James Hawthorne makes a similar observation to what I’ve witnessed. The best way to go is jump on any piece of marxist shit, jew or not, and call them haters, racists, intolerant etc. FIRST! Use the charges first, and you’ve taken away many of their weapons. Ask them why they are behaving as racists, racist hypocrites, racist haters, intolerant racists, intolerant haters, hateful racists and so on. Ask them why they are firing off anti white canards etc. Use the words first. Shut them down.

    14. Sulla Says:

      How wet white liberals became the ultimate black joke

      The Sunday TimesApril 09, 2006

      How wet white liberals became the ultimate black joke
      Politically correct do-gooders do more harm than they know, says Nirpal
      Singh Dhaliwal

      Reading about the decision by the Crown Prosecution Service to prosecute a
      10-year-old child for using the word “Paki” last week, got me thinking about
      the paranoia and confusion around the issue of race nowadays. When I was
      called a Paki at school, it was often by black kids who I’d cuss back at
      with racist barbs of my own. It was part of the ignorant ruck-and-maul of
      growing up working-class in multi-ethnic west London. But the strange logics
      that surround race aren’t confined to the rough children of the lower
      My friend Diane, a black single mother, lives next door to a lovely
      middle-class white family. She told me an interesting story. The neighbour
      had ticked off her adolescent son for using street slang rather than correct
      English; the boy then accused his mum of racism for disliking “black” argot.
      Given that Diane is scrupulous in ensuring her own son is well spoken and
      articulate, this provided food for thought. It shows how well-meaning white
      people, even the young, can have extremely misplaced ideas.

      The 14-year-old boy next door is a sweet kid, but had assumed that
      trash-talk is the way black people speak and is a valid language in its own
      right. Diane doesn’t even let her six-year-old son watch MTV in case he
      imbibes retarded notions about how he should behave from rap videos made by
      multinational white-bread corporations.
      Gangsta rap makes millions by pandering to a middle-class fetish. It doesn’t
      make money out of kids in the ‘hood; they buy their music bootlegged or copy
      it from friends. But white suburbanites donate a fortune to crotch-grabbing
      dummies who prance around “keeping it real” for their delectation.
      Diane is rightly disgusted by the misogyny and homophobia that often make up
      the lyrics. She has high hopes for her children, and doesn’t want them
      ruined by the music industry myth that the epitome of blackness is to be a
      scumbag who brags of abusing black women and killing black men.
      White people murder and peddle drugs, too, but those themes don’t dominate
      the music white people make. Gangsta rap and its British equivalent, grime,
      take one sordid fact of human life and explode it out of all proportion, so
      it appears to be definitive. But the naive white kids who buy into it would
      never consider themselves to be racist. They see themselves as right-on
      hipsters who sympathise with the black experience.
      Groovy white liberals can pose serious problems to ethnic minorities in this
      country. They contributed to some of the most enjoyable and least productive
      moments of my childhood. I went to an all-boys comprehensive school in
      Ealing; the pupils were overwhelmingly black and Asian. Some, like me, were
      the children of Indian immigrants, others, refugees from Somalia, Iran,
      Armenia . . .
      We’d often get a fresh-faced, idealistic teacher who had no doubt read Marx
      and Malcolm X and done an elective in post-colonial theory at polytechnic.
      We ate those suckers alive.
      Desperate to empathise with our persecution, they were knocked dead by our
      indifference and rampant misbehaviour. At the first sniff of guilt-ridden
      middle-class weakness, the feral instincts of teenage boys were unleashed
      and the class descended into anarchy. They thought we’d been crazed by
      oppression, so didn’t want to come down too hard on us. They wanted to
      understand instead. When it did get too much for them and they threatened to
      march one of us to the headmaster’s office, our immediate protest would be:
      “You’re a racist!”
      They’d cower behind their desks, mortified that we’d recognised some deeply
      suppressed prejudice within them, while we got back to hurling insults,
      beating the crap out of each other and rolling joints to smoke at lunchtime.
      The softest touches were always female. For many women, empathy and
      “emotional literacy” (whatever the hell that is) are a greater priority in
      the workplace than actually doing the job they’re paid to do. We had a whale
      of a time whenever a liberal white female was in charge.
      A stalwart gang of diehard traditionalists prevented us from leaving school
      illiterate. Chief among them was Mr Garrett, my form tutor. He was an
      imposing behemoth of a man, who couldn’t have cared less about our ethnicity
      and historical subjugation. He had high expectations of how we should behave
      and apply ourselves, and flew into thunderous, terrifying rages whenever we
      failed to meet them.
      He was the kind of guy who’d never get a job in education today. For some
      kids he was the most solid male presence they had in their lives. Whenever I
      bump into former classmates in my old neighbourhood, he’s the teacher we
      remember most fondly, wondering how he’s doing now. He didn’t always have
      our affection, but he commanded our respect. He saw enough innate worth in
      us to set us standards and be bitterly disappointed when we fell short.
      Things are very different today. I have a friend who teaches, and he says it’s
      normal for teachers not to reprimand badly behaved black kids because “they
      suffer enough oppression as it is”. The soft bigotry of wet liberals is as
      insidious as the racism of white supremacists. Lowering the bar for children
      because you consider them oppressed has the same effect as expecting little
      of them because you think them inferior.
      We could never pull our stunts on Mr Garrett. He was hard on us all – black,
      white and brown – but rigorously fair. I can still remember his face, purple
      with anger, as he folded and refolded a piece of paper, straining to control
      his temper after I’d been reported to him for a misdemeanour. He was the
      only teacher who ever inspired shame in me.

    15. elbrus_arya Says:


    16. Ted Twietmeyer Says:

      Yes, I AM one of the “Teds” that Max Hadden speaks of up at the top of this page.

      And it’s all too clear, that he has suffered from an overdose of Fox “News” from the screws – those same idiots who had the slogan “all the news you need to know.” Who the hell are they to tell us what we need to know? Fascists.

      I stand behind every word of what I wrote in every essay. I don’t hide under phony names and hotmail addresses. No need to. I state the facts and let them fall where they may. To
      “think” that the third Riech was the last one is to believe that communism is dead. Has anyone ever considered that it wasn’t just a name, but the THIRD attempt?

      There is no need to resort to slamming an author who speaks the truth. To do so, merely states a strong argument for intentional intellectual stupidity.

      Have a nice day.

    17. alex Says:

      rense.com is full of freaking shit – especially defending saddam and calling zionist and bush killers while saddam is a killer himself – GOD DAMN DO I FUCKING HATE WACKO LIBERALS