14 April, 2006

Illegal Aliens in Russia

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Immigration Blamed For Hate Crimes

MOSCOW — Ill-conceived immigration policies are stoking xenophobia and racism, fueling corruption and ignoring the country’s growing demographic crisis, rights activists and analysts said Friday.

A group of experts, speaking at a news conference, also said media were fanning anti-immigrant attitudes and hardening stereotypes, particularly against dark-skinned migrants from the North Caucasus and Central Asia.

Vladimir Mukomel, a researcher and author of a new study on immigration policy in Russia, said the population had dropped by roughly 1 million people annually since the Soviet breakup in 1991.

“Only through migration can we deal with the loss of able-bodied working people,� he said. “Without able-bodied, working migrants, we can’t avoid this problem.�

The activists said the government immigration policies were disjointed and form a patchwork of ill-conceived regulations, such as Soviet-era requirements that foreigners register with local authorities within three days of arriving in a city or town. Such regulations encourage police corruption and enable criminal groups to take advantage of immigrants, activists said.

A recent United Nations-backed report compiled by Russian researchers estimated there were 3 million to 5 million illegal immigrants in Russia.

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  7. 6 Responses to “Illegal Aliens in Russia”

    1. mariusz jhb Says:

      Vladimir Mukomel and thosands of such researchers do not want to see the facts. In Russia there are 7 millions abortions every year. In USA it is 40 millions. Most of them are among white people.

    2. wideawake Says:

      What a crock of shit. They roll out the same old excuses for immigration in every white country in the world, i.e. low birthrate, population too old, etc. To listen to these assholes is to wonder how the hell white people have managed to get this far. You would think that they would at least take the time to dream up some new lies.

    3. Jim Says:

      No need to take the time to dream up new lies when the old ones work so well. Sort of like the Iran thing. All the jews had to do was change the last letter of the countries name and presto a story to sell the dumb goyim. And it will sell. Your average idiot down at the local pizza joint actually believes he’s in danger of being nuked. What the Russians should do is encourage those who left to come back. And of course outlaw abortion.

    4. whiteskelet Says:

      Rather than play with the local demographics (through abortion etc. policies), it just should be stated that no migrant is needed, whatever the state of the population (even if it’s aging).

      It is just asserting to whom the country belongs, and Russians are just doing that.

      Of course Mr Mukomel says just the opposite. How smart.

    5. Kalafan Says:

      They want to sink? Let them. It’s not our responsibility to ensure that the rest of the race survives when, listening to the majority of it, it seems that it really doesn’t want to.

    6. Anglo Saxon Is True Israel Says:

      Christ was not a Jew, and they were not his own as these false pastors teach. Those calling themselves Jews are the people of GODS curse. They are not true Israel, they are not Judah, and the 1948 state calling itself Israel is a lie, and the bad figs of Jeremiah.
      The unadulterated white race, and kindred people are true Israel. America is the regathering of true Israel, and babylon lives among it. The catholic Church is not the congregation Christ formed, and neither are the protestants, Islam, or other false religions, they all are in error.
      There is only a little flock, the very elect. It is few in number, and Christ did not come but unto his own, which is the unadulterated white race, and kindred people, the lost sheep of the house of Israel. The majority of them has been blinded to their true Identity. The Jews have always knew they are Esau, but highjacked the name Israel, Judah, Judea, chosen, to cast themselves in a good light, and to deceive true Israel of Christ the almighty GOD.