21 April, 2006

Jewing Iran: Lie Barrage Ramping Up

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tentcats.jpg How could there be an end to the lying and warmongering when Washington is as full of jews as this tree of tent caterpillars? A disgusting, greasy, diseased mess, itz… Brazening it out is the jewish organism’s life strategy. Has it produced a war based on lies, and gotten 2500 Americans and 100,000+ Iraqis killed in the process? Then let it do the same thing over again, a little bit louder this time. A newer, fresher enemy, now with extra menacing power! Just like it’s selling detergent. The hate books are already on the presses, the doctored data already in the dossiers, “Let’s get is started” on the turn table. War is kewl! Israel is our friend and democratic overlord, not a godforsaken hellstrip teeming with the most dishonest and unattractive people on earth. Time for some truthin’, as Nancy Sinatra sang. Kikistanis ain’t Western. They ain’t democratic. They ain’t our friends. They ain’t our allies. hookworm.jpg They’re parasites with nuclear weapons. Their enemy is every other nation on earth. All these myriad enemies becomes ours when Israel’s foreign policy is carried out under our name. You see, when the hook-nosed worm gets a fix on you, it’s not just a one way street. The bloody treasure flows into its maw, to the tune of a trillion gallons a year, yes, but a steady stream of viruses and bacteria flow the other way. America needs to be dejewed, the equivalent of deworming a dog. Perhaps only the veteranaryan is qualified to perform the lifesaving operation.


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  7. 5 Responses to “Jewing Iran: Lie Barrage Ramping Up”

    1. Megasaurus Says:

      On and on the commentators whine. These guys need to drop their keyboards and pick up their swords. To everything turn turn turn, a time to kill.

      5 years from now they’ll still be indignant with commentary on how our government is just a gang of psychotic crooks doing Israel’s bidding.

      Oh but for the fear of a ZOG prison.

    2. Jew Jewing Jewily ... again. Says:

      Margolis the “Jewish Canuckistani” dutifully lays out the Kosher gamut for an attack on Farsistan:

      Republicans are slumping in the poles and need votes. Tail wags the dog. Check.

      Our Jewish overlords here in the USA are “Jewish Americans”. Check.

      Cheney is Rasputin is the eminence gris is single-handedly driving US policy at the behest of rabbid, uncontrollable right-wing Israeli’s who are pushing for an Iranian attack against the wishes of Jew Sixmillion-Pack. No “Jewish Americans” anywhere to be found pulling wires. Check.

      Oil! Check.

      Just a Jew Jewing Jewily … What’s a Jew to do?

    3. Outis Says:

      See, this was a good use of graphics.

    4. Lutjens Says:

      They want more war with more soldiers ‘offing’ themselves these days.


    5. Harry Tuttle Says:

      It ain’t a war until the goy go into the grinder. The best way to show jooish courage is to get other people, not-jews, to run into machine gun nests screaming about freedom and truth.

      Oy, such goys, from clever they don’t know. Two millennium later and the same dumb-ass gentiles are still fighting the enemies of the joo. It takes a long time for selective biological evolution to catch up with jooish cunning. Someday goyim will be born who will instinctively recognize this crap when it is offered, but today there’s still plenty of trash DNA to chew up fighting towelheads ’til the cows come home. For every white man who suspects a rat, there’s ten thousand waiting in the wings with their M-16s (faulty jewish military contractor rifle) and a candy bar to be chuted into the drop zone to fight the foes of chosenites, at least until the forward assist on their crappy plastic gun fails for the final time.