15 April, 2006

Jews Control the Media

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[From Jew-Fan Jerry’s Amrent…]

I worked in televison news in Los Angeles for 7 years. I think I am qualified to speak on an important element of this issue: the influence Jews enjoy in the media, and their heavy presence in the media. I can tell you that all of the people here thinking they are taking the high road, who are trying to be pseudo-intellectuals, trying to be open-minded do not have a clue. The majority of jews, at least those that are in influentual positions, do not care about other whites, nor do they care about the United States or Europe when it comes to their being white. This is one reason I left “the biz�. It was a stunning education as to how this country is actually run, on the hypocrisy and hatred of European whites behind much of what is fed to the masses as information.

Mr. Taylor, if you think you are ever going to get a majority of Jews to go along with Amren, I believe you are sorely mistaken, no matter what you may have been promised behind the scenes. The average Jewish person on the street is as clueless as many whites when it comes to understanding what is really going on. But, the average Jewish person will blindly do whatever the “Big Jews� tell them to. They have an extreme loyalty to their group that does not need to be discussed here. Whites in general are atomized, independent. That has been the source of much of past greatness. But that can be exploited as a weakness. While most whites went around taking care of personal business throughout the 20th century, small but dedicated groups of hard core Jewish anarchists worked endlessly on making the US and Europe “good for the Jews�, the rest of the whites be damned. That much of this is now backfiring on them is not a surprise, look at immigration, but the fact is that Jewish groups banded together to do some very bad things behind the scenes. This dishonesty was and is intentional. The crowning achievement of these anarchists was the Immigration Act of 1965, which they then made sure had some “useful idiots� like Ted Kennedy sponsor. This act of treason paved the way for illegal immigration down the line, businesses hopping in and hauling in foreign workers by the truckload and more. Now we Jews believing that they are safer in a multicultural America, but it really isn’t the case. To paraphrase what was mentioned in Mr. Taylor’s statement, all the non-whites see is another white, albeit a more priveleged one.

I won’t get into conspiracies, because a conspiracy is not needed all of the time to get things done. All that is needed is a small group of dedicated people working together toward a common goal. That’s the Jewish way. When they see whites begin to work together in similar fashion, then they do their best to attack those people, the ADL, SPLC, the media all kick in. I know. I was there. The influence the ADL and other anti-white Jewish groups have over what you see on television, film, newspapers et al is amazing and frightening. I will not go into the media ownership issue as do so-called “neo-Nazis� because I don’t have to. I worked with the News Directors, Station Managers, Producers and so on. They were overwhelmingly Jewish, and overwhelmingly had an agenda(s). If you didn’t like it, leave, and don’t think you’ll get a similar job anywhere else in town buddy. These foot-soldiers for the cause didn’t have to state their agendas, but they did on occasion. This is not made up. It is simple fact. I worked in Los Angeles television news during the “Rodney King� incident. The people running the show saw this as a Godsend. Their glee, their open remarks as to this being a weapon to attack the status quo, meaning whites, was chilling. The reports at that time were so heavily orchestrated that even I was amazed. Most things went as these cultural nihilists wanted.

An interesting piece of trivia I should point out is the number of Jews I worked with who were from top schools, Ivy League schools, yet their academic qualifications were not outstanding, in fact, many were not much above average in high school, yet they attended Yale, Harvard and so on. I am aware that there are weatlhy whites who can get their kids into these schools, but even they can encounter difficulty unless they are a political hotdog. These Jewish kids, 2 of whom I went to high school with, would smirk and have a laugh over how easy it was to get into these prestigious schools. One of the gentlemen I went to HS with had an SAT a little over 1200 and told me he was literally recruited. He laughed and said that “…being Jewish helps!â€? I then asked if it worried him that people might see his score and that could start complaints someday, he said that could be taken care of. I wouldn’t doubt it, as the other co-worker I had attended high school with had also scored in the 1200’s but would go around telling people his SAT score was almost perfect! Creating myths everywhere and anywhere I suppose. I scored 1580 on my SAT and had no chance of getting into any of those schools depsite outscoring 99% of the students admitted. Even then I knew an average white guy would have his application tossed into the woodpile. My point is, many people know this goes on, including Mr. Taylor, but they are silent. Is the type of dishonesty displayed by these people, in this area and more, what you want at Amren? It is snobbery and arrogance combined with privelege, but don’t mention it, or you’re a Nazi. They have flooded these schools with their children, and the scores of them who should have not been admitted over more qualified whites float through school and make more connections and get the degree with presitige. Yes, I am aware that Ivy League schools have turned to crap for the most part, grade inflation is rampant, but they still have the rep, even though they are just empty shells. By the way, I went to UC Berkely, don’t get me started on that. I should add that while there are a lot of highly qualified Jewish (and Asian students) – I am aware of the long hours of study many of them put in – in raw numbers they are heavily outnumbered by qualified whites in the US. But whites are the minority at these and other schools. One Amren poster put up a link in another thread that showed statistics that proved the favoritism enjoyed by Jews and Asians when it came to admittance to Ivy League schools. I hope they post it again. The problems with college admittance are but one example of what Jews have engineered against whites. No one can honestly argue against it or deny it. It’s far worse than the Old Boy Network run by rich whites in the Northeast many years ago. Again, the schools are one example, but look at was has happened in corporate America, government work, you name it. And to be blunt, it doesn’t take much research to find Jews behind it, sometimes plugging in a “useful idiotâ€? gentile like Ted Kennedy. It’s ironic, as the assassination of Ted’s older brother, JFK, essentially was the nail in the coffin that allowed the coup to assume full power and destroy America.

I know one of the attendees at this year’s AR Conference, and he did indeed say that in his opinion the Jews were there to try and move in, take over and manipulate, and that the gentleman who blew up at Mr. Duke appeared to be doing so in rehearsed fashion. I wouldn’t doubt it. I worked on many news shoots where “person on the streetâ€? interviews were set ups, or just carefully edited to get the statements the News Directors etc. wanted, and to show certain types of people. If you wonder why so many “on the streetâ€? interview pieces in LA just happen to feature Jews – who just happened to be on scene – don’t wonder anymore. I saw dozens of interviews tossed with only Jewish people and non-whites kept for air, and witnessed News Directors and Producers use friends and relatives to be used as “person on the streetâ€? or “eyewitnessâ€? snippets. No, it doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens almost every day. I am at the point where I wonder if Amren will have the courage to post this?

Most WN groups are tarred as “Nazis� early on. Brainwashing by the media and schools has made this term and others something that is foul or associated with horror, all in a calculated fashion. This was one of the methods of combat openly written about by the American Communist Party back in the 1950’s when explaining to their followers how to battle our culture. Make sure your enemy is always associated with words and terms that are already regarded as negative. This way any legit information WNs or other people may have is ignored, it’s been painted with the brush of hate loaded with Nazi imagery. Other people have written that whites need to take the words used by those who hate whites, including those used by anti-White Jews, and toss them back in their faces. Use them first. This is true. I saw people who were smart enough to do this, and the self proclaimed geniuses running the news didn’t know how to counter it. That’s because there is no way to counter it if you have the courage to act first. Whites need to take a page from that book of tactics used by the bolshevists here in the 50’s and 60’s and strike first, call your enemies racist, haters, anti-white, whatever, first, no matter what ethnic background they may be. This is what many Jews have done to Mr. Taylor, and he knows it. We’ve all seen it. We’ve all read it. I am not sure if Mr. Taylor is making his statement out of a genuine belief in thinking Jews will come into the flock, as a way to try and deflect Jewish directed criticism in the media (it will not work) or as part of some other long range plan, ideas I have that I will not go into in this already too long post. Yes, some have said Mr. Taylor is doing what his “masters� want. The Jews do work together to try and run things. You get enough disingenuous Jews into Amren, and they will work together to run Mr. Taylor and Amren into the ground. I think Mr. Taylor should do what most aware whites want, either keep them out, or have stringent rules and qualifications for those Jews who want to join the movement. Period. After all, that’s what they do with us.

There’s nothing wrong with calling people on their hypocrisy, and using their own tactics against them during a fight or war. Make no mistake Mr. Taylor, a sizable segment of the Jewish population is at war with the rest of the white population. Many know it, but will not openly state it here or to you. But actions speak louder than words. I hope you are keeping on eye on those you seem to be listening to.

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  7. 35 Responses to “Jews Control the Media”

    1. Socrates Says:

      apollonian Says: “Hence “Carpenterâ€? is refuted for his absurd idea logically that “Jews-mediaâ€? could stand for a second without the underlying control of money in Federal Reserve Bank”

      Oh, here we go again. Please explain how Hollywood would not exist if the Federal Reserve didn’t exist. Does Hollywood get its money directly from the Federal Reserve? No. It gets its money from gentile movie-watchers. Who permitted you to post here again?

    2. apollonian Says:

      What existed first?-movies or money? Apollonian

    3. Socrates Says:

      First, my bad – I said “Hollywood” when I meant “media.” Second, that doesn’t answer the question.

    4. apollonian Says:

      Socrates Rebutted For Upstart “Scholarship”
      (Apollonian, 15 Apr 06)

      It’s same difference, “media” or money; note Jew Bernard Lazare in his book, “Antisemitism” (published in 1894) admitted Jews essentially controlled banking fm 14th century. “Jews-media” didn’t develop till evermore bought and controlled financially by Rothschild-associated “Sadducean” collaborators fm among gentiles.

      Henry Clay, famous “compromiser” Senator fm Kentucky, preceding the protege’, Lincoln, famous fascist, was early American collaborator for Jew banking interest.

      CONCLUSION: Birchers at JBS.org will easily confirm, and it is contained in such as G.Edward Griffins’s “Creature From Jekyll Island.” “Socrates,” u’re mere thick-headed dolt challenging for scholarship just ’cause u have ur own computer. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    5. Socrates Says:

      Wipe your ass.

    6. Megasaurus Says:

      Can you two get a forum thread or something? Cluttering up the webwaves with applonian baiting and bashin is quite tiresome.

      The article however was excellent and very accurate. AmRen needs to ban jews from membership as an open policy. Damn the torpedoes and the accusations.

      Ban ’em. Or they’ll wreck the place, just like they do with everything when their numbers are sufficient.

      No jews, just right; should be a global theme.

    7. Jack Burns Says:

      Anybody else having trouble getting into the Amren site? I’ve been getting is “The page cannot be displayed” message for most of the day. Have they been hacked or is it just me? All my other favorite sites open just fine. Hummmm.

    8. JAT Says:

      I can’t get in either.

    9. -JC Says:

      Perhaps the greatest usurpation– coopting– wrecking, if you please, was that of Christianity. Watch the Jew media and the apparently ignorant who constantly repeat that Jesus Christ was a Jew. Christ was killed at the behest of the Jews, not because he was a bad Jew but because he was an ancient Israelite– not to be confused with Israeli, who disputed the Jew’s authority as the Janissary-like theocracy used by imperial Rome. Look at effectivness of capturing and mongrelizing the seminaries: Judaized-Christianity– evangelicals with Seventh-day Adventists being among the worst– got Bush elected, supports the Jews, and pushes all manner of race mixing and third world immigration just as surely as the Roman Catholics.

      Jews are mamzers (Hebrew for bastard), like mestizos and mulattos. Most Jews start out as Turko-Mongollian Asiatics– Khazars– and many intermarry with White women, hence the confusion of face. Television with Jew males and White females on sit coms adds to the confusion of White women who sadly ape what they behold, their genetic history becoming a genocidal dead end.

      Once the no-race mixing law was understood. Deuteronomy 23:2 “A bastard shall not enter (8799) into the congregation of the LORD ; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter (8799) into the congregation of the LORD .”

    10. -JC Says:

      I forgot to mention the most important point: Most Jews refer to themselves as White. Well, pardon me but I consider their classification that has been so effective in the forming of a loose coalition against White males by queers, feminists, commies, and their White camp followers– as “people of color.”

    11. Lokuum Says:

      They masquerade as whites as to appear as a white (reflectively critisizing his people) when in fact they are a trojan horse attacking their ethnic enemy. Conflict is their only identity. Someday Amren will raise the white flag and welcome their darker brothers into the middle class gated community. Think not. Many thought the neocons were the saving grace of traditional European heritage and now National Review is spouting off everything they once stood against, and taking thousands with them-pinning up their red dipers below their blue suits. A new Independance Day for the Americans, that’s what we need. That’s the whole point, not insuring future generation the right to BMW’s, strip malls, a hiding place in the desert.

    12. van helsing Says:

      When jews need protection, or want to pose as right-wingers (to co-opt that movement) they encloak themselves in whiteness.

      When they figure they dont need protetcion, or want to go on the offensive, well they go into “Ignatiev” mode.

      Between him, that idiot black professor, that idiot UT professor, and the brown berets, there sure are a lot of dumb mamzers out there shooting their mouths off.

    13. whiteskelet Says:

      It’s a great post, really.
      That’s all fascinating, but why are Jews sticking in White nations like parasites now that they have their own nation, in the way they wanted?
      They have no more honour than other brown migrants, sucking the life of White nations.
      Can’t they build something positive elsewhere instead or ruining White nations? Do you see a way to accomodate those creatures?

      We shouldn’t even have to discuss their base actions, the only question is, why are they still here? And why is it allowed? Is everybody dumb? Those are questions a child may ask (before brainwashing, of course).

      What’s clear is that they are to blame if something nasty happens again.

      All the coloured people (including Jews) out of White countries!

    14. alex Says:

      more comments from Amrunt thread:

      I turn on the television, and every time I see a black mixing with a blonde, there is only one tribe of people responsible, and I can document this. This has been proven for centuries.

      Nickelodeon was on today. They had a commercial with Britney Spears’ younger sister infatuated with a mexican love interest. Who owns Nickelodeon? The same people who own MTV/Viacom/CBS.

      Sumner Redstone, Les Moonves, on and on and on.

      Have fun having a “white nationalist� “American Rennaisance� comprised only of jews and women too naive not to put two and two together.

      The jewish controlled USA is about to attack Iran, and you are to blame for the coming holocaust of millions of innocent people across the world in this World War Three.

      Do Irish want this? Italians? How about French Americans? Finnish? Dutch?

      How many elderly men have to be jailed for questioning jews? It’s now almost every single white nation to one extent or another. Ernst Zundel and Germar Rudolph were deported under phoney charges. Rudolph by future Secretary of Homeland Security and son of a rabbi and israeli dual citizen Michael Certoff.

      You dare to bash David Duke, and support the hater who called him a “fucking nazi� when the word nazi means nationalist.


      He posted a story today about a courageous man being put in prison now in SPAIN for questioning the un-ignorable influence of jews, proving they have complete control, and WILL put you in prison.

      The socialist President of Spain, Zapatero is jewish. Were the Madrid Bombings “Al Qaeda�?


      THAT is a picture of the true terrorists. The jews and their pupets. You are a puppet.

      I’m a 19 year old kid worried about white people. You have failed me and I get more and more depressed every day. Every race is harmful to whites but jews, huh? Jews are the most harmful. They unleashed the blacks on us, and are now organizing these mestizo invasion protests.

      I heard Mayor Michael Bloomberg on radio. His position is that not only can we NOT secure the border, we must be flooded with “100’s of thousands more� scientists, etc, from asia and pakistan. These people hate me. They want me erased.

      Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Joe Lieberman,

      these people hate whites, want them to be destroyed, and are working every waking hour of their lives to do so.

      Shame on you. Censor me. I wish I was dead. This world is hell.

    15. alex Says:

      If Jews are “welcome and equal� participants, then Jared Taylor will have no problem with an all-Jewish staff for AR, including a Jewish successor editor. Indeed, he will have no problem with an all-Jewish white nationalist movement, in which Jews do all the writing, speaking, lobbying and leading, and those loathesome white gentiles remain where they ought: on the sidelines.

      If he does have a reservation about this arrangment, perhaps he could share with us what percentage should be Jewish, and what percentage should be white gentile. Then maybe he could explain to the excluded white gentiles why Jews must take their places.

      And if any of the above sounds too bitter, then maybe he could give us an example of something Jews were “welcomed� into that they didn’t eventually take over completely?

      Surely the good Mr. Taylor would find the irony exquisite if it were his beloved Jews who managed to wreck his thing.

      Posted by Hugh Lincoln at 12:13 AM on April 15

    16. Arch Says:

      Megasaurus wrote:

      “Can you two get a forum thread or something? Cluttering up the webwaves with applonian baiting and bashin is quite tiresome.”

      This is great, for years we have heard the phrase “get a room” used to point out the public indiscretions of two people who are all hot and bothered over each others physical presence. This then is the new phrase for two people all hot and bothered over each others presence on the web “Hey! Get a forum will ya’

    17. New America Says:

      THIS is “the phrase that pays” from Mr. Taylor; THIS is the phrase that places all of his comments in their proper context.

      From the Postscript of Mr. Taylor’s posting:
      “In March I received a letter from several people associated with American Renaissance, insisting not only on a statement but on changes in editorial policy and in the organization of AR conferences.”

      Okay, Jared, here is the chance to show how much you trust ALL of us.

      POST the letter you received from the Jews, in its entirety.

      Let US see what plans they had – and HAVE – to control AmRen, and HOW they were going to do it.

      I suspect you will soon discover several new changes “recommended” by your new masters; after all, only the Master has the power to “INSIST.”

      One, they will offer to lower the burden of costs by maintaining your subscriber and membership lists – SUCH A DEAL!

      Two, they will offer to supply Internet services – through THEIR ISP – most reasonablly priced, I assure you – making AmRen a hostage to their good will.

      You can hear the conversation now:

      “Listen, Jared, we’ve ben having some sort of technical problem with the server. We are working on it, but the server is physically located in Israel, and they are having some problems under the new ‘hate speech’ laws. Yeah. We’ll do what we can. Oh, by the way. I understand David Duke is on the schedule at the next AmRen conference. I’m sure the person who heard that misheard that. He IS? Still? Damn, Jared, I think some terrorists might have stolen your server – let me check, and get back to you. You still running Duke at the next Conference? No? Okay. Hey, look, Jared. Your site is up and running! Next year in Israel!”

      In short, AmRen just became a perfect source for the Jews to control an outlet for the developing New American nationalism, in general, and White Nationalism, in particular.

      Of course, I could be wrong.

      All Jared has to do is actually POST the letter from the Jews.

      He COULD have Kevin MacDonald analyse that letter, at the NEXT AmRen conference…

      He could even have Alex Linder comment on it.

      Anyone talks to Taylor, just tell him to look at the experience of EVERY remotely American Nationalist group, once the Jews got in, and quickly took control.

      He could start with Oliver’s comments on the John Birch Society.

      He might talk to Stadtmiller at Republic Broadcasting Network.

      FIRST, he has to show us who’s in charge at AmRen, by posting the letter from the Jews.

      Put those cards on the table, Jared, and remember the motto of the Mossad:

      “By way of deception, thou shalt do war.”

      And, Jared?

      If the Jews had pulled that “INSIST” crap on a real man, HE would have told them to go to Hell.

      Why don’t you?

      New America! An Idea Whose Time Is Here!

    18. alex Says:

      As a long-time non-supporter of AmRen I am glad Mr. Taylor has clarified his position for all his WN supporters.

      As should have been obvious from the beginning, Jared Taylor is a racialist of sorts and certainly a conservative, but he is no white nationalist. Nationalism means self-determination. Full stop. There can be no self-determination for whites while Jews control America and other Western governments through their collective chokehold on public discouse of all acceptable shades.

      I have long considered Taylor’s movement one of white supplication rather than white nationalism. That is, they simply recogize Jewish power, deem it immutable, and petition the Jews (through those Jews loosely associated with rightist racialism) to make things a bit easier on white folk.

      Whether the supplicant’s approach will succeed is open to question: the history of Jewish participation in the John Birch Society, the Republican Party and National Review certainly counsels humility. What is clear, however, is that supplication is not nationalism and AmRen’s WN hangers on can now finally stop pretending otherwise.

      Posted by HHH at 8:21 AM on April 15

    19. alex Says:

      While Amren’s “Jewish Question� is a controversial topic, one thing that always pops up during discussions on Jews is their accomplishments in many areas. What is disturbing sometimes is to see the propaganda that some Jews created is indeed successful in many ways. For instance, fasterplease writes that SDI was created by Edward Teller. Teller was a very smart man, but he supported SDI, he didn’t develop it. Along these lines are myths surrounding Einstein, turning him into a God, without mentioning the truly serious questions regarding his failure to cite Paretto, Lorenz, Fitzgerald, Poincare and others. In fact it appears he flat out took some of their work and ideas and credited himself, with Jewish media trumpeting out all criticism. I mention this to point out the power held by Jews. Power that Amren wants to always ignore or deny. We never hear the end of Salk. Great man. But not the only man to create a vaccine. But he was Jewish. This goes on in many areas. Jewish accomplishment gets a lot of press, whether its deserved or not. Jewish accomplishment in many cases is exaggerated as part of an attack on white confidence that is enacted on many fronts. Don’t even try to say Jews do not run the media. They do. And the media is explicitly anti White, pro non-white, and very, very pro-Jewish to the point of worship. White accomplishment might get some press. But it’s generally ignored. We hear about how many Jews win Nobel prizes, but very little is said about the pressure put on the Nobel committee by Jewish groups. This has been mentioned, but it doesn’t get much play. Is the same type of pressure being put on Jared Taylor?

      Yes, we will have the usual suspects claim I am just anoter frustrated white male. Maybe so, but if that’s the case, it’s for good reason. LIke other Amren readers, I am employed in a field that requires some intellectual ablility. I work with a good number of Jews. I will be blunt on this. I have seen a large proportion of these people try to take credit for research and work done by others. Sometimes they’ve succeeded. Complaints are lodged, but pressure comes from somewhere, and the powers that be sweep it under the rug. The worst case I witnessed involved two Jewish doctors stealing another man’s work and discovery regarding the structure of the brain and how it affected or precipitated a certain mental disorder. The press championed these two thieves. It took years just to have the proper man’s work acknowledged. However, it received scant notice anywhere, even in elite journals. The two miscreants still are credited in most books. People know what happened, yet these two thieves still bask in the approbation of their supporters, taking credit for work they did not do, insights they never realized, just because so many Jews are treated as untouchable. Mr. Taylor must know this type of thing goes on throughout the West. These two men in fact seemed to get some honor just for their chutzpah. Mr. Taylor, if you allow Jews to influence your movement, it will be coopted. They have money, and will work together at the same time distracting you and others. If you have a united “board of directors� that adheres to some standards, then maybe you have a chance. Whites need to learn to work as a group, just like Jewish people. Back to my stories, I mention them because the propaganda you see, and history you see regarding Jewish success in some fields may not be what you think it is. Many times a group of them will work together and prop up a front man to take credit, to be the genius. Some of their big names in science have been legitimate, others have been group projects one could say. Laugh if you want, but I have seen it in my field. This has to go on in other areas. Mr. Taylor either needs to be very careful, or he should change his mind. Many of these people are raised to believe they have to be on guard and constantly deceive us. That’s just the way it is.

      Posted by Research at 2:31 PM on April 15

    20. Mz5gallery Says:

      New America is right. Mr. Taylor should post the letter he received. If anyone can get on the site to post this idea, please do so. It seems to be frozen right now. At least the thread on the jews is frozen.

      Maybe this will wake a few more people up. I read the posts at Amren all the time. It was fascinating to see some people who never remark on jews blast away with insightful observations and personal experiences. Lots of this might be due to Amren usually censoring remarks that point out jewish malfeasance.

      There is another good post there by some guy who works in medical research. He pointed out how some of the crapola we here about jews in the sciences being geniuses and all. Good observations and facts. His remarks on how many times he has witnessed jews steal and attempt to steal the work of others and take credit and get press was something I had never thought about before. I have seen the odd news story here and there that mentions things like this, and it usually involves a jew. How many awards and discoveries do these people have that they really shouldn’t receive credit for? How many of these “geniuses” are actually just the front man for a group, a group that did do the work, but has to make it look as if the noble, self effacing jew did it on his own? Fascinating post. Opened my eyes. The same guy also went into the area of dishonesty like some other people and ask Jared if this is what he really wants. The medical researcher came off as someone who hadn’t really considered us really at war until Jared pulled his Pearl Harbor on Good Friday. Is Taylor a crypto-jew? Probably not. But that day was chosen by the chosen no doubt.

      It is interesing that there are the usual intellectual frauds in a couple of Amren threads telling us jews are Ok, they’ve had more trouble with Catholics, that it’s only “chance” that jew Marx came up with Communism, blah blah blah. Incredible ignorance and self denial. Or maybe they’re just jews doing what jews do.

      The newsguy’s post was pretty darn good, especially because it was obvious he wrote it off the cuff, full of emotion (the typos, little words missing here and there). A lot of other posts also appeared to be hastily constructed Molotov cocktails. Good. These people are ripe, they now realize that they can only have a chance with those who name the jewish problem, and seek to topple the jewish regime that it killing the West, destroying whites. Whether it’s through non whites committing crime against us or young white men getting killed while enlarging Israel’s territory in the Middle East, they are killing us. It is war.

      I sure wish Alex would get rid of posts that veer too far off topic or are just crap, like Apollinihole’s.

    21. alex Says:

      I got the impression the letter Taylor received was from WNs rather than kosherites?? I might be wrong, but others can comment. Taylor’s saying if you pressure me, I will come down on the side of the jews every time. Jews are not merely equals at Amrunt, they’re specifically protected against criticism. Amrent is a place where jews are free to smear Kevin MacDonald and David Duke, but your post pointing out the facts about jewish behavior will be censored.

    22. alex Says:

      Here’s Jerry Taylor’s original remarks on jews and CIAmren.

      Jews and American Renaissance

      I started American Renaissance 17 years ago in order to awaken whites to the crisis they face and to encourage them to unite in defending their legitimate interests as a race. To these ends, AR has deliberately avoided taking positions on questions about which racially-conscious whites are likely to disagree. Some of these have been foreign policy, abortion, the role of homosexuals in a white consciousness movement, and whether Christianity helps or hinders our efforts. By taking no position, AR has served readers who may be sharply opposed on these questions but who agree on the central importance of race, and are committed to our survival.

      AR has likewise taken no explicit position on Jewish matters. Readers have always included both Jews and people who believe Jews play no useful role in a movement that promotes white interests. It has been my intent to emphasize questions crucial to our interests and on which we agree.

      To put it more accurately, AR has taken an implicit position on Jews by publishing Jewish authors and inviting Jewish speakers to AR conferences. It should be clear to anyone that Jews have, from the outset, been welcome and equal participants in our efforts. There has always been a minority in the AR constituency that has criticized me and AR for welcoming Jews, and there has been another minority that has criticized me and AR for not denouncing the first minority. These groups have generally treated each other with polite reserve, and expressed their bitterness only among themselves or to me—as was proper.

      There are other divisions within AR. There are Christians and atheists, Democrats and Republicans, evolutionists and creationists, and advocates of different foreign policies. There has been tension within AR on these questions, but always good manners.

      That changed at the most recent American Renaissance conference. At least one participant told a Jewish conferee that Jews were not welcome. One participant well known for strong views rose to denounce Jews as the historic enemy of the European people. Another called him “a f***ing Nazi,� and stormed out of the conference hall.

      There will be no more disgraceful behavior of this kind if people who attend AR conferences bear in mind that Jews have a valuable role in the work of American Renaissance, and are welcome participants and speakers. Anyone who thinks otherwise has the choice of staying home or keeping his views to himself.

      AR does not, on the other hand, have litmus tests for subscribers or conference participants. There will always be disagreement and debate in our ranks on many issues, including the role Jews may or may not have played in creating the crisis we face. Some people in the AR community believe Jewish influence was decisive in destroying the traditional American consensus on race. Others disagree.

      Gentile whites—without help from anyone else—have repeatedly shown themselves capable of egalitarian excess. The French Revolution, the Clapham abolitionists, John Brown and his backers, the miscegenist enthusiasms of the Grimke sisters and other radical integrationists are all products of purely gentile delusion. Even if it were possible to prove that Jewish influence derailed what used to be a healthy American racial consciousness, that is a historical question not directly relevant to what we must accomplish now.

      Today, even groups that openly resist Jewish influence are deeply liberal-egalitarian. In 2005, the Presbyterian Church angered many Jewish groups by voting to divest itself of stock in companies it considered to be supporting injustice against Palestinians. In 2006, the Church of England voted to do the same. These churches are prepared to ignore the wishes of many Jewish organizations, yet their members are as relentlessly suicidal on race as any group in either country. Whatever its origins may have been—and they are hardly exclusively Jewish—white ethnomasochism has a life and momentum of its own.

      The role of Jews in a society, the morality of abortion, the influence of Christianity, the appropriate foreign policy, and the place of homosexuals should all be discussed openly in a free society, all in their appropriate places. AR is not that place. We cannot afford dissension that distracts us from our goal.

      We have vital work to do. Our civilization, our way of life, even our continuity as a distinct people depend on whether we succeed or fail. It is a distraction from our proper work to hunt for culprits, to blame others for our own loss of will.

      We may still be a small minority, but we have history, human nature, and morality on our side. Success for us lies in demonstrating that our views are right, healthy and moral—and that liberal-egalitarianism is wrong and immoral; not in trying to “unmask� it as a Jewish conspiracy.


      In light of the events described above, it was clear to me that a statement of some kind was necessary. Apparently, others thought so, too. In March I received a letter from several people associated with American Renaissance, insisting not only on a statement but on changes in editorial policy and in the organization of AR conferences.

      AR has always welcomed advice, but condescending, shape-up-or-else letters are more likely to have the opposite effect of whatever may have been intended. The tone of the letter was one that would suggest that what appears above was drafted under pressure—so much so that some, in my place, would have written nothing at all.

      One should not, however, let the mistakes of others deflect one from decisions already taken, and I believe AR’s position is now clear.

      (Posted on April 14, 2006)

    23. Mz5Gallery Says:

      BTW, it is interesting that Vdare has let MacDonald blast the jews recently, and then let MacDonald answer his critics! Sure, Brimelow lets jews post their articles on his site, but he is letting MacDonald and others state their case. I think Vdare will probably end up circling the wagons and making a stand against the world’s real haters, the jews. At least I hope that’s what happens. Thanks for posting the researcher’s remarks, btw. It’s funny that I had been mentioning his post while you were putting it up on the site.

      MacDonald always seems to easily counter the jews who attack him. All he has to do is stick to his facts. I honestly fear for his safety sometimes. On the other hand, god’s chosen hypocrites realize that if they do anything to him, it will add fuel to the fire.

    24. alex Says:

      Gentile whites—without help from anyone else—have repeatedly shown themselves capable of egalitarian excess. The French Revolution, the Clapham abolitionists, John Brown and his backers, the miscegenist enthusiasms of the Grimke sisters and other radical integrationists are all products of purely gentile delusion. Even if it were possible to prove that Jewish influence derailed what used to be a healthy American racial consciousness, that is a historical question not directly relevant to what we must accomplish now.

      Don’t blame jews, blame those darned Grimke sisters!

      This is past satire.

    25. alex Says:

      Even if it were possible to prove that Jewish influence derailed what used to be a healthy American racial consciousness, that is a historical question not directly relevant to what we must accomplish now.

      It is if the same types occupy the same positions and spread the same poisons.

    26. alex Says:

      White Nationalism, white self-consciousness, is actively suppressed and undermined by the powers that be in the media/government/education complex. That this establishment is dominated by jews and uses only jew-manufactured memes is beyond debate. Despicable Taylor pretends the suppression mechanism doesn’t exist. he serves the enemy, no matter his real purpose.

    27. alex Says:

      Everything about Taylor’s piece says bad faith. It is intellectually incoherent and dishonest.

    28. New America Says:

      this is from the thread on AmRen:

      “…Another thing: there was a loud and enthusiastic round of applause at the AR conference when Guillaume Faye suggested Israel might shortly
      disappear. One might think that sort of behavior would deserve
      condemnation, but Taylor doesn’t mention it.”

      “White, Jewish, and Proud is lapping this article up. But how proud are
      you if you lick the hand of a man who won’t speak out when your people are insulted? The race realist movement must offer slim pickings indeed if you are willing to put up with this.”

      “What poor fare this statement is in comparison with the robust ridicule
      Nick Griffin dealt out to American anti-Semites last month. (See here:
      http://www.amren.com/mtnews/archives/2006/03/by_their_fruits.php). Even Griffin’s statement wasn’t satisfactory, because he took on a relatively insignificant anti-Semite rather than going after Duke. Still, at least Griffin called a lunatic a lunatic.”

      Ah, yes.

      So much for the BNP.

      Now HERE, Children, is The Phrase That Pays:

      “Also, I was one of the people involved in composing the letter to which
      Taylor alludes in his postscript. It wasn’t really as bad as Taylor lets
      on. We asked him to stop inviting anti-Semites like Joe Sobran and Paul
      Fromm to speak at AR conferences and to issue a statement like this one,
      only stronger—more along the lines of what Griffin wrote. It was a good,
      strong, tough letter, but not unmannerly. As you all will have seen from
      accounts of the conference, people had a perfectly good reason to be angry and to express themselves plainly.”

      That’s why I want Taylor to print the entire letter – so that when a people, pretending hurt innocence and cloaked in the facade of the victim, undertake the traditional Jewish practice of Unlimited Revenge, we can all see how the gelding knife is used.

      Sobran is no stranger to how the Jews skulk in the shadows, waiting for the opportunity to pull you into an alley, and stab you in the back. Fromm, too, sees how merciless the Spirit of Anti-Christ is when it incarnates in that Race.

      Bet they didn’t invite Sobran and Fromm in on the conference call to discuss WHY this was happening…

      And then, just to make his knuckling under a matter of public records, the Jews “asked” Taylor to issue a statement “…more along the lines of what Griffin wrote.”

      “…along the lines of what Griffin wrote.”

      After a quick look at “what Griffin wrote,” ask yourself if the new motto of the BNP might be “Grovel, with Griffin!”

      “I’m amazed by Taylor’s reaction. It seems inordinately to defensive to
      publicly denounce and insult people for expressing discontent when it was
      clearly justified.”

      “Posted by Invictus at 11:32 PM on April 14”

      I, on the other hand, just WISH Taylor would “publicly denounce and insult” the JEWS “for expressing discontent when it was clearly” UNJUSTIFIED.

      Taylor can start by simply posting the letter from “Invictus” and his associates.

      New America! An Idea Whose Time Is Here!

    29. apollonian Says:

      “alex Says:” The 16th of April, 2006 at 1:15 pm

      “Everything about Taylor’s piece says bad faith. It is intellectually incoherent and dishonest. ”

      Well the above may be true, dear Alex, but I’m sure Taylor could always reply based upon ur inspiration of editor’s license to edit and “spin” things the way he wants, no matter how childishly, deceptively, or self-righteously, eh?

    30. alex Says:

      from ‘runt:

      A very prominent Jew gave the Sierra Club a donation of $100 million dollars in the late 1980’s with one condition—the Sierra Club could never advocate limiting immigration. And, according to the environmentalists, humans are the only thing that disrupts the environment.
      So the most effective way to protect the environment, limiting humans, was abandoned by the Sierra Club for thirty pieces of silver.

      What was Jared’s price for abandoning the whole white nation concept?
      Jared had a price and he sold out. There’s no other explanation. And the posters who think this is a glorious idea are not that bright, including Robert Kelly and the whole the puppet crowd.

      Posted by at 1:31 PM on April 16

    31. Unreconstructed Strom Thurmond Says:

      “I got the impression the letter Taylor received was from WNs rather than kosherites??”

      Yes, that was my impression as well.

    32. rdc Says:

      I got the impression the letter Taylor received was from WNs rather than kosherites??

      The letter was from jews. (Auster [jew] has stated that he co-signed the letter.)

    33. Paul87 Says:

      The letter was from a bunch of bullying Jews. Go to: “http://www.amren.com/mtnews/archives/2006/04/jews_and_americ.php#comments” and search for: “Posted by Invictus at 11:32 PM on April 14”

    34. GB Says:

      Never, Never, Never partner or allow the Juis influence in your organization.

      It is possible Amren, from the beginning was a CIA or Juis construction. Whether that is so is now moot. Clearly, Taylor is under their influence.

      Remember the motto of VNN: No Juis, Just Right.

    35. Anglo Saxon Is True Israel Says:

      JEWS are not Whites, they are a mongrel lot. The ones who look white are nothing more than whites who claim to be Jews, that sold their souls to satan, and converted to Judaism.