11 April, 2006

John Broderick Hehman, Aryan Victim of Hush Crime

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hehman.JPG As a regular reader of VNN and former HS classmate of John Broderick Hehman, the NYU student who was chased to his death by niggers and PRs in Harlem, I can assure you he was not Jewish. He was Catholic- half Irish, half German. Here is a national distribution of Hehmans in America in 1920- way before JB’s father made it from Cincinnati to New York. As you can see, Hehman is NOT a New York (ie Jewish) name.


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  7. 32 Responses to “John Broderick Hehman, Aryan Victim of Hush Crime”

    1. rdc Says:

      Hehman may have been an Aryan, but he suuuuure looks part-Jewish. He’s got that swarthy, greasy look combined with Semitically-woolish hair and squinty eyes.

    2. GasEmAll Says:

      Are there any jews named John?

    3. jimbo Says:

      maybe it’s just a bad ‘photo…..anyway….i don’t think nigs’d stop to question the ethnicity…….they’d just assume he was white unless he had all the Jew York ‘bells & whistles’ (side-locks, funny hat, long black coat &c)

    4. Flugabwehr-Kanone Says:

      White nutsionalist [bowel] movement logic: when in doubt, always assume itz a Jew.

    5. Flugabwehr-Kanone Says:

      “OMG. Look at his glasses. He must be a heeb”

    6. rdc Says:

      Would-be citizens must pass a DNA test after our day of victory. Crypto-mischlings we can ship to Brazil.


      A higher incidence of myopia is found among jews than Euros. I dejew/re-Aryanize your sentence thusly:

      “OMG. Look at his glasses. He is more likely to be a

      Likewise, swarthiness, greasiness, squinty eyes, curly hair are traits more commonly found in heebs than Western Europeans.

    7. Carpenter Says:

      We have a regular reader writing in saying Hehman is White. I wonder if he would have bothered otherwise. As for the photograph it is just from one moment in time, and therefore doesn’t say much.

      Hehman’s death is another sad reminder of the situation we are in. And then you have a troll dirtying a thread dedicated to the crime. Also a sign of the times.

    8. Withhold Judgment Says:

      If he’s white, why is the ACLU pushing to have this classified as a hate crime?

      I went to HS with a kid who told me that he was German – Russian. His dad was a semi-celeb here in town in the health food biz. When his dad passed away, it turned out he was a jew, then it was revealed Ma was a jew, and there wasn’t a hint of German – the Grandparents on dad’s side were jews from Russia who had taken on a German name when they came to the US, and Ma’s people were “Hungarian jews”.

      Jury is out on Hehman. I worked with someone named Steinberg who was not a jew – a full on German who sick of people asking if he were a jew. The jews have ruined a lot of good names.

    9. Arch Says:

      The Janus Jew

      Jewishness is more then a religion or a way of life, jewishness is a state of mind. Those with the jewish state of mind exhibit love and a high degree of tolerance for their fellow man, this love is especially directed towards those of other races. The jew has a willingness to help out, a strong desire to participate in community affairs so he might contribute and “make a difference”. Within the jew there is an ever-present need to champion the rights of others, especially other oppressed races, in an effort to make the world a better and more just place. This is the jewish way and this is the jewish way the way the ignorant and stupid bovina embrace. What the dumb bovina never seem to comprehend is the other, hidden, side of jewishness; the unseen side exclusively reserved for jews.

      This other side of jewishness is the essence of true jew; it is one of undying greed, avarice, contempt and hatred – especially for those who are not jews. The jew typically maintains an inward, condescending, antipathy for all outside races and a raging hatred for certain races perceived as a threat or former oppressor. The jew has a two-faced, corrupt, conniving, internal nature that enables him to lie with a straight face and a chilling ability to inflict horrendous pain and suffering while demonstrating a complete and total lack of even the slightest shred of empathy for those who suffer. The jew’s desire to help is only exhibited when it presents an opportunity for the jew to garner an unusual amount of profit or gain for himself. This then is the true jew, the shallow, vengeful, hateful jew who is willing to throw gasoline on a burning gentile and then gloat over the results.

      The first set of jewish traits are the ones Mr. Hehman exhibited. The reason for his demise is that he embraced those shallow traits outwardly exhibited by jews to fool the goyim. It is completely believable that Mr. Hehman was not a jew for the simple fact that while the overwhelming majority jews normally do not allow their shallow, publicly exhibited jewish traits to endanger themselves, many stupid and unwitting bovina do. Many good white people have been self-sacrificed on the jews alter of phony Tikkun Olam as they embraced the jewish shibboleths of “love and tolerance”. Many have died for their adopted jewish traits, never realizing that the jew was lying through his teeth all the while.

      The typical Aryan white has always been far more willing to help out others at his own expense than any jew spouting phony platitudes. White people have no problem helping others in need, but only a stupid and thoroughly judaized, fool would be so foolish to pull out money and contribute to the predatory street Negro. The only time jews contribute to the Negro cause is when they can define a very real return on their contributions. Hence while the jew will never stop to give to a begging Negro a coin, they will contribute great sums of money to their primary Negro golem, the NAACP. The jew sees no profit or gain in helping the truly needy, only in helping those “needy” people that will present a concrete benefit and profitable return on their contribution.

      This is the very reason America has so many needy and poor citizens, even as Americans contribute vast sums of their money to the “needy” in foreign countries like Africa. The money given to foreign causes presents a profitable, future return for the jew, while money given to needy American citizens at best simply helps out those in need with no direct benefit to the contributor. The jew takes America’s money and gives it out to these foreign needy to benefit their agenda of a global government under their control. Mr. Hehman died exhibiting the jew’s phony public face of love and goodwill for his fellow man, a love and goodwill that in truth has never existed. Mr. Hehman may not have been a jew, but he died because he thought like one.

    10. Flugabwehr-Kanone Says:

      “OMG. Look at his glasses. He is more likely to be a

      Yes, around .1% more likely to be a heeb. Profound, itz.

      Myopes have been shown by Arthur Jensen to have an IQ of around 7 or 8 points higher than norm, thereby making myopes the natural masters of the cur-like brownshirted crowd. That’s almost as much as the gulf between whites and blacks.

      ‘WN’ = white nigger

    11. WelshWarrior Says:

      Yes, I am a WN (and not white nigger either) but my last name happens to end in “ner”. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I am deffinitly NOT jewish nor do I want to be. I am of Anglo-Celtic stock and proud of it.
      There was a thread in the Forum a while back about an English jew who was head of some jewish organization and he happened to have the same first and last name as I did. I disivow any relationship too him or his ilk.

    12. Jensen Arthur Says:

      I know plenty of whites who look like this guy and aren’t jewish.

      As to remarks by F-K; Actually, the correlation between myopia and higher intelligence is 3 (meaning we have a fair number of average and stupid myopes lumbering about), and a difference of 7 points is less than half of the actual difference between whites and blacks (102 vs 85). Read Jensen’s material more carefully. Hell, while we’re on IQ, it should be noted that the jew’s claim of an asskenazi IQ average of 117 is bunk as shown by Richard Lynn and others. The actual average is 107.8, with an extreme imbalance between verbal and visuospatial reasoning. Jews work together and make sure their children begin working their brains early on – this while making sure other groups, especially whites, do not have their children work their brains, and have to endure horrible public school conditions and/or dumbed down curricula. Science has shown that the brain will develop throughout life depending on the ‘problem solving’ stimulus it receives. Of course, each person has their limits. For blacks it seems to end with when to try and steal the ball or which victim to select for robbery, rape, murder. For jews, well, they concentrate on academics along with other areas; when you are raised to always work your mind to deceive, you will sharpen those pathways. BTW – look at jewish claims of their ‘average IQ’. Years ago they claimed 107, then it went to 108, then 110, then 113, then 115, now it’s 117. No doubt it will keep going up, and in the next breath, they’ll tell us congoids are just as smart as whites. Our enemies work together, tirelessly. They don’t need conspiracies as much as dedicated individuals driven by inborn hate. Hate they deny, yet a hate they prove by their every action.

      If this Mr. Hehman is white, as I believe he is, then he’s another sad story and statistic directly attributable to jewish machinations the last 80 years. If he turns out to be jewish, then he’s just another arrogant zhid who felt he could stroll anywhere because his people feel they rule the roost. No middle ground, and fuck any disingenuous zhidster who says otherwise.

    13. Igor Alexander Says:

      “Are there any jews named John?”

      John Sack.


    14. Mark C Says:

      Arch I could sum up your well thought out commentary in one line.
      The Jews are the consumate slave owners.

    15. apollonian Says:

      Essence Of Judaism: Subjectivism And Hubris
      (Apollonian 12 Apr 06)

      I’d rather say Jews are ultimate subjectivists, to make use of one word and defining concept, against a determinist-objectivistic (Western) reality, and their religion perfectly reflects this subjectivity as Mike A Hoffman II (“Judaism’s Strange Gods”) well documents. Jews believe God worships them, and hence anything they do is justified, God willing it, even demanding it. Racial characteristics will then reflect the culture-mentality.

      As supreme collectivists these Jews are able to make their frauds, their warfare against gentiles, work so brilliantly–as long as conditions are ripe, the hubris of a gentile population sated fm fairly long-standing prosperity, fruits of white ancestors’ conquests and successes.

      Thus Jews genuinely perform a biologic-evolutionary function: removal-extermination of excess gentiles, especially the ones who insist upon the neo-Pelagian moralism of such as Immanuel Kant and German Transcendental Idealism and the English Utilitarians.

      And indeed one can well and easily trace historically the rise of Western neo-Pelagian heresy and moralism fm such as Rousseau and Kant with the definitive rise of Jew banking and the Rothschilds as prime examples.

      CONCLUSION: Naturally Pelagianism is founded upon subjectivism like Kant’s insistence it’s good to believe good is possible, the ultimate for self-fulfilling prophesy which then results only in self-destruction, the consequence of altruism, denial of reality. (See more Apollonian expo at NewNation.org under “commentary.”) Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    16. Olde Dutch Says:

      Ever notice how some White men have a “blue spot” in the middle of their lower back? That’s a common genetic marker for those who have Mongolian in their woodpile…don’t forget the Mongols rape & pillage across Europe every six or seven hundred years…plus you have probably heard about the most confusing day of the year in Harlem: Father’s Day!

    17. Orion Says:

      OD, why would you be looking at the middle of a grown man’s lower back?!

    18. Carl Loerbs Says:

      Appreciate you clarifying this issue, Alex. We’re too often tempted to yell “JOOOOO!” when we see someone who looks a bit Semitic or has the “-man” suffix in his name.

      The fact is that the “-man” suffix is rarely Jewish. It is the “-mann” suffix that oftentimes indicates Jewish ancestry.

    19. alex Says:

      Few things are as irritating in WN as those who think they can recognize jews by visual cues. That’s just dumb. Same goes with -berg or -man, they are in no way necessary indicators.

    20. Tim Johnson Says:

      I attended university in Manhattan and lived there a number of years. My jewdar says he’s at least half-jewish. I can’t prove it objectively, but don’t rule out my perception as arbitrary, either. It is also very suspicious the ACLU is pushing to classify this as “hate crime” – would they do this if he were Ayran?

    21. Olde Dutch Says:

      Hey, O. If you have a “blue tail” as they are sometime called, it just means some Mongolian Ho Fung Dung raped one of your ancestors. Actually, “blue tails” have even been found in fairly remote parts of Switzerland demonstarting the Mongolian penetration of Europe. There have been serious scientific studies of this genetic phenomenon.

    22. Tim Says:

      The comments on this post are telling. This nice looking kid lost his life to a coon pack and people are speculating if he was a jew, half-jew, quarter-jew or whatever. UFB.

      Another comment was: “Would-be citizens must pass a DNA test after our day of victory. Crypto-mischlings we can ship to Brazil.�

      Where is the appeal in this kind of thinking?

    23. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Studying what a jew looks like takes a lot of practice, an every day effort. It is a science not an art. Over the centuries the jews have successfully mated with the Euros and have taken the European’s last names, particularly German last names to blend in so as not to be obvious. Why is that? The answer is to confuse and fool others so they can easily blend into society and take over nations.

      The nose on this guy is Celtic looking. The tip goes straight out not in. In a Semetic individual, the nose looks similar to a camel’s nose. In addition, the eyes are far apart, making him appear less predatory. Jews’ eyes are beady and/or close together – a predatory look. However, there are some like Goldie Hawn who look fair and Nordic, but if you look closely does she look like a normal Nordic/European individual? No she does not. There are specific features that can be taken into account. It takes a training eye to be able to tell the difference. It may take months or years for some to be able to become efficient enough before being able to separate the Whites from the jews. Looking into an individual’s background can give one a benchmark for comparison – comparing looks and/or mannerisms.

      As far as ACLU helping this guy out, they may think he is a jew because of the one letter “n” that is very popular with jews. The poster who posted about the double “n” ‘s being more of a jew name. That’s incorrect. The double “n” ‘s is very, very German. My belief on why many jews have the one “n” is so that they will be able to distinguish themselves from the rest and that other jews will be able to recognize them. A form of a code among the jews.

    24. Olde Dutch Says:

      The German double -n is a fairly recent spelling convention in Platt Deutsche or low German. The double -n convention has never been fully accepted in Alte Duetsche or high German.

      Platt Deutsche refers to the flat land of northern Germany. Alte Deutsche refers to the highlands of southern Germany and Switzerland.

      You find almost no German names in the US spelled with a double -n before 1800…the above is the why?

    25. A Scotsman Says:

      This guy is a jew! Period! NNN also made a big to-do about a female spic (as if she were white) killed by a nig in NYC. R.F and E.C. have,for years,been trying to inform WN/NS on how to spot the jew. Go to FAEM.com and read EVERTNING! I’ve been reading VNN since day one, and I feel uncomfortable about some things: the lack of pro White material, historical, inspirational, etc., consolodation of White interests; rallies, movements, gatherings, meetings. Alex has also failed to follow up on promised essays, and reports of events (N.J. for one). I’m getting the feeling VNN has become a variant of the ‘Stockholm Syndrome.’ Most of the articles are by jews about jews! How long before most of us become jews? If VNN is pro-White, then we must see White essays, articles, links. Screw the the rest. Who cares? If you care, you’re dead! And again, I can’t say it enough, read FAEM.com. And where is E.T.? He should be posted at least once a week. And also McQuire. If there is somthing we should know, Alex, please let us know.

    26. Tim Johnson Says:

      I still say he’s at least a half-jew. The eyes are not wide apart – the angle of the camera makes it seem that way. If you look close, the *pupils* are near each other. I concede his nose is white (though merely funny-looking).

      Why is it important? It’s important because there is nothing else to be had out of this story. We already know how the hood be – already have lamented over the TNB in the situation. Now we want to know: why the disparate treatment of the victim? Why is ACLU making noise about backing a “hate crime” prosecution, when they would NEVER do this for an Aryan? Hm? Probably because he was jew. On this, there is circumstantial evidence was jew. Then somebody commented on whether we can tell from his looks in a photo. Short answer: not objectively. But we can discuss our jewdar. That’s about all that’s left to say about this case. Really, what other comments could be made? “OMG – negroes assaulted someone! Tsk, tsk, what a shame. I can’t believe it!! etc.” TNB is just that: Typical. More interesting is the anthropological speculation.

    27. Tim Johnson Says:

      The wide mouth and big jaw are probably the most obvious indicators, for me. He’s got that “Julia Roberts smile,” doesn’t he?

    28. Jack Burns Says:

      Matthew ‘Broderick’… Hummm?

    29. the anarchist Says:

      Jew or not, I bet he’s better looking those most guys who post here.

    30. whiteskelet Says:

      Yeah, in his last moments, this boy certainly was on the White side. Jews are different from Whites, but not by such a long shot as between Jews and Blacks or Whites and Blacks.

      I don’t know whether he was Jewish or White, but he must have felt like a real human at the mercy of beasts.

    31. mysterE Says:

      we went to summit scool in queens. it is a jew special ed institution

    32. Lavek Says:

      I can’t believe my friend’s good image is being slandered in this way. All you hateful people are the complete antithesis to what JB was. First off, for the record, he was catholic not that that should make any difference.

      I can’t believe you people would sit here and throw slanderous insulting words like heeb and kike around following the death of my friend. JB stood for tolerance, equal rights, and racial cooperation. He was anti-hate.

      In case you’ve forgotten, one of the precepts of christianity, which you seem to have so easily overlooked is LOVE and FRIENDSHIP with your fellow man. Jesus never limited that love and friendship to WHITE PEOPLE. You people make me sick.

      JB is probably spinning in his grave over half the garbage spewed here. And alex? I don’t know which of JB’s former classmates you are, but you don’t sound like anyone I went to HS with. The fact that you post here also sickens me.