7 April, 2006

Just As We Speculated in Goyfire #30…

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[The truth about the alleged ‘victim’ of the alleged ‘gang rape’ at Duke begins to come out, no thanks to the jews at ESPN who need no Chapstick because their lips never dry out, what with all the nigger come on them. Fact the first is the coon cunt’s a car thief. Fact the second, the coon cunt is an attempted murderer. It is now reasonable to speculate that this entire thing was a setup.]

Stripper previously involved in car theft and attempted manslaughter

New information about the victim has been divulged, concerning charges arising from an incident that occurred several years ago. According to a 2002 police report, the woman, currently a 27-year-old student at North Carolina Central University, gave a taxi driver a lap dance at a Durham strip club. Subsequently, according to the report, she stole the man’s car and led deputies on a high-speed chase that ended in Wake County.

Apparently, the deputy thought the chase was over when the woman turned down a dead-end road near Brier Creek, but instead she tried to run over him, according to the police report.


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  7. 10 Responses to “Just As We Speculated in Goyfire #30…”

    1. Glen Says:


      Mike Pressler Resigns as Duke Men’s Lacrosse Coach

      Release: 04/07/2006

      Duke Director of Athletics Joe Alleva announced Wednesday that Mike Pressler has resigned as men’s lacrosse coach, effective immediately.

      “Coach Pressler offered me his resignation earlier this afternoon, and I accepted it,� said Alleva. “I fully support President Brodhead’s decision to cancel the remainder of the season as well as his outrage at the latest developments involving the men’s lacrosse program. I believe this is in the best interests of the program, the department of athletics and the university.�

      Pressler spent 16 seasons at Duke, compiling a 153-82 record with three ACC championships, 10 NCAA Tournament berths and an appearance in the 2005 national championship game. A three-time ACC Coach of the Year and the 2005 USILA National Coach of the Year, Pressler’s overall head coaching ledger stands at 229-102


      UPDATED: Statement on Release of Sealed Warrant and Cancellation of Men’s Lacrosse Season from President Brodhead

      Wednesday, April 5, 2006

      Durham, N.C. — The court released today a previously sealed warrant, whose contents are sickening and repulsive.

      I have canceled the men’s lacrosse season and all associated activities, effective immediately. Lacrosse Coach Mike Pressler has submitted his resignation to Athletics Director Joe Alleva, effective immediately.

      Typically, we are prohibited under federal privacy regulations from releasing information regarding individual student disciplinary matters. In this case, the student named in the warrant has signed a release and given us permission to say that he has received an interim suspension. As a result of the interim suspension, the student is no longer on campus.

      I once again urge anyone with information pertinent to the events of March 13 to cooperate with the authorities.

    2. Glen Says:

      Somewhere on the Duke site it says the boys paid the nigress $800 for a ten minute dance. The nigress passed out and this kid, McFadyen, got really pissed off. I believe that the email message referenced here was sent after the “show.�


      Documents released today also show the Durham Police Department as of March 27 had added conspiracy to commit murder to the list of possible crimes it was investigating in the lacrosse case.

      In more chilling vile detail, the email read, more specifically and complete with grammatical errors unbecoming of a Duke student:

      “To whom it may concern

      “tommrow night, after tonights show, ive decided to have some strippers over to edens 2c. all are welcome.. however there will be no nudity. I plan on killing the bitches as soon as the walk in and proceding to cut their skin off…”

      The e-mail was signed “41,” which is McFadyen’s jersey number.
      he e-mail was allegedly sent at 1:58 a.m. on March 14 from the e-mail address [email protected]. The alleged rape victim first contacted police at 1:22 a.m.

      Asked for comment Wednesday, defense lawyer Bill Thomas — who represents one of the lacrosse players, but not McFayden — told the Herald Sun that “this is a first-degree rape investigation. It is not about e-mails sent between college students that are in poor taste. This one e-mail, while it is certainly disturbing, is not a reflection that a crime occurred. It is clearly aimed at enflaming the community and has no relevance to the real issues.”

      Thomas said other e-mails among lacrosse players indicated a rape did not occur, but those communications were not included in police documents.

    3. Glen Says:

      Correction: The specifics regarding the $800 paid by the boys to the stripper was NOT on the Duke site. I picked it up at the San Jose Mercury News, here:


      Lawyers for other lacrosse team members called the e-mail’s language vile and inappropriate, but said the message reinforces the players’ assertion that no sexual assault took place that evening.

      Charlotte lawyer Pete Anderson, who’s representing another of the team members, said he thinks it’s unlikely a player would have sent such an e-mail if a sexual assault had occurred.

      “If the allegations were true, what you would see is a fear of detection, not a cavalier and tasteless e-mail,” he said.

      He said the players were angry that they had paid $800 for dancers who performed less than 10 minutes.

      “What motivated the comments is players not getting what they thought they were paying for,” Anderson said.

      McFadyen switched lawyers Wednesday afternoon, according to his new attorney, Glen Bachman, who said the university placed the sophomore from Mendham, N.J., on an “interim suspension.” President Richard Brodhead didn’t confirm the suspension, but in his statement he indicated the university could take such action.

      Durham police haven’t charged anyone with a crime.

      The warrant adds conspiracy to commit murder as one of the charges police are considering, according to the Associated Press.


      Two weeks and no DNA match. The nigress dancer has a criminal record. You can almost bet that there’s a problem in the investigation.

      A plausible scenario: The boys were angry that the nigress took $800 for a ten minute dance before absconding to her next “date.” They probably called her a “nigger,” “whore” – whatever – and this pissed her off. After leaving the party she banged her driver or turned a trick with a paying customer. With her anus and vagina filled with semen, the nigress reported the boys for rape.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      And so it goes.

      Why do elite White people grovel before the bizarre antics of the monkeys who get their hands caught in the monkey-jar?

      Give them some cotton sacks and put these elites to work in the cotton fields!

      Those White boys, too, for hiring a BLACK stripper!

      They will know reality when it manifests itself as shirt-drenching sweat and dog-tired bones at the end of the day.

    5. Antagonistes Says:

      Insightful analysis, by the way.

      You, Alex, like me, have doubtless spent time among the Negro.

    6. Agis Says:

      Only in white societies can you generally assume, and generally be correct, that someone making a claim (drawing attention to themselves and causing a ruckus) has a justified reason for doing so.

      With non-whites, however, the opposite is true. When a non-white makes a claim (especially against fellow whites) it should be assumed firstly that they are lying as this is probable and secondly that — if there is a lick of truth to their fabrications — that they are greatly exaggerating and or distorting the facts for their own benefit.

      “For the race everything, outside the race nothing” — applies to truth and justice too. This is simply the way the world works, i.e. for 97% of the population that is neither white nor christian nor dupe.

    7. ZykonB+jews=partytime Says:

      Well, like the Olympics and the World Cup, these things only come along every four years or so. And the jews, unlike in the Olympics, give it their best to make the White man (or men in this case) look like evil blue-eyed criminal thugs so the darkies can get righteously restless.

      Guess we’ll have to wait another four years or so before we’ll find another White man fucked up enough to rape a niggerette. Or, as the case may be, a niggerette with gumption enough to make false accusations of this nature.

      Then the jews can return to the competition: finding White on black crimes worthy of global attention.

    8. WhiteFight Says:

      I’ll just say that I’m glad they hired a black girl instead of a white girl to strip. We need to get our women out of the depravity of stripping and screwing for cash (and even posing half-naked for advertising in my opinion).

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    10. Robert Says:

      Well, I cant agree more.