24 April, 2006


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[Why focus on Minnesota? Why not? Through the microcosm of one of the northernmost non-coastal states we see America disintegrating into nigger criminals, mexcremental diseased aliens, and mountebank jews “isn’t it great?”-ing us to death with their jeering asininities. And cool, gullible Lutheran Swedes letting it all happen with the impassive countenance of dairy ruminants.]

Crime in Minneapolis is so bad that founder of the Guardian Aliens Curt Sliwa is showing up. That our crime problem is a race problem is not something you’ll hear from Curt’s mouth. When you have niggers, you have crime. Be the whether cold or hot, be the continent North America or South, Afreaka proper or Europe, nigger is bad news.

The alien invasion is complex. It involves employers working with criminals to import two-footed turds to serve you soup. If you eat at non-White ethnic restaurants, you’re supporting a criminal network.

Shan Wei Yu, a 51-year-old Chinese-American, was sentenced in December to nine years in federal prison on charges involving the transportation of 40 of those migrants. Investigations involving the others continue.

Rick Hilzendager, special agent for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Grand Forks, N.D., said Yu connected 6,000 migrants from Latin America with jobs in Chinese restaurants in Illinois, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Based in Yu’s home in McKinney, Texas, the Great Texas Employment Agency placed ads in Chinese-language newspapers in the Chicago area offering cheap labor from Latin America, investigators said.

Yu sent a recruiter with Spanish interpreters to find migrants in Dallas willing to be fry cooks and dishwashers, Hilzendager said. A team made up mostly of illegal Chinese immigrants rented cars and drove them up.

Yu allegedly charged a $150 finder’s fee for each migrant, while the drivers earned $300 per worker. Restaurant owners deducted the $450 from workers’ first-month paychecks of $1,000.

“It was just so easy,” Hilzendager said.

A point Eric Thomson makes is that if they break federal laws to get into our country, why the hell would they bother obeying any other laws once they’re here?

You’re being played for a fool, White man. You pick up the tab for the third world and it will breaks your back.

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  7. 9 Responses to “Minnsanity”

    1. Harry Tuttle Says:

      The white man in Amerikwa must be a closet qweer, because they seem to enjoy taking it up the ass. It must be PVC in drinking water. The pale male of the 21st is a metrosexual fruit who couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag.

      I cannot find solidarity with humans so obviously making a clear break with my gene pool. They’re no kin to me.

      Their nation is falling apart around their ears, their women dragged off and gang raped … they want to break into a song like Barbara Streisand about the joys of multicult. Something ain’t righty about the modern whitey.

    2. Carpenter Says:

      As in Minnesota, so it is everywhere. Reading stories like this I am inclined to agree with Harry Tuttle, that the blind, selfish cowards who make up the large masses of Whites cannot be considered our kin. Rather, they are the unfortunately necessary tool with which society is kept going, so that the small percentage of truly worthy, intelligent Whites can live on. It is for these we fight, the true elite of Whites, perhaps in the hope that some day in the future this elite can be turned into the majority.

    3. Give a Wigger a break ... Says:

      True enough, the Aryan remnant is in tatters.

      But G-wd, from cradle-to-grave they swim in Talmudiprop.

      From one side, we’ve simply got to keep throwing & throwing lifelines out to those we think we can reach, understanding that these Judaized Aryans’ typical first reactions will be strongly negative, as with any brainwashing victim — throw out the lifelines until we get US a little Tsumani of Tstick-to-it-ivist Tschutzstaffel put together — picking up where Patton left off — and can then take back the mass of the remnant.

      Can’t see that our overlords will let US have the Internet much longer, so … Mach schnell, Mein Freunds!

    4. whiteskelet Says:

      1. You may have a point about drinking water:

      In the USA, you have fluorine in your tap water and, sadly, most other drinks (bottled water, Coke…).
      This chemical was used (in higher doses maybe) by both Nazis and Communists to calm down prisoners. It worked!
      Almost all Americans today are being poisoned to an unknown extent. And perhaps it isn’t a “conspiracy”, it could be just madness, for all we know.
      Whites (less sophisticated beings maintain their assertiveness ) are most sensitive to fluorine and chlorine – active part of PVC. Chlorine is added to water as a disinfectant. It gets in your body when you drink tap water, you bath or, especially, when you take a hot shower.
      Those chemicals (and others too) tend to harm your manhood and your mind. Among others, they attack your thyroid gland, displacing iodine!
      You can filter out chlorine but not fluorine!
      I begin to wonder if the fact that Whites let themselves handle like this isn’t due to environmental issues (caused by themselves).
      Our ancestors, who wouldn’t have anything of what we witness (and who started it all…), used to live in a saner world.
      Everything has a price, industrialisation and mass feeding too. Chemical pollution, biological pollution… we live in the times of pollution.

      2. I agree that few Whites really are worth the trouble.

      PS: To be fair, I did the research after a Jew at AmRen mentioned , just like you, that there may be some PVC-like chemicals in our water, which would explain our stupidity/passivity. He was making the parallel with lead in Rome. I thought, perhaps he was trying to find excuses, but at least, that all makes sense.

    5. whiteskelet Says:

      PPS: about the PS: it doesn’t mean that Jews belong in the USA or other White Countries! It’s just to be fair about facts.

    6. Grog007 Says:

      Itz some thing in the water all right making pussies out of the “(Scare quote) Men around he in Maxi socialist (if the Scads swedes, and northies — few Finns) get any more socialist they’ll be Catonic, but that’s in the air itz called Key Rice Tanny what is in the water IS FEMALE HORMONES itz making the male fish bisexual in the lakes and rivers from both disposed female birth control and females pissing it. Soon, very soon I fear we will be like the fish, physically bisexual, squirting sperm up our own asses, and pushing babies out between our legs. Terrible itz, because I was born and raised here and like all smart kids left after high school, with the draft in hot pursuit, and didn’t return until fifty to retire in place. Remember the fish and know it is your future, woo boyz.

    7. Clifton Mitchell Says:

      “Dairy ruminants” is an appropriate description. I remember reading an essay back in the early 80″s wherein the author described white americans as “lethargic herdgrazers”. Particularly applies to 21st Century americans. Have you read DEFENSIVE RACISM by Edgar Steele? You should if your are White. Go to http://www.ConspiracyPenPal.com. Steele is most preceptive.

    8. van helsing Says:

      It is hard to not ingest some poision/public water these days. We try to filter our water, and think that will only increase. I do try to use natural toothpaste, however. Of course from the condition of my choppers, I will soon be using denture cleaners.


      I think it is useful however to take the attitude, at work and elsewhere, that it is okay to question all assumptions. Some folks sure dont like hearing that.

    9. Stronza Says:

      I think that the poison-in-everything angle is worth a look. That, or white people are inherently stupid.