4 April, 2006

More TAA Fan Mail…

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Good Afternoon, Mr. Linder

I don’t know who tossed a copy of “Aryan Alternative” on my from lawn this morning. At first glance, I was horrified -shocked. But after a few minutes of close reading, I finally understood and so agree with your “message.” Thank you for waking me up!

Your prose style, illustrations, photography, layout, and overall concept are worthy of high praise. Never have read such well-wrought biting, incisive, and scathing satire…you recall the irony of Swift, the vulgarity of National Lampoon, the childish worldview of Mad. Brilliant! You have truly created something special. I will keep this issue forever!

I now see bigots and other such deluded morons in a new light. While I once thought they were dangerous, you have a rtfully shown beyond a doubt that the “White Power” (or whatever ridiculous name they choose to call it) movement is populated by a enclave of brain-dead zealots no more concerned with the truth than they are of their own image. Such groups can pose no more threat to America than the inmates of an insane asylum. I plan to double my support of the ADL and ACLU to further your cause of exposing these idiots for what they really are.

Bravo! You have performed a great service to America.


The Good Ol’ USA

[email protected]

[Your effort belies your point, slick!]

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  3. 16 Responses to “More TAA Fan Mail…”

    1. Carpenter Says:

      Seriously, don’t any of these people know how to spell? I suppose the general breakdown in the effort to improve shows itself in many ways, from failure in thought to failure in writ. I mean, all of us can make the occasional mistake, but when you write to someone the first time instead of just writing one letter in a long series, you tend to pay attention to your own work.

      Yeah, this guy donates to the ADL and ACLU. He should have thrown in the NAACP and AIPAC for good measure.

    2. yea Says:

      The guy has a point. Your paper, thrown on the lawns of lemmings, is written in our language, not theirs. It made no fucking sense to me months go and still today I struggle with the references.

      Wonder why white nationalism is a joke? At the very least, you need an editor, and you need to simplify your long, drawn out articles about niggers and just show charts and shit for dumb fuck amerikwans.

      Charts, videos, and pictures.

    3. Carpenter Says:

      How I love the ones who’ll “tell you how it’s done,” all the while doing nothing because dirty nationalists are not deserving of their physical presence. But they sure can bitch on internet forums.

      Part of the middle-class mentality, I suppose: when you feel you have Incorrect opinions, you quickly find someone more radical to kick at, so that you’ll be on the approved side again.

      The racist middle classer reserves most of his hatred for open nationalists, not for the anti-White establishment. They seem to care little about that they don’t do shit for their race that way.

      yea, you have as much free time and as much money as any of us. If you think better material should be distributed, you have no excuse for not doing it yourself. You have the same capacity for that as Alex Linder. And if you want allies in that task, there are several groups to join. If you think they are flawed, you can change them, when you have earned some respect through your work and sacrifices, just like everybody else. WN organizations are small, and one man can influence them according to his own ideas, when he has earned some trust and respect.

      So instead of just complaining, go ahead. You say the TAA “made no fucking sense” to you months ago. So you have already wasted several months, when you had ideas for improvement. Unimpressive. Let’s see what you will do with the rest of the year.

    4. tim johnson Says:

      Keep TAA the way it is.

      It is brilliant. It is wickedly exciting. It is aimed at the lowest part of the funny bone and at the highest part of the intellect *simultaneously* (as well as appealing simultaneously to the rawest hatred and the noblest idealism).

      Well, the layout could be neater. Page 2 of TAA 3 was a tad “crammy,” wasn’t it? Growing pains!

      Give ’em hell! Where’s # 4?

    5. yea Says:

      Carpenter. it’s always the same old shit with people like you.

      People like me offer suggestions on how things can change in white nationalism, be more accessible, then you attack me, and ask me what the hell I have been doing that’s so great.

      I’m doing things, I don’t need to point them out, the movement isn’t about me or my ego.

      Hal Turner, the NSM, and finally it seems VNN just will not take any input from anybody. Ever. We are lowly do-nothing keyboard commandos.

      Carpenter, I did offer suggestions, and pointed out the obtuse nature of the writing in TAA months ago. I will now give up.

      “yea, you have as much free time and as much money as any of us. If you think better material should be distributed, you have no excuse for not doing it yourself.”

      That’s exactly what I’ve done, and about to do in a big way. You are right, I do have no excuse, and I’m working on which will be released within days.

      It seems that anyone who sees an opportunity for change within a white nationalist organization needs to preface their opinions with everything they have ever done for white nationalism.

      I will not. The fact that I’m here means that I’m looking to help the movement out. Stop shutting us down when the movement is not gaining as much ground as it should be. Clearly there’s a problem somewhere.

      One of the obvious problems is that the Aryan Alternative would most likely turn people who could be sympathetic to our cause, off, due to the bizarre Linder-speak of the paper, which most of us are still trying to figure out.

      The guy makes up words like “loxism.” It’s a made up word. If people reading the paper looked this word up, they would not find it in a dictionary, or figure out what the hell it means. And you say my opinions of are no worth? What the hell is a comments section for anyway?

      White people are confused enough as it is. The aryan alternative DOES seem as if it is written by Ted Kaczynski. It’s written by pissed off geniuses who hate the government.

      I think the Aryan Alternative should become more like a “USA Today” than the Harvard Israeli report.

      That paper’s easy to read, has graphs n’ shit. The message TAA is trying to get out should be easy to get out. Here’s the black crime figures. Here’s what needs to be done. Here’s what the jews have done in the past, here’s what they’re doing now, here’s what’s they’re planning. It’s not getting out. It’s a frustrating paper to read, I haven’t even bothered reading the entire thing. First of all, it isn’t formatted like a proper newspaper. I learned this back in my days in high school paper. Chain’s articles, etc, as I remember them, fill up entire pages with words. You think Amerikwa’s attention spans are gonna chuck that in the trash?

      Or would they read it if they had better formatting, better editing, and made the words able to be understood from the perspective of a person who has never heard of “The Culture of Critique.”

      We’re NOT winning. Telling me to shut the hell up and sit in the corner is reasons why we are NOT winning. Things need to change for the better.

    6. James Hawthorne Says:

      The Aryan Alternative, and the Vanguard News Network under the leadership of Alex Linder .. is showing the worldview of a race that is under extinction.

    7. Edward Oxford Says:

      James Hawthorne: I don’t understand what your sentence means.

      Yea: I agree with your point. Personally, I enjoy Linder’s TAA. But I too think it is not designed to illumine the unillumined, but more likely just to make the already mad madder. The Aryan Alternative, to be effective, needs to be in the language and at the comprehension level of the lemming. Essentially, it’s probably too hard core.

      BUT that is just a guess on my part. Maybe, ACTUALLY, it is effective. What is really needed is some devised way to check its effectiveness. What precisely is its intended purpose? Who exactly is it trying to reach? Is it reaching that intended audience in ways that are fulfilling its intended purpose?

    8. Edward Oxford Says:

      To continue my point a bit. Let’s say the purpose is to awaken Whites from ages 14 to 25. I think awakening can only be accomplished gradually. It’s a fairly long process — usually one to two years. It’s not like Buddhist Enlightenment is supposed to be: sudden full instantaneous sight.

      It will be enough to bring a lemming one or two steps beyond his present level of understanding of his plight as a White man (or boy) or woman (or girl) — and to get him to visit ANY White Nationalist website, not necessarily only VNN or even VNN at all (that can come later in his development). To achieve this one or two step forward illumination, the TAA should deal with subjects that are themselves ONE OR TWO STEPS beyond his present ken. For example: 9-11 (WITHOUT naming the jew behind the false flag — just say it is our own government’s false flag); nigger crime (WITHOUT the word “nigger”); the Mexican Invasion (WITHOUT the word “spic” or naming the ultimate JEW cause and purpose).

      If, based on reading a TAA, a 25 year old is inspired to go to American Renaissance or National Vanguard or Stormfront — great! His awakening is underway. One day, a year or two later, he will, indeed, end up posting at VNN seeking true White freedom of expression.

      And, by the way, such a low key approach becomes an absolute requirement if the TAA is to be thrown on the lawns of million dollar homes — in search of 25 year olds (???).

      On the other hand, I applaud Alex for creating the TAA and Glen for promoting the TAA and its throwers for their dedicated throwing whatever lawns they throw it on. Thank you Alex and Glen and thank you throwers.

      I just think a little re-thinking and research might be helpful.

    9. Carpenter Says:

      Carpenter. it’s always the same old shit with people like you.

      People like me offer suggestions on how things can change in white nationalism, be more accessible, then you attack me, and ask me what the hell I have been doing that’s so great.

      Just like I thought, you’re not going to contribute. Oh, you say you are – now that I called you on it – but I’ll believe that when I see it. You don’t sound like the type who does much; if you did, you wouldn’t sneer and throw insults around, only bringing up your own (uh, right) soon-to-come contribution when you don’t get away with it.

      Absurdly, you whine that I “attack” you, when in fact it was you who started throwing invective around regarding Alex Linder’s work with the TAA. Isn’t that true, yes or no? So why pretend that I “attacked” you, when I only replied to your childish insults of someone else’s work? Can’t take the heat, don’t start it.

      Now, unlike you I didn’t throw insults around, actually. I didn’t “attack” you. I gave you some honest suggestions. You can’t handle it. Just keep saying “fuck” and “shit” a lot then and feel superior, if that’s what makes you hot.

      In conclusion: you need to grow up.

    10. apollonian Says:

      Virtues Of TAA Are Numerous, Multifarious, Almost Even Glorious
      (Apollonian, 5 Apr 06)

      I think “Yea,” above, gives excellent dialectic, and ultimately it’s that which will forward and profit the cause for white liberation. I’m sure “Yea” will never “give up” basic patriotism, just for certain specific efforts, as it’s frustrating attempting dialogue w. such thick-headed as “Carpenter,” let me tell u.

      VNN is absolutely unsurpassed for purest, uncompromising antisemitism, and this is art in itself, though of course not entirely complete for a full-fledged movement. But Linder/VNN shows everyone, leading the way for that irreplaceable Judeo-phobia as it attacks the Jews and smokes out their “Sadducean” accomplices among the gentiles.

      Another aspect for art presented to candid public is the visuals-graphics component for which editor Linder demonstrates evermore effective competence and mastery.

      Such effective art is finest vehicle for information conveyed, information a primary necessity, thus editor Linder/VNN excels for simplest graphic reporting and lurid journalism for building necessary psychologic base. A certain sense of shock is appropriate for patriots of all ages, but especially the youth for whom special effort is naturally emphasized.

      Finally, another great virtue of TAA is way it introduces youth and public into internet culture-dialectic fm newsprint media–it’s brilliant, most artistic and informative ADVERTISEMENT.

      TAA should print more of my stuff–that’s the only improvement I can suggest–perhaps more, shorter, 2 leaflet efforts, economizing on paper per issue, thus increasing number of issues over a period.

      CONCLUSION: So TAA is most outstanding for info AND ART. TAA is unsurpassed leaflet-type advertisement for internet, once again, great for college students too. Keep up the great patriotic-rhetorical-journalistic efforts. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    11. Carl Loerbs Says:

      I notice a common denominator amongst those who offer constructively-intended criticism of TAA; most of you want to see it become more like a mainstream publication like USA Today, or use more mainstream syntax like National Vanguard.

      What you overlook is that TAA is intended to be a tabloid. Tabloids usually employ “sensationalist” syntax to provoke maximum emotion. As much as we may turn up our noses at tabloids like National Enquirer, every week when you check out of a supermarket, you will notice a new batch of National Enquirers. Why? Because people are willing to buy them. VNN has simply chosen to exploit that existing demand to increase racial awareness amongst whites. And because of its provocative tabloid nature, TAA generates much more media publicity than American Renaissance. The media publicity, even if negative, promotes a secondary bout of awareness amongst those whites not fortunate enough to get the truth delivered to them personally.

      Why should TAA give up its unique niche as a provocative racial tabloid generating disproportionate publicity and become yet another of several more scholarly racial publications generating little publicity? The day will come when TAA will have fulfilled its mission as a “shock and awe” tabloid and become a more conventional newspaper like USA Today. However, that day is not now, particularly when Mexicans are running amok in our streets virtually unmolested by white counterdemonstrators. TAA is more likely to motivate whites to take to the streets than American Renaissance.

    12. SMG3000 Says:

      A sarcastic email sent from the control center of the Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy? That’s what you get for distributing in Springfield.

    13. brutus Says:

      Quote from Dannoz: “I plan to double my support of the ADL and ACLU to further your cause of exposing these idiots for what they really are.�

      Wow, he’ll double his support!

      I guess those kike organizations will now get a big 2 cents from the Dannoz-the-jew who’s lawn was sullied by that TAA.

      The TAA is intended to be a hard slap that will awaken an intelligent, yet anesthetized, lemming. Hence it’s sublime bluntness. For those confused by the Linderisms, maybe they should continue reading whatever they are reading, the bus will be back for them later.

      The shotgun delivery approach is most logical and effective as our target market will not be defined by conventional means. And as we all know, conventional means are the marketing methods used to push jew rags for profit and that has absolutely nothing to do with our struggle.

      We’re looking for the brightest. When we find them, they will lead and the masses will follow our newly awakened leaders.

    14. Igor Alexander Says:

      yea, Edward Oxford: The points you two are making have been raised many times in the VNN Forum. Don’t waste your breath; it’s falling on deaf ears. You have to either take VNN and TAA as is, or move on to something else.

    15. Harry Tuttle Says:

      You TAA armchair critics should crawl on your hands and knees down to the front door of Alex Linder’s home, waiti patiently by the welcome mat until he comes out to check his mail and then plant a wet kiss on his ass – except you don’t deserve the honor.

      Culture of Critique we already got, morons. That’s why the paper has to be printed and distributed at great expense and risk to begin with.

      Instead of flapping those meaty lips, I recommend putting out your own paper or submitting articles in the vein you think would be better received. I don’t imagine anybody should hold their breath.

      The biggest problem with WN is that initially it tends to attract fringe trash talking losers who think they’re doing a favor by submitting their 2 minute review.

      Nothing stopping you from printing your own paper except brains, drive, patience, hard work and courage. That’s why you won’t be putting one out anytime soon.

    16. Igor Alexander Says:

      “Instead of flapping those meaty lips, I recommend putting out your own paper or submitting articles in the vein you think would be better received.”

      What makes you think Linder would print such articles?