9 April, 2006

Movie Review: ‘Prime’

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Wendy Goes to the Movies

by Wendy Campbell
[email protected]

Hi All, Here’s my little review of a movie I just rented last night and watched, entitled Prime, a recent movie that was also just released to be rented. (By the way, I wonder why it was titled Prime?)

It stars Meryl Streep as the quintessential Jewish mother, who is a psychoanalyst / therapist who sees this patient, a non-Jewish, tall blond, 37 year old woman played by Uma Thurman, whose name is Raffi, short for Raphaella.

It turns out that Raffi, after a divorce, started dating the therapist’s son, a 23 year old, named David, not knowing that he was her therapist’s son. The therapist figures it out after a while, but can’t bring herself to tell Raffi that she has figured it out. She is too curious about it all, especially about the sex life of her son. They even talk about his penis. (!) They make a big deal about it.

By the way, there is a fair amount of gays thrown into the movie too. I have close gay friends, so I have no problem with gays, but it seems to me that Hollywood is really pushing the gay theme into movies wherever they can, along with the Jewish theme.

By the way, the son David has a best male friend in the movie, who seemed to hate women (a misogynist), because he could never got past the first date with woman, and after the first date, he’d go to the woman’s house and put a pie in the woman’s face, which they show in the movie. This is supposed to be hilarious. But it was not at all to me. I thought it was quite odd. There is even one scene where David pushes his friend (let’s call him Dweeb) into a closet to hide him from Raffi. Perhaps that was symbolic? They showed a scene where he and his friend parted ways with a special handshake and said I love you, man.

Seems a bit odd to me. Is this typical? I don’t know. There were also some totally out gay men in the movie too, (portrayed as rich gays in the Hamptons), as in keeping with the trend of Hollywood films.

Anyway, of course the Jewish mother is not at all thrilled that her son is having sex with a non-Jewish woman.

In the end, the couple ends up amicably parting ways‹ and of course, in the movie, the age-gap is portrayed as the main reason for the break-up‹ how convenient, so as not to put the total blame for the break up on the fact that the Jewish mother couldn’t stand the idea of her son with a non-Jewish woman.

I wonder if the movie critics even commented on the obvious form of racism in this movie? I remember when there was that re-make of South Pacific, starring Glenn Close, whose character was initially very dismayed to learn that the man she had fallen in love with had two children with a non-white woman (who had died). I remember that critics decried how the ugly head of racism reared its head in that movie, and how that was so retro and such a relic of the past, and it can never be taken lightly, etc., etc., BUT at the end of South Pacific the woman forms a loving relationship with the children, and the man comes back from his dangerous mission to find them all friends, and he marries the woman. Happy ending!

But, in Prime, there is no such happy ending of overcoming prejudices. Everyone is supposed to be tolerant and accepting that Jews just want to marry Jews, but don’t take it personally. It’s not racism, it’s simply completely understandable. So the message seems to say. This is the message from Hollywood only with regard to instances involving Jews. Otherwise, a white Christian mother who wants her son to marry a white Christian woman would be made to look downright demonic. No doubt!

Oh, and here’s a really funny little sideline and so typical of the sly way that Jews in Hollywood slip in their political humor into movies, which goes over so many Americans heads: This is funny:

In showing an imaginary scene in David’s head which he explains to Raffi, he goes in to visit his grandmother at her house, shortly after introducing a black girlfriend to her (after which David told Raffi in real life his Grandmother passed away not too long afterwards, and he joked that thought there was some connection) wearing a T-shirt that says “Palestinians Do It Better” and his grandmother starts hitting herself on the head with a frying pan.

This is how Hollywood portrays Jewish racial solidarity: all warm and fuzzy, with great humor, and it’s all so understandable, and everyone is better off anyway with only marrying their own kind. But this is how (Jewish) Hollywood portrays white Christian racial solidarity: it’s evil, malicious, maybe even murderous.

How funny.


I object to the double standards. I believe people have the right to freely associate with or marry whomever they choose to, and at the same time, I believe that everyone should have completely equal rights before the law.

This is where Jewish politics / propaganda shows how very hypocritical they are. They preach diversity and equal rights for all, except for they think Jews are exempt from this, as in it’s OK to have a Jewish supremacist state of Israel, robbing non-Jewish Palestinians of their lands and human rights. And Zionist Jews think that people should go to jail for questioning aspects of the Holocaust yet of course they (and others‹ the more the merrier) can question the Crucifixion, and Islam, and Jesus, and whatever else they want, freely, and of course they do, with impunity.

But this is the way it really should be: Free speech is free speech. Equal rights for all is equal rights for all. Hate is hate‹ there is no kosher hate.

Anyway, that’s it for now.

Best, Wendy Campbell [email protected]

PS: By the way, I’ve been meaning on asking you all if you experience this strange phenomena on your computer: every time I write the word Jewish an extra space automatically happens (as in, Jews consider themselves separate from others?) and every time I write the word Jewish in all capital letters, it automatically reverts to Jewish, with only the first letter remaining capitalized (as in one must not emphasis Jewish ?) and an extra space after it. I kid you not about this. I am absolutely serious. So, my question is, does that happen to any of you on your computers? I am truly curious. By the way, I use the e-mail program Microsoft Entourage on a Mac computer. It seems to be programmed into this program by guess who (starts with a J).

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  7. 5 Responses to “Movie Review: ‘Prime’”

    1. James Morden Says:

      Wow! Do people really pay good money to have these Jewish farts blown into their faces?

      I begin to fear Christianity really does have something to do with it. :(

    2. -JC Says:

      White women with Jew males is the “A” movie version of Black on White porn.

    3. Tim P. Says:

      Looks like wendy’s getting somewhat street-wise. Unfortunately doesn’t yet get that the reason for jewish hypocracy is because ‘diversity’ and ‘equal rights’ is a bad thing for biocultural groups (real nations) to embrace because it destroys them. Amending destructive ideology to all parties to eliminate hypocracy still yields destructive ideology. Marxism came from jews and is meant for gentiles. Do try to shake it off, wendy.

    4. Jim Says:

      Wendy probably received a stern talking to. Or maybe she was fired. :)

    5. Wendy Campbell Says:

      It has been brought to my attention that this article by Mark Green has been fraudulently tampered with by a Zionist Zionist.
      The original article is at http://www.marwenmedia.com under the Select Articles section.
      We do NOT hate Jewish people. In fact we have Jewish comrades who work with us in this struggle against racism and Zionist tyranny. We are opposed to the racist ideology of Zionism and the Zionist state of Israel.

      Please delete the above fraudulent article immediately!!!!